changing world

changing world

The foundation of male human failures, which means world failures; always starts with the same pride: WE, are the winners here/ so, WE will make all the decisions. That turns into power, and when the power tries to take control over everything as it always does; WAR breaks out, when the few control every decision, and functionally fail every life other than their own; that they can touch. Because want drives humanity, and want always wants more/ until they get so much, it becomes a bigger burden than prize.

Therefore critical DIFFERENT methods of governing ourselves as humanity on earth: are these.

  1. NO MORE GAMES, which means we all decide what the laws that rule over us will become by our own vote. Limited rules; no more than needed: the constitution decides.
  2. NO MORE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, to decide how much money will be spent or debts to be incurred/ or unions to be appeased. As individual percentages, of GDP, we decide by our vote: how much we will be taxed on our income, and for what that purpose is. That is all you get for governing: bids will decide. This is the end of 90% of all government employment: it will be outsourced, such as the entire IRS becomes local business hired, and voted upon in every election cycle; for the job. The public union is dead. The private union is held to within ten percent more than the average salary of the state; or protection fails.
  3. All taxation is as local as possible; and cannot be outsourced beyond the local within which it will be collected. Conglomerations such as county: are allowed the school districts, but no more. In three separate categories: (1) limited capitalism defines by our vote; how much income ANY person can receive in a yearly period will be. Limited capitalism (we decide by vote) will decide how much property any person will be allowed to own. Income is taxable. NO alteration of the facts as to ownership is allowed; as would be any corporate, religious, university, or trust entity, etcetera. For democratic equality; yes you may make more/ but not beyond what we say: we have rights too. (2) all taxation collected will be for a very distinct purpose, and cannot be other; such as a gas tax will be entirely for roads, bridges, and so on; as is specific to vehicle traffic. (3) the entire tax burden SHALL BE gathered together and put up for public display at all times: as is, you pay this percentage of income. federal____state_____city____property______social security______more____/ and if they don’t add up to the maximum percentage allowed for all of government/ then you are owed a refund. NO HIDDEN OR UNEXPLAINED OR UNIDENTIFIED EXPENSES OR TAXATION/ under severe, penalty of law, to each one responsible.
  4. NO public debts shall be incurred: any project that is desired must meet a fifty percent funding level before construction begins/ that further debt is then as indicated and accepted only, by the public who shall be paying the debt. Leaders shall not decide. Leaders shall take care of the spending that is assigned to their individual jobs; and that accounting shall be public information at all times.
  5. The greatest harm that can be done to any society is: collecting all the power into one place, one leader, or under the control of a tiny few people. Life has changed and we are no longer held within that reality: communication allows for better. That is of course what male humanity always insists upon doing: because all winners believe they are gods, compared to the rest of us. To avoid that sewage and disgrace. We use limited capitalism/ and control over lawsuits for justice; to remove all but a very tiny few of the large employers. Such as: instead of “ten meat processors for a nation, with a thousand or more employees each”/ as is proven to be a curse. There must be a thousand meat processors with ten employees each instead; as life use to be.The reason we don’t have “lots of small business is”: the universities created rules, changed the laws, counterfeited the currency, took over banking, hiring, politics, and media. Thereby putting themselves in charge of every move we make; one tiny little piece at a time; “by declaring they are the experts”. We, merely the fools.So that the cause of a disease can only affect a few at a time.
  6. The greatest plague of human failure ever to exist: is one group gets to rule us all; as is the case in America with “universities are god”/ NO questions allowed, just believe. The religious fervor of fantasy extrudes from the corruption, collusion, delusions, failures, terrorism, insurgency, pillaging, cheating, lying, traitorous acts, and endless threats associated with their control over life, nation, and planet. We are literally surrounded with the threat of EXTINCTION; as is conceived by, the cult called: “university knows”. That must end in its entirety; and reality be returned; as democracy cleans itself of their contamination.
  7. We the people of this world, MUST NOW CONTEND with our truth: which is, there are too many people/ with too few resources left; to remain as we are. That FOUNDATION OF MANDATORY CHANGE; requires us to accept these facts.
    1. We all need to contribute/ we all need a job/ we all must do our part to sustain life and planet without exception. If you cannot contribute to that fact; your time on earth is limited. As is natures way.
    2. To insure we all get a job, as is required for us all to contribute: society will guarantee a job/ that you can prove you will do correctly. If you fail to achieve that/ you will be graded at less pay, and less opportunities.
    3. Capitalism allows you to find your own job, at your own agreed upon pay. The insurance that you shall find a job at “not less than minimum scale voted upon by the public”; is your safety net. Welfare ends/ no excuses; get a job, unless there is none; the public decides/ or starve.
    4. Resource is wealth/ not numbers. Which means the resources are what needs protection most, and they MUST be shared with the future; no excuses, the children have needs too. OUR WHOLE WORLD NEEDS PROTECTION, ALONG WITH ALL ITS LIFE; or our extinction is certain.
    5. Social security is a percentage of GDP as assigned and then distributed to the individual groups who then decide how it will be spent among themselves/ within simple rules that apply to all.
    6. Healthcare is no longer private enterprise; all of it will come under the umbrella of society itself: we will own the buildings & equipment & provide the utilities/ thereby setting the price of a room or service. All of medical workers pay, will be determined by the increased competition that they will be required to educate; for our purposes not theirs. Which means: under the control of society: none in the healthcare business will make more than average yearly income. Until enough American citizens; are educated to provide what is needed for us. At that point, you are allowed to return “same as the rest”. A medical education shall be paid for and controlled by society; the graduate shall accept, the people who paid get their services for a specific agreed upon time/ at a fair return in acceptable work. NO FURTHER patents will be issued for drugs/ within one year all patents for pharmaceuticals/ drugs will end; and belong to society. Production will be bid out to in country manufacturing.
    7. Education will be attached to reality/ NOT a university diploma. Education in specific industries will be given back to those industries, and they will educate for their need; from American citizens/ for American business. No foreign enterprise will be accepted; “in/ for/ and of” this USA. An exception can be granted only by public vote in not less, or for more than; one state. Education shall include all the necessary manners and disciplines required to create and sustain: a happy, peaceful, and harmonious society, that functions well in all that it does.
    8. World law, and world policing: replaces all but a foundation of the military that is commensurate with constitutional intent. WE THE PEOPLE, shall establish by vote: what the framework of that will be; as a world. Which includes the end of weapons of mass destruction/ and the protection of world disciplines to insure as best we can, this earth, and its life; can survive.Reality proves, by every history book written, that no amount of horror, or stories, about what has happened in the past, will change anything. That is because men simply continue to do what men have always done; particularly to women. Everything else is about what the hate of others will cause them to sacrifice; the horrors they endure/ while hate reminds them: life or death comes down to simply surviving as best you can. World law as determined and designed to be different; can only be done by women. History proves it will be so. Which means the reality of world law; must be written by women, to be voted upon by all/ or nothing can truly be changed. If you fail, to accept responsibility for that work; you fail yourselves. 
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