disciplines of death


The disciplines of death; a lesson from the book of Revelation chapter 12-20.

The conception of death, is provided by “a rotting corpse”; but that is only our connection with time, as a body represents the house confined, that we have lived in/ not the life inside with gave it freedoms, rights, and foundations to move. A rotting, or dead corpse has no function or value, unless it can be used to sustain the living. But the life inside has a function: it must move into the elemental transition called the immensity of space. That requires an identity to sustain the experience of life.

Critical to the existence of any identity is its truth, because truth sustains life, but it does not govern ascension or descent as is consistent with the expressions of any truth. What is true, is simply true, and as such governs itself accordingly.

In the construction of life, an energy must be present to conceive of distance; without distance, space has no conception. Therefore we must accept that there is a boundary edge to the values which represent our truth. So the quest of time, is to place something of value within the boundary edges, which can then be called “our life, as an identity proven”. The spiritual world is a journey to find out, what that identity, by its own truth, can become. It is a value shaped, “by opening doors”; if allowed.

Biblical prophecy, refers to the realities of what can and cannot move us to comply with the decisions that we have made. As truth creates laws/ laws create disciplines which must be upheld to sustain life. Then comes order and balance to achieve peace or harmony. Revelation is divided into two distinct predictions: the first eleven chapters is dedicated to the constant description of men; and identifies the realities they face in a meltdown of life on earth, because they chose to dismantle their own ability to survive. The second part is 12-20; which considers the possibility of women (who are different); being allowed to participate as equals, and redirect life into a different path, thereby bringing earth, back to life.

A spiritual woman arrives in chapter 12 along with the description: that “see can be seen as an image presented/ but not touched”. She carries the potential for a new life with her, but there will be endless fears, and intentional battles against her. The prediction is: this spiritual woman presents the power to change this world to humanity, and must then flee for “1260 days”; so as to give time its price; before humanity will accept that change. The critical question comes, and the earth divides into those who demand change/ and those who hate the possibility of change. War is waved as their challenge to life, that will not obey “a man’s domination”. They will not stop, or be stopped until forced. Their weapon changes from a military, into a university; and the realities of what that means: which includes Artificial Intelligence, and facial recognition; to separate people into sheep and those who do not obey. The essence of fear, is the ability to control; and that means all forms of weapons called mass destruction will be used to contain and control humanity as a world.

Chapter 14 expects there shall be some who refuse to capitulate to fear, and stand up for life and the dignity of choice. Although few, they will be aided in their attempts to correct this tragedy of contempt for a world; by university delusions. They do the best they can, but fail. They are too few. Others then find some courage and begin to use religion as their weapon; “you must not do this”.

The first to go down is “Babylon the great, as by description would be called, this USA”. That is a warning to all other nations: this same thing, can happen to you; life becomes hard. That releases the quest for those who accept GOD / or deny HIM; to begin their journey one way or the other. Those who fail to accept this reprieve will be many.

Chapter 15 the battle is over, but the damage has been done; and what comes from university delusions and death, must now be dealt with in real time; as they hold many elements of death for an entire world of life.

Chapter 16 describes them so: first what looks to be “the cost of radiation”/ second, the “ocean life dies forever”/ the third “cost of poisoning the water supplies (and everyone knows, this was coming, but did it anyway, because they refused to care)/ fourth, global warming/ fifth, biological warfare is released/ sixth, extreme drought takes over this earth/ seventh “Yellowstone volcano erupts”, melting the remaining ice on earth.

Chapter 17 to identify why this was done; realities are established; first and foremost among them is the cost of letting “universities play god”.

In balance of that is the spiritual (truth decides) reality sent by GOD; which gains no acceptance among humanity as is (a desert). The spiritual woman is blasphemed by all who conceive of her, and is described as an enemy making war on life.

Because anything that confronts the domination of men over society and especially women; is considered to be; AN OUTRAGE OF VILE INTENT; particularly in those times of history”.

In contrast: she is described as “dressed like royalty, and holding a gift” which men describe as “abominable things (they want none of it)”. Male Religion testifies: we hate her.

The witness is given; a quest to understand, a decision to identify. That question arises as: ARE WOMEN the cause of all the grief and unhappiness/ the enemy of this world? Because by the descriptions given; that is exactly where those definitions reside.

The quest to understand is: will women rise to confront those men, who make them an enemy: (essentially about overpopulation)/ or will they surrender and be killed? It is a battleground that cannot yet be answered, or predicted. So the quest moves into the intellectual conditions for what is to be done; they have shifted focus. The debate for what will be done begins. Men will propose it is war/ women will propose they deserve peace with love. It is predicted women shall win. But it is also predicted, an enemy to punish will be found.

Chapter 18 the nation “Babylon= USA” will economically collapse; punishment begins. Because of all the lies, and all the endless delusions created especially by evolution.

Chapter 19 the world rejoices over this; and consider it “the wrath of god”. They rejoice and expect great things now for themselves; a new world order, and a new life to be found; without wars. They worship “their gods”, because they believe peace is at hand. The enemy is dead. But it will not be so; as reality seeks revenge, and anger overrides into hate. The believers rise, wanting what they were promised; and they cannot be turned back; because they are absolutely certain: WE ARE RIGHT/ so they war with the purity of violence. Demanding they are gods. It is horrendous/ life on earth pays the price.

Chapter 20; those left standing, are now prepared to accept change. And do so “for a thousand years” after which all resources are gone, and the planet is dying. The fear of death for a planet; causes mass hysteria.

EVERY biblical prediction, is built upon a man’s version of what the future will be. Because the bible is written by men/ for men/ in the language of men/ for the purposes of men/ as interpreted by men/ and as conceived of by men. While it can be considered to have elements of “beyond time” involved. In terms of EVERY prediction: these are all based upon what men will do, or expect to be done. It does not include what women would do.

As such, the distance between what is biblically predicted/ and what can be changed: is based upon what would female do differently. A reality based upon the truth: men, particularly historical men; don’t have a clue, nor a desire, to understand anything about women. Which means they are truly “unprepared, for what women can do”.

There is an exception to the rule in this prediction: chapter 19 verse 4-10; if you return to the laws which keep the living alive; then change will come, and a new life will begin; by joining what GOD and JESUS have demanded of you/ with a human relationship to that purpose and desire. You show NO possibility or direction to achieve that exception/ and as such it is dismissed, until you do.

Reality shifts from: whatever you want to believe, to the critical essence of what is true. With regard to all threats of death: there are only two things that matter, (1) what happens in death as its true result (2) what happens with life, if you do not die; but continue in some form of eternity.

The critical question is: we know death is loss of body, but what we cannot prove is loss of life or not. Therefore you must be willing to accept the cost of thought, in order to assess the values and realities of life as it exists in time. The cost of thought is: you are not allowed to believe, assume, judge, ridicule, disrespect, lie, cheat or accept anything other than what can be proven true! Making truth, the law of your life.

Truth says: even though the loss of body proves loss of life as time accompanies that fact as death of all freedoms, rights, and choices. The disciplines of order state: we live among the miracles of all existence, as a miracle (un-explainable event of unmistakable value). Therefore what we see, as a body of life; is in fact an event that ends the value of time: but we are without a clue (given nothing to work with) as to the distinction that exists between mass, energy, and life allowed by the evidence of thought.

It is then life by thought, that accompanies the evidence of what is true; in the acceptance of humanity as our gift “from GOD”; (what, etc; that can never be explained, by our own comprehension).

We can however “think”; and in that conception of disciplines, as we balance order with experience and expressions that give us a connection with the choices we make. The understanding of life, begins to form in the crux of what is true to the experience or expression of desire. Without the desire to live, death is a friend (you need not do this anymore). So the critical question of eternity itself, begins with the construction of desire. Desire is built upon hope, and all hope is built upon love. We then isolate the value of eternity; as within the destiny and definitions of what love can or cannot do for us, for all.

Truth survives; that is the gift of what order, balance, energy, and disciplines can do; as is evidenced by bodies of mass, construed and constructed by energy contained in the definitions of what we can or cannot learn, by engaging in that truth; or constructing our own lies instead. Every lie, kills trust. Without trust, love cannot survive. Without respect for what is true, in people and life itself; you fail.

We then enter thought; as the beginning (knowledge) or distinction between failure and life itself. Without knowledge, we cannot participate in any direction or distinction that identifies what we will define ourselves to be. That is elemental chaos, and it erupts in humanity as mental issues, in a wide range of consequential happenings. Once we attain knowledge: we achieve the ability to choose for ourselves, what freedoms can be found; even though without understanding, and the acceptance of fact; “that freedom”, can turn chaos into catastrophe. Proving the first work assigned by thought, or the acceptance of your participation in life, rather than death: is to align truth and your freedom to decide; with a destiny that has value.

Wisdom is achieved: when you are able to trust, the values that you yourself have created. But wisdom has two sides: love or hate. Love elementally chooses for life, by the values of sharing, caring, respect, hope, trust, courage, and acceptance by truth/ while hate ultimately has chosen for death, and the destruction of living for all, by the descent into lies. Therefrom wisdom divides; while love essentially shines/ hate hides, as all predators do when forming an attack.

The question forms: THE MIRACLE of humanity is the gift of life, as may be experienced and expressed by our own choices in freedom; our own destiny or fate through the construction of how we balance our living. As is: the vast majority choose to believe, they can live in the middle; and have both love and hate in the same life. Yet these realities of existence are total opposites and cannot live together; just as predator and prey do not live closely together. Even though respect demands there is a purpose here.

Humanity asks: why must we choose, if we find value in both. Freedom allows: it is your choice. But truth reminds the heart: nothing in the value of living or loving or life, aligns with hate. Therefore the question becomes WHY, would humanity choose to keep hate close; for death, and all things violent? The answer returns: humanity wants, what it wants, rather than accept in the “ house of GOD “; THE PLACE where all destiny as love must go. There are limits and boundaries, that will not allow anything less than the purity of love. The question is; WHY do the vast majority of humans want, the option within themselves; to hate? The answer returns: humanity finds revenge “tantalizing, as a means to prove superiority of force: YES I can, by my own free will”. Or, I will not be stopped, from doing what I want to do.

We then assess: what does want truly mean? Want graduates the playground of human emotion, into the definitions of : ME – YOU: or “GOD” ! Want takes these elements of existence, and divides them into the categories of “winner, loser, and cannot compete”. Winner assumes “I am a god”; loser assumes, yes I can/ no I can’t/ or yes I will, if I make you cry, and lose focus (by playing devil)! The human descriptions of GOD are then subjected to jealous; and jealousy arouses the need to hate. Because unless you can “make this one a loser”; the game is over. So humanity which loves a game more than life for most: then assembles a wide variety of definitions, stories, ridicule, religions, and more; all of which are designed to remove from “ GOD “ ; HIS ability to make any choice regarding your life, that HE would choose. Because humanity gives to GOD their own version of “this is what I expect, or want”; in terms of death, life, or living. So then “GOD” IS, whatever people want to believe is true; regardless of the evidence as can be attained through miracles, and through the life of JESUS (a biblical writing).

The very first part: in the elemental search for truth, is SOUL. NOT, by your definitions or mine, but only through miracles do we find the trail that leads to life itself. It is a miracle of JESUS, by the evidence of HIS own miracles of healing, the testimony of HIS love as evidenced by the people he affected. That we begin to understand: life is a gift with a purpose, to collect those who love, and cherish them in a heaven that is filled by the purity of love; to explain desire as the hope we will never lose. Life has come ALIVE, even into the possibilities, and purposes, of an eternity. Or more simply: humanity exists, to build upon, and find, the lives of those who make living worth being alive. An eternity without love, “does not exist”; therefore love is a constant search for life beyond the values that need definition. “a joy” that can never be measured.

Hate sees this as: I can never do it/ I can never be that/ I can never want that, for long; because what is most important to me, is playing god myself (with all that GOD did make)”. Unfortunately for hate: it has no elemental construction for death, other than assume it can be “god of death, or its army, or simply gone, as is nothing left: GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN, NOW”. That does produce a fear, and the constant response is either cowardice, or the demand: “FEAR ME”, or stay away; which produces isolation/ which then transfers into insanity.

We then ask the question: WHAT, is death?

The answer returns by the evidence: the loss of both body and choice, time is forever taken away! The body, by being consumed in one form or another; then proves, “no life” here. TIME HAS DIED, for you. Time is the measurement of life and living by the relationships you formed, the freedoms you chose, or were forced to accept; with existence, and its survival. Survival means: I will do what I have to do, dependent upon what I believe my body or “of life inside” is worth sacrificing.

Which brings us; to the elemental discovery, that there is a life inside of body, fundamentally separate from body itself. That is the essence of an identity, which is then allowed to make a choice; because freedom has been noted “as this, is my own”. Or more distinctly “the creation of self”; rather than the inheritance of body. I exist, is formed from thought, through the evidence of time. The evidence of time, by its death: will only prove body exists. Without identity, the body lacks life. Because life is not merely the presence of mass or energy. Therefore death is the removal of an identity; which causes the body to fail and die.

The critical question then is: WHAT IS, the life inside? And WHAT does that truly mean, as a creation we achieve, or are born into as a right called human?

LIFE forms: [I will not provide this; the curse and horrors of universities are too severe].

As to the creation we achieve/ the right called being human (our choice); is fundamentally described living, rather than life. Living is the measurement of time, as it exists in the foundations of our own movements through the experience or expressions we create to prove what our own freedom of choice (body allowed) will be. Most abandon the search for life itself, almost immediately; to want, whatever they choose to want. That then becomes: manipulation, controls, temptations, ridicule, disrespect or worship something they believe will give them what they want; and so on. Failure provides its release in hate, and revenge takes that release from living life into violence (killing life).

THOSE TINY FEW, who assemble a desire to understand what is beyond the boundaries and limits of time; and then begin to search through the evidence of miracles. Are the people who achieve an invitation to be more, than simply humanity: as an animal going through time, measured only by “its want, or hoof-beats”.

The elemental question then becomes: HOW, do a few even begin to comprehend, LIFE TRULY IS, A MIRACLE? Not just an accident, or irrelevant to my time. That begins with the truth: to die as a body WILL COME, no one escapes/ therefore only what exists beyond the boundary of that death, will matter; as it is “for an eternity”. The limitations of fear, are then elemental to the creation of a path beyond which time no longer exists.

As we then search for life beyond a body of time: the first question is, HOW do we survive? The critical answer is always the same: ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES (what is true, always remains true), and you must not be contaminated with lies, wants, pride, power, or any other expression of hate; or you will fail. Death does not change what is true, “about you”. Therefore the spiritual world: an elemental essence of true life itself, that shapes our identity into what will survive, by removing anything not true, or not acceptable to life beyond the limits of time. Will be “a destiny”; that none will avoid; unless they have proven themselves to be “animal”. Which simply then dissipates the living here, away from the edge of measured time, by dissolving into space. Hate separates the human edge of wisdom that wants to be god from time; into the chaos of what that will mean as terrors arise ( GOD is not here), to be the environment you chose.

The second question becomes: where will the wisdom of love, the values of our identity take us?

The answer to that, is YOUR destiny.

The search for truth, to construct and identify trust in the journey beyond the limits imposed by time: are simply this. That every miracle of life by discarding “freedom and judgment” to simply identify what does exist here: establishes thought as the foundation for what CREATES. Elementally searching those bodies of life reveals an attention to detail and surfaces as: THERE IS LOVE here in all these things/ along with a knowledge, power, and reality; that is inconceivable to us all. We then achieve a value beyond miracles, as the identity of a man called JESUS further constructs the critical guarantee: that we are not abandoned as humanity on earth/ but in fact are loved. And guaranteed an opportunity to share in love itself, if we only accept the limits and boundaries of what teaches us all, “to be acceptable” within the purity needed to be as, {JESUS “love alive”} will show. With these two things we search for soul; a relationship identified with Creation itself, as it was intended to be for man or woman or child; and construct the destiny we desire within ourselves as a life come alive with truth, as our guide.

While the male in me continues to abandon this earth as lost; It is the female in me, that constructs the truth, “our job” as both male and female; remains, to do the best we can for whosoever can join eternity as love. Even unto its last day of “a choice can be made”. Male is not in judgment, as none should judge; rather by the evidence, your fate by the cost of your worship of university as god; is truly horrendous. Leaving only the few to find. To your shame.

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