Tactics and decisions, made by the people who want us, as life on earth: dead. The constant curse, is a university education.

Nothing is so vile, as those who hide the truth, so they can continue destroying the very foundations of life on earth. Because that is “pure evil”; the blindfold that is belief (we cannot understand, so we believe), must be removed. To be replaced with what can be known as true.
Therefore the plotters and planners of our fate (we cannot change this), which is to be extinct by design: must be identified. On a broad scale, that does come under the heading: defined and lead by “a university diploma”. The makers of every weapon of mass destruction. The creators of every form in genetic mutilation, and biologic collapse. The people claiming to be god; even to the reality of building machines for the expressed purpose of creating a nuclear fire (atoms burning). The people responsible for changing nature as it was: as is now, the human population exploding to the moment when nothing on earth can survive because of us: including us. The people who propagate the endless destruction of every resource, thereby ending all possibility of life. The people most responsible for polluting our waters. The people who took control over every government/ and counterfeited every currency with hidden inflation as is asset accrual and debt creation beyond all reality. The people responsible for media direction, manipulation, control, temptation, and enslavement by trapping those who have lost faith in themselves; and want an easy solution. The people who destroyed education, to present every child with their religious cult: as is “just memorize and repeat”/ DON’T question the leaders. Our book is god.
As this hides the reality of threats surrounding us all: with words and deeds purely intended to hide the truth of our situation; with all forms of a, “foreign to us, language”. If you can’t understand (because we don’t know the words)/ then you cannot argue. Our words will defeat you. As is the constant of my own legal battles with the court: even though I won every legal argument/ I lost every case, by the decisions hidden behind closed doors.
As is the constant throughout “a university”: we own this world. While “the common citizen” says: they are too smart for us. The reality however is: like the maze of forms used by the IRS. Such as, the only purpose of a personal income tax 1040 long form: is to insure you don’t understand, simply nor easily. Because the entire design is to make you run in circles to intentionally, create confusion. So you can’t argue with the IRS, and get trapped in their maze.
Here the primary tactic of every university education is learned: DON’T let them understand what is true. Like every trade that ever existed: if the people know/ then they don’t need us: and they won’t pay us what we want.

On a more simplified scale: when Reagan turned over the entire currency to the universities decision. They immediately gave themselves and their army of university graduates: an extreme raise in pay and benefits. That created the opportunity for endless bribes: because with their inflated currency, raving complete disregard for debts. Every branch of university immediately began creating their own version of a toy (let’s build it all; which gave them room to hire whomever they wanted). Which created an ever increasing army of insurgents (HELL, LET’S CREATE OUR OWN version of government); by destroying theirs. Which opened the door, to letting every lawyer rewrite democratic constitutional authority/ and provided an endless method of robbery and vice that is “the ransacking of both life and justice” through the court. The constant ranting, raving, and lunacy; that is evolution rules life/ the religious chant forced down every child. The endless manipulation of media: to change humanity/ because we want to play god; has brought you to your knees, with their curse.
We are surrounded by threats of extinction, that can no longer be reversed easily or completely: which means at this time/ no matter what we do, our very existence as all life on earth; is in doubt. Because in the real world, the composition of life and living is created by the complexity of what surrounds us all. The universities having destroyed nearly all of that with their greed, selfishness, and thirst to play god: have made life on earth vulnerable to extinction. The universities and the governments they created by taking over politics: have initiated and allowed not only weapons of mass destruction/ extreme overpopulation/ and all the rest. THEY HAVE created machines to ignite a nuclear fire; and fully intend to do so/ by investing trillions of dollars for this very thing: to ignite atoms on fire. When atoms burn, “just like they do on the sun”: THAT MAKES EVERYTHING FUEL. And the common citizen says: “I will run away and hide/ to wait and see”!
Which means: once a nuclear fire is ignited/ it can never be extinguished; and our planet becomes a sun. Even the cult of “university knows” cannot save you then. Nothing can or will.
Once genetic stability is erased from DNA manipulation and mutilation: every form of life will be destroyed, in bits and pieces that cannot be put back together. And the common citizen says: “I will run away and hide/ to wait and see”! Because they are cult worshipers, and they want their gods of university to be their savior. Soon they will be: “saved, for HELL and DAMNATION”/ because that is what you chose to do. Worshiping a liar, a fraud, a fantasy, and a fool; all wrapped up in the dressing of an image which gave you very little you actually could use.
Think not: well in america, they threw away your future/ and discarded all infrastructure: to build their own toys. Taking away the securities of YOUR own money, by counterfeiting american currency: with lies, and debts that can never be paid. Debts owed to you.
There is only one last chance to survive as a world: it is literally that severe. STOP, INVESTIGATE, EXAMINE THE COST OF BEING WRONG; MAKE CHOICES BASED UPON REALITY; DON’T “simply believe”. And DO take control over government: AS WE THE PEOPLE; by demanding REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AS IS THE LAW of this USA.
Redress means, as written: to peacefully assemble as is the creation of a vote/ to petition for a courtroom as is our legal right, and their duty to provide/ to bring our employees to the courtroom, whereby we will investigate and determine for ourselves: if they do or do not obey their sworn oath to ourselves. As written in the preamble of this US constitution: as the life and living they were to create for ourselves, with every action or reaction for the people; that is then called “our government”. The sign, and truth, of real democracy.
But make no mistake: we are threatened as a world/ not just a nation. Unless we invite, and establish a world trial to identify and create a world solution/ there is no hope.
This is not a game, and there is a point at which NO further decisions for life can be made: we are soon extinct, even if breathing. Biblical prophecy as identified with Daniel 12; the countdown of days; establishes the end of all mercy as on July 9, 2019. A date which will also end my work in its entirety; the end of these sites, and so on. If you are not truly working for change. EVEN if you don’t want change/ this is death for our world, or you will change. Because nothing the universities have provided, or their governments have chosen: is sustainable. Literally nothing of value left: is coming. War/ cannibalism/ extinct/ terrors/ horror beyond imagination/ and more.
Because you chose the university as your god, and worshiped them: because they bribed you by counterfeiting your own money/ throwing reality away. Shame on you.  The foundation argument of all genetic mutilation is: that evolution proves chaos, over time, with endless “accidents”; created life. NOTHING could be less true, other than fusion. Everyday, the universities say: “look at us, we are so smart: we built this with our brain”. Yet with regards to life, a reality ten trillion times more complex: evolution says, “don’t need no damn brain”. Geneticists say: its all an accident; there are no consequences to mutilating DNA. But reality states one tiny segment out of billions can make an entire body die. Geneticists have no solution for where does the software of life exist? Yet they mutilate genetics as the basis of life through a body itself: without regard for the critical link, that is operational software. Go ahead take the software out of your computer: even though it is otherwise complete: NOTHING can happen now. The list is endless, the reality of Creation by design absolute: even if you won’t admit it. Because the complexity is real!

Just so it doesn’t get lost in the translation of stupidity in charge; as is the current condition of humanity. There is no greater enemy to diversity, than a university. They have deliberately destroyed vast arrays of plant life, to create “just one thing”/ are fighting to destroy all life as we know it; to become god themselves. Destroying the foods we eat with genetic alterations: which remove all safety designs engineered into the plant to protect the species itself. Have limited the plants we depend upon for food: to fertilizers which will run out. Poisoned the water supplies/ are ending life in the ocean. Chosen close confinement, and chosen husbandry for livestock: which cannot then survive a disease. Assumed that all humanity should be the same: MIX THEM ALL TOGETHER; so there is just one. Because just one, is easier to manipulate and control. Orchestrated the take over of all land, business, and possessions by a tiny few; even causing nations to be destroyed by allowing foreign investment to consume control with REITS (real estate investment trusts, reverse mortgage, and more). Caused global warming; caused oxygen depletion; caused the destruction of agriculture (only room for a few, if you are willing to be slave to the debts): Etcetera and more. “Cause, they are the gods of death”! You took credit/ you get blame.

Weapons of mass destruction are also threatening extinction; while leadership under university diplomas continue to create subterfuge and worse. So they can continue in their jobs; without a threat, these don’t need to exist/ so they make threats against our world, thereby continuing to be paid: to build their toys.

While we are at it: the foundations of this universe, are NOT built upon billions of years> whether you like it or not; every sun has a limited amount of fuel. The rest is irrelevant/ other than the complete disregard for a “big bang” center of explosion: which does again destroy all your numbers. Because a sun burns fuel: over time that fuel disappears, and the sun grows smaller. The curse of your universities claim ALL the fuel is on fire “right now”: while they prepare HELL for you. The realities of fuel usage: Which means: back in time our sun was larger, and this planet much warmer constantly: so life did not exist until the temperatures declined. Every assertion of dating relies upon an entirely “perfect” assumption of atomic composition/ because if its not originated as perfect, then an accurate dating method does not exist. Every atomic composition is not perfect! The speeds used to identify “universal time”, is not perfect/ evolution is an abortion of sewage. The assertion of “speed of light” is not perfect/ as every photon of light exists; because it is an energy peeled off the nucleus/ proton of an atomic element. Which does mean the nucleus is spinning at greater speeds than that. Which means all mass was initiated from the big bang; at speeds greater than light. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

The fundamental difference, between a “university and me”: is they want you to believe whatever you are told/ as all religious cults do (don’t question the leader) our book is god. there is really no place more closed off to thinking; than an educational facility. The constant demand is: MEMORIZE what you are told/ and repeat it back to me.
I demand: that unless you actually think for yourselves; discarding belief for the evidence that is available/ we will all die a horrific death. You must think, because anything less will NOT turn back 8 billion people from what they otherwise want to do. Want is not enough: we are too many people/ and this earth cannot now tolerate anything but truth, shall decide our way. You have destroyed too much.

the constant of religion “always says”: we don’t have to do nothing/ GOD won’t let this world die! Yet every threat we face, in entirely human caused/ by human decision/ and human want, purpose, pride, greed, and more. So either to save this world:  GOD would have to change you/ which takes away your freedom to decide; and this entire experience of life in time as human says: that won’t happen. it is our choice.  THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE TO THAT IS: YOU MUST CHANGE YOURSELVES.  to save yourselves, by finding RESPECT for life and planet. Now I ask you, as a religious ‘whatever”: which is more likely?

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