In the creation of life, the certainty of time is, that the body will become “a living tomb”/ as its ability to do anything, or even survive itself, becomes apparent. More distinctly: a body that no longer accepts your command/ while a recognition of life exists; is more prison, than happiness.
The question that remains is, not why: rather the deterioration of all mass is inherent with the substance, that gives us time. The question is: what is the value of living, “now”/ and where does life go from here?
The value of being alive is found only in thought; because thought is the recognition of everything/ the available comprehension of freedom/ and the translation of thought into an energy that then moves a body in its purpose. Value is then both thought and energy, which grants creation; as is the expression of life itself.
Where does life go, from death of a body?
That question seeks an understanding not consistent with body, as some religions suggest. The body makes it plain and simple: NO longer life/ get out, or be imprisoned forever. Those who believe in prison, then expect the grave to be “occupied”/ they are wrong. Some expect the worms, and other biology to transport them into something else/ but no evidence of that exists. Some believe that life is in the body, and the body is its life/ therefore if the body dies, so does the evidence of thought and freedom which it expressed, as living. They are partially right; as the body is your experience of living/ but it is not your expression of life. Life is the identity formed by your choices, the expression of your courage, the foundation of your desire in freedom, and the destiny established through your own respect. These things are fundamental to the essence of thought, and give to that thought, the comprehension of order, discipline, balance, love, trust, hope, and worship.
To comprehend means: I have established the knowledge applied as truth, to determine and create the understanding sufficient to gain wisdom. To participate in order means: everything has a purpose, and that purpose ascends or descends according to the steps we take, as our own decision. To live by discipline: grants boundaries, and in those boundaries kept, are the elements of honor, duty, responsibilities, hope, and value. To gain a life governed by balance, is to recognize the truth, that life itself, makes us all equals, with very little to measure anyone else by, except love or hate.
Love explains freedom, as our desire to participate within the definitions of a heart shared as one: because we care equally, and forever.
Trust learns, without truth nothing will survive. It is the one single element from which life can or cannot become eternal.
Hope is a destiny, shaped crystal; the essence of purity, as it becomes the beginning of something more.
Worship: is the recognition life is a true gift, of which we gave no part/ until the moment we became free, to choose for ourselves. In that reality, the value of our beginning CANNOT be appreciated enough!

As to eternity, or more distinctly the end of time, rather than the end of life itself. The question becomes: if true freedom is not a body created by mass, and fed by the elements of this earth/ then what must it be?
The answer is: without thought, there is no recognition of life, or body. Thereby life itself, is not held in genetic materials, as are the construction methods for biology: but something else, as is consistent with energy. For these are the things we know, as time “mass and energy and life”.
Understanding grants, that each life has a beginning unique to itself/ and that translates into a creation that is unlike body, because a body can only contribute chemicals to the mix. So, we then ask: if energy was enough/ then would not the body simply be “like a battery”? Indeed it would/ and yet it is not. Which brings us to life: the inescapable conclusion of a reality not born within this conception of time.
Time means: the measurable participation between energy and mass; as seen and proven by deterioration.
Life means: the inescapable reality of a transient participant, in the elevation of mass and energy when combined as biology; to become a working freedom of initiative. We get to choose, in large part, our freedoms; with very few exceptions.
Life may then be initiated with the words: what do you choose? In that construction, all elements are assembled, before you begin your journey: to conceive of what has value, to you? A reality that has no purpose, UNLESS the qualitative analysis of your decisions: has an objective. Or more distinctly: is the life which you chose of your own free will; a reality which can become integrated into eternity itself? That asserts an owner, will decide.

So, lets construct a value to eternity, by giving it “the essence of love”: we participate together, in the foundations of hope, that will bring peace, security, truth, trust, dignity, respect, courage, value, worship, and especially the essence of life itself, which is GOD to our souls.
Hate has none of that/ so it is banished forever; as will you be, if not found by love.

The question then becomes: can energy be controlled/ can it become at its core existence, “a home”/ can we conceive of thought, without “the little thieves” which take the purity of our existence away? Can we become a participant beyond the boundaries of self, as is consistent with love? Can we be found, rather than lost: when the body must be abandoned by death?
At its element in time: life is a gift from GOD. An essence in both life and energy that arises from the distinction of a choice; to the value that choice will become. As a gift, that “spiritual energy” comes from GOD/ and it will return to GOD, when delivered from its body. The only question is then: WILL you go with that energy that gave you life/ or will you not? Because it is the one, and only true choice you must make on your own. WILL you search for GOD when death releases you from the body/ or will you surrender your soul, to dissipate into “nothing left”. It happens in an instant, and there is no going back. What you personally choose, becomes your forever. Truth is an absolute, and it will not be lessened for a single soul.

Some will demand: UNLESS you tell me everything I want to know, about how to build a life/ use energy “like a god”/ defy death; and so on. They will never believe in an eternity such as has been described. Which is an accepted cost of the search: for life that will belong within love.
The one caveat is: hate is hate, and for those who destroy hate, the punishment is whatever time and humanity allows. However if you as hate cost a single life, that would have been an eternal participant in love to be lost. YOU will be given eternal terrors, as your reward. Bear it in mind; and leave the loving alone; or enter unimaginable horror.

It seems to me, of value to you; that I should go just a bit farther.
In our relationship with life, as a freedom Identified by what we choose. The fundamental is, that all mass is developed by “discipline/ order/ balance/ what can be sustained/ and energy”. The lesson of that is: our humanity is governed by the same. Which means, that our identity beyond mass will be as well.
The spiritual world is an elevation that seeks destiny by separating all that is truth, from all that is not truth. Therefrom what fails is cast aside/ what is mercy saves the rest/ and what is truth continues into existence, by its own relationship with discipline, order, balance, energy, and desire. That desire is what can or cannot be sustained, because it is your contribution to eternity itself. The realities of sustained discipline, form the basis of your own boundaries; thereby the house from which your life will arise. The consequence of order, will direct the destiny which you chose. Balance is the summary intent, of a relationship with life itself, as is consistent between male and female in this world. Or more distinctly, to sustain a valued life: you must go beyond yourself, and enter within the essence of a relationship, that lifts and separates life into new and different dimensions; or you will lack the drive to be sustained. What is energy, at its core element in value; is not power/ but freedom. A freedom without discipline, order, and balance quickly becomes chaos; as your own world proves repeatedly. A home for love, as love: does NOT allow for chaos. Which proves why this world is so far extended into extinction. As the cult of “university knows” continues its journey, by pulling you, our world, and our future: into HELL.

pain removes us from our attachment to body, thereby it elevates the potential that is required: to intentionally choose “the spiritual world”. Periodic reprieves from pain are desirable/ drugged to oblivion, is not

In a related note, my own experience as human has been turned upside down by the addition of “female in me”/ a spiritual reality that became consistent with “my time”; because I opened “they’re door”. Searching for solutions, on how to participate, in keeping this world alive. Order is now jumbled together in ways my own levels of discipline do not fully understand. Balance is consistently increased with far greater levels of certainty. But all in all, being locked within a different dimensional experience; as is the first element of eternity itself; has proven to be “an expression” that is both me, and not me; and yet is “us”. The essence of a union, that can sustain itself; because it means, “never alone”. The value of loneliness, is to form the understanding: that together is far better than separated from life. The value of “male and female”/ is at its core, a lesson in expanding your own: into our own (greater than self) version of what our little piece of this universe can be. “Its complicated, change is mandatory, control is limited; because freedom to be and express the values of each individual life cannot be suppressed; without damage to the whole”.

It’s a bit like the conception of: “putting salt and pepper in the same salt shaker, and mixing them equally together”. There will never be another meal, when each becomes completely separate. Pepper (female) has more impact as an immediate taste/ but salt (male) has a greater lasting impact on the body. Occasionally more of one than the other does come out/ but it does not last long. In an alternate reality; my body is producing tits (not my choice). My own experience is proving to be: the spiritual female in me, desires a more distinct expression of her participation. Believe it or not! “Its complicated”. Not a game, these changes “drive over me like a truck” until I bend; and allow female an equal opportunity to choose. It is fair, but it is no longer “strictly male in charge”; by a long way. The construction of an eternal home, is not different: because the most valuable reality that can be achieved is a desire to survive, because love sustained: owns your world with friendship and grace. Without it, the end will come. Take a look out into “real space”/ and understand what it would mean: not to have real life, “inside with you”. Male and female are “opposite sides, of the same reality”/ which adds both depth and dimension to the experience and expressions of life. The expansion of a new reality, which combines both destiny and existence into “the space of who and what we can be together”; is a new world of intimacy. That intimacy, when pure enough to consist of what is our truth; then becomes a participant “in the home called GOD “. Life, beyond the limits.

There is no hate, which is always an enemy; but there are differences; and in the end, that will expand our world as one. The spiritual element addressed here is NOT intended to comprise or contribute in any way; to the compositions of humanity. It is not a physical demonstration of spirit. Rather this element of my own existence; is in addressing your need to know: what death can be. NOT as the abandonment of body/ but as the spiritual elements, which will come next for all who can become eternal.
Your need to know increases everyday; as the cult of “university is god”/ prepares your extinction to be soon. It would be less than duty, not to inform.

JUST SO ITS CLEAR: the reason I am 65 years old today, and so very little of what can be conceived as knowledge, understanding, or wisdom can be found in you today is the constant human refrain.
“I JUST WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I KNOW WHAT I DON’T WANT, AND I DON’T WANT NOTHING, I DON’T NEED NOTHING, I DON’T CARE ABOUT NOTHING; that is not what I want”. And I won’t learn, because that means I have to change.” The herd is, the place for me/ the book is my god/ Belief, is better than truth; because I can believe whatever I want. So there!
Reality has proven to be: I cannot defeat your want/ only you can do that. Reality is: every lie, begins as want/ because if you don’t want it, or want to hide it; you won’t lie. Reality is, your want, and willingness to believe in anything you want: will soon be extinction for this world. Because that, rather than life: is what you chose. Therefore I search for the few.

It comes to my attention, that instead of letting you make up stories; regarding how I could or could not know anything regarding things you do not. It would be better to just offer you this.
At the extreme edge, of a separation between time and life/ there is an opportunity to go beyond all possibilities of safety; and commit your life to whatever will become true. It is a dangerous place, and if you do not trust the reality of: “all things which exist as truth”/ you will fail. Truth is a dimensional exhibit of “doors”/ the selection of which entitles you to a decision that has consequences. Which you will not control, unless you do fully understand what is true therein. This is called the spirit world, and few will survive it: so I DO recommend you do not try to go; insanity can follow, as well as MANY other things equally undesirable. OR, if you do survive it, as value defined by truth: it is an equally “the best or worst” that the essence of life can be; dependent upon the choices you will make. Not a game/ you were warned.

Reality suggests, that is not enough warning; therefore a bit more. My first time “beyond the wall/ that is life or death from time”; did not go well. I failed due to fear: the question was raised, “that having two false teeth” was a vandalism to the property of a body, that can be assumed as “the temple of GOD”. Since he created, all aspects of nature! NOT knowing the answer to that, opened the door to imagery and lies. The answer is: that the human body is your gift, thereby your property, and it is not subjected to any rules (a rule is, this applies TO YOU): because it is your decision/ your life/ your body/ your eternity. Those realities, by their decisions; belong to no one else. In contrast laws do apply, as are consistent with disciplines and order for the whole of nature.
After the first time: I prepared by learning everything I did accept or not accept to be true/ and there was never another mistake. Although opening the door to female: because male could not find an answer for keeping this world alive/ HAD consequences, and still does. Because unless you understand, there is no escaping the door (that specific element of truth) you choose to open. Female is complicated; every time I “believe” I understand something/ reality proves no, that isn’t right. And that is after roughly thirteen years of living together, with the spiritual essence of female inside. I may never learn; unless she lets me! Simple as that.

Life confronts me a bit in this, demanding the truth. Which is, that I know more of the essence of female than I desire to know. The critical reality is: I have built a barrier between that “male and female”; as protection for male. Hiding from the consequence, that she has established a greater control than I, in me. Nothing is perverse; as perverse is ultimately governed entirely by want/ and I do not want. But male is disappearing “one tiny piece at a time”/ and there is literally nothing I can do about it. Why you need to know that, is unclear. What is not unclear very simply is: that searching for more than a decade in male to find a solution as to how this world itself could survive/ NO answer could be found. This is the best men did do/ because this is the reality of their choices, as a group; and history proves that these decisions vary only a tiny little bit. As a consequence “women, were asked in various ways/ and refused”. Leaving only the spiritual element of female itself; to be found, and asked. The consequences remain. Their answer was: “let women lead”/ they are different! Not better/ different, and different at a minimum; is exactly what we require.
And no, I could care less if you “believe that or not”/ it is irrelevant. Alternately, I would not risk the lives of those few who might accept the desire to learn what is true; by refusing to provide the information that matters. So, that amount WILL keep you out of trouble, IF the purity of your heart, is equal to the honesty of your soul. “Without soul (a relationship to your Creator) DON’T go!” bad things will occur.
Nearly all major religions can show you where to find, or at least begin: your own, relationship with GOD.

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