The price of family is truth: because nothing less than truth can survive.The price of individual freedoms is discipline governed by truth: because without an identified purpose, to define the path/ and truth to direct your decision; you WILL become lost and afraid.The price of love is trust: trust is born out of truth/ a reality of order that is intricately laced with the balance “we are, in this together; same for each one”.The price of knowledge is earned from the values proven by truth/ as we attain the security of life with consequences through reality.The price of understanding is acceptance: no you cannot simply want what you want/ only truth can determine what exists in value, that we can depend upon as our journey into life.The price of wisdom is to uncover what is hidden, and repair what can be fixed: so that the foundation of your life, can be secured.The price of destiny, is not “whatever you want to believe”/ the price is whatever can be built out of who you chose to be. Only truth survives. Only energy can shape our world. Only thought can construct “you”.The price of our planet is: the intricate reality of all things in combination with the rest/ left alone, to be what it was intended to be.The price of life is: a reality best defined by the accounting of truth. Out of the billions of individual distinct truths, that are combined into a balanced state of existence: given to you as body. Is the certainty, none of those things are simply an accident. Not even a fool is that stupid/ only, a religious (evolution) cult; can be that blind, deaf, and dumb.The price of a future is: DON’T destroy the foundations upon which all life depends to survive. Which is exactly what university led humanity is doing: to their eternal shame.Everything easy, requires no thought: so humanity sinks into the mire of being “an animal (lets just, eat, drink, and be happy)”. Everything hard, assembles into the creation of what you would do, when faced with a reality that needs your own decision. This is the creation of an individual identity; and it asserts that you have risen “at least a little” above animal, to become the essence of what life can be. Where there is love, the critical respect that shouts “I am alive”; there is life. Where there is hate, there is the fundamental element called death. Truth identifies this as fundamentally real. Happy is the assertion, “everything is about me”/ therefore I am important, I am valued, I am the foundation of everything: which is the essence of selfishness.“I am alive” is, the elemental rise into purity (the essence of value itself), and the desire formed that becomes “my home”. Desire then conceives the value of my life is not me, but the essence of life itself; as has been given to me, by this creation that is “my time on earth”. RESPECT illuminates the truth; I have found a path, that defines eternity, as my own. The gift of GOD to me.One of the most valuable pieces of advice for living is this: if you want a relationship more than the truth/ tragedies will follow. Love does not bind you to someone/ trust does. Trust is earned with truth, and truth can never be separated from its reality. Consequently both truth and reality provide the evidence which becomes the path of our own destiny/ OR if we fail to obey that; the cause or road, to our fate. Love wants a relationship, therefore it offers mercy, and presents forgiveness. The curse of love is: if our relationship fails to be true/ the cost will be “heartbreak”. Because love did not let what is true decide for me. The blessing of love is: when life joins in, to blossom within our hearts, as if in an elegant display of the most delicate treasure we will ever find. Nothing will tear that truth apart, because we found our soul. GOD protects that forever/ even “from death”.The disciplines and values of our reality, demand the need to learn what democracy: the right to defend ourselves;  actually is.IT IS necessary to understand in this USA; that the only government (authority granted by the people to rule over themselves) is the constitution itself; as is consistent with the definition and purpose called democracy. OUR EMPLOYEES DO NOT attain any part or form of that soveeign (can’t touch) immunity; as is proven by their oath of office to us. Within that proof of purpose: the right not only exists to proceed legally against our employees for breach of contract (constitution). It is in fact the law called first amendment redress of grievances; as is identified and established as government authority, “for the people, by the people, and of the people”. The absolute right: to protect and defend ourselves, by protecting the foundations, purposes, and desires as stated within that constitution. As WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here, CANNOT be denied or dismissed by our employees! That includes the courts, president, or others/ as the bridge work of democracy identifies: NOBODY gets immunity from disobeying OUR CONSTITUTION/ as is our government. That fact does make WE THE PEOPLE by our submission to constitutional purposes and desire; the foundation of our authority to make changes or demand an accounting: whenever we believe that our government “the constitution” has been violated. Be it little and small/ or an insurgency, that is overtaking control, and gambles even with life, nation, or planet. The constitution is our contract with ourselves as a nation or state/ it is our government, which means: although we hire citizens to do the mundane tasks assigned by society, that we need to have done. We have in no way surrendered our rights, our democracy, our design for the future of our lives: “to an employee/ or any group thereof”. The first amendment law of REDRESS, exemplifies and protects that reality. To discard CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT MANDATES as is redress: constitutes TREASON. We the people; are the signatories of our constitutional contract, we own it/ we are the inheritors of that contract, and it remains our government: NOT the government of our employees. We are the arbitrators and mediators of our own contract, by our vote. We are the only true authorities allowed to change that contract: as is “power of the people”. We hire, fire, and hold every legal right: to demand a true legal accounting, as ours. An oath: consistent with the purpose of office, which is to demand from those who work for us, as our employees: a true and legitimate acceptance of our own governmental authority: as WE THE PEOPLE. Constrained only, by our contractual decree of government: as is the constitution itself.THIS SITE IS: Translating the existence of evidence that is our reality, into the construction of disciplines and consequences: that will become our future/ Identify our purpose. By the definitions which, without want; are proven true. Teaching, what is order and balance in life. Whether we live or die as a world, is up to you: I did my job!THERE IS A MOMENT TOO DAMN LATE! We do face a tremendous amount of extreme threats caused largely by university diploma leadership: the failure to identify what is true about that statement is the end of our world. A DECISION, YES WE WILL ALLOW THIS/ OR NO WE WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN, BECAUSE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; IS TOO DAMN HIGH. A reality every person on earth is entitled to make, by their vote: because we are equal, as is the fact we are living!WE MUST FACE OUR TRUTH! There is no other way to survive; and you cannot wait to see, “its too late now to save this ship”. YOU MUST investigate to determine what is true or not true. YOU MUST understand the cost of being WRONG/ when that price is extinction, or even worse. AS is the ignition of a nuclear fire (could be at any moment)/ OR, as is “genetic research: the belly of death”: with CRISPR the boundaries of species identity being destroyed/ a poison spewed on the planet itself. With CRISPR geneticists don’t have to know anything:  they can, and around the world they DO; simply take the genetic materials from one species, and inject it any where they like; into another species; be it plant or animal or other. “Demanding live”, and if it does they immediately take it out into nature so that it can infect and mutilate our world. “Gee, what could go wrong”? OR, an endless reality of other threats, all of which have a point of no return…………..! Oh wait, I know: your leaders, universities, religion, media, and more have declared the universities god; and we all know “god don’t make no mistakes”. Now ain’t that right? Sure it is, after all: they are simply gambling with all life, the whole planet, and even the solar system itself: so WHY NOT just believe? After all, “you ain’t nobody”.Since redress is the guaranteed legal by the first amendment constitutional right: of the people to defend and declare their ownership of a nation. BY, IT IS the law, every corrupt employee hates REDRESS the most. “The one they refuse, and hide, the most”. Even to the point of betrayal, as is treason. The foundation laid in place by our democratic authority, over every sworn employee;  is then “we can come for you, by the law: too”. AS a society united by our vote; as is: “yes we will/ fifty percent or above agree”, the open court, by investigating, and examining the evidence for ourselves:  is our answer! OUR legal authority to rule ourselves, our government, our nation, and our impact on the world;  as is the definition of democracy itself. IF,  you want to know why, humanity has never been able to sustain peace and harmony, apart from destruction of the environment or resources: it is because no leader is necessary, if there is no fear, corruption, or chaos. Media is used to propagate that fear/ the courts are used to insure corruption/ and war is used to demand, “we have no time, no reality” to organize for better; FEAR this: weapons of mass destruction, instead. Those who believe themselves to be powerful/ will arrogantly say, “we are your only hope to stay alive”: so give us whatever we want/ or we throw YOU away! In contrast to that is reality, which says: these are our most powerful enemies/ and we must confront them, and ourselves, with that truth! Because truth is the power of life (truth survives, even if you don’t)/ with truth, legal changes can be made, to remove the threat. AS is the purpose of this work. NOT to remove governments, but establish a legal foundation upon which we do survive, ALL these threats. That is done, by giving democracy back to the people themselves! We, the people; are the owners here/ our lives, our earth, our future, our children, our nature, our everything. WE OWN THE LEGAL RIGHT, to determine who can and cannot threaten or gamble with our existence, our bodies of life, our world, or our own power to decide: rather than be enslaved to accept power, instead of our own constitutionally legal, GUARANTEED rights! Since the cost of being wrong, particularly in the reality of a world trying to ignite a nuclear fire is: OUR WORLD BECOMES ANOTHER SUN. NO ONE can argue it is not necessary, or in any other way construct an argument which denies the cost of being wrong in just this one of VERY MANY THREATS will not kill us all. OUR WHOLE WORLD OF LIFE AND PLANET!So, go stand in the streets, and identify yourselves as those who fight for life itself: demanding your day in court. DO IT NOW,I NEED YOU, to think (to expand beyond what you are told, and conceive of more); or this world will die!If we elevate our understanding of discipline, to conceive of universal truths: the essence of energy arrives as three distinct variables. Positive energy (kinetic)/ negative energy (dark or opposite)/ and mass, which is conceived as energy aligned with order into a passive state. Oddly enough, it is the mass that gives us time (action and reaction), force (the consequence of reliable truth), and body (a unit of separation). While energy itself as is consistent with both elements, provides the basis for thought. The critical question for time, assembles from the description of what is the method of construction, that gives us mass? How does energy become “balanced/ structural/ and integrated”.I remind you the evidence proves: this entire world can die/ mutilated biology beyond your imagination into horrors that will terrorize you. An entire earth being devoured by the same fire as is on the sun. Every resource gone/ every food and water source depleted forever. A world gone insane, and using all weapons of mass destruction in one final assault on life. ALL OF IT, dependent upon what you do, right now! NOT because I say so; because the evidence will prove that is true. The most simple thing to understand: humanity by the choice of many leaders/ have been building machines to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. YOU KNOW, the sun can burn your skin from 94 million miles away in summer. Therefore YOU KNOW, if the nuclear fire does ignite: this whole world lives or dies dependent upon their theory “not enough gravity here/ so the fire will just extinguish itself”. BETTING NOT ONLY YOUR WHOLE WORLD, but every life on it; including yours. And that: is just the beginning.I am through fighting for you, without your support/ it is worthless, because the proud are too proud to say they were wrong. The powerful, are too proud to give up anything they want. The greedy absolutely refuse to “release their slaves”. The majority are too afraid of everything, to participate in anything. And ALL, the religious demand: DON’T ROCK THE DAMN BOAT; we like it just the way it is. Even though “it is the titanic, and the iceberg is in full view”. Alas nobody survives; unless we turn that ship NOW.Donate to me, if you can’t or won’t fight for yourselves; and I will fight for this world. NOT for you, but for this world! Communicate with everyone you can find: because unless we do this together, there is no future for a single life on earth. Stand up and be counted: LIFE and PLANET, COMES FIRST. No more games, no more gambling with our world, no more believing whatever you want to believe (truth decides): you will error only on the side of life, and safety for our world. That is the beginning price of survival, and it is non-negotiable.The acceptance of reality, means you never need to be blind to the evidence: reality decides not you. Fantasies however reveal the fate of want, and want is the basis of every lie ever conceived: it will always fail, even if it exists behind closed doors (don’t show them the truth) for a time. The critical reality of this work is: YOU cannot wait for the evidence to prove your own extinction.  is beyond all doubt. In order to survive as a world, truth [not fantasy] must decide our future, based upon known facts today. The dignity of this earth is: that all Creation itself, HAS A RIGHT, to legally know what is true. The fantasy is: that humanity can do anything it wants/ without consequences overtaking life. That is not true, as any person with a brain, understands is real. We face extreme threats outlined in the websites I provide; they are not a game, and can easily go beyond the point of no return: wherein all life dies, at any time! NO going back; as is guaranteed with the ignition of a nuclear fire: this earth will burn like a sun.The value of life, is not a toy to be played with: without doubt, true LIFE and intricacy of body (all bodies of life) are beyond measure. This entire world is threatened with extinction (this cannot be undone): by arrogance (we can do anything), fantasies (without consequences), delusion (we can be gods), selfishness (I am the only thing that matters), greed (I want yours too), failure (let someone else pay), and hate (I want revenge, not life). Because those are the consequences of choices that have been made. The promises people have made, that were not kept and are proven to be “just lies, or worse”.I have presented keys and realities of understanding: to change that fact on the websites found here. I have presented videos, for the express purpose of eliminating any surprises, expectations, or assumptions associated with me. Because I am not the deciding factor, in whether this earth lives or dies/ YOU ARE. Communication is the key to change; that is up to you: I have tried and failed. LAW is the reality of authority, that will determine our future; by your own decision: as is represented in this USA by first amendment constitutional redress of grievances accepted by you: as the right of our own WE THE PEOPLE decisions. Time is running out; as even this planet and solar system are threatened with the same fire as is on the sun: ignition is the end of your decision/ as that fire cannot be extinguished. Mutilation of genetics are the end of nature as we know it; a reality of university driven evolution as religion: “chaos will bring new life forms”. It will not, only death by horror and hell. End of resources/ end of ocean life/ end of oxygen by fire consumption/ etcetera, and more. Not a game, real life threats!I only support the four dying websites/ links for the eight “for living” sites, no longer work: due to your lack of involvement for life, in what is now our dying planet. The remainder of my work, is then for the few/ rather than for all.        Recognizing that truth, confronts me with the reality: that I have been too harsh with you/ if I don’t intend to scare you; and I don’t, as is proven by my intent to be bland in videos presented: Reality does that. So, I will try to be far less aggressive in this work.In this world of life, only three things are ultimately important: life, death, and eternity. To achieve life by the essence called being alive; you must define your truth by love. To assemble destiny prior to death, there must be an ascension of order conceived by hope, as is faith within you. To begin the journey beyond time, into eternity; there must be both discipline, the design called trust; and balance the creation of respect, governing your soul.The journey most in evidence of these things: is called JESUS. Not a religious statement, as there are no “rules”/ a factual statement, as in the evidence does prove. HIS salvation is: “eternity does exist/ we have not been forgotten”!James Frank Osterbur.To lead, is to understand: knowledge born of life, comes first. Wisdom teaches; truth then decides. Anything less is want, and want is the foundation of every lie.        If you wait for your “television” to make you aware, to enforce the reality we must change: you WILL be dead (without options), before they do that. Because power runs the world, not life or justice. Power will NEVER accept: they too must change, and surrender that power, and pride; for the sake of life. Instead media does hide, from reality: by simply refusing to acknowledge anything less than what they want. As is consistent with what the public demands. Unfortunately, that fact will not keep this earth alive! Don’t think the universities will save you: they are so simple minded, “they even believe a single cell organism (which is very complex, in and of itself)” without tools, a brain, food to eat, or any other reality of existence: built this world. Not even a fool, could be so blind. Only pure fantasy would assume “chaos, did it”. Only a world terrorist cell: would design and carry out, GAMBLING with our entire planet, and every life on it; for nothing more than (the radiation alone, proves it can’t work for life) the demand to claim “we are gods”.

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