At the human constant over the last one hundred years of 3% population growth per year, we add another one billion mouths to feed over deaths; within 5 years. That means: if you were to open the doors in America to all the immigrants who would come. The population here would rise by one billion people within five years/ and that would NOT reduce the population count in any other nation figuratively speaking across the world. Because that many more people are coming within 5 years. Immigration is no longer about people. Immigration is about: IF YOU REFUSE TO CONTROL YOUR POPULATION RISE/ THEN YOU, are responsible for dealing with the consequences. And until you do; obtaining fair and consistent zero population growth, as a nation: you shall not move. Justice demands it; or there will be no food, water, space, resource, job, or life for anything on earth! Only cannibalism and war.!  The constant curse of fools is evident in these pictures 1 and 2 . While it is not obvious: the field tiles placed under every mound of dirt represent an end to the recharging of an aquifer. OUR primary water source. This same scene is being caused frequently across agriculture. In a drought, they will demand irrigation.This work, this reality, this question is very simple: are you, or are you not, “going to fight for this world, its future, and every life now and forever”?  Answer the question. COMMUNICATE OUR NEED, as best you legally can. At the historical one hundred year average birth rate/ over deaths: there will be another one billion people born & demanding food, in less than five years.We will examine the reality of extreme biological collapse/ in these words. The terror of finding ourselves in the midst of endless pandemic truths: that will crucify every living thing. Has been achieved as described below:  WRONG, one tiny error: IS NATURE ITSELF HAS BEEN DESTROYED FOREVER.  Who among your former classmates, deserves to have the fate of all life on earth: in their hands?   NO SECOND CHANCES!Use for gene editing[edit]Diagram of the CRISPR prokaryotic antiviral defense mechanism.[13]A synthetic guide RNA (gRNA) into a cell, the cell’s genome can be cut at a desired location, allowing existing genes to be removed and/or new ones added.[14][15][16]Jan 30, 2018 – Gene editing tool CRISPR is one of the most powerful to date. … of figuring out how we can use CRISPR to change the world for the better. But alas a promise is just a promise, and like your money it is made without truth attached. The cost of being wrong: ends NATURE ITSELF, as we know it to be forever!To assume, that humanity can play god by making any version of the building blocks of life which are used to build every living biological thing on earth: and not produce an endless variety of plagues/ isn’t worthy of a guess. It will happen, because people cannot control life: you can’t even control your money, government, or little else. Like AIDS, once released every “nature change” will spread like fire; and every living thing will be not only in danger but subject to the reality of people who have been trying to create new forms of life throughout human existence. Every form of failure which is to discard species boundary lines and mix those species together SHALL end in horrors beyond your own imagination. Even your own existing body will not be spared; as disease proves it is not invulnerable to this type of attack.So the reality is: get off your ass, and stop ALL FORMS for genetic mutilation, and literally pray we survive what has already been done. Or prepare for Armageddon, if it is not already here. Every organization, which includes university, governments, courts, etcetera: are formed by individuals. They exist as nothing more special than that. Those individuals, cannot play god, without destroying life. They have NO LEGAL RIGHT, which means literally we CAN STOP THEM; WITHOUT A WAR OF WEAPONS!The human genome, has already been changed. Which leaves us only one final solution: to collect every tool used in this process and destroy them. Demanding without mercy, that anyone for any cause who tries to create this terror to life again: will be crucified. Because that, is literally what mixing species together will do to all life.There should be, “an introduction to my work” that is not simply “work”. That would be this: that time is a moment of creation, the place where your own heart decides what the future or its destiny for your soul can be. Every second, is a place that stands apart, for your purpose, for your passion, and for the grace that lives in partnership with you. What you choose to do with your time enables you, as a life on earth. What you do with your life decisions, enables eternity for you. Love is a message from the soul. The soul is a relationship with GOD our CREATOR. Where your heart (the decision which makes life valuable) lives, so does your soul. Eternity requires each of us, to make our own decision! Even if you don’t desire it, the choice of how our future shall be; is entirely up to you.

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