The most powerful words ever written, construct the opportunity to survive as a world, by recognizing reality, as threats which cannot avoid extinction for us all. Then offering solutions: Based in truth, by the evidence of life needs. The critical explanation is: without thought, and the evidence of discipline/ courage/ order/ balance/ and respect as is assigned by love:  nothing will exist. The message of change or die, need not be perfect nor complete: the evidence serves that purpose, not the messenger.  The common response is: “we can hate you, for making us afraid/ or the vast majority, just run away and hide”. That won’t save this world; nor am I the enemy! Reality is, what reality is. Your children need you, to accept the price: that will keep this earth alive/ they don’t want to die; by your own hands. Life or death, is that simple. Not a game, reality decides, the evidence is clear/ your want is dead: choose= “life OR death, for our whole world”…. No second chances!  Stand up for life, and “put your name” on that decision; or there is no hope.There is a difference between religion, which is (I can believe anything I want/ I want what I want); and faith, which is, I accept the evidence of our reality as true; because only truth can keep us alive. And I must commit to the values, purposes, and desires of a life worth living. The creation of truth itself, relies upon the certainty as in miracles: no other explanation can arise:  “without lies”. The difference between “government money, and our money (we have to pay/ or its an un-retrievable debt)”: is the fact people hired to make reasonable and fair decisions, for the rest of us:  no longer occupy “a place called justice”. Our money has been stolen, for a university purpose and desire. What we now have is simply “counterfeited, by asserting asset inflation”/ instead of currency inflation, at a sum of 9+ trillion injected, per year. By those who then buy elections, fund terrorism, and attack life itself.My final statement to you is this: first amendment, redress of grievances to a patriot of the American revolution meant. We will never go to war again: because this law means we can change what we don’t like, that our employees did for themselves, or any other cause but our own. We can, with this law, legally demand an accounting/ we can take control of our government as we the people/ we can demonstrate our authority as owners, by going through the courtroom as we the people, to defend our nation or state.  We who have the legitimate right to make this change, therefrom cannot be forced into slavery; as we have described for ourselves, our weapon called law. The law of a true democracy: is Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the laws and the future that then becomes:  our own society, by governing ourselves with the laws WE OURSELVES choose, as our inheritance. Literally, from the sacrifices, we or others did make. That is Not a game, it’s called true democracy in action. First amendment redress is NOT “a social right, to bitch/ moan/ march/and complain; without any authority whatsoever”; every society since the beginning of time has done that. IT IS, a legal right, to prove WE THE PEOPLE, DO: have the final say on what our society, and our laws, shall be.   First amendment reads: “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (they, the universities; established evolution as their religion over society, forced it into our schools, and evicted every other form of religion), or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech (today media propagation uses slander to modify what can or will be voted upon; as evident in the US supreme court nominee: ”gossip sells”), or of the press (the press has been sold to the highest bidder, leaving only a tiny few in control over all communication/ refusing news for entertainment); or the right of the people peaceably (we must vote not war) to assemble (for the purposes of a courtroom to investigate), and to petition (THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT, as we the people united) the government (the contract of our union as a nation or state) for a redress (THIS, as described, MUST BE CHANGED) of grievances (within the law, truth shall be defined; and by constitutional restraint abided: so the decision of our values, shall be made for ourselves)” . People talk, as they always have; BUT true democracy is the union to defend ourselves; by deciding, for life and society itself. Through our individual vote. Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ my own vote on the law and the rights, and the realities we must endure.      Critical failures in keeping the first amendment, demonstrate an insurrection. By the people charged with obedience to the constitution. Redress CANNOT be used, because the judiciary have blockaded it out. As is evident by the many trials of James Frank Osterbur. The last: “can’t take them to court, because our employees don’t allow it”. Let them bring me to court, and reality proves that too will be dismissed. Which does mean NO ACCESS, for a constitutional mandated and guaranteed right of law! Can’t use the press, because it does not exist: replaced with “gossip or tragedies”. Can’t use free speech, because the public does NOT believe in democracy as a legal right/ only for the purpose of complaining to “no one, but ourselves”. Because the traitors called lawyers and judges and politicians, have been given the opportunity to bankrupt and corrupt. By pushing democracy out, and letting counterfeiting our currency in; by hiding inflation, and the debts they create. Anarchy is the cause/ controlled, aided, and abetted; by the university elite! It means: to destroy something which protects and defends the masses/ so the few can be empowered by replacing those rights with rules they control, to enslave. We are paid in fake money, it has no reality attached by truth: consequently “slave”. By all measure of evidence: complete chaos is coming. Unless we return our reality, to truth. The propaganda teams of media, insure “you know nothing”/ because without lies, somebody other than the slaves, have to pay. It should be known, that I could have argued in court AGAIN: that this is constitutional law, that has been introduced in this case/ a guaranteed right; not a game. But without a public to demand it, a reality beyond want to address the consequences of failure and trial: it was pointless. YOU refuse.In summation: there is nothing the powerful hate more, than everyone has an equal right, an equal opportunity; to make a difference for their world. Or more simply, “you can’t be rich/ unless you make many others poor”. Or counterfeit the money, with lies; claiming it is, what it is not: without power. Want is the basis of all lies. Pride requires to win/ someone must lose! To survive, truth must lead. MORE distinctly: no weapon can save this earth, or its nature/ because there will be catastrophic war. ONLY THE LAW, by which we consume their power, by creating democratic authority.the spiritual question.     a final piece of adviceLove sings, by the rhythms in your heart; not necessarily a voice to be heard/ but a life to be felt. Women feel, because their bodies pulse with desire, for the relationship that gives them joy. Men feel less, because their bodies search for purposes that are disciplined/ ordered/ and balanced first; as the means to insure survival. The difference is a destiny shaped even into eternity, by what you hold as the spirit between male and female shared. The boundary line is care; but the only true relationship is governed by trust. To be trusted, is to encounter each other by soul; and therefrom enter eternity as a destiny conceived by both. Such is the difference, dividing what eternity shall become. JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR.Donate or the sites will be abandoned on November 1st 2018; your decision/ not mine. This has been abandoned due to the truth: our entire world is facing extinction, and NOBODY is excused from participation to save this world; including me.

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