The initiating points of trial, are these:

The foundation of an education (as is the purpose of this trial) is to present information, that is sufficient to determine the value of an experiment/ the risk of that experiment/ and the cost of being wrong as would be caused by that experiment. This base of “leveling the cause”/ so that we the people can understand. MUST be retained, and presented, as equivalent in both understanding and subsequent knowledge: for a “high school graduate to accept, and be able to communicate to others”. Thereby making it possible for a deliberate decision that is aware of the cost, and consequences aligned with an experiment. To do that: no “foreign or extremely technical languages, which includes excessive math/ words uncommon/ or theories that have not been proven true”; shall be allowed in court. Trial MUST educate the people themselves, so they can create their own decision based upon recognized truths.

We then begin, through the journey of what can and cannot be true; as depicted within the known realities of our time.
THIS LIST represents an elemental conception of the most basic or more necessary levels of education that must be addressed. I, as a citizen representing the nation whose very lives, and world; have been put at risk: am the plaintiff. The “university diploma, along with their leadership supporters who have granted the money and the current right to proceed: are the defendants. Levels of explanation presented as “the university defense” are from decades back/ as I had no further interest in them. Herein referenced by either “P, for plaintiff/ or D, for defendant”.

1. The defendant D, does not enter a description of how or where the energy of a nuclear atom comes from: conceiving of “it must be hocus pocus (developing a theory without sufficient proof or value)”.
2. The plaintiff P, does enter the following description: as consistent with all physical realities, an energy consequence exists because of an energy that has been input into the variables to be changed.
a. Or, more distinctly: it is the physical spin of the atom itself, that holds the energy as potential. Which then aligns with an actual expansion of energy that will be released, as heat. With the certainty of “atoms involved equals energy released: the equation to determine just how fast that spinning nucleus goes, can be found. It is then, a known constant.

3. the D; suggests and supports: that fusion (combining smaller hydrogen atoms together; to create helium atoms). Is their statement as to what causes all the energy to be released from the sun. Demanding thereby the core of the sun must be over 15 million degrees celcius: without the slightest proof. Their own experiments at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories: with a machine that creates an environment they say is far greater than what they describe on the sun: did fail completely. Yet they did not stop “believing in fusion”: creating a fantasy, and then supporting that fantasy even after it was proven false.

4. P states unequivocally: that a spinning nucleus of an atom/ CANNOT simply be forced to allow the insertion of more mass than it already contains. The spin, and the speed which is in excess of light: of that nucleus, makes it impossible. Thereby an atomic bomb forces the nucleus to explode instead. Fusion is an outright lie, a fantasy completely without merit. It does not power the sun.

5. D states: that the power of the sun to do anything and everything comes from the center core of the sun which is “millions of degrees hot”. They then continue to explain: everything about the sun is millions of degrees hot/ as in, its all engulfed by “the fire” throughout.
a. Their assertion is “hocus pocus (we have no proof)” occurs at the core. Adding in that there must be an atomic elements of great size in the core. That can only be theorized to exist, and not proven other than by fantasy or fraud.

6. P states unequivocally, that if in fact the sun is entirely engulfed by fire throughout its entire reality of existence; or “energy released” as they prefer. Then all the fuel is being consumed at the same time/ which literally means: that the sun would burn out (no fuel left) in a short order of time. It cannot be otherwise: Simply by the law governing energy usage. Or forcing an energy out: “Leaves a hole, where the energy was”.
a. P states unequivocally, that a change in atomic scale towards an elemental state describing a rise in mass said to be fifteen times greater density than lead: does NOT exist. More “hocus pocus”. That is equivalent to the size difference between a marble and a basketball. In an atomic nucleus.
b. Because we know, that an atom holds energy/ and that physical energy can only be contained in an atom by its spin. We then know why elements do not come near to that rise in mass. The spin makes it impossible to contain excess mass, in an atomic nucleus. The mass and speed of rotation refuse: centrifugal forces “spit it out”. The force instilled on mass, by spin, is too great; beyond what the actual elemental table of real elements will prove.

c. D states: the relationship of an atom to its composition is limited to “a proton (the mass)/ a neutron (which they account as nothing)/ and electrons, which circle at above the speed of light/ and can be redistributed as electricity. The nucleus apparently “stands still”. End of their story. It just holds together by “hocus pocus (we believe whatever we want to believe)”.

7. P states: the atomic relationship of an atom is proven to spin: by the energy it releases. As no other means to store, and then create a physical release of that energy (such as is proven by an atomic bomb) can exist. Therefore it spins very fast/ and sustains the momentum of that spin to create physical energy. A spinning mass CANNOT simply remain in one place/ without an energy source working in an opposite conception to that spinning mass. To literally hold the components in place. Like spinning a weight on the end of a string: if the string breaks, the weight (components) fly away: just like you find in the scenario of momentum moving in a circle. Therefore the opposite energy: is a nucleus, which is then conceived as “dark matter/ or dark mass, and its relationship to an inward force is: dark energy”. More distinctly: the inward energy is in contrast to the opposite energy (proton) called kinetic force. When released from a potential state. This difference in energy direction, forms the basis of an atom: which is a balanced state, able to sustain itself until unbalanced.

8. Let’s continue for a bit more: the reality of a supernova ABSOLUTELY proves that the core of a sun cannot be “15 million degrees”/ as that leaves no fuel (expansion of heat multiplied), and no new furl to expand the mass of a sun; into a super nova event. The “university declared” event of a supernova: proves there is NEW FUEL to be added to the sun fire. Because without new fuel: expansion is not possible.

THE SOLAR GRAVITY, is harnessed by the release of “dark energy”/ when the bond between an atom and its composition is removed. “What goes outward/ must also release an energy that goes inward”. That energy must in fact be stronger than the outward energy it holds in place.  Which means the fire itself, is responsible for that! 

b. That reality also means: since one energy when released produces extreme outward, amount of heat/ then the opposite of that releases extreme amounts of inward cold. Which stabilizes the mass called our sun. When this balanced state disappears, (the space between hot and cold is no longer sufficient). the fuel source which is “a planet engulfed by nuclear fire”. That fire starts to sink closer to the fuel/ vacuuming in more mass, to create more flame. Which causes the mass to overheat and a supernova event to occur.

c. Thermal dynamics prove a separation between the mass and the fire exists: just like a candle flame rises from its fuel source: because heat demands room. Being a globe, requires even more room. Which DOES mean: the mass of our sun is exceedingly smaller than its fire signature. That fact also stabilizes the sun: and can be seen as proof in a solar flare which is: more fuel has been added in this area; to the fire. Or a solar tornado: this is a particularly hard spot of rock, that is not letting go to the fire/ at this time. Therefore an opening in the flame exists.

9. There is more, but it becomes more involved after this. EVERY “grain of knowledge”; INCREASES your risk, they will ignite a nuclear fire. I accept NO responsibility for that/ as endless attempts have been made. as with all religious delusions (the university is our god); the zealots have no use for reality or truth: just believe what you are told. While the congregation of the damned (we believe what we want to believe/ what we have been told by our “saviors”) all yell at me: “you can’t question our book/ our book is god”. To your shame!

a. THE REALITY REMAINS: WHEN GAMBLING WITH OUR ENTIRE EARTH, AND EVERY LIVING THING ON THIS PLANET; even the solar system itself (as is the great abomination in biblical terms). SHOULD THERE NOT BE A COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE ANSWER TO EVERY SINGLE QUESTION, THAT CANNOT BE PROVEN WRONG/ OR SUBJECTED TO THEORY? Its your life! Answer the question; because these experiments go on “every” day or night. And there is NO GOING BACK. Releasing a nuclear fire/ is a fire that can never be extinguished until: the sun a nuclear fire creates; goes supernova.

b. THIS AIN’T NO GAME; and we are literally “saved” because they could have ignited that fire already. YOUR options DIE, upon ignition.

THIS IS ENOUGH INFORMATION: TO DETERMINE AS A HUMANITY: IF THERE MUST BE CHANGE.  a courtroom is merely the legal entity to enforce that change without war; maximizing penalties; without seeking revenge.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:  TRIAL STARTS NOW, wherever and whenever the opportunity to make a difference for your world exists. OUR LIVES/ OUR PLANET/ OUR WORLD/ YOUR CHILD: EQUALS OUR DECISION SHALL BE JUSTIFIED! Because if you don’t your world, THIS WORLD:  will die.

       That quite literally means: at a moment of crisis; which this is, in more ways than you imagine/ because of a few who want to play god with life and energy and reality:  you either fight for, OR you desert as a coward or a traitor:  ALL life and earth!    as    equals: soldiers, in a war.  this ain’t no game, and there is no middle ground/ because igniting a nuclear fire, or destroying genetic stability, or destroying every resource we need to survive: has only one ending. “its called extinction”. So, the only question left is: which one are you?

As to legal trial: the foundation of corruption to be discussed, begins with HIGH TREASON, and extends to the aiding and abetting of terrorism. Such is the reality and meaning of choosing to gamble with all life on earth.

That is a charge that goes out too:  “the university elite”/ as they are the primary source of all catastrophe’s coming. The resource, politicians, courts, policing, and others chose to rely upon. The reality of a  religious disease (we can be gods: there are NO consequences for us);  that has infected the world.

That means there are literally only two directions for this action to go: either we all do our best to investigate what is true, and determine the consequences for failure. OR the leadership reacts; demanding to cover up and hide “crimes against humanity” because their allegiance is to the insurgency that has invaded, and intents to take control  over life itself. By spreading fantasies, foolishness, and lies:  thereby destroying what we need to survive. To make us  all beggars, prostitutes, / or at war.


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