Justice, is the very essence of hope; as it creates the journey of our lives. Without hope we die, because the critical part of living, is to find a solution for life. The value, as is a solution for why should I continue to live: is fixed upon the identities called love. Because there are only three true destinies to life: love/ hate/ or simple survival. Love is the essence of everything justified and valued. Hate lurks in the shadow, believing only in violence or revenge. While simple survival is the decision: something better than this, “will come”. To those three, we surrender our destiny in time. Once chosen, and fixed by death: they do become eternal, as your individual truth. The question called justice, is then a fundamental proof, of what your decision has become.
It is the decision of my lifetime: that literally nothing is more important, than a world approaching crisis and extinction. The constant human response is: “I am too busy playing the games of people, body, and time; to be involved in anything I don’t want, to know or realize”. As that requires change! The human value is “More, for me”/ whatever it is. Life value, is a respect for truth, a discipline worthy of the duty which created us, an order that gives rise to love, and the balance necessary to sustain the existence of destiny; as is “my own truth”.
The constant curse of humanity is: “I will make this decision for you/ whether you want that or not”; because I have the power. A reality that serves none properly! It opens the door to countless expressions called “I don’t want this”/ and that becomes the potential for obsession or aggression or tragedy; if you, or they; don’t find forgiveness.
The critical question of human communication is paramount to what we can be together, as human existence on earth. Communication is never manipulation/ control/ temptation/ rules/ or realities that do not adhere strictly to the decisions, refined as a call to justice. Where there is hope for justice; peace and securities will follow. Where there is “truth, leads the way”/ there can be a quest for love. Because anything less than truth, tears or will tear love apart.
The value of our existence: is a relationship governed by nature, in direct appreciation for what this planet gives us to survive, and be happy. That is extensive. That is under extreme attack; by the arrogance so delusional, that people who have “learned how to put a square peg in a square hole”/ now believe they are gods. It is to your shame, that this cult does whatever it wants; and need not even hide the truth: that they are literally trying to destroy this entire earth with all its life. Religion calls it satan; which is the summary of those who want to destroy life, by playing god: rather than respect love, living, life, or planet. So they attack everything with value; and have achieved much toward that destruction.
Today, we do face our own extinction from this earth. We even face the end of this planet/ and expansive change to the solar system which has been our home: due to those playing god with life, hope, value, and nature itself.
But alas: you want what you want, and cannot see, or think of realities beyond your eyelashes: and the curse of fools will soon end your choice. To protect this world/ or simply let it die; because you just didn’t care enough. To your eternal shame!
Not a game, truth recognizes the evidence of threat beyond the comprehension of want. Yet the human experience is: I want nothing, but what I want/ and leaves all knowledge behind, because you just want what you want. Until death appears, and the certainty of time ending cannot be avoided anymore. In that moment, failure asks: but mercy will only offer, “this is what you chose”.
To the tiny few, who have accomplished more with their life than just want. Prepare for eternity, with your love; but understand only truth can survive. If your truth is love/ then mercy will find you, if it is pure enough to survive. If not, what you will receive; is what you chose.

The desire for justice, in the purity of hope; is the ascension of life into love, through respect as a certain value conceived in truth (reborn past want), combined with trust (I accept the value of your contribution to me), equals eternity.

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Jim Osterbur

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