The curse of propaganda and the vile nature of an incessant plague, to attack and disgrace the people who built this American society, by destroying its foundations/ cursing its children/ and controlling its people “from a video screen”.

Religious indoctrination is a disease of the mind, that forms around the threat: that you will not be accepted here, unless you do what we say/ think how we say/ talk how we say/ accept our hypothesis and theories without question/ and generally worship the ground of your leaders; or we throw you out of the group. It is a plague, just as it has always been throughout history: when a few who believe themselves to be so superior “they would call themselves gods”/ but they want you, to believe they are gods (can’t be wrong/ can’t be stopped/ can’t be questioned). Because in that descent into chaos, you give up your right to think.

Thinking is an elemental right, that must not be surrendered under any circumstance: because it is, and can become; like, or in reality, a suicide. Every religion is the same: surrender your ability to construct the future on your own, because errors in judgment have established the fact that you cannot identify, or fully grasp, the consequences that will come. To alleviate that sense of error; people allow others to lead, thereby transferring blame to the leader. To assert that I cannot be wrong: all information is gained through “the television/ college/ doctor/ religion/ etcetera (your gods)”. The unfortunate truth being: they are just people, same as you. The essential curse: we will blame them, and not ourselves; even though this is a decision you made together; because following or believing is your own decision, made just by you.

The constant curse of universities is: we cannot be gods/ unless we destroy the foundations upon which this society is built. Therefore the insurgency is: to build, to immigrate, to legally attack, and bring in as many people from the outside as it is possible to do; so as to control an army of insurgents. Placed on the inside, and disguised as “the innocent”; we just want more of what you have/ we just want to be equal/ we just want what we want; same as you.

While that sounds fair/ it is not, because you didn’t build here; you came from places that would not give the same as you ask for to us/ if we moved there. And that is the foundation which decides what is fair. You want what your home will not give to you/ just as the universities want absolute power, to get whatever they want for themselves; by taking what we did build; and as always, making us the slave to you. That fact has already been accomplished: because we live a lie, hidden by media and universities: the money which shapes and controls society, has all been counterfeited. Those doing the counterfeiting are universities in charge of government currency; and they gave themselves all the power through money, not only to control courts/ elections/ media/ business/ and every possible part of society. They want slaves; because nothing proves you are the superior ones; than the fact, you made those who were powerful before you; beg to survive. Such are the facts, when counterfeited money takes control over society: and all those who are not “we the people”/ begin to own the nation instead of us; paid for by our own failure to address the fact, “this is no longer a game”/ but a war to destroy the nation itself.

The mass suicides are the result of the delusional “they want to be superior too”/ just like the universities; but since they don’t control the obvious power of universities: they choose a gun, to say “me too”. The mass shooter has been commonly white; because the white subspecies has an affinity for organizing and choosing to say “we are in this together”; which has made them successful, through the years. As is consistent with every society which does become successful after taking over a resource wealth “one way or the other”. Which is the constant of universities: their resource wealth is “we have a little bit more knowledge than some/ and we make up all the rest with stories; and hide the truth with words they others don’t know. And if they learn we change the meaning to disrupt all communication [such as dope, sick, (and who gives a damn)/ now means two or more opposite things; and so on.

Nonetheless, the mass communication of insurgents whose primary purpose is to destroy the American nation: focuses on “its white men” that are the continual problem/ they are the enemy. Because enough insurgents have arrived to make themselves feel comfortable in that attack. Having mass media, and its puppets; to enforce the constant scourge, that is we will take it all: from you. While there is no excuse for mass murder of any kind; gun violence is not limited to white killings: where is the balance of how many people are killed by other races? There is no excuse for mass media “now we all have to cry, as a nation” because a few were killed at once: to sell the soul, and control the conversation; by a tiny few. To destroy the very foundation/ as is the continual degradation that leaks from the sewage of a university platform: whose only intent, is to play god with everything. Whose religious cult, indoctrinates every child for one singular purpose: be our slave/ you are indebted and will never escape without our help.

The most vile thing ever unleashed: is the right to build extreme weapons. The worst of all the weapons ever conceived of: comes strictly “from the universities”. The plague of weapons that then spreads across this world: comes from the universities. Which means that all mass murder and its causes: comes from the universities as well. Even to the extent, of universities deliberately trying to turn this earth into a sun. Even to the extent of deliberately turning nature into chaos, with DNA mutilation: and a thousand more disease ridden disguises, that are all intended to make life extinct. Because the end result of it all is: the universities have earned their right to be called SATAN. Destroyers of a world.

Your initial white mass murderers are fools, who have died for nothing but their insanity caused by being left out [generally its you chose these others who are not one of us/ instead of me]. But they are signals to you; of an impending civil war. Because the mass casualties of constant traitors, terrorists, tragedies, cursed, thieves, whores, failures, fools; and all the universities have brought unto this earth and all its life: has been building its list of the wounded and the living dead. Which means those who do feel cheated, used, abused, betrayed, and stolen from: are now amassing into a force, whose only power is a weapon. Gun or not is little different. Because the constant threat, of an insurgency underground, that is hidden by constant media enforcement, and its propaganda teams who use mass communication as a weapon to manipulate, terminate, use and abuse words, tempting and controlling for the singular purpose of destroying those who did build this society: so they can walk into that power, by making them weak with insecurities/ we cannot think for ourselves, we must follow. The cult is too strong now.

The blind, the deaf, the failure, the fools, the tragedies, the weak and the meek; are all lined up on the trench: where killing them will be easy, “and less messy this way”. As all wars become! Warriors believe they will do better, fighting until death: but you have already been overcome, and overridden with the filth of university design. They want every decision to be their own; they have implanted surveillance and spies; to insure NOBODY gets to have a brain. And they have orchestrated the end of life on earth by transforming every part and every piece of what is needed to survive: with their own delusions/ as their only true intent is to remove GOD OUR CREATOR: and make themselves gods, by changing everything they can.

Or more distinctly: EVERYTHING THAT HAS BROUGHT LIFE ONTO THIS EARTH, AND MADE OUR BODIES AND OUR EXISTENCE NOT ONLY POSSIBLE BUT HAPPY! Is being deliberately attacked and destroyed by those tiny few who call themselves the “university elite”. Because they want to be gods: what better way to prove you don’t have to obey NOTHING/ than to destroy the very foundations of life and planet itself? Or more distinctly, they are not trying to prove themselves “gods of life”/ they cannot. So they are deliberately proving they can be “gods of death and destruction”; which they are. And humanity is largely bowed down with their ass in the air; to prove how insane they can be. Because the universities have been studying you for decades; and over half their entire efforts are deliberately intended to control, direct, manipulate, tempt, use, abuse, steal, kill the rest of humanity “with their education”. And you hide, or run away; because you want them to be your gods/ and refuse to believe your reality.

Believing instead: that you can be excused, “if you were just following the others”/ therefore it cannot be my fault! Well, that ain’t truth; because they cannot lead, UNLESS you follow. So it does become an equal fault/ and you are NOT excused from the reality of consequences all fell into. Because you worship the game, which has broken you into pieces/ not life, and the value of living, itself. Shame on you. FAILURE, FOOL, LIAR, THIEF, TRAITOR, AND CHEAT; the world you chose.

THE WAY BACK TO REALITY, REQUIRES A PRICE: no more playing games! No more making excuses/ no more hiding from the truth. No more believing in the cult of university knows. No more letting mass media propagation take control over your lives. WE MUST INVESTIGATE, EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE FOR TRUTH AND PURITY, DETERMINE FOR OURSELVES THE CONSEQUENCES WE ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT FOR BEING WRONG; and decide the future with our own brain. NOT the delusions of a few.

PRIMARY to the reality of becoming “human again”; is the questioning of what the universities have been doing. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT, nor more IMMEDIATE: than to question those who are intent upon igniting the bond holding atoms together on fire: “just like what happens on the sun”. FINDING THE TRUTH, in this specific reality of universities experimenting: IS ENOUGH, TO OPEN THE DOOR, FOR ALL OTHER “simple damn religious/ university is god” beliefs. To find the truth, needs that door to open. Anything less, will NOT SAVE THIS EARTH/ or its life.

You can do this, demanding of the courts, media, and any other who gets in the way: that you do have a legal and moral and ethical right. TO INVESTIGATE PEOPLE WHO ARE LITERALLY GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH. Or would you rather burn in the hell universities will release; as this earth becomes a sun. Because that is the price for being wrong.

Which means, I cannot be used for an excuse: WHEN IT IS THE WORLD ITSELF, that must be protected, from a university delusion.

The requirement to be fair; fundamentally establishes we should understand how the universities got into power. They established fear/ they used fear and foreboding against you/they isolated you from the rest, by becoming the only expert that can be trusted/ they overtook all forms of power. Just like they overtook all forms of business by using counterfeited money. The “governmental claim” that all assets in this USA must rise in value by over 9 trillion dollars per year; each and every year. That inflation NOT reported by media or the courts or the politicians or others; IS WHERE the money comes from. And since it originates in one tiny group of people who have control over all that inflation: they do spend it wherever they please. WHO is in charge of it: JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY/ and the vast majority goes directly, in one way or another; to the universities; which includes healthcare. Because now, even the poor can pay extreme expenses; because government pays so they don’t have to be realistic about the price at all. “the counterfeiting” pays.

The rape/ ravaging/ ransacking/ tragedy/ and horrors of a deeply embedded insurgency against all members of this USA; as is the army of “university knows”; is revealed in all manner of ways. Not only by extreme experimentation that has no value whatsoever/ other than to produce chaos and death. Is matched by healthcare which ransacks the nation. Is matched by the overrunning of all business and industry by the invasion of wall street [the work don’t matter/ only is a university diploma in charge]. Which was then swallowed up, by the university diplomas: who bought their funding with margin money [enabling them to use one dollar to gain at least fifty dollars more]. By which they gained control over the companies through raiding and legal maneuvering/ which they then sold to take the money of an entire workforce, and use it for themselves. Every form of government/ every form or foundation we depend upon as a nation or world: HAS BEEN INVADED, in a similar fashion. Because a few took control/ because the rest HATED THE PRICE; of putting life and society back on track to a real, stable, life oriented happiness that we could survive.

INSTEAD OF THAT; the entire nation fell into the sewer, of a university bribe. COME HERE: THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY, AND THE POWER, AND THE PRIDE IS! So, you sold your life, your children, your world, and the future of this planet to WHORING, RAPE, AND RAVAGING OUR PLANET. To your eternal shame, and that is only the beginning of where the universities lead.

By implanting religion with evolution: the curse of a dead man’s brain, mutilated by insanity. Fear was multiplied by removing the grace of religious belief, in the conception that death was not an ending/ but a new beginning. By destroying that reality of religion as was developed through JESUS, and accepted in one form or another by all major religion: the universities became your religion instead. Insisting CHAOS is your god/ and everything built itself, without so much as a tool, a reality, or a brain. And some of the people said: “yes, let’s believe that”. So in fear religious leaders around the world said: we cannot lose our people, or our jobs are dead/ so let’s believe too. By making the only method of doing well in society “a college education”: because they control everything. Fear was multiplied in the children, and their parents/ which made them accept; a debt they cannot repay. Or as it always was for 90%; college was an escape from real life, to keep on playing and never grow up; until the debts piled up. But hey the “universities pride themselves on fantasy living”; so why not believe? Fear overrode sanity in America: when they found themselves faced with the delusion of “going to the moon” costs money. Even though it was never that: and was simply the disguise, to hide the reality: lets build a big intercontinental nuclear missile. They were in massive debt/ which Carter tried to repay; causing lots of people to be financially destroyed: when Reagan said debts don’t matter/ we won’t repay nothing. And then with media hiding the reality: he sold all the gold that supported American currency/ which began the reign of counterfeiters that grew from there. Now we have fear multiplied; and all the people said: LIE TO US. Just as they said LIE TO US, when Obama was faced with debts that cannot be paid either/ and medicine that cannot be paid/ and every reality in America which cannot be paid without counterfeited dollars. So let’s all fear/ and give the counterfeiters what they want: OR WE MUST PAY THE DEBT. And that means all the imagination that went into fantasy numbers is nothing more than a bad dream. So fear that, and accept no reality; because if reality came: death of our world would need to be dealt with too.

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