Of life, and death, and spirit; the essence of our discovery, that leads then to life “I care” or death “I refuse to care”.

In the valuation of life and living is the certainty, that we are neither a mass without choices/ nor a death without loss of those choices. What resides in between those realities, is both time and humanity. The essence of time is an energy in motion/ because without motion of some identifiable source, time simply stops. Life then also consists of energy/ and death identifies, the energy has left.

The essence of humanity is either love or hate; as is the foundation upon which every decision is made: other than simply to survive, by what we accept, or learn: that indeed, we must do. We then know that the spiritual essence of our existence is governed by what we choose to accept and follow, as love. Substantively the demand we must care/ we must then share/ and accept each other as equals in life.

OR, the spiritual essence of existence governed by hate: which is substantially the reality, “I will not care/ I will not share/ and I cannot accept you or any other as equal to me: I am more/ I deserve to be more/ or I will take revenge on anyone conceived as more.

The living of life as is required to survive; is simply the price, to retain the reality of your choice; whatever that may be. The humanity of life is distinctly: the descriptions that become your identity, from the choices you will make regarding either love or hate/ and how that influences the others. What is true of you, is determined by the choice as identified by your desire or purpose hidden, or plain: that was within your choice.

Love influences our decision to care, elevates our descriptions of loving and life, identifies our existence by what we share, and how we care; and spiritually creates the environment called a soul. Soul is the value we give to life, and life is the value our spirit gives to us; because we accepted this would be so, as a treasury we desire forever.

Hate influences those who decide life has no meaning other than what can be taken “I will”, or destroyed to prove “I can”, or forced “you can’t”, or manipulated “I own you”, or controlled “slave”, or devalued “measured less”, or whatever the current game is! Hate uses a game to make life worth living: “I WON/ YOU LOST”. Hate uses a game to make life worth killing; “I deserve this revenge”. Hate uses a game to devalue “anything on earth”/ to prove superiority: “I am god, next to you”. It does have a spirit of sorts as well: but I have no real knowledge of it/ and will never seek more. It is nonetheless, a driving force behind the various insanity realities of humanity. That does NOT provide an excuse/ it provides the certainty, that you chose hate: and these are the consequences of that decision.

As a human being in time: you do get to choose either love or hate/ and you can change your decision as you wish; because you are free to do so/ it is a given right of choice in time. However these are opposite realities: and they cannot live as one beyond human existence. Either love or hate, will guide you into eternity; as there is literally “no middle ground” that can survive. You are: either “for love”/ or for hate; it is your choice, and that choice will determine your eternity. Life is not a game, and neither is death.

So the question is: IF, you were in fact choosing for your own eternity, WOULD YOU, desire life and living with love as the passion of your existence. OR, if you were in fact choosing hate, then you get to believe that all things would be destroyed by you, including you, forever; because you chose to play god. Alas, if you chose to play god with a true child of GOD, and cost THE LITERAL GOD OF LIFE any portion or part of that child by deliberate intention. There is a portion of the universe, where you will not die, because terrors will not let you. “Love or hate” is not a game.

Some will always question: if an eternity can exist?

While others will always believe, whatever it is they believe.

But if we examine the realities involved: the question is more deliberately assigned by, “what really is life”? We answer that, by understanding the value of our existence “is the identity” we cherish; regardless which one (love/ hate/ on the fence) that is. That identity is in fact entirely defined by thought, even if it is measured by body here in time. Our recognition of life is thought/ therefore thought consists of our existence, with or without a body.

The reality of thought itself, is then relegated to an understanding of where does thought itself exist/ and how does it transform itself into an awareness, that becomes separated from the whole that thought can become? Thought exists within the energy from which it arises as a distinction bordered, by the limits of what we conceive this to be. The critical partition is: can the energy of life and its counterpart as is thought (an elusive destiny, created by the reality of choice): be identified?

The answer is: by the purpose of your desire, you can be identified as “a part of creation/ or a part of destruction”. The energy that gives you freedom, is then transformed into something that has developed on its own. Where that energy then goes after departing from the body; is decided by your choices made.

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Jim Osterbur

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