Race, the constant battle of one group trying to get superiority over the other groups/ by any means possible.

So that it is clear and simple to understand: I regard all sections or subsections to each species of life as inherently valuable to the whole. It is exactly like the human body: which is made of several different cellular lifeforms (such as heart cells/ lung cells/ kidney cells/ skin, liver/ etcetera cells) that all work together in harmony to achieve the necessary balance, disciplines and order that are foundation-ally required to achieve a working human body. If they were all the same/ they would be nothing more than a single cell organism: because complexity, composition, comprehension, and so forth are all required for greater diversity of action or reaction. As is the essence of a human being. The fact we know that makes us human/ whereas those who cannot or will not comprehend the truth of that, have resigned themselves to “animal”; as the universities would have you to believe. Complexity adds to life/ but that does not mean: “heart cells should combine with kidney cells for instance”/ as that would just cause chaos in a body. It is not as distinct in complex compositions, but is still relevant to the understanding of how best to get along.

The critical constant in that statement is: that family, which means “we are the same basic heritage of elements”/ that made us all. We are “our own little subset/ or subspecies” of the primary group that is human. It is the elemental rise of each family group, to take care of itself/ support itself/ defend itself/ and assemble a future within the environment that exists, for itself that is our duty.

The crying and whimpering of race, that is entirely the result of media infringement upon humanity itself; to achieve their purpose of control, manipulation, temptation, and gross negligence: for the intent to sell our lives/ for their financial gain, theft for power, tyrannical curse of pride, and ultimate thirst to destroy peace. Should be disavowed, and removed from the conversation; because they are primary to their purpose of gaining a story to sell: intentional, inciters of a mob. “we can sell that mob, better”.

So, lets look at reality, and reality says: anything hidden will not be changed UNTIL it is brought out in the open/ as is proven by the civil rights movement of the 60’s. Media did play an important role in that; because you can’t reveal something hidden/ to those who are hiding it: they know. Which is the difference between what news is/ and what is mob inciting; to sell propaganda or other. Same is true of what hides behind every hidden, university door. Those who curse, and condemn life, do so in secret/ or they propagate lies with media.

The most common race issue in America, is and has been: as simple as black and white/ although every single subset of humanity plays the very same game: “we are the superior ones/ and we want more from you, because life is not fair; and we want to be equal with you”. But when they are, they become the majority, and they control the environment, and they control society, and they change what we have done to build this place; and so on. So there is legitimate resistance; because nobody wants the competition/ and nobody wants to do things your way; when we are used to doing things our way: WHY, should we give you control over us. WHY should you be allowed to change our lives, our children, our future, our nation, our anything? And the answer is: because we are the same nation, and we are the same people in our bigger group; as are you. So the immigrants come, and bring more competition; all claiming the same things: GIVE MORE TO US/ MAKE ROOM FOR US/ LET US HAVE YOUR RESOURCES TOO; “which also means, to hell with your own children”; because overpopulation means we will all die soon. Like it or not; humanity spreading out; simply avoids the war, for a tiny bit longer: because they are not invading with weapons. They are invading with needs, and that destroys our ability to survive just like they did to their ability to survive, where they were. Same is true of every group, because color does not matter/ reality does.

But let’s look at black or white in America: by what history says and proves true. History reports: it is the black men, who gathered up their black neighbors in Africa and sold them to the white men who came for greed (I know who wants them)/ because you don’t. History reports genocide in every nation on earth, throughout history (including the bible); because one group does not want to share anything with the other group. They kill them all or try; because they don’t want nobody (who has a right) sneaking up like they did; in the night to kill them too. Regardless: white men did not enslave black people in Africa/ nor did they round them up, or kill them in Africa: because black men did that on their own, stealing women/ raping whomever they wanted/ and keeping those whom they did not sell, for slaves; because they could. Which ultimately makes the white slavers more sympathetic to life/ than their black counterparts. That makes people who were interned as slaves: the victims who lost, because of the insurgency against them. A reality of competition they could not turn away; but when life was peaceful: they all just assumed, nothing bad would go wrong. Guess what: it did, because they were thoroughly unprepared! Blind stupidity, and utter ignorance of the reality that is hate: is not a virtue. Neither is avoiding reality itself, because war means: we ran out of everything we need/ so instead of dying or suffering, “lets sneak up on them/ and take theirs; with murder and war”. As does history prove again and again and again. Adding in: whenever a weapon of superior killing arrives; the smaller group takes over the larger group, if it can get these weapons first. As is proven by American genocide over the Indian populations. So, whether African genocide was initiated by the introduction of a gun/ or not: it was the people using it, that made their own decisions.

We turn back to America and recognize: what slave owners wanted was workers, that they could afford to pay for. More distinctly: THEY WANTED MONEY, to get more stuff for themselves. The one constant of every group throughout history, every time; color don’t matter. “I want what I want”. The unfortunate reality of black slavery in a white society was: you can’t hide/ which makes control over that section of humanity much more easy. Other slaves were most likely easily available as well; but black slaves could not hide; and that most likely pushed the enslavement of African citizens far beyond what was initially genocide; to the actual capture and sell for the purpose of sale to America. Because they “wanted what we want”; as is consistent with things, are more important than you. Slavery is then not a color issue/ but ease and pride and power are. Slavery is: not always bad; as reality knows, “we all need to eat”/ and in order to do that we do need to work, and in large groups someone is in charge of finding and organizing that work. Which means instead of tragedy, it is merely “a business with workers”. But that too, can have consequences; if an assertion of ownership is allowed: need or want, money? Suddenly, not a worker anymore.

Slavery is: I don’t want to do this work/ let someone else; ease. Slavery is: I won the game, they have to do this work; and I get to be free to do whatever I want; pride. Slavery is: I want to make someone else pay/ for what I DON’T want, or for what I DO want; that society does not give to me. So, I take it out on you; because the law will not punish me for you. Which makes you “livestock”.

That fact pushes the en-slaver: to recognize, THIS AIN’T FAIR/ not even to a slave. And the demand for law to rule, rises from the pain. Which then became the American civil war!

The civil war was not severe, ultimately blaming slavery: as they did do. The civil war was about money: because the slaves were the tools by which the southern economy rose and remained intact. They were the machinery, that got the job done: ;which brought in the money. And that fact caused the severity of the war. Because when you take away the machinery to get your work done/ and you destroy the financial structure that your society has been depending upon; widespread bankruptcy erupts. And now endless amounts of people are ultimately homeless/ in poverty/ reduced to slavery of their own/ and starving: because outsiders came, and declared WAR. “to steal their stuff”. That war including a lot of new weapons; and mutilation, death, disease, loss of family, loss of business, loss of friend, loss of society followed in the south. Because they did not know, they needed to make their own weapons/ until it was too late. The end result: people who abused and used their slaves for power/ were found in need of law to control them. Because NOBODY needs to endure “the worst of the worst” that hate can produce. So there was war/ and war needs no mercy. Until the war ends, and blame must be placed on someone; because that, is what people do. So, all the people who lost more than this war was worth to them: took the easy way out, and blamed black people. Who were simply the victims involved/ and had no say in the reality of what this war was.

Makes no difference, when the loss of life, family, everything good about my living: takes control, and removes hope for the future. “let’s blame them (we all know someone whose life was tragically interrupted or changed)” took control/ and remained until that entire generation was gone (we all know someone, who could not defeat their hate: THE PRICE, was too damn high) . Which then became civil rights in America.

Changing what is normal; as is the need for this day as well/ is NOT an easy thing to do. Because people want easy and secure; and they don’t want change, unless it is conceived to greatly improve their own lives. Simple as that; we want what we want/ and we DON’T want nothing that ain’t what we want. Period, regardless of the consequences; let them go to hell!

Change as a society means; we got to give them more stuff, and more options, which does cost the majority something/ simple as that. Changing humanity to survive the impact of humanity on this planet; is an entirely different thing: and largely involves: NO YOU CAN’T/ because you did.

Regardless white society bent, and gave an opening to black society; so that they could begin to share the same “life we have”. Pushing back, those who want hate, because they want pride, power, and ease. Unfortunately that included welfare programs: to ease the burden on those who could not cope. Which seems like a good plan/ but was not, even though it was intended to be. Because the black society used welfare, to simply quit working altogether: we want a vacation/ turned into a lifestyle. We want more money from welfare turned into more children. The white society in charge said: that is NOT what this program is about/ so they insisted, paying for children is ONLY for unwed mothers, living alone with their children. So the black dads were thrown out for the money/ and even used for stud work; and black society CHANGED ITSELF; into we are unhappy, and cannot change this; because there are too many children now involved. And the family unit was badly damaged/ which left the black children without guidance; blaming white people for their situation. “we were once slaves”/ falls on deaf ears; 150 years+, later. YOU were never slaves/ YOU chose your situation today. YOU abandon your neighbors, to invade where things are better/ INSTEAD OF FIXING UP your group; and giving them the benefit of what you learned.

Which in terms of black society, is the single leading cause of continued failure: you don’t work as a family group, bringing each other up with you. Because initially, the desire for no work; GIVE ME A BREAK/ simply overwhelmed this particular subset, family group. And that led to contempt for white society: we didn’t get all we wanted/ its still bad. And that led to “we don’t trust you anymore, not to harm us”/ so we don’t want you around, which includes work. Which led to: we will give you drugs, in exchange for money; because that gives us access to all you got; including your women and children. Which led to: incarcerate them all, its an epidemic. Which led to: the police don’t care/ the courts are not fair. Because all are grouped together in one subset of the human species. Just like every other group.

The constant university curse is: we have to invite them all in, it will be great, “which builds the army of insurgents; for the university” by granting them the power of numbers “they help us”. But for the insidious purpose of destroying the nation itself, from those who built it. The university plague continues with “we all have to learn their language too”; to give themselves jobs and money for power to take over this society by building that portion of their army. When in fact: AIN’T NO SOCIETY IN THIS WORLD, that demands the population that exists must learn the language of the immigrant. IT IS THE OTHER WAY AROUND/ because that is what is required to be included, and fight for your own rights. Anything less, is an attempt to manipulate and control your future as slaves; which is the university purpose in keeping you from joining this society.

Equal is, as equal does: build your own world/ don’t come taking mine; is a fair assertion of society, and its groups.

What is NOT fair is: the control over resources which makes that battle impossible. But then NOBODY likes excess competition, and control over natural resources, or any resource: is literally what wealth is about. So whosoever wants more/ wants to control the resources: because that, “is reality”. And every group wants more for themselves. And every group wants to identify themselves (this is our uniform) as separate, but equal/ unless they can have more. And every group is built upon the most identifying reality that controls life: such as, all those in a wheelchair know “we are the same/ color don’t make a damn bit of difference”; because reality don’t care. Solution, STOP being a piss-hole, for every damn excuse that can be found. GROW UP, and recognize: unlike any other time in history or humanity. The most overriding reality that exists today is: NOBODY IS GOING TO SURVIVE, WE WILL SOON BE EXTINCT; by the truth of what universities have changed. Our world has changed/ our nature cannot override us and survive anymore. We have damaged too much, and must now fight our way back to survive what has been done/ what is being done/ what we have done to ourselves. Simple and plain: life or death for our world, is far greater than any group irritation or battle.

The core reality of any family is: I respect what you did do for me/ and I will do my best to forgive, whatever I need to forgive; because your life is more important than that harm. We are joined, because we care/ because we shared our time, and our purpose as one. That is fundamentally true, for the human race itself. A particular need at this moment in our time. Because “EASY” HAS become a road to our extinction. Without a home, we will not survive this earth. Without nature, we will not survive ourselves. Without truth, the value of life is lost. Because the reality of our existence is literally determined by “love or hate”. Hate brings chaos/ love brings hope, and every treasure in, or of living, known to exist. IT IS, “a choice”. While existence itself, can only be based in truth; as reality will allow. Our reality is approaching true crisis/ by chaos unleashed; because that, is what you chose to let universities do.

Like all separating groups, “you are not like us”/ the reality of university is: they want, demand power, pride, control; and manipulate, tempt, propagate, incite, and use deceit to get what they want/ building armies out of anyone they can bribe to do their bidding. Same purposes as them all: to control the competition, and take more for us. While universities portray themselves as opening the door to give access for all to compete. The opposite is more true. By creating enormous debts, and taking control over family units: they build for themselves slaves, who are then trapped. Because if they refuse to pay, that diploma will be tainted; and since university took control over all human resources; they will be excused and locked out. Since they have been taking control over all business/ government/ industry/ media/ courts/ and LIFE ITSELF by mutilating and destroying nature, resources, and even threatening the planet itself> they have locked out , ANYONE who does not do exactly as they are told. Memorizing only the leader has a brain; you do not: as is the validity called a cult. Making the competition extreme, for the same few jobs: means either accept our price as a cult member or you get nothing but debt.  And the cult says; YES THAT IS RIGHT/ or whatever they are instructed to say: because that is “what the brain says”. Debt bought them, and the prison holds them: because outside these walls/ there is only what we allow the people to have.

To assuage the army of their cult: welfare programs are instituted to keep the cult members happy. Things like “going to mars”/ things like taking over governments, to give ourselves the power to make people cry or make ourselves rejoice by counterfeiting money. To gain toys, trophies, trinkets, and complete control over society; and attack the world. By distributing chaos will come.

I think it best to add: that diversity requires diversity to survive. Even humanity requires some diversity to remain healthy, or biologically it becomes weakened with “too much of the same”. Some small degree of competition is required to sustain an active relationship with life/ otherwise, no real conditions for change and the mental concentrations that illuminate a wider concept of life and living do not erupt. The greatest change in biology is of course between male and female; and that grants by its very challenge to understand each other: a balance for both, as opposite points of view and comprehension deliberately widen the scope of life and living. In the end, racially diverse mixing can be good in SMALL doses; as is consistent with “they/we, really do love each other”. It is not a game. More than honest love, just adds complexity that children can end up paying for. Life is not perfect; and neither is humanity. Or, our world would be different!

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