It seems I have not dealt sufficiently with the laws that need to be changed, and the format required to change the direction of society or world. The rules, are then these:

  1. if you do not seek justice, respect, reality, truth, disciplined freedoms, orderly conduct, balanced acceptance, fair play, and honest participation in the future that we create for ourselves. Then you will fail/ as the world of humanity must participate, and they will not accept less; because the desire to change must overwhelm the fear of that change. Pride, power, greed, want, selfishness, and even lust will then decide if you can move them into life/ rather than death.
  2. Primary to survival, is the end of “university rules life and earth”. They will be held up to the light of day, doors will be pried open, and reality must shine through.
  3. To change the law that rules any society under those terms: requires order, discipline, and balance. I will examine America.
  4. To achieve order, thereby initiate the discipline of change; you must accept the responsibility to work under constitutional direction. OUR GOVERNMENT, is then not attacked. Rather those who have infiltrated our democracy to change it beyond the recognition of what was intended: shall be rooted out.
  5. The first step in order is: to assemble the truth of this society, ARE YOU/ OR ARE YOU NOT, going to accept the values placed upon this society by the constitutional contract which built this nation, and its two primary documents “declaration of independence/ bill of rights” or not? A very simple question: requires yes or no? Simple as that. Assuming yes; we then begin.
  6. The purpose of all organizing documents is: to identify our purpose in this democracy (we the people); as the cause and direction for our unity. Thereby achieving “a grand design” for the whole. In US constitutional language: that grand design is the preamble for this constitution. Therefore read it, and assemble the reality and the relationships which prove our purpose has or has not been carried out for this land. That is your job, and it is not difficult.
  7. The desire, and the price that must be achieved over previous methods of governing: have been outlined in the declaration of independence and bill of rights. Which now requires you to read them: and organize or assemble the reality and relationships which prove what is true for this nation today. That is your job, and it is not difficult.
  8. The constitution then assembles the road upon which we intend to get where we wish to go as a nation dependent upon ourselves: by these methods, limits, and boundaries. Which now requires you to read them: and organize or assemble the reality and relationships which prove what is true for this nation today. That is your job, and it is not difficult. Changing the basic shapes to accommodate what has changed is inherent in the process; due, as time requires. The job of the congress/ job of the president has changed; and needs to be changed to insure without question. At a minimum: NOBODY creates a war without our own consent, by vote. The ability for that to happen due to government employees is removed.
  9. The constitution gives the right of the judiciary to stay in power: SO LONG AS THEY OBEY “GOOD PRACTICES” WHICH PROVE THE CONSTITUTION IS IN CHARGE. Failing that, they are removed; and may be held accountable if treason is noted. The developmental changes that then allow our democracy to control our judiciary and our courtrooms (not theirs) are to be newly identified.
  10. The foundations upon which our nation and our world and our future depends: shall then be assembled to create the reality of where we are today. How we came to be in this reality. And what we are going to change, to further our needs and protect our lives and our world. Are fundamentally the right and the reason by which democracy fully exists. Our choice, decides our future. The balance necessary to achieve an understanding, protect the future, and create a new beginning for ourselves: is built upon our quiet discussion of what is “right, true and governed by reality” for our situation. That begins and ends: on a written board/ whereby each discussion is given both sides to create an accurate description of what we mean to say. Rather than the frivolous trash, that is noise called human want. When you achieve reality, by its own truth; as can be done through a reality built discussion: then you can vote. Until you get acceptance.
  11. The individual freedoms pack, between us all as our rights and our responsibilities by law: built on two different foundations. They are fundamentally “a bill of rights between opposing sides”. And a reality of identity and choice, that none can take away from me. I own this truth, and can defend myself. Which means these laws, must be simple and plain enough: that no lawyer ever needs to be present. Because WE KNOW, and have been taught.
  12. That leaves with with “the world”, and our participation in it. Which is either dependent upon a military that consumes and threatens with weapons of mass destruction. OR, creating the realities of world law, and enforcing that with world international policing, chosen by every nation: which will be replaced in its entirety every 7 years, more or less. So that they cannot organize against us effectively. To govern our leaders/ and maintain borders as a world/ and control the destruction of our planet or its nature; so that none across this planet can affect our own lives, by what they choose to do.

This begins your journey back, from the brink of complete chaos and extinction. Make your decision? The reality of it “requires a heartbeat”; so the question is, are you alive at all, or not?

In america: when the universities took control over your currency, and gave themselves everything they could think of. They also thought of creating an army for themselves; by bribing foreign citizens to come here; throwing out trillions to prove “come get our money”. As well as bribing all of education, and all of those who wanted or needed “free”. And they were effective, taking control over everything/ and destroying the America that used to exist.

That is over now, as it has gone too far in countless ways to get back. Not to worry though, they gave you “countless numbers” counterfeited in fantasy land/ so what could go wrong?

Point being: if you prove to take control back from the universities and their horde of insurgents/ removing their terrorists: by designing new laws. YOUR ONLY CHOICE, is to accept the reality of our lives, and choose to unify the reality of this nation; because it cannot go back, “to just us or them”. The universities HAVE already defeated you in that. Whether you like it or not; will change nothing; this world has changed. Change with it, or go extinct.

Don’t believe it: well history will prove, there is no power in controlling a happy nation; they won’t obey. So the road to power is: secretly make them unhappy, and they will let you lead. Pit them against each other, and you can do anything you want; because they will be distracted, and fail to care about any truth, but their own tiny little world. Causing some to go insane, merely adds fear: WE MUST have bigger weapons/ we MUST take control over society to protect ourselves; by making certain nobody has privacy or freedom or rights. Take a look around, “you got more than a phone to keep you happy”/ you feel safe, or does media insure you do not/ people watching your every move: is your world going to survive? Do you NOT see, “another billion people coming”? Is the universities, not your god? Got a trophy, or just a lottery ticket. Answer the question; and decide your fate. The game is over/ playtime is dead.

You sold this nation for a counterfeit bribe, and university delusions; now deal with it. Because the children cannot pay your debts. Or hell will open its door. The game is dead/ and your university gods have proven to be a killer in your midst. So says the evidence of your reality, by its own truth.

Just so its clear: yes, I did say, I was done/ goodbye; more than once. But, my reality is, I do live with a spiritual woman inside; and the truth is, “I am NOT doing anything I would choose to do/ until I finish the work she desires done”. This is part of that; believe it or not. Not complicated, simple. And like many “extra’s” this little statement is required of me too; like it or not, is useless.

JUST SO ITS CLEAR: everyone can participate in this endeavor to separate out what can or cannot enhance and protect all our lives. Young or old/ immigrant or not/ even with the internet, any and all internet concerns. Because the final tally is about all of humanity, not just a few. The final result is about: rebuilding our lives, and our earth, and our governments; “without weapons, other than law”.  The realities of justice, are entirely transferable. The disciplines of law, are enforceable on leaders. 

YES YOU DO HAVE SOCIAL NETWORKS, FOR WORLD PARTICIPATION; AS WELL AS basically everyone in this nation. All you have to do, is care enough, to believe justice, and democracy, and life; is worth this price.

JUST SO ITS CLEAR: everyone can participate in this endeavor to separate out what can or cannot enhance and protect all our lives. Young or old/ immigrant or not/ even with the internet, any and all internet concerns. Because the final tally is about all of humanity, not just a few. The final result is about: rebuilding our lives, and our earth, and our governments; “without weapons, other than law”. The realities of justice, are entirely transferable. The disciplines of law, are enforceable on leaders.

YES YOU DO HAVE SOCIAL NETWORKS, FOR WORLD PARTICIPATION; AS WELL AS basically everyone in this nation. All you have to do, is care enough, to believe justice, and democracy, and life; is worth this price.

ARE YOU, willing to start worldwide “JUSTICE THROUGH DEMOCRACY (we the people choose this for ourselves)”/ or are you not? The choice is yours, the reality as simple as “the world wide web”.

CAN’T do it/ can’t participate: because you are female? Well, I stood in front of the spiritual door of female “a long time”/ before I finally opened it; after being confronted with the words or thought: “its female/ how dangerous could it be”? The immediate reality upon opening that door was; “immediate trouble beyond description, way beyond expectation/ I literally have lost control, over time”. And I cannot escape! You do have more power in this day through law, by vote and the realities of justice desired by all: than you think. It is worth the risk, to be equal, and valued with respect: BUT, you will have to earn it. As will the men who do desire their world to change: from war will fix it/ to the law, WE MAKE; will rule us all, including leaders. NOT A GAME, reality will prove who decides; “just like me”.

In case you have failed to understand this: the reality of fighting for justice and fair play as a society enforcing that law onto its own government. CANNOT be easily turned away, when significant numbers of society insist. After all, nobody gets to complain that justice is not suppose to be here. It is an inherent and true demand placed upon every society, and it is fair; which means to deny that right of law. Is to admit to tyranny and thereby treason against us. Not a defensible position; even with an army; because an army lives here too. What you will encounter instead of outright refusal is: they WILL want to rewrite your law, into their own words/ saying they must for whatever reason you might buy. STOP THEM, with the simple truth: THIS IS OUR LAW/ IT IS NOT YOUR LAW TO CHANGE; as we have made it for ourselves/ and we must obey it for ourselves, and so must you. No change is required: LEAVE IT ALONE! Make it OUR law: NOW.

I am required to add: that none of what I have done, is an intent to lure women/ use women/ abuse women/ control women/ or any other facet of changing or interrupting your lives in any way. NONE of this work, to anyone who reads it honestly can interpret my work in that way; if you do, you lie. I am NOT trying to solicit sex or any other part in the differences between male and female. I am NOT tempting, nor in any other way manipulating you: as a primary target or other. I am NOT suggesting to you, that I am under control “by females in this world”. My reality is governed by a spiritual truth, that you don’t understand/ so don’t try to interpret it; and we will both be better off. You as an incalculable group, could do me harm; but I as a single individual cannot realistically harm you. This is NOT “come here to me”/ as that day, for mounting an army to help the cause of let us not be so far lost: is gone. I am simply providing information that you can use: IF you participate with men, because like me, I could not find an answer without “this spiritual woman” joined. You as women cannot find your answer without men joined to you either; as we both need each other, to change our world. Not a game. Not inviting you for sex or any other thing. Not claiming to be perfect or handsome, or desirable, got tits that won’t stop growing/ skin issue on scalp/ 66 years old, not pretty/ no teeth/ tinnitus (a disability)/ no great amount of money, by any means/ lots of “women don’t want this” stuff. So make no mistake: this is NOT a game/ it is NOT a trial to get your attention/ it is NOT a temptation or other; and if I missed anything “it ain’t that either”. This is my lifelong work, beyond any other concern: that I will not let this world die, without a fight. That is the ending result, of where I am today. I wish you well, I might even help those who fight for this earth and its life; but overall, I did do my job/ and that means, :EVERYTHING ELSE is your job, and all those who join you. Not your savior/ not your leader/ not your enemy: I did do my job, simple as that. Although the spiritual woman and I have different opinions on the same thing; and I have been overrun; so who knows. In the actual truth of it: I did not approach any women to speak of, with regard to this work/ UNTIL, I decided to find the spiritual door of women. Only then did my path change completely; to look at women as the solution/ rather than men. Other than the truth, I am NOT going to attack you: surely that is plain enough, not to make you afraid of me. Simple and plain, as I can be. Although I honestly don’t know why you need to know that. Again, its not really my choice. Why you need to know that either, I don’t know; its complicated when joined/ not so complicated, when I just get to obey. I suppose that too, is a reality women have been enduring for generations. Maybe being treated suddenly “like livestock, instead of respect” is a reality women have also endured. Or why I still need to know; is not clear either. Its a conundrum; I have no solution. I am here/ so is she, and that is final.

Should this cause anyone to walk away from: life or death of a world/ justice by law, versus war. Its your fault, not mine. As this is “Just me”/ and does not include you. Simple as that; you will save this world/ or it will be lost. Not me, I did my job!

If I had a say in all this personal stuff; it would be, “I use to be so free/ I honestly cannot believe what has happened to me”. If the world survives, it was worth the price. If not, I guess it just has to be: it was worth the gamble. Life is precious, because of value. I would not watch everything I value just dissolve into chaos: simple as that. End result: I will hope for the best, whatever that is. You live your life your way/ I have lived mine my way; whatever this is, “it was never intended to be, my way”. But when the risks are high, and the entire treasury of this planet is being lost: I did do, whatever I could do. Even if I was wrong, foolish, or stupid; at least I did do whatever I could do/ unlike you!

I am given to believe “women might feel this way too”; particularly since pregnancy would be even worse/ and then children have needs/ and too many men, are what men are. Still hard, even if I have “company”.

My work, even with the spiritual woman inside; is NOT about making women superior to men; they are not! Our work, is about making women equal to men; because they are/ even if there are differences. Those differences do not account for lacking on either side of the line between male and female: we are equal. A roughly equal amount of: Women do just as much harm to men/ as men do to women. They just have a different view! My work is not about sex; I literally have not had any sexual companion of any kind, for any cause; for at least thirty years/ I can survive whatever remains of this life without, it is not important anymore. Life or death for our world is what matters to me, simple as that. I did pick just one thing; as my critical choice/ abandoning the rest; like it or not. to be honest, I always thought there would be time; to find what was lost back:  but alas, it would not be so: you don’t care/ the universities ate your brain. The words are intended to remove complaints and assertions that might get in your way; I repeat, your decision is not about me. But the opposition will always point to the weakest link: “he is nothing, or less”. Don’t let them distract you from the evidence of your own truth, as a world.

The spiritual battleground between male and female, is a separated issue; which you will never understand/ so it will not be dealt with.

Truth says: there aren’t many, who cannot be pulled back from mass murdering people/ wherever hate, has not completely taken over. But you do have to listen, you do have to care, you do have to spend some of your own time, in public places; and you do need to understand, where there is risk to you, or not. Because hate learns how to hide. It is more a white man thing/ because he is being targeted by so many others; including women who want money, power, and pride; among many others; and that of course is bigotry, hate, prejudice, and more against him. The reason, “he was here first/ he built this nation/ he did the work, while others sat on their ass, or tried to take the easy way out. While every other nationality of men, is in his face; trying to prove they can take the white women away too. Gee, I wonder why some get so angry? After all, the courts are certain to make him pay; for everything/ including all the babies those others create. No, this is not redirection: its just reality. So, be sure to make them all even bigger targets, after all: what could go wrong?

Make no mistake, there are bastards and whores and failures/ liars/ thieves/ traitors/ and more among them. But it ain’t all their fault; as women go hunting, and then chain themselves to the point of insanity; which does make it hard (like its suppose to) to be nice, and always care; even if you know this relationship is not who I want to marry “forever”. As to other subspecies of men, and the games they play in an effort to prove they say “fuck you” to other white men by taking their women away. The reality is; according to information gathered years back. Black men for instance (more time/ more time, playfulness and energy for sex: I WIN, I TOOK something [not even someone] that white men wanted) were five times more likely to have aids/ than white men. So not only do you play a game we then have to fix as always; you bring tears, and heartache and murder. But make no mistake, at least between black and white many decades back: all the realities were reversed. So the real truth here is: STOP PLAYING GAMES with real life. And most of your troubles, in that area; will go away. LIFE IS NOT A GAME, and neither are women/ and neither are men. unfortunately crossing the line to date people in a different subspecies, does about the same amount of damage that drug addicts do:  no buyer/ no drug dealer or consequence crimes committed. But fools who are led by a university game: let’s pit them against each other/ then, with lies; by pretending to make things all better; they expect to escape. In a reality of nature, that is the essence of family “we are same”/ remains a value, that will never dissolve.  Universities hate that: Because after all: wherever the universities go, there wherever it can be found:  nothing that works can stand. Nature, life, and society must be dissolved: so the universities can be god. Or if they can’t play god/ because nobody listens to them, that means: when life was happy. Although the universities believe that their arrogance is happy; and yet they continually bring discord/ disgrace/ disrespect/ traitorous acts/ treason/ and betrayal; along with terrorism; to life on earth. So hey, it must be a white man’s fault; after all, the universities have quite a few of those too. Even though they fuck your children, and let them beg for grades:  they still hate you. NOW, do you hear the problems? And all scream HELL NO; this game shall not die. Think people who have it good don’t carry a grudge? I know people who are still crying fifty years later; over grade school incidents of no great magnitude. They failed to grow up/ as spoiled children do.

While universities rule, demand of white men: HELL NO; you cannot choose your neighbor, or your friend, or your relative OR ANY OTHER one that consists of “family” by the common standards that nature provides. Because by taking over every aspect of life in America; the universities by law they made, demand let the insurgents in. so there can be discord and death and war coming. But hey, “they’re gods/ what can you do”? Some would say, “its take your own medicine” from decades back. While reality says: GROW UP, and understand, all the little problems in the world/ DO NOT EQUAL even one of the big threats, that are going to make us extinct as a world gone through the HELL, universities did make. Oh wait: media didn’t tell you to think/ brain off; alas too bad, “dig your grave”.

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