It occurs to me, that I have not given enough writing, with regard to JESUS: the very essence, of life proven beyond the limits of death.

Throughout this earth, humanity constantly believes, and conceives of every criminal act: by assuming “there will be no consequences for me”. That lie, enlarged enormously by “university knows”; permeates all life on earth, as it infiltrates through the realities of all life and environment created upon this planet. Unfortunately for you: every act and reaction does have a consequence. As is being seen across the planet itself, and throughout all the living creatures that are not fighting extinction. That is the cost of humanity unchained from the need for balance.

Your geneticists, with only a few exceptions: live their lives trying to be gods, by inflicting mutilation and death onto life; as a consequence to their own decisions. Literally crucifying living existence of life on purpose to cause mutilation, disease, pain and suffering, or death/ because to the dead: any form of change, is to them evidence that they have played god (superior, to the rest). Indeed, they did; as devil. With the public not only accepting this as legitimate/ but wanting them to do so; believing “if it adds a moment to my life: then crucify the world”. While extreme energy experiments are trying desperately to destroy the planet itself: igniting it just like the sun. To remove the very evidence that earth once existed with life.

JESUS, proved what true love and real respect were; that was HIS job. In a time on earth by the writings; which proved humanity owned neither of those/ as the curse of the living dead (no consequences for us; we are gods); took over life and society.

It is not so different today, the cursed, the dead, and the dying are all arrogantly believing: they have the right, and the freedom, to do absolutely anything they can think of; because they cannot be stopped, by mere men or society. They are gods; after all according to them “they got more money than god”/ not a penny bathed in reality, every single one counterfeited with lies and liars and fools leading the way. Back in JESUS day; they simply held the weapons, and controlled the armies instead. But it was the same basic truth. Those who could took control, and made slaves of the rest; because they had pride to prove “we cannot be stopped”; and the power to make each one cry. Religion to assert, we will believe whatever we want.

Into that world, JESUS did arrive; “like a whisper in the wind”. Not to overwhelm humanity, and war. But to teach, that love is a better way, a value beyond what can otherwise be found, a reality of respect for the life and times and bodies of all people; as is evident in healing. A change in religion, that removes want to form a more complete understanding of why we are here: to achieve a life, by our own decisions, that can survive an eternity. It is not free; but relies upon love as the invitation you must earn/ and respect as the validity of your life choices. The critical question is why; are we offered life beyond time? In a world that is filled with the calloused and hate?

The foundation upon which JESUS taught, “was that life is worth living/ because GOD is worth knowing; as is proven by miracles which cannot be denied”. Unless your choice is hate.

Life is worth living, because of love. Simple as that. Respect is worth attaining, because the evidence of what you will be in an environment beyond all hate: is required. So that judgment, grief, pain and sorrow, and all the realities which need not exist in peace and security with justice; must be removed to accept those things. In that knowledge, we now know: that the purpose of our earth, is to create and find those living examples of love and respect. So that eternity can be blessed, with more love, joy accordingly; and happiness beyond what will be measured or removed.

This whole earth is then an example of what love can do, and you are the example of what love can be: while all the “chaff” is a reality based upon what hate, in its many forms; will do.

That literally does mean: you have been taught, in a school of truth. The real life costs of being wrong, about living/ and even dying. Because freedoms without consequences that direct you to make a decision in thought, governed by love and respect first; are commonly the cause of all grief. Life in time teaches you these costs, and gives you the opportunity to change your own direction, and identify your own life; as one built upon love/ or if you fail, then hate. The cost of that decision for life, is a life without measurement. Meaning a miracle, as surrounds and is in us all: deserves respect. Let the law alone be judge.

The reality of that decision for love, is a life that values the treasuries of heart and soul. Every heart beats for the purpose of finding love. Every soul exists, as the evidence of your own desire to participate in Creation, as a valid member of what our love can be.

The death of JESUS was proceeded by the realities of what humanity chose in his day. The religious were worshiping their greed, by selling everything they could to the people who were rejoicing for a life that healed and taught them truth. Those religious leaders then “bought and paid for”; JESUS to be crucified/ because he threatened their greed and selfishness. Delivered to the “regular people”; who worshiped their army, the power to make you cry: he was killed, by the demand of the religious (if you don’t/ we will report you as a traitor). And hate ruled for a night, and a day; while the people wept. Love, healing, and respect: was gone!

Whether you believe in the resurrection of JESUS or not, is entirely up to you/ as no amount of evidence or testimony will convince anyone. EITHER you accept there is a home for love apart from this time on earth. Or you don’t. Simple as that.

So the critical question is: with the evidence of death/ HOW can you assume life would go on, in any form or fashion at all?

But we divide death into three parts, as is consistent with reality: the end of bodily freedom begins it/ the loss of mental awareness is required by it/ and “a rotting corpse”, removes you (life) from time in its entirety. Each of these is a witness to existence, rather than life itself. So the question begins with: what is existence/ and how does that differ from life?

The answer rises from conception: the first glimpse of more than just time. To become a miracle unfolding that is purely and completely beyond anything and everything: life on earth can do. As your own living will prove time and time again: by the cost of without thought, you can do nothing but bring chaos into your life. Balance does not give every life its moments to exist; as is seen in predator and prey. Some are sacrificed, and some are removed to keep the rest alive. The answer to existence is then: what we do not fully or even literally understand to any degree; has given us all the gift of life: “to experience and express as our own”.

YOU, could not and did not “build you”/ neither did your parents build you: because the levels of thought and action required to achieve that truth of existence and life: are so far beyond all of us, that no other discussion is required.

We then look at bodily freedom, and ask: given the right to express this and experience this as well as all life itself interacting with us/ what then could be the purpose here, if not simply a gift, without cost?

The answer requires an acceptance of mental awareness, to achieve the use of body/ and answer the question of what value: can our lives become? Life without value is not a gift, it is a burden. So what is the value of this gift? To simplify that answer: we return to JESUS, and the writing of his life, where the mixture of all things to be identified; is defined, by the love of all that is Creation itself.

HIS life identifies clearly the differences between love and hate. Simple as that. So your choice is: based upon these stories, which life truth, has value to you? Love or hate; a simple question, who are you? Survival is a middle ground, that need not enter in for this discussion. WHAT has value to you: love or hate/ because they are opposites, and clearly defined as such: are you love/ OR, are you hate? Answer the question; because it is your life that requires the answer, and your eternity that claims the prize called your choice.

So the majority of people throughout time, have said: “I am both/ I want both/ I need both”; and I will not change. Because love to have true value requires trust/ and trust can fall into lies. So the lies you fell into require hate, and that is why you want hate too! Simple and plain: I need to defend myself/ so I need revenge, to make it so.

But that is not what JESUS taught, because surrendering love for hate has a price. It dissolves the purity of your heart and soul/ giving you the price of tragedy and judgment. Which have no value unless you turn from human into predator and prey. So the reality of JESUS illuminates the question: what is more valuable to you, to search for life in GOD / or to search for death in hate? That does not mean, your life should not learn from experience or expression here. But like JESUS, who proclaimed “put GOD first”/ not what you want first, but truth as best we can. As that is the summary of your own protection from the essence of both heart and soul.

And the people say: that is not enough/ they have weapons, and hate! Back in JESUS day, the religious to enforce this fact, chose weapons and hate; to commit murder on those who chose love. “To prove love is not enough”. They were right, love was not enough, particularly for the religious of that day: “they needed hate”/ to remove love, respect, the construction of thought, and discipline; from their lives. So, I ask you: “did they choose well”? After all, they just wanted to prove: there will be NO change here!

JUSTICE forms the backbone of every society throughout time. If there is justice, as is consistent with the law that values respect, discipline, order, balance, equality, freedom, happiness, truth, fair play, and reality, the dignity of all life and living things: there is no need for hate. No murderers are welcome/ life is at peace.

But alas, that does not make any people, excessively “rich”. And it is being rich/ making me superior/ causing others to cry/ and playing god; that all hate worships. So hate murders life, and disrespects all that is living: to push humanity into becoming animals. As is the intent to prove: SAME AS US/ they will be; consumed by hate; no happiness allowed. As hate enlarges; communications are about fears/ society is removed from its safeguards to be afraid/ resources are lost, to prove I can make you cry/ and lies abound, taking over existence to bring death onto this earth by destroying all balance. As is today.

I leave it as your witness: you were told.

That brings us back to the “resurrection of JESUS”; to ask, what can we prove?

The answer to that is: that energy is one part of life, that is indispensable from our reality. Without that energy (length), the body dies, and is lost forever into the depths of time. So the question is: DOES LIFE, have any other parts to existence, other than the control of an internal energy?

The answer is obvious and true: without thought (depth), there cannot be a recognition of freedom or choice. Therefore it must inhabit the essence of what we are or can be, or can become. So, the question is: “soul”?

The answer is: “the width and breathe of life”, is greater than the concentration of what we can own; as our own. Or more distinctly, while being human encompasses all three elements of life itself. Our Creation as an existence upon this earth is governed more by the reality of what we cannot own here/ than what we do own here; as is the evidence called death. Because death is not the choice, humanity makes: therefore it exists as an alternate to life.

If not life/ then death: is an intensity to existence, that is focused upon the quest of what is true. More distinctly death enforces the quality of our lives, is beyond this comprehension. So to attain that knowledge, we must balance on the edge of what can be called Creation itself. The place where thought, energy, and soul began to breathe.

To breathe means: to inhabit existence, and assemble time.

To create LIFE means: to share the elemental rise beyond energy, that exists in the dimensional plane of thought.

To establish soul means: to go beyond what exists, and give destiny (desire formed by hope) to Creation itself.

In these three elements, the passage beyond time exists. Your own ability to journey therein, is determined by truth/ trust/ respect/ love/ purity/ courage/ and destiny.

Nothing less, and nothing more. Although mercy can give you, “an opportunity” in less.

In the realities of life, it is important that boundaries and limits do arise; so as to identify “the value of us/ and the differences between us”. In that same vein of identity, is the truth; that although JESUS is my teacher/ although I could be “the son of men” he predicted. The proof being in telling you, “important things you did not know”. There is absolutely no possibility, that I am “Jesus resurrected as religion expects someone to be”. I am merely “the son of a man”. But what is elegantly true, by its very essence: is the removal of “strictly male”/ to become entrapped recently, by “partly female”. Which at its very core: CANNOT be compared in any sense to JESUS, as written biblically, or religiously. So there is no complaint, and there is no question to be resolved. I was taught to deliver the message that is “you will change or you will die as a world”/ giving an allowance to women for changing this world. Because men cannot change it enough. I was a student, and I did deliver that message, as a man. But reality changes me, it was never a plan of mine. It is simply, or perhaps an example to you: that our world is worth the change. Even if, It is completely unexpected; our world is worth the change. As to “spiritual woman and me”; I am completely at a loss to control the relationship, she does what she does; and like a wife, I really must “go along”.

This is not like school, where every child becomes acquainted with “go along to get along”/ which never works for long.

This is, a change in dimensions, a change in realities, I literally cannot escape. Further identifying, “I am certainly not, your savior”. Even if the message I delivered was. Just like HE delivered GOD’S message to you. I have delivered HIS message back to you. Change what you are doing/ or go extinct.

I guess, I also deliver the spiritual message of women to you as well: which would be, men cannot lead or control or own or disrespect or disgrace or use or abuse women anymore. Even though I never did that; I am treated simply “as a captured man”. Its complicated; and I am not allowed any significant knowledge as to women. Which means there is no escape. Nope, not what you expected at all! But the reality is: every threat of extinction that exists, can prove you best pay attention to the warning; because it is the last one you get. HELL is coming; because that is what you chose. CHANGE OR DIE, AS A WORLD.

Go to court, and prove as best you can: what threats are true/ and accept nothing less. THEN CHANGE FOR LIFE AND PLANET/ OR FAIL AND GO EXTINCT.

Either way, I did my job; and what comes next, is whatever comes next.

I guess in reality, even I have a message for you: NEVER open a spiritual door, unless you intend to accept the cost! I did open the spiritual door to female; “just to ask a question”. NEVER intending to go “inside”. Believing I could potentially just “stand outside”; and became absolutely wrong, for male. But it did turn out to be: what I needed to finish this work; so it is just a price to pay. How is this world and all its life, and all its future life, not worth the price? Not your savior; “just the mailman, at a crossroads”. The other direction was “strictly male”, and would have failed. After a ten year search; I know that to be true!

SPIRIT means: space enclosed by the Creation of life! It is then the dimensional definition of everything that is inhabited by that space; once you gain entrance, now confronting you. Just as you are in fact confronting that element of truth, identified by your life being engaged in this reality of existence. The purity of that truth is a law, that will not be disobeyed. But if you understand the law itself, or the essence of truth itself: the opportunity to participate in that environment, and escape it; belongs to you. If you do not understand: whatever truth this is, has become your world (if allowed), or your death. Because purity has no exceptions. LIFE, “is a layered event”. Death, in time; is the removal of one of those layers, leaving open a spiritual elevation into what comes next. Hate has no spiritual connection, because it has no value whatsoever; it descends into chaos.

Strictly male means: not a moment ever went by, when I considered for a second the idea of becoming female. Male is a lovely desirable experience, that I would not have traded. Simple as that. “partly female” means: the consequence of a world facing extinction; requires taking chances that can change your life. I spent my life on the edge of death, because that is what it takes; to enter a spiritual world and survive. Even though you don’t understand; It is true. Finding “this is the best men did do, after thousands of years”; and have established all manner of defenses to insure that will not change. Which means our world dies! The fact, that I chose to ask women what could you do different: is not indicative of any kind of intent to be “partly female”. But what I did not fully understand: was simply, I cannot understand the answer, unless I participate in their truth. That was enforced, and my life did change. Strictly male is gone; I have searched. Apparently that is; a part of what women would do. “its complicated” believe it or not.

I leave you with this warning: that time for play and games is over/ your world is on the brink of falling into “the abyss” of consequences your leaders did design and choose to do. The things humanity itself chose to allow, and participate in; are all coming to fruition. The end of life on earth.

Your governments are “playing war games”/ in preparation for weapons of mass destruction; a guarantee, because of so many people. Your food and water supplies will soon disappear forcing war. Your mutilation of biology will erupt into chaos throughout nature: IT WILL BE HORRIFYING. Your changes in disease will mount a PANDEMIC war against you. Ocean life will die, because you chose to kill it. Changes in environment will cause widespread famine, as agriculture fails to adapt/ and is facing bankruptcy in America; due to intellectual plots and planning to keep food cheap (make agriculture pay). Your money is worthless: because even though you can have as many numbers as you want/ without reality, they mean nothing. Money is a promise or a resource. Your promises to each other are: “let the children pay”/ and your resources are in the garbage. People are being abandoned, and tragedy surrounds you; even though the news media will report nothing. The courts are proven to be corrupt, and your policing is led to believe “us or them”.

And then we have the extreme energy experiments: one is trying to ignite a nuclear fire [the only proven source, and reality of energy on the sun] . With machines governments have spent a trillion dollars to build; which can ignite that fire “on any given day”. Atoms on fire, on a planet where everything is then fuel: how is that not earth becoming a sun. Or the other terrorists, who are trying to cause such atomic instability that the earth itself writhes in pain. Arrogance surrounds you / people deliberately playing god, surrounds you/ the cost of “university knows”, which never chooses to put life or planet first; will destroy you/ failure all around. Even though you feel safe, because you have numbers. Well again: numbers without reality; as the evidence does prove; will become in an instant: utterly worthless. Only different than at any other time in the history of this world: your planet, and the nature which keeps you alive; “just can’t do it anymore”. Because you chose to kill it, with “university knows”; and a complete lack of care. Your oxygen consumption will kill all life/ your habitat destruction will kill all of nature/ your failure to respect “literally anything”; having been taught not to respect each other either; is a pit, that soon you can’t escape.

But as media loves to report: “don’t worry/ be happy”/ after all, the grave takes that all away. And eternity will remember who it was: that destroyed the future of all life as well. So “be happy”; time is wasting for you.

OR, FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, because it is worth the price! Simple as that. Because when everyone knows “university driven chaos” has taken over/ hell has begun: it is then simply too late to stop. Like a nuclear war, in minutes the end is near for all life on earth. And not a tear will be heard, because this is what you chose.

Religion of course feels safe, but alas: are you not one of them? Did you not choose to accept evolution as your “god of creation”. Do you not worship the universities as your savior. In the fight for this Creation, are you ridiculing every effort/ or accepting “we have a duty, and a responsibility to life”? Answer: you lead the ridicule/ because the universities have taught you to abandon your soul, your world, and even your child; “for a few numbers more”.

Humanity has been complacent, proud, and smug; absolutely certain “no consequences” for us/ while the universities continue to demand: WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE WANT. But the human contribution to life and planet: is like garbage in the ocean, throughout all the earth/ the trawlers who continually take every last fish so that part of the ocean is now desolate, and unable to feed the rest. At first, and for decades: the people all say, “IT DON’T MATTER”. The consequences are coming: it is, a guarantee~!

JESUS explained: the value of living, is greater than humanity can fathom. Respect initiates the journey, that becomes more of life itself, “for me or you”. True desire for love, mercy (which means no pride), the courage to step outside “the flock”, and the reality of wisdom which is forgiveness, if someone honestly repents. Are all elements in the path beyond these walls called time; to identify whosoever can be found; as a treasury of life itself. Those who have value, achieve eternity; “because love, is love”. Truth alone decides, because a liar is not welcome. The world of humanity, is simply that. JESUS is their savior; not because he drags them to GOD. But because HE proved that love and respect and life itself had value beyond the simple truths of being human. Beyond the realities called want, power, pride, etc. IF YOU found that to be important and valuable to you/ and accept the cost of “faith in truth/ trust in proven honest love”: then HE SAVED YOU. For an eternity. If not, that was your choice; its called freedom. Religion says; “we DON’T have to do nothing”/ but pay the church: its all free. Reality of crucifixion says: THERE IS NOTHING FREE HERE. The price HE paid, to prove the difference between love and hate: simply falls to you. Because you know now, the reality of letting hate rule.

Our world is being ruled by hate: WHAT then is your choice?

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