It occurs to me, that I have not given a proper moment of time, for ending the disciplines and relationship that brought the final product of this work into existence. By definition, that would be the end result of “a spiritual woman and me”.

The simple summary is: that roughly 40 years ago; finding humanity itself absolutely engulfed by greed, arrogance, pride, the demand for power; all of which are the signs of complete selfishness as is demonstrated by want, that will not care. Not even for a world of life that was in trouble. I discarded you too; proving stay away from me. That then turned around, because a dying world cannot be abandoned: it must be saved. And I began again, realizing no amount of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, reality, evidence, or religion/ the cost of being wrong: would make a difference, because nothing mattered but “more for you”. A dry land piracy in full force, with a world participating to kill the other, so that you, or yours; could take his or her or their stuff. To your shame. I deliberately stayed away from family or friend until the end of that series of human trials; because I need a world/ not a few. But they were the same, with few differences: we want what we want/ and we don’t want nothing, but what we want.

Nonetheless, an entirely different method of dealing with you requires change in me: so I began again, this time with religion, so as to identify what it is, that can be assembled as true. Because religion has lasted the test of time, and that does mean: it not only has something to offer/ but it has the basic skill sets, that will move humanity. Alas, turns out religion only moves humanity, when they are in trouble; which meant until you find yourselves in trouble; absolutely nothing could be done. So I turned to law, because the law itself has the power to move and change people in society and the world. Unfortunately, the courtroom is controlled by powerful, and is corrupted to insure the powerful remain unchanged. And the people refuse to participate; because they don’t want anything to do with the law, as in HIDE ME/ don’t let anyone know I am here. After all, these people will put you in prison or steal anything you have; just because they can. Unless a true crowd can be raised outside the courthouse door. And since you only want what you want/ and don’t let anyone interfere in our greed: that was not to be. Instead, the constant was: “JUST MAKE ME RICH”/ and don’t do nothing else. Which is a curse to everyone else, because nobody gets to be rich, without making many more poor.

But the universities changed that, with counterfeiting: which made the future poor/ and literally took away their right to survive. But none cared, and all went away screaming “you can’t make me guilty of that”. So the future died, along with so many living creatures that are now extinct. The human population exploding; which always ends in war. And religion itself discarded; because in fear of losing their own power: the majority joined and worshiped the universities explanation of god; “as evolution”. A greater lie never existed; but you want what you want, and the universities were given the pride of god “because they were considered the goose who laid the golden egg”/ and it was a bribe, gambling: with all chanting: “pick me”. Which made every story accepted, no matter how absurd or dangerous or life ending it was. Didn’t matter, greed removed your heart and soul; to give you pride. So then with religion, law, right, consequences, truth, and reality discarded by society; and then men, whose answer to every problem, bar none; past the point of we don’t care anymore: is war. As history proves. We cannot survive that coming war/ and men cannot make a different decision; because this is their answer.

That leaves women; simply because they are different!

So, I began again: to search, and to direct women in the conception that they do have more power to change this world than they know. Because whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation or world. And we can make our own laws, and once proven to be accepted by the peoples themselves: it can then be forced onto government, and enforced onto leaders. Because justice is a value we do all know and understand; because we might just need it ourselves. So the desire for justice is sustainable, by the majority; if they make the law; and watch over the courts; by ejecting the corrupt. Unfortunately women hide and run away from every form of confrontation or change; because the vast majority, don’t want to be noticed unless it is a trap to obtain something from man.

That leaves a decision to identify what is true, by searching into the depths of Creation; to assemble the values each dimensional truth will assign. Knowledge is not assembled without evidence, that can be trusted as true. Understanding does not exist, unless you abandon all conception of what should or should not be; letting reality decide is the only way. Wisdom relies upon the creation of values, which then creates the boundaries, limits, and balance which allows each one to assemble and choose their own future/ their own destiny. As opposed to just falling into the consequences of time as their own actions or reactions dictate must follow.

To choose knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; is to enter thought, and assemble the developments Creation will prove by its own evidence of realities that cannot be truly hidden.

Dimensionally life is divided into parallel disciplines, that govern your ability to conceive of the past as is the evidence which created this truth. Thought must be ordered to achieve the disciplines necessary; and that requires a very diligent assembly of the participants; that also must be highly balanced to achieve the construction that might be considered “a ladder into the past”.

At any rate: the demand to help construct a method by which this world could survive; requires a different understanding, than strictly male. So, I began the journey into what would become: an altered destiny through time. Unfortunately female turned out to be SO DIFFERENT; that once engaged, I became trapped in a world I did not understand. Although recently significant progress has been made to understand more of the reality that they endure.

That is ultimately not important to you; as only the disciplines necessary to “what would female do; in saving this world”; is literally all that matters. Their answer begins with CHANGE MEN/ because they do have cause. But that does not negate their own contributions to tragedy as well.

Identifying for you the realities of a spiritual world (where the essence of truth, CANNOT be changed); is not going to happen. Identifying realities you are not going to change either as men or women; is pointless. While you don’t understand me, because you don’t want too. You do understand the cost of being wrong: when threatened with horrendous consequences; and have failed entirely to join the effort: to keep our world, our biology, our future alive/ not even for your own child. Because you are far too busy, with greed to care. Such is the way it is/ and such is the way it will end; unless you can find “your brain”. Alas, the universities ate it.

The end statement is this: that I have given to this world, and all its nature which includes you and your children; my life in time. I would not make any other choice if I had to go back/ this world is worth the price. And that is my choice, even if our world fails/ I did do my job. Although if I had known the future of you; I would have made different choices. Granting to myself, more. At 66 years old, that is no longer significant. If I was perfect, I would have done much better; but I am not/ and neither are you. Simple as that.

You are who you are: even so, I did believe you could have conceived of an investigation to protect both life and planet. Alas, I was apparently wrong/ and you will descend into the chaos universities have brought. Because that, rather than reality or truth, is what you bought. Whether this site ends with billions looking or none/ it truly has nothing left for me.

If I change my mind/ then I change my mind; it is my right/ not yours to decide.

While it is fair to say; a few are likely to have done their own work in this regard, or through this site. It is also necessary to say: if you will not “sign your name” to the work, and be found as a person supporting this framework for change. Demanding our world and all its life comes first. You will not be counted. That is just a reality of truth. You cannot hide, and make a difference; simple as that. You cannot say, “let someone else”; if you do care. Caring presents a duty, it identifies your truth.

I WILL ADD: That biblically, you have now past by the first two, “countdown of death”; as was predicted in Daniel 12. and stand on the gate of no mercy left. Biblically the new testament Revelation12, has taken control over the potential for an escape from hell. But it is determined by the roll that women will decide for themselves. A reality of NOT men in charge anymore: primarily because you hold the keys to changing government with law. By the reality: consequences of population control or not.

The future will be different/ or the future will be dead; is the conclusion of the bible at this stage of our existence.

I present that as: predictions of the bible, as interpreted by the realities they represent. The truth of what can or cannot be sustained as valid in the “sea of human experience”.

My own prediction is far simpler: the evidence proves, our world cannot survive as it is/ because of humanity. That means you will change or you will go extinct. Because that is what you chose. Simple and plain, no little change will do. This is back to reality and truth; or nothing will survive.

I suppose it could be said; that since you have chosen to make this world “terminally ill”/ I should simply be nicer to you. As certain death makes time feel different. Unfortunately you chose that.

Instead of nice; I have presented you with some information that is concurrent with death; for those who care. Because a surprise is rarely desirable; and caring asks for information. The value of it, is for you to decide; as I have been done, fighting with you for some time. I do wish you well; but reality will prove what is true determines the end and decides the consequences to be endured.       And your truth says: what it says.

I remind you: that I came looking for people who could conceive of value in content; rather than the frivolous deception that is “clothes”; and found none. I came examining and proving the lies you could not survive; asking each one, “to help establish a trial, so that whatever is true would surface, and our world be saved”; none joined. When your lies fall apart, and you are falling to your fate: do not come here. As it will simply be too late. Like death, an ending is an ending in time.

Just so its clear: I HAVE provided the NEWS! Throughout these years. The information that is important for people to know/ the realities that are going to affect our lives and our future/ the potential for impact, that is what people are doing behind closed doors/ and the changes we can make as “we the people” in charge of our own government.

What then is absolutely clear is: America does not want real news; they want what they get. Because that allows the lies, fantasies, and cult worshipers their deceit: as in NO WE DON’T, have to deal with reality or truth. We can play god, or we can just want what we want, and believe anything we want; because nobody is allowed to say what matters. That, is the American way.

I think it wise to add on some advise.

Never let your mind focus too narrowly onto anything that is not functionally or fundamentally true/ as is the essence of law: NOT the reality of people. People are not functionally true, they are nearly all, “simply want”/ and want drives back and forth along the same road, that their own herd will follow. Which means it is extremely rare, whether young or old, that truth will be sustained: people change. It is their right/ and it is not up to you to judge them; although that is another constant of people. People want to talk, and they love to gossip (I found a tiny truth; and will now make a big story to share; listen to me). Forgive them, they just want to be noticed, and listened too; it is not generally any more than that. Although some are using it to gain control, and manipulate you or others.

Identify yourself, so that you are not led to where you don’t desire your life to go. It takes only a tiny choice, to erupt into full scale trouble. ALWAYS account for the consequences, that can occur; and adjust your decision according to the risks involved. Making certain you are willing to pay for being wrong; there are many times “no do over”/ life changed.

Religion has value, but not as a zealot (I believe everything). Because every religion has the hand of man involved; and we all know, that means “considerable”; cannot be pure enough to be “absolutely true”. And may even be false, although major religions usually remove that mostly. Religion is a good place to redefine your life and self: because it offers balance with their stories/ order with their rules/ and the opportunity to adjust your life with the disciplines involved. But it is not life/ YOU, are life; don’t make them interchangeable. Just know: that every miracle on earth, proves we do have a Creator. And if you accept the testimony of JESUS/ then you accept we were not “simply left behind”; but have opportunities beyond time.

Love is a giving thing, but make no mistake; if it is not accepted with respect; as does mean sharing life, time, and burdens; it is not real. Go on/ and leave this one behind. For all the “hundreds of people” you might know and have lived among: HOW MANY, would you say would be a perfect match for you? Answer, not that many, which does mean on average: we all do have to meet a lot of people, before finding someone to live our lives, and share our journey with. Rarely does that search end quickly; do not dismay, and keep on searching if that is your choice.

The value of loneliness is, the search for life itself is uninterrupted. Which does mean, in terms of eternity you do have the option to proceed much farther than your counterparts. But it also means: in terms of love itself, hope, and happiness, they will have better lives than you. Friendships have value/ but they are hard to come by, unless you can “entertain”. Everybody has value/ everybody has costs; except for hate: they have failed.

Want determines depression. If you want more than you have and believe life is not going to give you what you want/ then you are depressed. Stop wanting what you do not have/ and then you are not depressed. Simple as that; accept your life, for the truth of what it is, and can be: because it is your life. Don’t try to steal someone else’s life; it may not be as you believe. Don’t lie to yourself; it is tragic. Don’t let pride determine your choice: life is not a game/ even though people make it so. Eternity will not accept pride; it is deemed as an enemy of life and living; because it divides.

Governments are made by men; but they are governed by laws those men made. IF YOU CHANGE THE LAW; then you changed the government, and the lives of those who are governed: by becoming rulers over yourselves. Simple as that/ no weapon needed, when the crush of humanity is strong.

Be as happy as you can be; which means to protect your freedoms if you can with honor and duty. Hope in reality, and let truth decide what the future can be. Time and body are the same/ but life is not either. Instead life is the energy source, that grants the foundations of thought to exist. Making thought our substance/ and energy our freedom: life begins from here.

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