I remind you of this: that whether you love me or hate me/ I am utterly irrelevant to the reality of whether you live or die/ whether life survives with the least mutilation possible/ the planet survives or not; and all the other threats that are plainly by the evidence real and unavoidable. I am not your savior, nor am I your enemy; I am simply telling you: either change while you still can/ or it will be extinction, because what you don’t yet see, is a reality of destruction so massive it cannot be turned around at all; very soon/ if not already true.

As always people will either run away and hide from the evidence and its consequences/ or they will scream “inside or outside”; that they don’t need to listen to anything I say, because the universities are god, and the media is savior, and all the rest of the people are watching; and we don’t see it coming. So we can’t all be wrong! Simple as that, even if you do have evidence; this earth/ this world has not changed, and we are just fine. Ain’t nothing new, this world can’t die; and we don’t need to change!

But let’s review: I ask for an investigation to prove what is or is not true, regarding the evidence from which we cannot return to save our world or its life. With ANY EVIDENCE of value; that is not an unrealistic request. Demanding it is the people themselves who will be informed; and it is the people themselves who will decide: if life and planet will be gambled with. Because your decisions as leaders/ cost their lives and world. Thereby apart from any other understanding: WE DO have a legal right to know, what is or is not threatening our future. What is or is not, a gamble so extreme we face extinction if it goes wrong. The reason people refuse is: they don’t want their own decisions, to be examined for reality. They want what they want regardless of the risk/ because they want to play god, and they don’t want to accept any cost for making decisions the others might not like. They are gods: they can’t be wrong; because they believe in themselves (we are the superior ones)/ we make all the choices, and you make none. Simple as that, because they believe they are gods, and we are far less.

BUT ALAS, our world has literally changed forever: because the population has doubled in the last fifty years; and now threatens every living thing/ every chain of life/ every possibility of our future/ everything; because the earth is finite in scale and resources. Which means soon: you won’t just go to the store, “and buy more”. The experiments the universities do now; are horrendous in their potential to do harm, or cause extinction. One group even builds machines to ignite this earth into a sun/ while another has built a machine to saw the atomic structure of the planet in half. More deliberately say: we are trying to bring nature into chaos, removing all discipline, order, balance, and thought from its existence; KILLING THE REALITY OF NATURE ITSELF ; so their god of evolution can make something new. They are religious fanatics of course; but they live behind the doors in every university claiming to be gods; as in YES WE CAN. And there is much more; so your world has in fact changed/ and there is absolutely nothing secured about your future or mine on this planet. While endless stealing and theft and cheating and whoring and cursing the very existence of life at every level of “leadership”; goes on everyday/ any where you go. All because of a university diploma, and the complete arrogance of superiority they claim to be. So I do demand trial, in front of the world: so we can all cheer the universities for being right/ or remove them from power for being wrong. And all the leaders say: HELL NO/ NOBODY, GETS TO JUDGE US; “we are gods”/ we judge you; you get nothing/ you have no rights/ you have no power to stop us/ you are worthless, and can die; because nobody cares. And we the gods of this earth; AIN’T NEVER going to let you see behind the door, where reality exists.

So, they claim: for demanding a trial to prove THEIR reality: that I am a fool/ or a terrorist/ or a failure/ or insane/ or whatever it is. To redirect you away from the truth: that our lives are literally in danger of extinction/ and our world is literally in danger of collapse. Because even though you believe everything is fine: the truth of being wrong is very clear. We lose our world, our nature, our water, our everything and die forever.

While humanity is constantly certain, that it knows everything/ because as a herd believing everything the herd believes in; they can’t be wrong. But truth knows better; belief is not enough/ reality must prove what is true; or it does not/ or may not exist. The only way to be certain of our future is: to understand our reality, by the evidence we do have available; and then use our brain/ rather than simply believe what we are told. How is that not true?

I offer this example: people are trampling over this earth all the time, in numbers nature cannot defeat. Some are even wondering, WHERE did all the diversity of life go? Because even in my area: lots of creatures that were here 50 years or more ago/ are now completely gone. Because their habitat, their food and water supplies, their link in the chain of life was destroyed, or poisoned out of existence: by people who were just doing what people do. As is taking everything/ and leaving nothing for other living things: playing god over their tiny little world. Just like universities do. Not one of them ever gave a single moment of consideration to the consequences for different forms of life, that did live here too. Not one, so the life that did make living interesting; is gone. With a quarter of a billion new human mouths to feed arriving over deaths: EACH YEAR. By simply believing the reported birth rate increase throughout the twentieth century was and is correct at “3%”/ that equals a quarter of a billion with the reported population. Which is a lie: because for the last twenty years, your universities and governments have been reporting just one half of one percent rise in population throughout that time. TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU/ at the vehicles consuming oxygen on the road with you/ at immigration throughout the world/ and the rise of human unrest; because the competition is soon now, to be grim. And let reality teach you what is true: that your life too, ain’t so damn safe, that you can afford to be WRONG. Simple and plain, it is the truth.

Force a trial/ communicate our need/ do whatever you can do: to examine reality, and determine the cost of being WRONG; for all life on earth. Because we have run out of time; all things we depend upon can collapse, and end every potential to make a difference. Which is then war with weapons of mass destruction, and HELL. Do it now, because tomorrow may in fact be the last day we can make a difference for life.

Reality proves this is not about me anymore. I failed to bring you a trial, to establish our reality. Your leaders utterly failed to protect you/ because they chose only to protect themselves. That means: life or death/ the cost of being wrong; Is now entirely up to you. Whether you do what you can do/ or not: is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. Even if the world does not know; eternity will. and NO I ain’t perfect/ but what does that matter to you:  this is about your life, your future, your child, your everything; and that does not include me. I am simply delivering the message:  change these threats;  or  you will die.

You get nothing for proving “I ain’t perfect”/ I ain’t perfect, and neither are you. DON’T LET THEM DISTRACT YOU. THIS ain’t about me, it is about life and planet; our earth.

BE WHAT YOU CAN BE: RISE UP, AND PROVE WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS DEMOCRACY; DO HAVE A BRAIN OF OUR OWN/ AND WE DO HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS TO PROTECT OURSELVES, AND A DUTY TO PROTECT OUR WORLD; BY KNOWING, THE COST: of letting you “the university diploma who brings us here”, to be WRONG. Prove the extreme experiments with energy, or biology as the beginning: so that trial can prove itself, as needed or necessary; or if you are a believer, “then surely you want to claim how superior you are/ and can prove your value over risk”. Ain’t that so?

MAKE NO MISTAKE: YOU DO, have all the information you need to produce an appropriate answer to the questions you need to ask. You have the information to assemble the questions that must be answered in a trial: NOT with a damn theory or story or delusion as is constant. But by deliberately picking the answers apart to reveal what is the fact upon which this answer relies.

Pretending they know: with regards to the sun, REQUIRES an absolute revelation of evidence that cannot be disputed. BECAUSE they are trying to ignite that same energy source here as on the sun. AND IF THEY ARE WRONG, OUR EARTH CAN BECOME A SUN. same energy source/ same result. Make them prove, beyond all doubt: that, it cannot be so!

MAKE THEM PROVE; that evolution is more than just a lie.

Make them prove: that the threats which we can understand as causing extinction/ are not real!

Assemble the people who can fight for you in trial; and help them succeed for TRUTH. Not you or me, but for TRUTH, AS LIFE NEEDS US TO KNOW.

It ain’t too much to ask! Simple as that, raise your voice, and do SOMETHING for life and world. But do it now, because time runs out. Soon you will be eating the seed for next years crop/ because it is either that or somebody has to die: ask a farmer or gardener how well that will work out. Or just look through history, and know: when there isn’t enough: men war.

The ocean is horrendously attacked, and its life will die; humanity destroyed it. The weather patterns are changing and affecting agriculture: humanity changed it. Fertilizers will soon be scarce; humanity used it “for garbage”. One single disease in the pig herds of China, has caused massive food loss;  humanity played god. Your university mutilators; literally can’t wait to throw another catastrophe into nature: because they want to see it die or change; thereby proving “yes we did”. Humanity wants to be god.  Until they are hiding screaming “no we didn’t don’t mutilate us”! Even the oxygen you breathe is diminishing/ and the water you need will be gone, poisoned, and the cause for extreme war.

THIS AIN’T THE WORLD that it was fifty years ago: YOU CHANGED IT/ because you didn’t care. Because GREED AND SELFISHNESSS were all that mattered to you; reality does prove it is so; whether you like it or not.

But hey let’s not forget you got saviors; “weapons of mass destruction”. Let’s not forget you got more saviors; the universities who brought you these threats by playing god, and choosing to build toys; never once working for life or planet itself. Let’s not forget you got saviors: the media won’t let you down, no sir, they are our friends, buddies, and pals. Let’s not forget religion either: after all GOD who Created this earth and all its life WON’T let it die. Cause you know HE WON’T. You know it, this ain’t no game: YOU KNOW IT. Because obviously you are pals, and GOD tells you everything. Even though Noah’s flood can be proven true/ and the biblical prediction is this earth will surrender in fire as HELL and HORRORS; just as all the evidence of this day points too. But hey I forget: you, with all your greed and selfishness; is exactly what religion suggests you should be (you know it, right)/ so you’re world is safe. Now ain’t that so? Say, I wonder if the GOD OF ALL CREATION will share with the universities of men and women? I mean, after all: according to you, “they are gods too”. Now ain’t that right? After all, you believe absolutely anything they tell you to believe; including evolution, etcetera and so much more.

Like every group before you: you must decide whether you are a “fan, a fanatic, too damn proud to be wrong; of university” or a human being with a brain of your own. Capable of making a choice, that is not dedicated to worshiping your cult. Or more simply “you going to let them kill you without so much as a whimper”/ OR NOT? Life or death for our world, our nature, our everything: Is up to you!

The mass murderer says: “you all abandoned me/ you all, threw me away”/ so I will kill you.

The immigrant says: I got nothing, so I got nothing to lose; and that does become a dangerous combination when options arise.

The “American” says: I got too much to lose/ I don’t want no change; not for any damn reason or any damn cause: I WANT, WHAT I WANT!

While all the rest say: I don’t want, what I don’t want; and I am afraid.

Reality says: what you want, or don’t want; won’t keep you or this earth alive! Simple as that. I have said “my piece”; if you find your mouth, I suggest you have yours/ before it makes no difference at all. Plainly put: extinction has no friend/ and no mercy. Not for a single one.

I hope to be quiet, from this point further. This is your second chance, and it is not likely you will gain a third. But that is “up to GOD” . as always.


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