People worship guns, because they cannot fight/ or they cannot fight the group; but the gun can. So possession of a gun makes them less of a coward/ and gives them the confidence to get into trouble; because the gun is going to save them from “hell”. Then you have the assault guns; because an army needs its weapons/ to rid ourselves of the invaders. But even if you removed every gun, in America for instance: “there are a thousand more ways” to inflict harm/ as is true for most nations.

Unfortunately for the police they are left alone, because the people don’t want to get into trouble; or get their other friends into trouble/ and it is fair to say, if you say the wrong thing, or do the wrong thing; that is exactly what can happen to you. So distance is kept; even though many among the police are the best of what society has to offer. Policing needs to present numerous social exchanges, not only for the police to find friendships, but also for society to find them as friends. To achieve that, A MINIMUM amount of rules must be enforced; so that a maximum amount of freedom, and safety can be achieved. WITH honest RESPECT on both sides; the value of life and the value of people and the value of society all improve greatly. Only hate complains about law/ but everybody can find a complaint about endless rules; except the righteous who make them and what to “make you cry/ If you don’t do what we say”. That is not friendly or wise.

You should be aware: that it is the universities who train police/ and assert you need to be a predator; and its “us or them”. The consequence of that is, the intent to fear: removing “we the people” from reality.

You CANNOT simply remove fear from humanity; they will be afraid, nearly all. Simple as that. Fear makes bad mistakes/ fear kills people/ fear seeks to prove disrespect as in (don’t challenge me/ I can kill you)/ fear is the element which drives society itself insane, and that makes the people in that society insane (a killer around every corner). Media of course fans the flames; because the driving force of media is conversation; and people talk about how to be less afraid/ or who to fear; who to ridicule; who to trample like a herd.

The only reality that applies both the reality of I can defend myself; which makes me less afraid; even though it is only rarely true. Is to let them have guns/ but establish severe penalties for having or owning lethal bullets for those hand guns. Rubber bullets or rubber marking bullets or rubber repellent (distinct smell released) bullets/ or defensive jewelry. Are all useful tools in controlling someone who has attacked you: with the option of NOT taking “the law” into your own hands. These are simply an escape from a situation that can then be reversed. Anyone who thinks that would not be enough: can stand in front of rubber bullets, and the intensity can be increased until they do. It can be a felony, to bring an assault weapon into a city; for instance. This system of making certain that life is more important than fear; must also be employed by the police. Because if they are not willing to say it is enough/ then neither will the public be. The difference is: the police will be allowed perhaps that the first four bullets in their guns will be non-lethal/ and the rest will be lethal. And they will be allowed to carry a lethal clip for the weapon: with the clear understanding. Take it out without true cause: and your career will be over; and it may get worse for you too. Life is life, and a job is a job. Be police not predators, or a mob.

You cannot simply wipe insanity away, because you want too. Therefore you cannot simply assume no hate will explode. Hate is the instigator of all intentional violence. Therefore all you need to do is isolate the hate, to find the potential trouble. Those who are heading into insanity; because they have been isolated too long (no one wants, or desires me/ I have no future, it is dead); can be helped back out of their pit with friendship and hope. Those who hate for real, always learn to hide their hate so as to disguise their true intent; but it is never far from the surface, and can easily be seen at different times.

In terms of the hidden effects from people who hate, but want to remain in the shadows to ridicule and plot against you: the thing they don’t want the most, “is to be revealed”. Which means marking them if attacked; is the greatest single deterrent you can find. Defensive jewelry is the method most likely to succeed. One design is on an old site I gave away.

Those who decide they want to be seen/ they want to make you pay, and see you cry; because hate has taken over their lives. Attack for mass murder purposes; because their brain no longer functions, they live in a fantasy. Reality will be harsh, once they wake up. Even so: barriers to hide behind add a level of comfort to the victims/ methods of making the air “foggy” with dust or whatever, can hide or distort the ability to aim a gun/ methods of making the attacker uncomfortable “such as with itching powder/ fire extinguishers, so on”; are useful. Painting them, or making them smell “distinctly”; so they cannot get lost in the crowd, and know they will be found. Are all useful. Sound attacks (screaming sirens), which can be released by the electronic recognition of a gun fired (and thereby directional release); will immediately deter further actions.

Vehicles can be stopped with a variety of methods; but each requires time to implement/ because it happens fast as well, and each person tries to protect themselves; as they must. Causing tire failure is the easiest method of changing the dynamic; and that can be done with cheap equipment: that identifies who sets this off; when already put into place. It needs a siren and flashing lights to warn drivers and pedestrians/ this is ok for an attacker as well; because they know stop or else.

As to the endless methods of damaging or killing lives as can be found throughout all cities; you can either demand to know all the dangers that exist/ and make decisions to alleviate as much as possible. Or you can continue to pretend they don’t exist; hoping nobody else knows either; that works for the majority/ but it does leave a long list for the few. And the few are generally the most dangerous ones.

Criminal conduct throughout the judiciary is a constant source of disrespect and denial of legitimate public rights for this society; a source of hate. That can only be dealt with by removing any judge or any lawyer that does not seek to find justice and establish peace through fair play: by our own vote. As is truly consistent with democracy itself. There is NO law or constitutional mandate; that gives a judge a permanent job/ nor allows them to sit “if the finding is BAD behavior”. Another lie the powerful use to control us.

To repair society and policing: which has deteriorated primary do to the increased violence and severity of weapons/ which is why the public has more fear as well. We all need a bill of rights; one that establishes the rights and responsibilities of the police and the public so that everyone knows: this is, what we have agreed too. Nothing more or less. And it is your duty to obey, under these conditions, whether police or public. As to the weapons themselves: they are already here, and unless you confiscate them all/ they won’t go away, because this is what you chose. You can’t confiscate them all; but you can establish a tax on anybody that owns them; which makes it far less desirable to continue owning that weapon. To achieve a balance among the people who feel they have a need. Citizen armories can be formed: which lockup their major supplies, in a public place they believe their members can and will defend. To avoid that tax. If they fail to defend it, and the weapons get out into the public: the penalty will be high.

Citizen militia’s are: constitutional. But remember, anything that can be used by you/ can also be used against you.

As to hunting rifles; no permits are allowed, unless you demonstrate the will and the expertise to “prepare and eat” what you kill. Life is NOT a target, and if you are found to be killing without a cause; you will have no right to own a gun. Everybody knows: you only get to be “a good shot” with one or two guns/ because there is a need for familiarity. So that is the limit/ trade them in. Pistols are not hunting weapons. Anyone who believes they can “live by hunting”; is in a fantasy; because the competition and the reality of life that is not human, has become rare; with only few exceptions; and they won’t last long. Because that, is what you chose. Anyone who believes “4 non-lethal bullets for a policeman is not enough”; can stand in front of four non-lethal bullets, fired quickly/ and then you can prove what is real, and then you can talk.

BE FAIR, which means not the way you are; and society will become more calm and safe. BE CONSISTENT, and demand that media shall not use fear to present conversation, and thereby sell your pain/ or make excuses that end in countless rules that destroy respect. BE HONEST with your reality, and understand; we are literally being invaded by immigrants. BUT IN A WORLD THAT PRODUCES A QUARTER OF A BILLION MORE PEOPLE TO FEED EACH YEAR; that is the reality you chose, as humanity on earth. That is a herd so massive, that it tramples every living thing into the ground; producing endless extinction, which will soon include our own. Simple and plain, reality has consequences. And you cannot war against them all: kill a billion people/ still 7 BILLION more people to go. Even if you make enough bullets or use weapons of mass destruction: just the death, is enough to make certain disease will overwhelm you all. So either you choose a different method; which does rely entirely upon women to control the birth rate/ or we ALL die.

I tell you true: that it is not the immigrant that is your greatest threat/ they are just trying to survive, and need to be respected for that right; because you want and need it to. This ain’t no game.

In America specifically: your greatest threat/ your greatest enemy/ and your greatest plague of poverty coming; is a university diploma. Because they are the insurgents who have taken control over your nation, your business, your industry, your education, your government, your media, your EVERYTHING; including religions. That means a few professors, who wrote a book; now get to play god behind closed doors, because you cannot question a god. Like all cults, its memorize and believe; or we make your life miserable (as is debt, for nothing; that you cannot escape).

They took over the currency of government; discarding reality/ and immediately began giving themselves “great piles of money to play with”. Which has opened the door to every extreme experimentation possible. Federal reserve documents prove: they have been inflating the currency of America by $9 trillion dollars per year, for decades/ which means they have control over this society: to do with it whatever they want/ from behind closed doors. Because if you are throwing out into society 9 trillion dollars per year/ you are throwing it out to somebody: and by giving it to banks that money multiplies by ten. By giving it into the stock market, the ability to take over any business, industry, resource or whatever is absolute; and they can destroy it at a whim. Because 9 trillion dollars of inflation, claimed to be “asset accrual”/ and debts don’t matter; because only the slaves have to pay: the constant of nobility (we are the superior ones) throughout history. IS POWER. And they have invaded you, and they have changed you, and they have controlled your elections with money, and they have owned your children with debts; and they have taken over your business and chances as a society with “too big to fail (banks/ agriculture/ business/ everything they can, with money or power or pride)”: setting them up to fail. So that the very tiny few are left in control of life itself. Claiming no reality will exist here; for us! And NO OPTIONS WILL EXIST FOR THIS SOCIETY; because unless you beg, we don’t want you; as is the cost of nobility, and the reality of too much power in too few hands. And they have controlled your media; by producing editors who control the rest; with only a tiny few people involved in the process of greed through manipulation. They have destroyed the securities of this nation, and with outright ravaging of the planet itself: been destroying the future of all life on earth. Preparing for war with weapons of mass destruction/ and only a very tiny few people can start, that fact; so beg. The list is long/ the realities are grim; because that is what you chose, when you went screaming and trampling over each other “to get the money” they threw out to “university, the army of the silent and deadly plague”. These realities are the primary cause for all the unrest, and consequent desire for assault weapons. Which does make the universities your enemy; even if the wolf is disguised as a lamb.

YOUR OPTION: is to use democracy as it legally exists: proving we the people are the owners here. Proving with limited democracy: that we will LIMIT HOW MUCH POWER ANYONE GETS TO HAVE; by our vote.

YOUR OPTION IS: to declare bankruptcy and take away the power of numbers by returning this nation to reality. NOT their fantasy, which means the promises they collected for themselves will not be allowed anymore: we have rights. CHOOSING FOR YOURSELVES; how we will take an accounting, and then determine what reality will allow. The rich man or woman; comes in last/ they HAD their play date.

YOUR OPTION IS: TO FIGHT FOR THIS WORLD, THIS NATION, FOR LIFE WITH REALITY BY ITS TRUTH; determining for ourselves, what is fair/ what is legitimate/ and what our laws will be. Because whosoever makes the law, does rule the nation. So make them few, and make them plain, and make them about reality so they cannot be ignored or destroyed by those who will attack.

The university elite are an incessant parasite; determined to eat your life from the inside; by collecting bits and pieces of what can and cannot tempt, manipulate, control, deceive, direct, cause fear, illicit a mob, destroy a security, deny a right, hide a truth, disturb and destroy an election, control a court, malign a right, deceive with a law, monopolize with absolute greed, crucify and mutilate biology, steal your life, your heart, your job, and even your soul; just to prove they can. Because power wants only to make you cry. So you know, “there is no happiness left here, for you”. Thereby stealing an eternity, to prove what hate can do. Take a look at university, and understand what it is that they are truly studying to do. Controlling you IS A PRIMARY objective. PLAYING god is their only other source of interest; as the little that is left, that they actually do; is either to destroy life, destroy the planet, or abandon the future. With only a little to make believe, they help/ so as to hide the reality; beneath the blanket or behind the door; called hate. WAKE UP or die.

While this will be viewed as a deliberate attack on “the universities”/ and it is. The reality intended is: stop cult worshiping them/ and start asking the questions that they don’t want you to ask. Because it is fair to say: behind closed doors, are the people who have led us to the realities that will make us all extinct. While we have benefited in some things/ the reality is we need to know: WHAT THE CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING WRONG ARE. When the reality of their decisions “hidden by the words most don’t understand”: has become so extreme and so overwhelming to our lives: that we are in fact threatened as a nation, a future, and a world itself. The reality then is not an attack/ but a demand to see the universities in the reality of what is, and is not being done: both for and against life on earth. So that we may NOT need to believe/ but shall know what that truth actually is. As is our need for a courtroom, and a demand: we are the owners here, in this nation called America. WE HAVE RIGHTS, and among those rights are the legitimate demand: you shall NOT gamble with our lives, our nature, our planet, your children, or any other part of WHAT IS OURS/ NOT yours, to play god with.

It is also fair to say: that throughout the forty years+ that I have been determined to fight for life on this planet. There has never been any significant help, other than technical help with the website; never a penny, nor a total of an hour spent helping me by anyone throughout that entire time. Because you want what you want, and you wanted to participate in the greed: that inflating the currency of America by $9 trillion dollars each year brought. When proven “this is counterfeit/ this is inflation”; the constant was and is, “the media would tell us”: but alas, they would not; even with proof in their hand. Because greed ruled, and selfishness was rampant. So when I direct your attention at the universities or government official or anywhere else: the reality of failure, and the disease of tragedy caused; includes you too. Nothing mattered but the money, even though the money was all bad: you wanted it anyway, and let the nation itself be torn down with apathy about everything else. Your treasure, is nothing more/ and nothing less, than “stolen goods/ and a stolen future” from your own child or children. You robbed them; so you could claim “I don’t have to pay”.

The reality is very simple: you loved money more. You loved money more than time to be alive and play with your child, more than all life on earth, our planet, or any other thing of value. Even though it was counterfeit, and you refused to accept that; because you knew it was true. But then that too, is something “you don’t want to know”/ because it interferes in whatever you want to believe:  reality is a bitch “ain’t it”/ or do you prefer bastard? 

I remind you again: you are surrounded by threats of extinction/ even if you don’t believe that, the evidence is true, and it knows that you are. Even to the point of extreme experiments: which can and will ignite the planet itself on fire, just like the sun. Mutilate nature forever, into oblivion. Because that is what you chose to let your universities do. Destroy every resource/ damage and break every chain of life/ destroy the water supplies, and much more. But you don’t care; because it hasn’t affected you yet. Alas, with 8 billion people wanting: when it does affect you, there will be nothing left but war/ cannibalism/ disease/ and extinction; because that, is what you chose.

Believe anything you want, that is the purpose of belief; but understand truth will decide the consequences, “once you have burned every bridge back to reality”; and you will be extinct. Because that, is what you chose to do; for over forty years now. Ridiculing me/ making up stories/ demanding I stop, because you want what you want; and all the rest. Even though I did and do represent the last chance you get: to change/ or die.

Instead you choose as predicted: “big brother is watching your every move to judge you/ control you/ and make you a slave”. Your faces are glued to the video screen regardless which one you chose; with no real friends/ no real lovers/ no real life/ and the destruction of a world not enough to make you notice; all the life that is missing. You cannot think; because media and universities will call you a fool. They can because they created a “billion words”/ and if you get use to them, and start understanding; they add more or change the meaning so you don’t. Your food is completely at risk, water will disappear, and your world is cascading into one catastrophe after another. While fools, liars, idiots, thieves, whores, and the riffraff of hell tell you that you cannot worry about anything, because you have no say. Even though it takes no imagination to understand: when the cold is gone/ the weather will be very different indeed; as will the wind. Etcetera, and more.

You can’t care; unless you find your own heart. Simple as that, because everything less is just an animal. A reality you worship the universities for saying/ and condemn me for saying; because they are your gods/ while I am merely that annoying reality of truth you want to avoid. At all cost. But hey, you just want what you want; regardless of the consequences; because “life is free”/ for you. The slaves have to pay! The only difference between now and history is: the slaves don’t know they stand at the slaughter house door/ after all, they get some bribes too.

AS HISTORY PROVES: you cannot change much with a gun/ even if it can be the last resort when reality proves we don’t have a choice; as at ww2. It is otherwise worthless to initiate change, because the powerful will always win: they can wait you out/ or kill a leader, and destroy the herd.

THE ONLY SOLUTION TO CHANGING THIS WORLD IS LAW: but that is a very powerful tool/ as you cannot be dismissed or changed or denied justice without proving how corrupt a leader, or group is. And you can gain the upper hand with law, because it allows you to proceed no matter what the powerful are doing.

The only solution to removing power is NOT a gun: but the power of democracy, to establish limited capitalism as the solution we all deserve. Because with our vote, as a nation: WE CAN decide for ourselves how much power as is money or resource control: that anyone is allowed to decide instead of us. It is a reality of choice/ our choice; and without power to only a few, we do become equals. In realistic ways.


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