As we summarize the ending of this work once again; the reality is very simple. Threats of extinction surround us all, and I have made that as clear as possible for anyone with a working brain. Unfortunately the entire purpose of every cult is to remove the working brain, and replace it with working robots who have been programmed to believe whatever they are told without question. As is the essence of “university knows religion”. Even the most outrageous disgrace and disrespect for life and planet; have not been enough to move you: which is gambling this earth and all its life, by trying to ignite the same energy source here on earth as on the sun. a literal fire, that burns the bond holding atoms together for fuel. A one time only ignition, because nothing can extinguish that fire/ everything is fuel. Alas, a cult is a cult: which means their brain is missing.

The extreme delusions of that cult includes utter ridicule of biology itself; claiming chaos as a creator, by literally trillions of steps creating order, discipline, and balance in assembling the basis of life as a body itself which is DNA are merely all a happy accident. Which then became we get to pick whatever we need “off the shelf” and just plug it in without so much as a tool or a brain to use, or food to eat, or blood for a heart, or a heart or anything: “just poof” and its all magic. Not only a cult, but there had to be witch-doctors shouting chants, and throwing beads, and barfing shit, and homo-sexually raping every life they could find. And even then the insanity cannot be explained other than to say: clearly the term zombie was created by the devils of university; who stole their soul. Really, a damn mud-puddle made you/ how bastard and fool, can you be?

Those are just the delusions that intend to crucify you as a world itself: one burning you to death/ the other destroying all life on earth by mutilating nature itself (DNA), for the purpose of unleashing their god called chaos. To your own shame, for being so dense, and such worshipers of satan: that you literally refuse even a clue/ they might be wrong; and LIFE itself, WILL DIE. Because you threw away your brain, to follow without question.

BLIND; cannot understand or accept overpopulation even though you cannot escape it/ because you just won’t admit it. Believing instead the universities will save us, we are great. While they have attacked and ravaged every resource on earth, and the planet itself to play games; so they don’t have to work for life; and just play.

DEAF; they counterfeit your money, by claiming asset accrual to hide that counterfeiting; demanding American assets increase by over $9 trillion dollars every year/ along with massive debt increases; beyond reality to go with it. So they can fund their welfare programs for the educated; and buy every toy, every trophy, every trinket, and every game; they can think of. Still the public says “can’t hear a thing”.

DUMB; not a word to construct even the possibility of life to survive their assault/ because every cult worshiper knows: get out of line, and they throw you out. Ending all those bribes, and removing your pride and power to believe anything you want. Because you want, what they offer: which is “everything is for free/ only the slaves have to work”. As they divide society farther and farther into the class distinction: we are the nobles who own it all/ and you are the riffraff who are worthless, and should soon be killed.

STUPID; they mutilated your food sources/ they created “super-diseases”/ there is little water left, and it all sits next to catastrophe/ the planet itself, is being changed/ and the ocean life is nearly dead; all to fuel the cult worshipers greatest lie: “no consequences for us”. So who is the real fool/ and who is Satan, who brings you to HELL?

So, you want to play/ while you force the others to be your slaves; a constant throughout all of human history. But alas, here is another game you cannot survive; and its just one of many; because there are consequences to life and energy and living in reality.

CERN your super collider to smash atoms together; is another horrendous failure of fools in charge. They do not do science/ they smash atoms (stripped of all electrons, which follow a mass that escapes into an alternate definition of space and time) to release a cloud of increasing electrons, which will establish a wormhole at its end. Recently announced “a galactic cloud of electrons over galaxies” is the same effect; occurring do to black holes . A wormhole here, being: the means accelerate, and then shoot protons through the mass of this earth/ cutting it like a saw. The rate of spin in an atom is far beyond the speed of light: and that translates into extreme damage when redirected into mass. By making electrons the force of a spring, that captures energy; and then releases it like a spring does. While the mass of an atom cannot resist being the bullet.

CERN did not find a higgs boson (supermassive atom)/ they merely crashed two protons going in opposite directions together; and for an instant before it separated into pieces; it appeared to be larger; because they electrically moved the electrons out of the way. Another lie. Another horrific tragedy coming; because they want to play gods. CERN is not an experiment, which means to search for evidence and thought; as is the reality of existence itself. CERN is a machine to reshape energy into a sledgehammer, and bash reality itself into submission. It does have consequences, and none of them are “good”.

It is not science, when you reshape energy, or nature; by changing the limits and boundaries that keep our planet, our lives, alive. It is terrorism, because the consequences can be MASSIVE; and none of them can be turned back; to what used to be. Going too far, is WRONG. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T PREDICT THE POINT OF NO RETURN/ UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.

These are not observable events; UNTIL they must be man-made, because energy limits and boundaries, on earth do not allow it. The constant of human “science theory” is: consistently wrong, until an observable event exists. Since that event can cost us all the planet, or other catastrophe event: it is extremely foolish and blind to proceed. Because you gamble a world, FOR NOTHING of value to life on earth. You were wrong about fusion, as you have already proven at Lawrence Livermore Labs/ yet you blindly continue, trying to ignite the same energy source as is on the sun; by now intending to ignite the plasma itself. Being WRONG IS a constant in science: that requires countless experiments to correct. But being WRONG, in things that cause EXTINCTION; is not science, It is INSANITY, and far worse. There are consequences to the decisions we make, to being WRONG!  Not your life to risk, is our reality.

YOU can believe anything you want; doesn’t matter to me, “go ahead believe you can jump in a meat grinder and be just fine/ or whatever you like”. BUT NEVER BELIEVE YOU CAN DO THAT TO ME, OR MY WORLD/ because I have a legal right to refuse your choice, that now destroys my life, or our world. YOU CANNOT legally gamble my life or my world,or anyone else; for your games; nor for your beliefs. Risking life does make you criminal, risking all life makes you terrorists, risking a world: makes you “devil”. Simple as that, prison can be found.

  Since you cannot rebuild what you destroy; they are playing god! Because destruction is all they have to offer, when it goes wrong: “their god is, called Satan”.  An arrogance so extreme: it is, the destroyer of worlds.

But hey, you want to die: right! After all, you have given over your lives and your world and your nature and your resources and your money and your elections and your media and your education and your future, to a tiny few people hiding behind closed doors; who manipulate and control your world with stories, lies, theories, power, arrogance, pride, and violence; seeking to prove CHAOS is the answer to being “god”.


Alas, you don’t want to know; hiding and running away from everything. Because the universities created a weapon you can’t defeat: THEY NAMED EVERYTHING THEY COULD FIND, so you CAN’T enter the conversation or know they are basically talking gibberish, most of the time. Even if some things have value: WHEN DELIBERATELY, GAMBLING LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS WORLD/ that ain’t enough!

You fail your lives, your children, your world, your religions, and your CREATOR; by being worshipers of the dead, or dying.

I can’t possibly be correct? WELL LOOK AGAIN, because the reality of every university is, just one, or a tiny few: theorize an idea/ and it turns into a story/ and then the universities proclaim it is true; BECAUSE THEY GET THEIR MONEY AND PLAY THEIR GAMES only when they produce something. And it don’t matter what, so long as enough conversation exists to make it hard to defeat. Or more simply “it ain’t an army” that presents you with an idea; its an army that follows its leader, and says whatever it is told”. Because the purpose of a university is: TO MEMORIZE, and believe; what you are told. 

I LITERALLY ASK YOU AS A WORLD: TO CONSIDER THE COSTS OF BEING WRONG. THE FACTS, THAT REALITY DEMANDS A CONSEQUENCE FOR EVERY ACTION OR REACTION TAKEN. And understand, as is the ignition of “same fire here as on the sun”: IT IS A ONE TIME EVENT. Because the reality is, it burns or releases, the atomic force that holds an atom together/ and we cannot stop that, because everything is then fuel.

I ASK YOU NOT TO BELIEVE: not in them or me/ but to assemble trial before the world, with or without me, to determine if we can survive the consequences that have been established; BEFORE THEY BECOME OUR EXTINCTION. Because real threats of extinction DO exist; and changing that direction, is either now or never.

IN THE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY: the US constitution reads, “first amendment” provides: “congress shall make NO law respecting………or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”.

A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES IS: our legal right, to take our leaders to court; to investigate, call witnesses, present evidence, and DETERMINE FOR OURSELVES, if they have been obeying their oath of office. And doing what we hired them to do, as the constitution declares is our purpose as a nation. That would include the demand: to limit and expose, people who are deliberately GAMBLING WITH OUR LIVES, OUR NATURE, OUR EARTH, OUR FUTURE, OUR FOOD, OUR WATER, OUR OCEANS, OUR EVERYTHING! Immediately, and with all the power of law, because we are the owners here; and just beneath our contract with each other as is the constitution. THEN WE ARE THE OWNERS/ and do have every right to investigate our employees. Along with what they are doing, or allowing to be done! Which does include the president, judiciary, congress, military, federal reserve, depository, and any other branch we see fit. ESTABLISHING BEFORE THE PEOPLE OUR RIGHT TO KNOW: exactly as best we can, what our own situation is. BEFORE, it is too late to make a decision for ourselves. That requires a moratorium, and all international duties to insure we have that say.

More simplified: we the people have legal rights, and among them is the right to protect ourselves from harm. The legal right to be informed: regarding our nature, our future, our government, and our world is at risk. The legal right to assemble our own solutions, and accept our own decisions; as the appropriate means for protecting ourselves, our nation, and our world. Because in the end: we will, be the people who pay the price for being WRONG. Our duty to the world itself, and all its life: is consistent with that truth, as well!

We hold those truths to be self-evident….when it is necessary to provide new safeguards for their future securities: it is the right of the people to organize the power of government, under their own control. To establish the rights and realities which do belong to them, as the basis and foundation of their own government. A democracy bound by contractual law, as is declared in our constitution: to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. As is the desire to be united for one purpose as one people: for life worth living. None of that exists: when threatened by people who have declared war on us, by taking risks so grievous and so extreme that our entire world can die. NOR IS IT FAIR, that the future for all, should be knowingly destroyed; for the sake of a few.

The demand is: that we the people shall have the final say, “not you/ not me/ not them”, but all of us by vote. We shall understand the choice placed before us, is as plain and simple as it is possible to explain to the masses. So that no one plays god, with our lives. We do have legal rights/ and we have earned, as well as own this opportunity: to judge for ourselves, what can go WRONG! And if we will allow it. That is the law of democracy! Let them prove me wrong.

WE ARE NOT, seeking intellectual property or an education beyond what is necessary to establish the realities of what can be known: when extreme experimentation goes wrong/ when nature is forced into chaos/ when the planet is forced into changing/ when the drinking water is fouled, lost, or depleted/ when overpopulation destroys the future/ when ocean life is lost/ when resources end/ and all that can cause our own extinction. SIMPLE AND PLAIN, as it is possible to be!

The most extreme of these being: the intent to ignite the same energy source here on earth as is on the sun! BEGINS THAT DEBATE. So that the reality of our need can be known, and the essence of trial and purpose itself, can be identified.

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