The reality of our lives is very plain; without true change we all die/ with true change we might survive as a planet of life; just maybe.

True change justifies everything that we need to do in order to protect the planet and all its life from extinction. NO MORE, “we can’t do anything/ until it is too late to change anything: which means extinction”. As is the curse of media/ the blatant plague of universities everywhere/ and the cause of too many to count. Because they all want what they want; even though it means soon they have no life at all. “the expert” said: we can burn all the fossil fuels we want/ release all the heat we want/ commit too,all the acid rain we want/ dump poisons in, around, under, and everywhere in between the water we need to drink; sacrificing the future itself, so the rich could make another penny. “the expert” said: we can destroy all the resources of this planet, to hell with the future. “the expert” said: debts don’t matter “to the universities diploma”/ its only the slaves who have to pay; and they counterfeited all the money they wanted by creating the greatest financial pyramid scheme ever devised. “the experts” said: we can use antibiotics any way we want/ and created “super-diseases” taking over your world soon. “the experts” said: we can mutilate all of nature/ because evolution it is chaos that builds complexity; which is of course the absolute opposite of what is true. “the experts” said: we can ignite the same fire here as is on the sun; claiming endless fantasy, of which they cannot prove more than about one percent of their reliance on a foundation that literally gambles with this entire earth. And that is just about one percent of the endless tragedies, the universities have brought to our world. While it is true they accomplished a tiny bit worth having; the price we are going to pay before it is all over with/ assuming it is still possible to survive as a world: will be far more than they were worth. Just the facts, and nothing more. Let true and honest, legal trial prove me wrong. But make no mistake the American courts are corrupt/ a conspiracy to deny democracy itself/ an insurgency against freedoms and rights/ a failure on all fronts to establish justice; and a tragedy to this nation, by the choices which have been made.

So the question is: regardless of the “nobility (I have a university diploma)”/ the critical reality is simple: how do we resurrect our nation and save our world? It is not with a gun, etc!

Instead our democracy is the answer: because by our own true vote, we do become the owners of our democracy, and by that decision to vote for real, on the issues themselves: we do take control over our own lives and this nation. Simple as that/ NOT A VOTE, for someone to vote for me: BUT MY OWN VOTE ON THE LAWS, THAT BECOME OUR WAY OF LIFE. The tragedy of traitors, an the consequent treason they bring: if allowed, would flood you with decisions that do not matter. Dumping their sewage into the mix, so that you become discouraged and blind to the purpose of what you are doing. DON’T LET THEM; DO, remember who is that traitor, and when you have properly taken control: PAY THEM BACK.

LIMITED CAPITALISM: takes away the power of a few, and distributes it to all the people by their vote. NOT same for all/ as that is absolutely unfair. But limited income for all: between the maximum we all/ and the minimum we demand: by our yearly vote, and then later longer periods in between. We are the owners here/ and by our own democracy we do have the right to choose what will be the law of our land. IT IS LEGAL DEMOCRACY, AND IT IS OURS TO USE AS WE PLEASE. That same legal democracy can determine the limit of “how many resources” anyone is allowed to control. That same legal democracy: can take away the right of a politician to make a debt, and demand that we will pay. And more.

The right of choice/ the fundamental of protection/ the demand for equality through opportunities/ the freedom to make changes which control our nation for ourselves/ and the truth that we are the military, we are the owners, and we decide; NOT our politician’s: are all critical elements of the American constitution. The contract, we made with ourselves: which became the nation called this UNITED states.

The foundation of every change: IS TO DETERMINE EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING WRONG/ AS BEST WE CAN, “WHY, did this go wrong”/ and prove that reality as best we can to the entire populace so that no one is allowed to deny the critical truth: WE MUST FIX THIS. No preferable method exists, than a courtroom by which both sides present their information for public consumption and vote: as in we decide/ as in we are the judge of this trial. The judiciary is intended to insure nobody gains control: we let the evidence decide/ and then judge for ourselves, what is true. And what is going wrong, that we must change to protect ourselves, your children, and our world.



THAT MACHINES HAVE BEEN BUILT, (trillions spent) WHOSE ONLY PURPOSE IS TO IGNITE THE SAME ENERGY SOURCE HERE ON EARTH AS IS ON THE SUN. Same energy source/ same result: how is that not true? They have proven fusion false at lawrence livermore labs in San Francisco; years back. And are literally trying to ignite plasma into a nuclear fire; which is what occurs on the sun; an atomic fire which burns the bond holding an atom together. So then everything here is fuel to burn/ and nothing can extinguish that flame, so our earth becomes a sun. THAT IS THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG. And their every claim is a fantasy, that can, and already has, been proven wrong.

SO YOUR CHOICE IS: TO EXAMINE THIS DECISION OF “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”/ AND THEN DETERMINE IF YOU WILL ALLOW OUR ENTIRE EARTH, to be experimented with. At a cost of “everything burns in HELL” as is the prediction of the bible; for this world ending/ as is extinction.

More clearly: ARE YOU WILLING TO LET THEM BE WRONG. There is no such thing as fusion, and they have proven it; so that is not a reality to be discussed. The absurdity of safety; IS DEAD.

The critical message is this: that the sustainability of nature can be lost due to human activities as is apparent across this entire globe. LIFE DOES NOT exist in a vacuum of indifference/ it is the result of disciplines, order, values, balance, resources, temperature constructions, boundaries, and limits in all types and kinds of ways that are interrelated to create the home we do live in. That university change (humanity screams YES WE CAN) has not only disrupted, but devalued and disgraced with absolute disrespect, THE ENTIRE NATURAL FLOW of all life processes on this planet. To your shame. THIS WORLD, HAS CHANGED:  8 BILLION PEOPLE IS JUST THE START!

You cannot survive “a thousand things” you are doing/ and the earth as a living environment will not survive those things either: because you did do, what you wanted to do. Instead of letting life design a balanced state of existence, when disciplines properly implemented would have identified the human addition of order to our lives. But as university knows religion shouts: WE BELIEVE IN CHAOS/ AND THAT LIFE IS AN ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT GAMBLE; with endless delusions, that do prove a mental insanity so far beyond the level of monkey, that even a snail looks to be more intelligent than a “scientist”. Because you take what cannot possibly be, by any level of reality or truth/ and turn it into a religion; much like the witch-doctors of tiny islands have been known to do. There is no true evidence of evolution, not one single thing; that could be proven in a courtroom of law and evidence by the virtue of reality. LIFE IS SACRED, not a game or a trophy or a toy, nor is ANY form of human derived interference allowed to mutilate or gamble with that life. YOU ARE NOT “god”/ and NO scientist, can put back the reality of life, they destroyed. WE CANNOT allow them to be WRONG.

The absolute horrifying insanity, that is university delusion “number one”: that there are NO CONSEQUENCES FOR US/ is absolutely WRONG. As we begin to see without the possibility of hiding what is true; that not only was the universities wrong/ they have become the cause of our extinction from this planet. As is consistent with the religious definition of SATAN (destroyer of worlds). An arrogance so extreme, “nothing is precious” or worth protecting. As is known and seen everyday through media: YES WE KNOW THIS IS HORRIFYING/ BUT LET’S NOT DO ANYTHING AT ALL; AND JUST LET LIFE AND PLANET DIE FOREVER. Cause we are gods, and there are no consequences for us; because they live in the sewage: a university is god. CHANGE OR BE EXTINCT!

The earth is sacred; and NO FORM of human derived interference allowed to gamble or assume that playing god with energy/ or destroying resources/ or poisoning this earth accepted: we must not LET FOOLS, THE CURSED, THE DAMNED, OR THE LIVING DEAD: be wrong. LIFE AND PLANET ARE TOO PRECIOUS.

Which ultimately means: that everything the universities have led you to do over the past fifty plus years; is not only wrong, but an absolute disaster to our very existence.

NO you cannot “fly around the world”

NO you cannot drive endlessly

NO you cannot have as many children as you want or could

NO you cannot force the children to accept your debts or steal their lives

NO you cannot release heat without consequences

NO you cannot alter the food supply without destroying it; as will soon be proven true. Because even the seed which makes you believe “we can be gods”/ now has the safety net removed, and can be attacked widespread, and with pandemics; just like animals with “super” diseases. Just like animals who are dependent in factory farms on antibiotics/ your plants are entirely dependent upon fertilizers which will end. Your oceans are nearly dead, and soon will be. While the entire weather structure for this earth has now been modified. The sources of primary food stocks for the ocean are being wiped out/ all sanctuaries for the last surviving members are being lost. And basically EVERYTHING “YES WE CAN” by humans has done over the last fifty plus years; has been an absolute disaster for life and earth. BECAUSE NOT ONE DECISION OF UNIVERSITIES LED LIFE; has been for the earth or living or future of anything. ONLY GREED/ SELFISHNESS/ CURSED/ AND WHORING have existed under a university design. Such is the reality of “your gods”.

Last chance, either come back to truth, and accept that delusions based upon the fantasies of a few university minds (where sewage lives instead of value) are not going to save you. As they are clearly leading all: to the destruction of life and planet. WITH LIES, AND A COUNTERFEITED CURRENCY TO BRIBE YOU WITH; that is absolutely worthless, if it wasn’t so destructive by your own desire for slaves (I don’t have to do nothing/ its all mine).

And go back, to the values consistent with life, truth, reality, courage, respect, love, hope, forgiveness where appropriate, knowledge that is based upon facts that matter, understanding that ascends into the dignity of life itself, and wisdom that literally accepts: NO WE CANNOT PLAY “god”. Life is too precious, to be wrong!

The failure to accept that, does literally mean: you will soon be extinct!

Massive problems require massive solutions/ just doing a little will solve absolutely nothing. Which is one of the reasons, over all these decades; people have run away screaming “ I won’t believe”/ even though, that is exactly why they are running away to hide. The second biggest reason is; you want what you want, and that is all there is too it; nothing else matters to you. But you built your world on fantasies and delusions/ the expectation like universities led you to believe “that chaos is your friend and creator”. Even the blind “see better than you”/ because chaos does only one thing: it reduces anything complex, to its most simple form possible. Fire being the most visible tool of chaos; is a perfect example. Fire did not build life, yet your delusions regarding university religion as is evolution: could not be more insane. Packed in with all your other universities born delusions; and you are extinct/ because consequences exist. Fully one third of all that universities seek to do, and hypnotize your children to use: is manipulate/ tempt/ control/ alter/ enslave/ abuse/ and reduce humanity to their version of subjugated life. After all, they are the nobility; and you are as nothing. WHAT ELSE do you think, a majority of universities exist for: they don’t do physical work for life or planet: they play, and what better toy “than you” exists?

Don’t believe it? Of course you don’t, as they have been playing god; and media has insured NOBODY gets to question the universities for decades: “they are gods”. But let’s review the simple truth of “magicians/ mentalists/ illusionists” and so on: who are deliberately studied by universities. For the deliberate purpose of learning how to carefully study people, and apply the purposes of “illusion”/ to the reality of changing how people think. Or making them believe they have come up with a conclusion, that was in fact forced upon them by subconscious decisions; manipulated upon them by others. You do believe in magicians and such: do you not?

The great power of the universities was not knowledge of any kind! The great power of universities was born when Reagan took the American currency off the gold standard/ so that he could then sell the gold; and use that money to do anything he wanted! BE DAMNED, to anyone who wants, to pay for debts.

When the gold was sold out, and no more reality existed in the currency: the truth they laughed, ridiculed, cheated, and disrespected us all to the point of their own insanity was over as well. Leaving only the truth: “you can have as many numbers are you want”; just add another zero! With foreign governments however: they wanted our business and industry and wealth and property: since traitors don’t care, that is exactly what they got. As media, politician’s, and more looked on, and spread the propaganda “thick”. NO inflation here! Because lies still spend until bankruptcy exists.

In doing that simple thing: HE GAVE CONTROL OVER THE US CURRENCY TO “the university elite”. Who gave themselves million dollar raises, and spread US money like toys to be thrown away; across the world. Not one media outlet reported it/ and not more than one citizen appears to have questioned it: because they all wanted GREED/ AND THEN WORSHIPED THE UNIVERSITIES; as their method to become GREEDY AS WE CAN BE. Let the children be damned!

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