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Since nobody gets the flu or a cold, or has allergies, or asthma, or any other disease but covid; it is only fitting that you consider the possibilities of propaganda, as constructed by those collecting trillions of dollars; by releasing a biological weapon against you (as we know covid is university made). Extended families and all other groups; should survey their people, to decide for themselves what is true.  In terms of foundations: IT IS absolutely necessary to remember covid has given trillions of dollars, to those who claim “they know”. When in fact covid is a mutation of diseases well known. and their vaccine is proven to be:  the greatest “cash cow”, this world has ever seen: “like a true james bond movie criminal”. What could be wrong?  Every child needs a vaccine: because TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS are collected by a tiny few. By stealing from US as is counterfeiting (claims that bear no reality) our currency.

population in all parts of the world continues to rise, proving no pandemic exists. The death to offset birth count:  the reality is at most only fractionally more than normal; is a reflection of an older population. 9 people die per one thousand living; of all causes.  Without death, OUR WHOLE WORLD DIES:  “because we eat other life/ and it has needs too”.  Which means: the anarchy of a power overthrow (the constitution is dead); by disabling and destroying this nation: with lies, theft, debt, etc:  is used as a weapon, to gain an outright attack.

some argue, “there is nothing worse, than a liar/ traitor/ thief”! But I do challenge that with, the predator that is so cunning, “the prey believes nothing can go wrong”; until suddenly, its life is being eaten by the predators jaws. He or she starts with, “I just want what I want”. like every stealth predator: the object is to keep the prey distracted, until they cannot escape. Like every prey: the object is, to stampede, so we can all run them down, and they cannot focus on  a single one. As is the current “make them FEAR”; take them to trial for stampeding (we don’t know what else to do) into the capitol.

People no longer want their jobs: because the “nazi predator” stands at the door/ army uniform in hand: DO IT/ OR BE DAMNED.

As to all “nazi (organized mobs) related, hitler (liar, traitor, fool) actions” being taken by our employees. The foundation of this democracy is: that the constitution itself IS our government/ not any employee. The US supreme court according to the constitution: HAS NO AUTHORITY over the constitution, and can change nothing about the constitutional laws that are our government: they must obey. ONLY the states ratifying by a 2/3 majority can change the constitution; if the people allow it. the constitution does not allow for any employee to mandate a vaccination/ it does not give authority for any legal actions taken by any employee/ it does not give authority for our employee to command business or industry owners into compulsory service as their soldiers; enforcing illegal acts under the disguise of government; and more! in other words: our democracy is under direct attack, by a rebellious insurgency whose true design is to put “the university gods” in charge of our nation. because as always “the righteous” are so superior; they have to be rulers/ democracy be damned.  THE CLAIM that we are under attack, by a disease, and they are thereby forced to discard constitutional law:  mandates they apply Marshal law/ and create a military campaign against us, for force compliance: or they have no legal right to invade our lives, business, or other. A military takeover: REQUIRES, the clear and literal decision to establish an irrefutable evidence; so the people in this DEMOCRACY can enforce it upon themselves. anything less is TREASON; as is the basis of current actions being taken. The attack on our lives/ our society/ our business/ our everything; by those who claim “the universities CANNOT be questioned/ they are gods”. Thereby describing us all, as incompetent fools, who must be led/ rather than free. EXTREME arrogance discards constitutional law; as if it does not exist/ what follows is a hitler style demand, such as: “I have the power to make you cry”; obey or die. Betrayal is belief: “I know, all I need to know”/ you don’t count; as is the descent into pride; where life is a game “won or lost”.

reality never changes, men are men: the extreme population rise in the university diploma: REQUIRES more jobs for us/ more resources for us/ more everything for us. Which  means you need to take a whole lot less; because like every immigrant population, when the boundaries in place no longer hold up to wants. The invasion begins: increases with population counts; and then turns to war: “we must take what we want”. which is the complete displacement of all those who hold property and opportunities: by covid expenditures based upon FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY.  “OOPS, too late now”!

consider for a moment the cost of humans: mutilating and changing nature itself; because reality knows/ these fools will create catastrophe; the biblical term is armageddon.         

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Jim Osterbur

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