IT IS, a truth of life, that nobody gets to pick out their face, size, color, abilities, or any other aspect of what nature did provide to you. We don’t get to choose our parents, or where they live, what they do or can’t do, or any other aspect of what will or will not affect me in ways that are utterly beyond my own control.

Which leaves us with our own individual truth: our choice is to use what we have been given, in the ways our environment will allow for us to accomplish; and do the best we can, as our own contribution to life and living as a human being on this earth. The cost and consequences of what other human beings are doing/ costs and consequences of major environmental events participate in what we may choose, or not. And in all ways; our own contribution to life and living is shaped by what we do not control; just as much as it is shaped by what we do control: our choice/ our thoughts/ our interactions with life/ our discipline, balance, courage, values, love or hate; and the respect you choose, which defines and creates it all.

Which makes respect the most critical of all choices humanity is allowed to make of its own decisions to participate within the environment called your own heart. Heart beyond the physical, then comes to mean: what “I/ you”, have chosen, to identify both “good or bad” in all things. LOVE sees the value of life, and accepts its cost by searching for what is true; thereby participating as the living requires of us all, in order to achieve survival of this world, and our own individual existence. HATE judges the living and the life of what exists, to decide this is worthless to me/ and thereby sinks into the chaos of death, as it destroys what has value to prove, “if I can’t be happy/ then neither can you”. What resides in between these two parameters of human existence: is the behaviors which transform living into the dimensions of where we draw the line; between what we accept as “good or evil”. Chaos states: “I CAN, have both love and hate to be part of my life”. Love to find happiness/ hate to prove to any other, “fear me” or I will hurt you. Pride/ want/ and power; the consequences of each: all arise from this decision. To want both love and hate. Which are distinct opposites, and never “live as one”/ therefore chaos is a constant of human existence, and its decisions.

We, who choose love: then search for happiness, with or without the others; and provide within ourselves: “the presentation of soul”! Soul exists as the confrontation of miracles (as is every living thing/ this whole world, and more): which applies the level of truth we accept as our own, to the decision we create inside: “NO human did this/ nor did any other living, or non-living substance of any kind; create, on this earth.” The consequence of that is: an alternate being, humanity has given the name of “ GOD “; gave to us all, this gift of our existence, the body of life that is our connection to freedoms, expressions, and experiences; our virtual world of mental conceptions/ as well as our physical world of “costs and consequences” as does teach us what is true, and the price of our reality. Some see death as a violation of that gift; rather than a necessity so the next generation can exist. Some see death, as a tragedy of losses that should never be; rather than the truth, every mass of time shaped by atomic energy; has its ending predicted; because an action and a reaction uses that energy up; to send it away. So as age expands what is left, cannot go on. Some see, the loss of life at a very early age as the defining existence; OF NO love here. But reality insists, if life is to be fair/ then death, disease, and its associates, have to be random; being able to attack anyone at anytime; so as not to be judgmental against any specific individual who exists. Humanity shouts: WHY NOT, kill that bastard “over there”! But the reality of human judgment is completely flawed, and although killing off hate seems “the right thing to do”. It is hate, that teaches the rest: what the true value of love is. Even though the lesson is harsh/ it is necessary, to the presence of heart; as divides respect into the definitions we then do understand as “good or bad”. If every flaw was removed: there would be no human left. The consequence of that is: they all receive the same/ so that those who “bloom, in life” can be found.

People shout: WHY CAN’T I have everything they have/ WHY should anyone have more than me; and pride answers with “I am the superior one”/ power answers with, “I have revenge”/ and want answers with: “in the secret corners and places, with cunning and stealth and camouflage of a predator, I will get what I want”. So the answer is: in order to keep this world alive, the presence of both heart and soul; are kept hidden inside, so the rest do not come hunting, and then killing (as is the biblical Cain and Able story); what they want the most. Jealousy is a terrible thing, and it accumulates in pride, to become abuse, use, tragedy, violence; and all things leading to power; the war against life itself.

So to abate the violence of want; people created religions. Thereby giving to themselves something more than just living in want; as is taught by survival. To rise above self, and go beyond time: is to seek in the distance of heart; a new dimension to life and living as is conceived within soul. Yet even here, when fear takes control; the descent from life into death; is both hard and heavy, and then violent. So humanity, and its religions; stay away from all things spiritual (born of truth). “trouble here”/ simply believe what you want to believe instead. As is safe!

BUT reality says: we will all die/ and in that moment, choose our destiny as has been shaped by our own individual truths. So to avoid the cost and consequences of fear or courage: is to avoid your own potential for life beyond self.

The question occurs: IF, the spiritual world is “life beyond self”/ THEN, how do I, or could I: remain as self, which is required; here in this time on earth? It makes no sense to risk everything here, for a future that cannot even be imagined, because it is not as this living in time, is? But the more critical question is: if time is but an instant/ and eternity “never ends”? THEN what is the price, for being wrong? The answer to that is: YOU ARE, free to choose your own destiny; whether it be love or hate or simple dissipation (vanished, as animals; and forever gone) due to your lack of value, in your choice. BUT IF YOU COST “a life that does belong to GOD/ or would have belonged to GOD “. YOU, have declared WAR with GOD; and losing that war, are bound into the curse of terror, that is given to be the same amount of time; LOVE WOULD HAVE BENEFITTED in eternity; that you took away, and killed. That was your choice/ that was what you participated in/ that was your cost of being alive: and it will be your death, as your curse to life; now curses you.

And so: the screamers say: “YOU CAN’T prove an eternity exists” for anyone”! But reality replies: “YOU CAN’T build a single living stem of grass/ not a whisker on your face/ can’t survive a second beyond the moment death takes away your time: because you are not GOD.” and reality proves: every miracle is the evidence of GOD DID THIS, for us all. The evidence of JESUS allows by a life beyond the rest, as proven by the testimony of his healing life: that we were not simply created and left behind. While the evidence of HIS LIFE; which proved the true and valid differences: between LOVE and its opposite HATE/ giving to humanity a different path. And then a different world, because HE presented us all with tat choice. “now you know”; CHOOSE. While many refused to pass along that information, because they wanted more for themselves/ they wanted hate for pride and power, claiming want is enough. Religion fought back with want is not enough; and we must strive to be better than that. Until the universities came “spouting imagination is enough”; with their delusions of evolution, to reshape life with fear (eternity be damned/ time is all you get)/ as was accomplished with the atomic bomb and disease. Causing people to squeeze tightly together, and claim “let the serpent” lead us now; so we don’t all die. Causing people to ransack the future even more; and sacrifice every child, because they believed “the end is near”. But they were wrong, as humanity always is; when turning into animals. Because animals are not “ultimately alive in truth”/ as is required to be, truly “human”. Because animals cause the end to be near; instead of letting truth decide: how best we may survive, by accepting the dimensions of thought must guide our path.

Universities shout: we are thought/ we are the superior ones; everyone should bow down to us. And humanity across this earth did that. And today the evidence of their failures, surround us all. Because thought is not the product of intellect (I can win this game)/ but the reality of truth, as is subjected to respect and the values of discipline, order, balance, and law.

The universities response: KILL IT ALL; MUTILATE NATURE into chaos, and prove evolution by killing nature itself/ AND MAKE ENERGY UNLEASH what they say, we cannot control/ even though reality knows they cannot: and the claim: we will control; energies just like “on the sun”. Is truly even the worst lie of all. But, people are believers; and so long as they are not confronted with the reality of their truth; because this earth allowed for ravaging, rape, ruin, poisons everywhere, HELL ON EARTH, to be created by universities and the men who want what they want. The end of life is near. The choice people made, coming true. As they continue to refuse, to accept: the cost of being WRONG.

Some would suggest: “just like the Jewish nation”/ refused to accept, that JESUS was more than a ticket to their wealth.

You do stand on the precipice of extinction; and yet refuse to acknowledge “anything is wrong”. Because you want what you want/ and pride refuses to accept no you did not win; but cursed a world instead; leaving only power to end life on earth. The liars surround you with distractions; because hate wants you dead/ “NO happiness” for a single one. Is their choice.

This message does still stand: CHANGE OR DIE/ an entire world lost; because of you. As is the evidence: “didn’t do a thing” to help life or world survive; proves true of you. Time is running out/ death is the end of your choice.


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