It would be remiss: not to discuss, the elemental “darkness of death/ and its foundation as does present happiness with life”. Death is “the end of all things/ no choice is left”! Life is: “the presentation of all things possible, within the dimensions, freedoms, and choice; we are allowed to participate in”. The fact that we KNOW there is a vast difference between these two realms of existence; creates the decision, of love as is the truth of happiness with life. OR hate as is the truth of death, the consequence “I chose this not/ so I am ANGRY; thereby in chaos”.

Which brings us by association: within the reality of what it means to live/ and what it means to die? Here, the realities of law, decide. As is the construction of boundaries and limits and dimensions which house the elements of our conception, as thought defines them to be. Within the reality of our time, is a primary lesson of shaped by energy: for simplicity, “when two freezing objects are placed together, most will join in that cold controls both”. When the heat energy needed to produce, a layer of liquid water is placed between them/ it freezes both into place, with a very strong bond. Or more distinctly, even a small amount of: the movements associated with energy; allows for shaping what will be held in place, as far more massive than what this was in the beginning.

So the question of energy is: HOW does the binding of time and placement of particles; arrange itself into a life? HOW then does death, take apart these substances of mass, by removing the energy which let it sustain “a shape” constructed by laws?

The second is known to be the result of atomic energy losses due to an action or reaction taking place; as does use the kinetic energy loss of atoms as its reserve. The binding of cold; reshapes the body, as the balance of energy shifts from kinetic to potential as is the solidity of mass, not in motion. So the question of time becomes: HOW does the law of life, interfere with the construction of shape, to retain a dimension that can move within the freedoms called self?

Critical to this understanding: are the values which define a law. As do, become the limits and boundaries that will hold together the resultant dimension. NONE of that will be disclosed, now or ever.

Nonetheless, we can discuss or discover the question of how energy: REALITY SAYS; this is not a direction that will aid or abet life or earth. Therefore it ends.

We move back into the dimensional contributions of realities and the physical appearance of life as time. Recognizing instead: as is the evidence of complexity so extreme, ONLY RESPECT is allowed! The curse of those who would sacrifice its sanctuary of existence; are warned: stop or die.

Even so: the lesson here begins with understanding: that the existence of life begins with GOD . and in that reality, we can assert, there was both darkness and loneliness at “this” core development. NO attempt to understand, shall ever exist. However as it relates to our own life and living: we are given the task, to understand the concept of how hard this truly was. Therefore we must accept and learn: the disciplines and order of happiness, in order to survive the darkness; before we begin our own journey into the light. This is “unnecessary” for those who receive mercy; as is “love allows you to remain here”. But is insistent upon those who journey into the destiny that is called “a child of GOD”. Or more distinctly, to achieve this elevation in life/ you must travel the path that is consistent with how life began.

Or more distinctly: as the darkness encloses, the value of your beginning is formed within the distinctions of your own truth. These are what you select; as the beginning of your journey.

Energy is the messenger, while mass has no meaning but to itself.

So the critical link in life or death beyond the grave is: can you bind yourself to energy as it exists, without an action or a reaction as the result? A requirement to survive. Complexity begins, if you can: because energy is no game.

I will stop here, because no intent to overwhelm exists.

perhaps more later/ perhaps not.

I consider it fair to say; that this is “all the information” that you need, or be of help; to conceive of and create the foundations that define and prepare you for a journey beyond time and self; as the element of death will consume us all. LIFE is an energy, sourced from its beginning; and develops through the essence of thought, into what is beyond description as understood by respect.

While I developed under the distinction of male/ the reality of female, when turned back; to view life from the other side; IS a very different journey. How they interrelate into eternity cannot be truly defined. But I can tell you this; that the female dimension, has overrun me entirely. It remains true, although intense changes exist; her presence here is more benefit than cost. I hope that she “being of the spiritual world”; experiences the same. It is complicated/ NO, you are not expected to understand. But she insists, “regardless of what humanity wishes to believe”; that it is female which brings the last and greatest elements of this message to life and earth; by balancing what male could not deliver on his own. You are to know that is true; and as such regardless of your many fantasies and imaginations; the evidence is real.

NO, I do not know “what next”. Like a fish out of water, I am “just doing the best I can”. NO, I do not know what eternity will be for me; it is a mystery; having changed dimensions. Everything male, seems to be getting lost. NO, I do not know; life must reveal the end result. While my identity was refined and developed intensely as male/ truth created by time. That is over; and I remain “a mystery”, to me. Such is, the way it is.

What is clear however is: that the time of battle is over. It is absolutely certain, “I am here to stay, and fighting to return to male will not be achieved”. It is also certain, my eternity, is clearly now, in her hands; as the spiritual world only accepts the purity of truth in you/ or me. Only time is allowed to change. Consequently reality has decided “I feel more girl than boy (no I cannot explain that)”/ even though the physical evidence leans heavily the opposite direction. The journey begins. Of interest, “is the hour glass figure of female, representing time”; and how that becomes the effect of life being born anew. Truth is truth, therefore truth will decide how this ends: or whatever it is to be. I do not know/ although it seems not lost anymore. “complicated”. Nonetheless, you are who you are, by the truth called freedom to choose/ as am I, until that truth or freedom has been changed. Only then, do we begin again. My existence within the spiritual world/ is not yours. Whether you believe “anything”/ is not mine. Simple as that.

NO MALE, “or other”; is a participant here or will ever be/ this is strictly, between the dimensional existence of what is distinctly: “female and I”. Differences in energy expression, differences in time and body expression, differences in the destiny called eternity; are all subject to the conception of what is new. Elemental creations, as are consistent with the construction of atomic laws; form here as well. No suggestion, of how it turns out; not my choice to make. I just have to wait.

The question of happiness is: “what a difference, being ALIVE is, the possibilities as depicted by miracles; could be endless”/ the beginning of love. Rather than being without life; as is considered death in time”. Brings with it the chaos of life ending; along with the conclusions “of how bad that could be”; confronting you with hate.

Therefrom the essence of religion was found: to depict and define, by the imaginations of men; if life could go on/ and how then would that be? While the majority scream: “this is it; dust to dust, the end”. Others say: could be “anything”.

Christianity says: “the miracle of life”, is more than a dream/ it is the difference between love and hate. Or more distinctly, it is a complexity so far advanced beyond ourselves; that nothing in this world, can conceive of what life could become. ONLY by the evidence of miracles, do we have a clue. So the reality of JESUS, then becomes the question: DID HIS life, establish the foundations we need to accept: NOT forgotten, but given the opportunity to seek eternity within ourselves? Most say no; but the elevation of life, beyond hate; which is where HIS life led: offers a path. That path is through love, disciplines, respect, trust, courage, truth, values, forgiveness, the sanctity of life, and the disciplines order allows to balance our living in time: we do understand, life beyond time is not a gift. But a decision to participate, as love guides the heart. I accept that path; which means, I accept the concept of eternity is a relationship with the essence of thought bound by energy, into the formations which will mean we are alive/ past death, & beyond self. What can or cannot exist beyond time; is most eloquently stated, by the truth: EVERY LIFE, is in fact, “a miracle”. So far beyond human comprehension; that those who try fall apart/ and like evolution, claim they are gods, because of imagination. “or more distinctly”: DON’T need no damn proof of truth; we want what we want.

And the people say: I AM alive, but not happy/ where is my reward?

But the reality replies: since you will not obey the law that is justice and respect for life and world. The reality of love escapes you, and the freedom you choose turns back to hate you. Making this world into “the cost” of who you are.

CHANGE and accept truth decides, respect love, and together these will bring justice; along with happiness. So long as you separate yourselves from hate.

TIME PROVES:  HOW TRULY VALUABLE, “ANOTHER LIFE TO SHARE IT WITH IS”/ even beyond the limits of this earth.  By granting if we care and respect each other; our relationship will grow beyond the boundaries which separate us; into the essence of all that life can truly be. The purity of that love, then shapes our truth, our journey, and our time.

REALITY reminds me again: to prove the evidence of all your failures is immense/ catastrophic/ and a disgrace.

A tiny few can order this world to be destroyed; by a wide range of university weapons.

A tiny multitude of university educated people; can release the horror of biological weapons.

Terrorists can unleash chemical weapons; “and poison this world, its water and more.

Resources have been thrown into the garbage; and with them, the lives “of a thousand years” no longer available to human existence; ending life.

Water resources are tragically being terrorized.

Food sources are being turned into “just a tiny few things”/ by genetic alterations; which make the entire species open to disease and extinction.

Trees are being torn into oblivion; just as it is in the middle east/ where only a tiny few exist. Disregarding the truth, that it is the tree, which holds the atmosphere in alignment with the planet/ and without enough of them; this earth returns to a planet where the atmosphere will race at roughly 700 mph. Because you didn’t care.

The planet itself is warming; which requires the extreme release of heat. Which is entirely human in causation. Which melts the sea ice, where the base food source originates in these polar regions: for all life therein. No food/ no life. Too much heat/ no life. Etc.

human population growth threatens all life on earth/ as they tragically take everything all other living things need too. Reality states: soon a billion or more will be starving, and out of water/ as is your reality; for destroying everything you touch. That will end in war, as history proves true; and because the masses are so many; all weapons of mass destruction will be used. Because you are growing if 3’% that is a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed than deaths; per year/ which will make human life cheap, and worthless when it starts. As it has throughout history, producing genocide. Your jobs being destroyed, a tiny few again: formed into an army that is taking EVERYTHING, from you. by counterfeiting currency, and claiming only you must pay a debt. “the dead skeletons” leading, behind closed doors. Where university experts, lurk.

You don’t know what life needs to survive. You don’t know what is capable of sustaining life on earth. You don’t know anything about life or bodies of living; as is so critically proven by evolution. Your “gods of university” claim; “a billion cells all arrange themselves by accident/ a million miles of wiring in the human body is nothing but chaos/ every organ, every bone that builds itself, places itself, and attaches itself; is merely “magic”, and means nothing; along with a trillion more examples of “thought did this” discarded into the trash; because they want to play god, and insist “they can do better/ by injecting chaos, into nature itself (to kill it_)”; to make evolution come back. To their shame. And the cult of university worshipers even bows down in sacrificing this entire planet; by trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ which is literally all their machines can do. A fire their own literature, behind the advertisements suggest is the real world release “just like the sun” of 4 million times more energy/ than the chemical fires we have here can do.

As as dead bodies do: NOT a single movement is made/ even when you know; by irrefutable evidence. Because a cult cannot question its leader/ to your shame.

The sea will soon be empty, tragic decisions everywhere. GARBAGE MOUNTAINS everywhere. Failure everywhere, because you won’t care; nearly all claiming “NOT in my lifetime”. Which literally means: you are cannibalizing your own children. Each one saying: this world will not last anyway.

And they are correct; by what you do.

Which means CHANGE NOW, or your fate is sealed/ and so will be your own eternity; for choosing to destroy an entire world of life; or literally doing NOTHING; even when you knew.

And the world says to me: LEAVE US ALONE, “we just want what we want”/ we got bills to pay. LEAVE US ALONE.

But every child says: WE DESERVE OUR TIME ON EARTH, not the death you caused/ SAVE US, we are owed.

And the old say: you got our garbage, to be your “gold mine of treasures”. To their shame.

the rest say: “you can’t scare us/ YOU ARE NOBODY”. Our gods of university will save us/ they are everything we need; even though the evidence clearly points to their failure is why extinction looms. While: Religion says to me/ YOU AIN’T NEARLY PERFECT ENOUGH; just more damn garbage under our feet. Our GOD (even though it is university) will save us/ WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING; even though reality proves you do. And the cost of being wrong is this world DIES, because you chose not to care/ using me as your excuse.

So, I remind you: in a world tipping on the edge of extinction. MY DEMAND OF YOU IS; “GO TO COURT” and prove your own evidence is wrong! OR DO, what life needs for you to do/ in order NOT TO BE WRONG. As is your debt, to life and planet; that you chose to create/ NOT me.

the summary of it all is: “a sewer of fools, liars, traitors, thieves, and terrorists; has led”/ to the destruction of life and earth; by worshiping fantasy and failures. Non bigger than “universities play god”.

From the very big things; as is mutilation of nature (genetics are nature)/ and trying to ignite a nuclear fire (which is all a tomak reactor can do_); to everything else failed and cursed by society; the cult of “we don’t need no damn reality” pure idiots.

To the little things, as in Illinois; “let them re-wet beans, for a few pennies more”/ not even real! While all the fossil fuels and every other cost of doing so; continues to betray the planet with global warming, pollution, oxygen depletion, resources losses/ shipping molds-which ends trade/ and every other failure that is absolutely constant in the surge: to play god, with money that is not real. Because behind every door of government or university or media; is a dead skeleton (ain’t nothing left but lies) selling us out. To play their games. As this world screams: GIVE THEM A BRIBE, and they won’t care. NOT about anything real.

Flying off to the moon; with billions, and resources this earth cannot afford to lose. Another imagination of tyrants taking control over life; for nothing more than the battering ram of poverty to all the rest. As with everything else, the lies are endless; NOBODY is traveling to other planets or beyond/ because we NEED OXYGEN to survive/ and that is an element, which you cannot make or store enough of to survive. So its all just a mirage; because they want the money, and the power of making missiles to send weapons of mass destruction on. Just as it was from the beginning.

SHAME ON ALL, who simply lay down and die; letting this entire world be lost. How pathetic is that? HELL will soon answer, without a single tear for mercy granted no more. SHAME ON YOU.

Reality reminds me, of my own work in this life: that as male, “fighting or pushing” people to understand this is no game; and we need to accept what the evidence is saying will become our future. But to judge is to lose; therefore when passion dies; as is the result of “becoming spiritual” to some degree. The evidence of truth rises, as the law takes control.

The reality of that is: the human animal wants what it wants, and will clearly refuse all values, all essence of truth or consequences or realities clearly in existence: UNLESS they are confronted with weapons. And even then they will refuse screaming “I want what I want”/ unless those weapons establish pain, fear, and even death; as is the element of war, which invaded human existence from the beginning. Proving “once and for all”/ that the male definition of ruling this world; can only end in war. Unless humanity changes; from animal/ to human being ALIVE in the grace of miracles. Which does require each to care and share and respect life, world, humanity, and everything that does have value. But alas; people want to play games instead.

Which brings me to “the re-balance of life”. Which is to see life not from the male version of “push them/ push to survive/ push to work for life”. Into the female version of life and living; which is to pull the living home, to participate in life from the essence of love; by the values of law. Which does elevate living; by bringing happiness to all who are true to the words “being human”. Unfortunately living “in a man’s world”; fails all things female. Or more distinctly: gathering together what has value, to protect it from men who are animals/ because they are being, not human. Establishes, is a different view. The vast majority of women are by no means perfect or more than animals to some degree themselves. Which leaves us all in the conundrum: of how can this world possibly survive/ is extinction undeniable?

In order to assess that reality: the question is: HOW, can the animals, be turned back into human? Clearly not by being male/ guaranteed not to work! Which leaves only female to try; by pulling life back into love. Discarding the university demand; we are animals and nothing more. And removing the cult of university plays god/ university knows: forcing, and ALL MUST: “fear/ believe/ and obey”. Can they? Answer: not unless they untie themselves from the cult.

Truth cannot be measured; it is/ or it is not true. Only purity can be measured; and it is purity that opens the door, into the laws of truly “different worlds”. By what is true; you attain the differences in what laws can do. Changing this world by law, requires acceptance of truth. Simple as that; truth demands justice, simple as that/ or laws fail, simple as that.

Pride; one of the great enemies of life: is an enemy, hard to defeat; people want it, to prove they are superior. The cost of defeating it is: to let people say or think “anything they want, about you”. To discard all claim of superiority, or even being equal; and let the animals choose, “what they want you to be;  is their toy”. BUT if freed from pride of animals: life does shares truth in you. A lesson, elementally required of those who accept; “being human” is worth the price. It is your choice.


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