tragedies and choices

tragedies and choices

It is, the core and essence of life; that we must make decisions, some of which turn into catastrophe/ some of which can express the most beautiful experiences of life/ but most are the dull and disciplined examples of what we do to survive, and not die.

The cost of our decisions is then determined by the truth from which we choose our own reality. With goals there are purposes. With want, there are conclusions to life by its choices/ with pride, life need not be more than a game; which is then not to be feared. With power; people play god, and create chaos for the rest.

But with love, the value of living becomes our heart, and the essence of truth, that is our lives, and our earth are MIRACLES given to us, each one. As the blessing, which defines our soul; by what we choose to be. Love lifts us in truth, and truth brings to life its reality of respect; for the dignity and grace that is trust in each other; “one miracle to another”.

Unfortunately; the endless bribes, blanket the eyes with delusions. The constant betrayal of life and earth by terrorists running governments and blinding you with promises they cannot keep. Hiding the cost of these decisions are extinction; until it is too late, to change that last gasp of life and earth. Because the power to do horrendous things, is now possible; in the sewer that is “Satan on earth”; called a university.


So we must review behaviors, to identify why this exists? Every form of life and living called human, exists within the pyramid of disciplines, designed by the level of life you choose to live by.

The first level is animal; bordered on four sides, with “want/ pride/ power/ and hate”; the only way to rise above it; is to balance these elements of existence with thought that exceeds the selfishness, greed, and other tragedies of living as a human animal; to attain a higher level of conscious desire, and discovery. [conspicuously, shaping the existence of life into a pyramid] by your decision or lack of it: To accept animal, as your choice. Some live at the bottom, never wanting to rise, and use sex as their excuse; and chemical release for living. Alas the addiction fades, and violence; used, abused, enslaved, perverted, and so on are released.

The next level is religion: as is “want is not enough/ I need more to survive”. Therefrom the question of belief/ or not belief stirs; within the four corners of this platform, and it again requires balance to rise above it. Not many do. Belief accepts: this is what I want, it is mine; nobody can take it/ or this is not what I want, the door is locked, and no one gets in. While apathy, the agnostic, atheist, intellectual and so on comprise the alternate two corners. As is; I will get what I want, by any and all means of deception and trickery possible/ or just not care. To rise above; requires that you let truth decide, an ingredient of thought: separated from, as in, “NOT your want or pride”.

The next level is: when truth decides, the critical relationship we share with thought. Or more distinctly the four directions of thought entangle the dimensions of truth: with the construction of your soul. WHO ARE YOU, is an expression of that change; from animal, into human being ALIVE. Therefore the choices to be made form your identity/ your truth/ your trust/ and eliminate the foundations of your fear. Not removing all possible fears; but establishing death as the dimension from which eternity does rise. Critical to this ascension into the conception of miracles; are the gifts given to male (courage (the decision is worth its cost) and stamina (I have made my decision, and will work to achieve it; so long as truth agrees). Along with the alternate that is female in dimension: PATIENCE (I must let the laws governing this decide) and endurance (I have no choice, best I can; but to die) are required. Granting in these elements, the understanding of how valuable, balancing these truths, within the opposite gender really is. Or more distinctly: behavioral patterns originate according to our relationship with RESPECT. Or what is true of thought, identifies the critical path of living, which is to understand as male, without happiness as is female here/ there will be no point to my living. Both time and beyond time share the same distinction: one must struggle to survive/ while the other must struggle to provide the joy we both need to be alive.

The final level of humanity being alive within the joy of disciplines, that identify truth by its laws; is a spiritual world, wherein only truth survives. And only the purity of that truth is allowed to participate beyond the limits that have been set. Spiritual thought is an ascension beyond time, into the universe of disciplines, order, and balance as are associated with eternity itself. It is no game; pride dies/ or you do. Power is not allowed, and want is a liar; which ends where your lies begin; forever. So the dignity of life will be surrounded by the respect your truth has revealed. What then becomes of that experience, is expressed in accordance with what time requires you to achieve. “a job” is formed. And a reality of life and living results, as is consistent with your work. Based upon “true human needs”.

Beyond these elevations; are the realities of what can and cannot be eternal.

It is, of a value to know: that time is a transparency. The view, of what life translates by existence/ what power reveals about distance, destruction, and judgment. The experience of love, expresses happiness. While the expression of hate, experiences chaos.

Each of these is fundamental to the view of life, from the disciplines and order of thought. While all forms of media contrast what is true, with manipulation and control; it is broadcast media which changed the experience of history (what we believe), by covering it with films of a different color; based upon what a few, want the rest to believe. Belief is the foundation of most things that turn into evil; as belief allows you to judge/ allows you to destroy/ allows you group, and assert racism and more. Belief is; what people do to feel safe. But if their belief is based upon lies, that foundation will wash away under stress/ and turn the prison to keep the others out; into the prison that keeps you in. there are two forms of belief: common (the above) and religion; the basis of struggling to decide what happens when you die. Common belief shapes society by what you want or don’t want. While religious belief shapes the heart and soul, according to what you construct as the reward you will inherit by following these rules.

Reality does not agree; that either form is justified by truth. Therefore we search religion; to understand faith means: “to let truth decide”/ and then accept that truth by the evidence can be trusted to define and create a value nothing else can.

Truth is common beliefs; merely point to whatever you want; and let you be satisfied with an intellectual response: HOWEVER you get what you want, is justified. Which includes all forms of behavior, clearly not justified by the values of life built from happiness.

Unfortunately, the curse of life is called “a need/ as in I must have this to survive”; much less than the majority want it to be; as their excuse. But a constant of living, as the competition to “own it all” requires others shall suffer, be enslaved, or die.

Life therefrom gives to thought is parameters of living; by the adjustment of reality to form a basis from which thought is now capable of recognizing what “I choose”/ does have consequences. And it is thought, that forms the foundation of life itself

therefore the question becomes: if we are given a constructive view of what happens to our decisions/ beyond the grip of time. Then are we elementally a life awaiting to be born into the realities of existence beyond this earth?

The critical question arises with the understanding: our bodies are the expression of atomic compositions, which do release energy from which we move.

Therefore nature is a passage, and time is a path into the creation of what we can become from within ourselves as identity reveals the choices we will make; by our own truth.

The complex question is: if we must pass the test, before receiving the embodiment of life itself/ as constructed from energy rather than from atoms.

How is thought the ascension of life, through death; as is the release of existence from time?

The composition of that answer is: thought does not exist within itself/ but is the communication of truth throughout this universe. To join within that truth, you must be truth. To join within happiness and joy, you must choose that direction; or will become lost/ or thrown into chaos.

For the tiny few, who are allowed to “look behind the looking glass”

that is the spiritual world of your own creation (what are your lies); where only truth survives.

NO, it is not an alice in wonderland experience.

Rather It is: the truth of your existence, divided into:  what you build as your life in time.

Through love or hate.

Death, ‘breaks that glass”/ and you are now, “owned by your truth”; by the choices you have made. They cannot be changed. Beware of what you choose.

If you look “behind the glass”/ and find fear; or hate: within your own truth. Those who attempt to run away, can be caught within that fear, to become schizophrenic. While hate dissolves into chaos, and its death.

schizophrenic means: I cannot escape what I fear. “it is, life jailed: until truth is found. Stop wanting, and accept truth is the only key. Therefore; living within these boundaries and limits”.

Some die outright, overcome/ some recover and sustain their lives with truth.

While others, such as me: learn of life beyond self, and by carefully preparing what is true of you: reenter to define and create as knowledge, through understanding; will allow.

ALL, will die and enter here. Because your truth must be “purified (lies, pride, want, power, disrespect, and more; all removed)”: ending with life or death. for you.

IT IS, the consequence of life: that you will choose your own fate, by the choices that you make. There are only two real life choices: to love or to hate. They are opposites, and are never joined/ as humanity wishes them to be. LIFE GOES:

One direction or the other.

Survival the third category of living: is a distinction “to live as animals”/ and not choose more. This ends in the spiritual world as “purgatory”; you cannot proceed/ you will not receive mercy/ none can help you, and any who try, will join you instead. Until life dissolves into the abyss, vanishing without a trace left of you.

The alternate is: those who turn back to “seek life” in death/ will lose their life to eternity. Remaining here as ghosts, without power or purpose; until the last remnants of living energy have passed into eternity; lost forever “dust to dust”.

Do not “look back”/ enter the energy of life, that is leaving; and return to the Creator who made life possible.

The critical factor however is: that life can never be the same as it was. Once you have passed on through the realm of destiny.

The essence of thought, as truth allows; becomes home.

While the essence of truth is: a journey into, whatsoever you desired most.

In my decision: I chose this world must not die without a fight.

But found: men cannot keep this earth alive/ as their only true choice when confronted with reality; is war.

Which ended as, I am turned back: to see life and living by a very different opposite female view. Confronted with: that leaves only female, as an option for life and earth to survive.

Its complicated. Time allows for change/ the spiritual world does not allow change. Balancing/ conforming too: what is elementally needed, is “female in charge”. Because at its core; female knows only the law (not war), can save us now.

That leaves little room, for male. In exchange for spiritual freedoms, I have lost freedoms in time. “a fair exchange”; but I must remember “to breathe (stop/reboot)”; and accept my life has forever changed. “We, not me”; working together, but she is in charge, and I cannot escape that truth; believe it or not. I chose: “a world, is more important than me”/ there is a price for that. There is a price for needing help as well; even if, “it is more than expected”: a ten year search proved, “men will choose war/ Ukraine, is the current example of that; as this world of nations could stop them; if only they did not worship war [HURRAH for weapons] “for us too”. 

War is literally, how men resolve unemployment, how their own group survives by stealing from the others, WE NEED NOT CARE.  How power is expressed to prove “yes we can/ or no you can’t; with death. How pride exists, by failing life, society, resources, government, work, securities, everything; including planet (no problem, we WILL war). How women are suffocated into believing they have no real options; how slaves exist or they starve: and more”. How rulers exist, to make rules you will obey, or we kill, imprison, punish, etc. and during peace; the war is with money/ which then turns to corrupting courts, governments, education, and more/ which turns to propaganda to yell “DON’T YOU WANT CHANGE/ KILL THEM, by whispering you have a right”/ which turns to believe whatever you want, because truth does not matter; only the weapons.   CHAOS is our hope, because in the chaos of war: THOSE WHO HAVE, are buried with whatever stuff; the rest don’t steal: the LAW is dead.  Your extinction follows”.

In contrast of that; THIS CREATION OF A WORLD, called LIFE;  IS, “worth the price, let female try“.  It has been a tremendous amount of work and more; a value to me, because I utterly refused, to let this world die. NO, you don’t understand, “it is complicated”. The result, Best I could; even if poorly done/ it is, still best I could: WHY do you fail. The most literal answer to that is: men CANNOT resolve the realities which drive them to war. Which means female must, or life on earth will die: BECAUSE ON THIS FINITE PLANET/ EVERY form of reality says, “we are full”/ no more humans welcomed; someone cannot be born/ or someone else has to die. ZERO population growth, is the only real “every HUMAN” solution to our survival. But unless you stop EVERYTHING else that threatens; this world still dies, a horrifying death to all living things.  So says your reality, by the evidence proven true.

But, The reality is again very simple: this whole world is in jeopardy of being lost forever. The consequence of that is: I tried to fight for it/ balanced by spiritual female, we tried to fight for it/ and now; “the spiritual truth, of female” is fighting to save it; from a cult army, who by universities rule;  “believe there are no consequences” to horrifying decisions. To their shame. 

NO, I do not know how this ends.

Your decision is limited too: create the laws, that will keep life, alive on earth.

Mine, has changed: from free, in all things male; “too owned by female”.

While I did not realize it at the time; when you have passed through this spiritual realm; the abyss; which NO ONE can pass without a true invitation; appears. Yes I did see; “a living space, in the distance”; but too far away, and too hidden by clouds to complete the assessment of what it was as truth defines. “believe it or not”/ I truly don’t care.

I stepped beyond the edge of male; the cut off point. “onto a very small balcony which extended over the abyss”. That appears to have ended my physical grip on time, as male. “it is complicated”, more than you can know.

I have reviewed that, to the critical point of truth. To find, it is in error; I did in fact know this ends the composition of male; as it was intended to be “the end of my time, on earth”. Expecting, to continue on into “eternal constructions” instead. Being turned back; to face the opposite view of living in humanity; was not expected. Even though it was fair: as it is, absolutely true; “my decision” does not decide eternity. We/I, cannot decide; “when my job here is done”: faced with, this won’t work/ proved to be, “then do what needs to be done instead”.

Receiving no invitation to proceed; as I had come of my own free will.

I was informed, my work was not yet done. Still my work, but no longer my decision.

Her work now, (I in fact; did my job; because she assisted me) but my presence on earth remains, to assist her. NO, I do not know how!  Both committed to the last chance for human existence/ for life and earth; to survive. its, “complicated”.  Unlike religion: we both know, there is a job to be done; and do it; for  life and world. As RESPECT demands, “is our gift back:  to   GOD  “.

Which HAS required: returning through the environment of LIVING:  life, from the opposite point of view.

We now share; both venues of life: “sort of”.

As spiritual female inside, where decisions are made/ while male in time, is outside; where the work results.

All battles have been fought: she won.

I am aware, you do not understand, and will use this as your excuse.

But she owns the decisions now; and this is “her choice”. Just as the cost of being wrong for life and earth; and child, is your choice. NO possibility exists, that you will survive without true change!

NO, I DO NOT ASK YOU, to believe “not one single thing”.

INSTEAD I DO ASK YOU: “TO GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ AND PROVE WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG. As is then subject to your opinion and vote. Which is legally available to this USA nation, through redress of grievances, a first amendment law of our constitution: which is in fact “our government”. NO EMPLOYEE has authority over it.

Redress is the law/ and those who refuse to obey it; are subject to treason.

Upon critical review: it has become apparent to me, that just saying “its complicated” is not enough.

Therefore my own reality, “will be a bit, unfolded”.

The cost and consequence of it is: realizing, that the problem of “a failure to communicate the extreme consequences of being wrong”/ WAS NOT, the knowledge of what was happening to life and planet and everything. But was in fact the reality of “I don’t care/ I WANT WHAT I WANT; leave me alone”; instead. Or let the planet be damned/ let life be extinct/ sacrifice every child; WE DON’T CARE; as is shouted with every “not in my lifetime”.

So I searched through “every part and piece of male”, to determine what was true, that would reveal an opportunity to get past want, pride, and power. Only to find: what happens then is war. As history proves; every single time, because even if some do what is right/ the rest will come killing, stealing, raping, destroying, and disrespecting life and planet just to prove they can. Because they will not change/ and those who manipulate them; will not allow for change to exist.

No matter what I did to demand you will recognize the cost of what you are doing; the end result was going to be war. Because that, is what men do; when confronted with any reality beyond: that, which is small or limited in scope.

It was, a time of strictly male; in terms of demanding change/ but any female asked, replied the same. Ninety plus percent running away to hide; from truth.

So I elected to say: “they will never learn/ please take me away from time”.

I was refused; “not done yet”.

Back to the consequences of this earth and all its life are dying.

I am given the alternate conception; of what would women do/ given the chance to lead this world? Primarily they would run away and hide, because fear and distrust of men; make them afraid. And they nearly all say: “let men do the work/ they get the rewards; and then have to pay us with trinkets and more”; for sex.

Hardly the beginning of a valued working relationship.

So, I searched and found the spiritual definition of life; was truth.

Encountering the laws of truth, and its “policing” to insure purity as is the spiritual connection of life and world; I did open the door to female; just to ask a question, “what would you do”? The answer was “let women try to lead”.

Which then proved to be the law is “our answer”.

LAW IS the answer, but men want law to be whatever they want law to be/ which destroys justice, and corrupts everything with disrespect for “right, and fair”.

So, the consequence of that reality is: only the law of women can be used, even though I don’t know what that was. I did know the price of law by men.

I then encounter, the elemental truth

of life has been changed. Or more distinctly, after twelve years of balanced work between “spiritual female” and I; had not yet resolved the cost of male domination/ and women, (apart from a very tiny few) refuse to work for life or planet. I said to her; let me go, to live whatever is left of time in peace as best I can.

She refused; and we both became aware: LIFE has “handcuffed us together”/ and we cannot separate. Because this entire world of Creation WILL be fought for; no excuses. Which means: unless we can resolve the differences between male and female holding us apart/ there will be no solutions.

So the critical choice is: I cannot/ will not ever: “ask her, to come down to time” for me. That is completely unfair, and absolutely unwise.

Which leaves: as is the truth we must both face: she lives in the female dimension/ where no male is allowed. And yet I must fit into her world somehow?

So we look at why, is this necessary?

Reality knows: that I do not trust women, having been betrayed numerous times. Which demands of women; PLEASE stop trying to trap men with “I am pregnant/ can’t leave me now”. Please stop: lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating, controlling, tempting and so on; because it is not fair.

While the reality of women is: that they do not trust men, having been betrayed numerous times. Which demands of men: PLEASE STOP being a traitor, thief, liar, cheat, rapist, failure, terrorist, tragedy, and more to women. Because it is truly UNFAIR. As the spiritual woman inside; has proven to me numerous times. Their reality of life and living with men; can in fact be far worse, than what accounts as the cost to men of living with women. So, I do now understand that, but little more.

It seems she understands more of what balances the cost of men and women to each other somewhat as well.

But that does not examine the realities of what we do need to do together

for the sake of life and earth.

I forgive you/ and you forgive me; is NOT so simple as it sounds.

Forgiveness requires a distinct decision on both sides of the line now dividing us.

Without repentance (I am sorry/ and will do my best never to do this again)/ there is no point to forgiveness; it will just occur again.

so the question is: HOW does both male and female resolve their failures; to achieve a world that will survive. Instead of letting life and earth become extinct?

Only knowledge; and the acceptance of truth aligns with life, love, respect, and survival.

Therefore we MUST learn about each other, and respect the differences.

Without trust, we are extinct. Without hope, we are finished as life and earth.

But this is hidden behind the curtain of female/ because male is not worthy to know.

Or more distinctly when young, I resolved to learn about “young women”. But while they expect and demand; “we will learn about man”/ YOU SHALL NOT learn about us. With a vengeance rarely seen in anything else. Proving you shall NOT dare, to do so/ and I quit. Because it was not worth the price.

So we now stand at the precipice of life or death of our world.

It is not less than that; as the evidence does prove true.

And the only thing standing between life or death of human existence, and even world is whether male and female can work together as one. Because the cult of fools, has taken control; to sacrifice everything, but themselves. But they worship an abyss, and will be taken in.

so it is up to us (the last remnants of “human alive”_): to remove their power by law/ and return this world to life.

THAT DOES require, that we do learn the truth about each other, finding trust in respect for each other, and building back the sanctity of our existence, as true miracles of life; beyond our own conception.

The spiritual woman and I have stopped fighting/ she owns the choice.

What comes next is not my decision; and I don’t know what that might be.

Male however seems to be leaving;

and “medical issues” have reminded me of just how close death can be.

So the consequence of that is: I will try not, to stand in the way.

That however is difficult: because my life does not matter/ my choices do not matter/ my desires do not matter; she is in charge. Or more distinctly; “I did try my way/ we did try balancing each other, which failed/ and now what can or cannot be done for life and earth is entirely up to her.so, I get to; take care of the house, do what has to be done, and wait”. So to speak.

This started roughly 17+ years ago; and the very first thing that happened was “I got tits”/ which have been beating me up; releasing chemicals, I only recently could tolerate; and doing whatever they wish to do; I have no say. Changing my life ever since. MORE complicated, than it appears, or can be told. The dimensional differences are massive; energy alteration is beyond description: so no you don’t understand/ but at least you do have some developmental awareness. Don’t assume.

YOU however must balance the disciplines and order between male and female with respect; by aligning with truth, in order to trust each other.

Because the end result of this is: unless you are able as “humanity on earth”/ to disrupt want, with the realities of truth. To make them understand; we cannot be wrong anymore. Life will end on this planet. 

for you, and your child, and every living thing. The evidence is true.

PROVE IT IS NOT.  Because being wrong is EXTINCTION!

You will accept: that it is necessary, “to retire” from the games people play to acquire “trophies, trinkets, and toys”/ in order to survive. Because if you don’t recognize: that the earth is dying/ the resources are ending/ the crush of humanity will soon starve and thirst/ so they will war, and with so many battling to survive and take what they need; weapons of mass destruction will be used. Because life in the oceans is dying from your disgrace/ and every participant in our survival as a world of life, is being driven into extinction IS NO GAME.

because these are the choices people leading have made. The realities of want,  pride, and power; all others demanded they would have.

it is not simply “university is bad”/ as is the blanket grouping of belief.

instead: playing god “is bad”/ and nobody plays god over life or planet more than universities do.  consequently when searching for how do we survive: a critical review of universities, is at an absolute minimum of need.

And the people say: WE DON’T CARE, because “I only got this one life to live on earth; and after that its just worms; dust to dust”. So says the evidence of life on earth.

But reality asks you this: if life is so simple/ why is your body so complex?

NO, they don’t understand. In fact all they can do is destroy.

No medicine is not “your savior”/ it is the extinction of life on earth; as humanity overwhelms everything/ and there is nothing left but cannibalism and war.

Or more distinctly: to obtain more for you/ every child is being sacrificed and assassinated; as all their possibilities for a future continue to die.

While we need a balance between life and death; it does not exist today.

While we need a balance between “religion and reality”; that does not exist today.

Instead, we have the endless fears implanted by television and more.

Extreme experimentation; as is done without the slightest respect for life or world.

Failures everywhere resulting in the extinction of life and earth.

And the cult of “university is god”/ even though, they have become by the evidence the physical translation of “Satan on earth”. To your shame, and theirs.

So, I will remind you

that the values of life, are not “more more more”/ but exist within the framework of thought as truth defines our own direction to be. Making only love, and hate; the true questions of our lives on earth. Survival exists in between; but apart from real world needs; every decision is about love/ or hate; and they cannot live together. Which is the basis of all human behaviors. It is YOUR choice, to identify what you desire most.

Those who love, find themselves: “without a reward”, and turn away.

But life is not about rewards; “trophies, trinkets, or toys”.

It is not about pride, want, or power; because these will not sustain happiness.

Instead: love presents us each one, with an identity that searches for order, discipline, balance, courage, peace, hope, truth, heart, respect, soul, dignity, values; and more.

While hate strips away these things, to introduce chaos, violence, murder, mayhem, destruction, disease, death, and more.

Yet people want what they want/ and refuse the reality of life itself: which is, to create an identity formed within truth, to survive the limits and boundaries of what energy itself will do.

And people say: “we don’t care”.

Because they believe, what they believe, and cannot be convinced of anything true or not/ beyond what they want to believe; as is their: prison of safety (can’t get me here).

Reality has proven; only you, can open that door, and let life, as the grace and beauty of truth reveals; come in.

so people ask: WHY should we care? Death is coming for us all.

And foundations reply: that unlike “university death” as is the result of most things these former classmates; do or say or believe.

The reality is: that we must care or life and earth will be extinct. WRONG has its cost and consequences/ and those stand “just outside the door” for us all.

And the people say; NOT IN MY LIFETIME.

Yet reality says: today marks the last of mercy, and tomorrow is a chaos that cannot be stopped; until your own extinction proves true.

Which makes this: the generation, which either KILLS OUR LIVING WORLD/ OR saves it from extinction; because they chose to care.

Simple as that; once you know its too late/ only extinction is left.

You must actually think, instead of believe.

But alas: that is particularly hard; when everything you believe has been told to you by media/ who have collected and explained everything they believe in, from universities. Who have been indoctrinating humanity, into the religion of “we don’t give a damn; in fact hate is what we do: because, we want TO PLAY god/ enslave life by using numbers to disguise/ destroy a world, so that everyone knows; WE TOOK IT ALL/ FROM YOU. And gave it only, to ourselves; with lies”. As has been the intent: for the last 70+ years.

Uncovering the lies

rebounding from death back to life

requires the reconstruction of governments;

as is done in this USA

by redress of grievances; a first amendment constitutional law

giving power to the people

so they can defend their democracy, without a war of destruction.

NONETHELESS; “think or die/ uncover what is true”.

GO TO COURT; IDENTIFY, “the cost of being WRONG”>

In contrast: the fools say, “universities are god”. WE DON’T NEED NO DAMN DEMOCRACY. let the universities continue their rampage against our nation.

The reality: hiding the truth which is; they are Claiming, what they do not support. As is; all manner of lies.

Claiming: to be working for the health of humanity/ while in reality they are mixing the genetic materials from all forms of species into each other; so as to create pandemics.

Claiming; they don’t have to answer, the reality of evidence proving or pointing to the release of biological weapons such as covid onto society. While their only reward was selling their claim of vaccine for trillions upon trillions of dollars/ as they stole your face, and bankrupted your home.

Claiming; their cause is diversity and inclusion; while reality points to IF YOU MIX THEM ALL TOGETHER diversity dies. And nothing is so vain as those who are constantly producing lies, in order to push people into believing their race is our enemy. To their shame.

Claiming: they know, WHEN even though fusion has been proven a complete lie/ in their own laboratory. As was known the product of fools and ignorance from the very beginning. LYING so as to get the money/ and betray all life on earth. With claims “sure we can ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun”. Cause we are the universities gods/ “so what, could possibly go wrong”. HELL, they are gods; JUST a tiny puff of their breath and a ten million degree flame, burning atoms; will just go out; NOW AIN’T THAT RIGHT?

CLAIMING; we are different than those in the past. When reality proves you are exactly the same/ with worse weapons.

No you cannot escape reality with lies. As is the universities solution.


more deliberately; the reality of our lives/ is no different than those who came before us. The intellectual either builds traps/ or recognizes them; as their means of contributing. Men continually rampage against each other; deciding it is easier to take what they want/ than build it for themselves. Reality pushes; and humanity decides: “its either you or me”. Those who can betray, to get an easier life/ or take revenge. Terrorists operate; just like old: “If I can heal you of disease/ then I can make you fear with that disease; and enslave you”. The only difference is: terrorists now hold the keys to world extinction; and the vast majority of those: hide under the cover of a university diploma.

NO, they are not all bad; as reality would prove, “I too, am somewhat of an intellectual”. I too, search for realities and truth that make a difference to life and world. The primary difference is: having been indoctrinated into the cult of worshipers, who believe “the god of university”; is god/ the failure of men and women grows around this world. The cost of consequences; will soon be horrendous/ and irretrievable; as all life dies. Whereas I look to the cost of being wrong; and demand: WE MUST FIGHT TO SAVE LIFE ON EARTH; AS IS LITERALLY being destroyed.

So the only question is: do enough people still have a brain enough, to recognize: reality, truth, justice, and law cannot be discarded for fantasy, delusions, insanity, failure, fool, terrorist, and traitor. As is the cost of letting a tiny few/ lead us all to HELL, and even worse.

and the world says: “you ain’t nobody”/ and I don’t disagree. HOWEVER the evidence of truth and reality, are not limited to me;  and the consequences of truth; are the same for all. You cannot escape “being wrong”; when mutilating life/ releasing biological weapons/ ending the world with weapons of mass destruction/ no resources/ destroying every chain of life/ poisoning the water; and “a billion more” university led: CURSE THIS WORLD, realities.

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Jim Osterbur

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