The critical struggle here is: to remove the herd of humanity, from the grasp of what has become Satan (the arrogance and belief, that we the universities of men can be or play god). The constant: “yes we can”/ is confronted by the realities of YOU CANNOT SURVIVE, THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING WRONG. Ends with, either the rest of humanity recognizes that “fault in their plan”; and removes them from the power to enable and cause extinction for this world. OR ALL WILL DIE, including life and planet; because the universities threaten everything living/ everything the future could be/ everything that is of value to life, world, or even this solar system itself. The constant cause is then: HUMANITY MUST THINK, for itself. The constant struggle is: humanity “just wants to believe whatever it wants will come true”/ constantly assured by universities and media; “the universities are gods, NEVER FEAR”. While in reality as is this covid disgrace; all they do is want you to fear/ so you don’t interfere in their plans to literally replace GOD our CREATOR; with themselves. That, is the religious description of what SATAN does: as is identified by its definition, “destroyer of a world”. To your constant shame; you let them try, because they hid the truth, and feed you fantasies, delusions, and disgrace, hidden in “the colored lights/ the magic of media”. Which elevates the curse of humanity, as is “its a brave new world”. It is not, it is arrogance preparing extinction; by pretending they can be gods/ when absolutely nothing in your reality proves that true.

So the quest to save this world is: WHAT CAN WE, who do think for ourselves; construct by any method possible, to aid and assist the ending of “the human herd”; by providing the conversations necessary. To interrupt belief, “yes the universities will get us what we want”/ and assemble the values of thought; are greater than what you want? Thereby confronting the herd mentality of I am happy where I am, and will get what I want: with the consequences of truth and reality that will prove horrors beyond your belief will arise. Or more distinctly: if you will not rise above your want/ you will descend into your grave; because that is what you chose, by following “University is god”. To think, requires you to end want. To want as the basis of your life, means you are a human animal; because even animals do that. To rise above the herd “we cannot all be wrong/ and chose for yourself”; demands that truth, reality by the untainted evidence, value, and the consequence for being wrong MUST LEAD LIFE, in order for us all to survive. Simple as that; but the herd says, “it is easier” to believe whatever I want will come true! So the constant disgrace of being human is: the easy way, is death; thereby to your shame, you are throwing away this world. The cost of that is: “we must expand your world” beyond the simplest versions of time, and accelerate the potential called eternity. Hoping deliberately, that conversations of greater things than want; will assist in you’re coming alive; to be the human (not want) you were meant to be.

The constant of my life is: that the spiritual woman, and I (a result applied by Revelation 12), do not always agree. Given that truth however, I cannot honestly divide where male or female begins or ends in me; they are utterly mixed together now, and it is “female in charge”. Her demand is: we cannot leave them ANY EXCUSE; I cannot disagree, it is true/ therefore a furtherance of the elemental creation of life will be allowed. The applied understanding of male desire is for freedom, “to experience more/ to search for all that life can be”/ the critical understanding for female is to partition the value of space, into a home for life and love through respect, truth, and trust. It truly is; a very different life.

Even so, conversations exist to construct the elevation of life, as only thought can do. Therefore I give you an elevation for which you will find some conversation. The purpose being: a university diploma, has nothing to do with whether you think or not.

We then begin again to adjust the conceptions of life and eternity, with known realities that can be understood. Beyond the description of body or atomic environmental considerations; are the fundamentals of space. Space is an environment first/ cold second/ black (it contains microscopic debris) third. As an environment it is constructed with the potential for a boundary or limit. As a relationship with cold, it knows no equal/ thereby truth is purity by function. As a reality “pure black” is filled with substance; let’s call it nano-particles. That distracts or disallows the light, from passing through. That debris is then the basis of mass itself. When gathered into the massive critical assembly; that would then become the big bang; and thereby achieved, the first element of time/ the beginning of the atom.

So the critical essence of what caused that debris to participate out of the cold/ and then to move, into itself, as one distinct object. With a force sufficient to establish the construction of energy (confined motion): is in fact the originating creation of kinetic energy (motion released), after the big bang occurred. Atoms captured that energy and contained it in balance through spin/ a reality discussed at in a previous work. Time (atoms exist) thereby occurred, as the moment change is now measured.

We will call the motion/ movement; to form the pre-mass object: “gravity”. But we then do understand; gravity had an originating moment, and location; in the essence of space itself; as the basis of energy. It is not the gravity, as has already been explained in previous work; of this time, in the universe/ but this discussion; is what precedes atomic based (action, reaction, or potential) time.

We return to the three descriptions of space, and find cold to be the most influential to movement. Prior to the big bang, and its formation of atomic elements. Cold could be infinitely more intense; because there was no heat, no motion, and thereby no energy to release. It is, what it is; because nothing in that environment can escape/ everything is cold. Cold is an invasive description of environmental influence. What is cold, is all cold so to speak. But what is fundamentally important is the construction of an environment that is cold; no matter how large that might be. Cold contracts, which means it pulls/ and it also bonds together (no you cannot escape). But it cannot contract unless there is an anchor point, “amassing of the parts” producing even greater cold, by the presence of less space. Unless there is a boundary point; a limit, where pull affects what has been accumulated as cold/ no tension will result. In the universe we know; there is an immensity beyond, what our ability to measure exists. Thereby we can conceive of a reality, that established a pull “on the strings; simply because of length” in the (accumulations of pre-mass)” that formed out of pure blackness. Therefrom as construction of planes and strings and realities of accumulation occurred. The precipitation of those particles, due to the pull of cold; gathering together into far greater densities of substance. NOW opens tunnels and valleys and various other conceptions of space, rather than pure black; as would be the beginning. By discarding its substance, pure black becomes space as we know it (an empty vacuum). To allow the construction of “a visible distance (space)” to form/ as well as strings of pre-mass material to gather and bond/ which would include various forms of “dimensional planes and structures” . The immeasurable length of those strings (just goes on forever); form a resistance to being pulled upon/ form a tension; when anchored at only one beginning spot. We now have the basis for motion (visible movement over time) itself to arise/ rather than what occurs in extreme slow motion so to speak over endless amounts of “time”. But we do still need a moment to initiate that first credible motion, which causes a collapse at the anchor point. Which then grants sufficient pull: its cause to establish, “the motion that keeps on going”.

So, we look back to the anchor point; wherein the power to make motion happen could arise. We then return to cold, and ask if in fact one portion of the black universe could be much colder than the rest/ and is this enough to produce the organized result: which is critical mass as would become the big bang? Because if it was substantially colder, that contraction working against the larger universe; would in fact cause a structural failure to occur. Which is the primary part: the structure, that would have attached to numerous strings in all directions; with enough room instead its architecture to actually collapse/ thereby pulling against the particle distribution of a whole universe. Collapsing into itself, requires the removal of space. To do that whatever particles reside “within the structure”; either must exit or be crushed/ or confined by the pressure of cold. That result does three things: exiting debris pushes out into the black universe/ causing movement, in a distinct direction. Opening areas on both the top and the bottom of a structure that collapses into itself; creates a vacuum/ that pulls debris into itself. And, as if swallowed by “a wormhole” that debris coming down onto the new “flattened structure”; collects and bonds due to the cold/ which now also includes heat (collisions resulting in friction). The top and bottom “hourglass wormhole” conceptions; are sucking in the strings which formed the previous environment, of a black universe/ now becoming an open space universe.

We then ask: why would any area of an entire universe be different than any other section of a universe; that has no conception of heat or motion? As to assemble the real structure that made everything else possible; it had to grow, from a beginning point outward; until the moment of collapse. The answer is: this universe is dimensional; and in that understanding of a dimensional space: there is a relationship with what surrounds it. Producing a need for the environment of what was our black universe; to warp and bend within those boundaries. Because it is not as a black universe, anchored down; shapes occur. Therefore what surrounds it, does have an impact on what will occur within any specific dimension of space. When we begin to bend the black universe allowing it to shape itself, within the functional power of cold, that shape can then change environmental characteristics in specific portions of the black universe; because of cold power. Power here being an influence on the rest or whole of an environment. Such as, if the black universe should bend and shape itself into a bowl for instance. That reality will prove power has an impact on the strings of microscopic debris collected and bonded together by cold (cannot escape). From that construction of distance; the black universe can then pull onto itself through those strings: when the shape begins to change. That environmental change, tensions the substance of strings; and the power of that force, moves cold into the string; because gaps now exist; adding flexibility (pull back). True black, cannot be penetrated by light. Therefore we know that substance (nano-particles), was precipitated out to become pre-mass. We also know that cold is in fact a deliberate bonding agent.

As to the moment of collapse, when cold power reshaped the black universal dimension of what had been touched by strings. Those strings produced the “fabric (we can move differently/ but we are all going to the same place) of a primordial mass”.

That pre-mass, now organized was the originator of movement. It compressed the fabric into stronger strings, and when the universe (our environmental dimension) reshaped itself, into a completely “flat style dimension”/ a direction was formed: which gave the mass created from a big bang; its ability to gather into objects in space..


we return to the bending black universe; to construct; other than an opposite bending motion; WHAT can demonstrate a greater cold/ as is, the release of energy from the power of cold; proving a motion was formed. Causing, the fabric of space then became torn, and the power of elastic strings then began to swirl into its collapsing wormhole. Without gassing, there is no atmosphere/ therefore no wind.

Movement in a vacuum is unimpeded once it begins! Therefore as all primordial mass was established by motion through strings, it swept the various structural descriptions into the dimensions of space that had already been created previously. These structures, then became like a sweep broom; pushing everything into a central location, as it reached the wormhole. The debris (being extremely small) exiting the critical mass as it was forming; was then recycled back into the flow, and redeposited. Being made of extremely small particles; the critical mass bound itself together without space, of any size. In what was the first expression of dark energy: to collapse into itself/ by the pull of what is associated with true cold. As more and more pre-mass was deposited on the outside/ what was on the inside then began to heat up. Eventually heat (the push of freedom) rose as the intensity of power was increased due to more and more pre-mass being added to the reality of size. When the power of kinetic energies found a critical moment: the motion searching for freedom, released itself in one big cascading “bang”.

We then search for, a secondary effect: which was the addition of rhythms in noise/ the vibrations of impacting debris on greater and greater densities of environment. Rather like rain falling on your roof; there would have been reverberations; that spread. That fact creates the constant that then intensifies the friction; that produces the heat: which then becomes the energy associated with kinetic movement. These rhythms in addition;  elevate the possibilities of life/ but will not be discussed.

The construction of order; is an encounter, as a beginning; with the true power, that is the essence of cold itself/ thereby the essence of all power in this universe.

NOW, the purpose of this discussion which is entirely without any real value to the consequences of humanity. Is provided in an effort to remove or alter, the fantasies of universities which make stories out of far less reliable evidence than is portrayed here in this dimensional description of how our universe began. Atomic descriptions already exist in my work; go search if you are interested. There is a book to be found easily; but it contains only minimal descriptions/ that are of some value.

MORE DISTINCTLY: I PROVIDE YOU, with conversations here; that the universities cannot attack you from or for. Instead they let your own mind search for the parameters of what is, or is not possible; and why. Thereby discarding the universities as a source of knowledge/ and opening the door, to anyone with a brain can be “right”. So use the conversation; to start a discussion about what is important.

If you find your own brain: THEN YOU WILL KNOW, that the sewer of universities can play god IS WRONG. And the septic hole they buried themselves in must be emptied of the effluents trying to destroy our world.

More simply: TAKE BACK YOUR WORLD, from those who claim to be superior/ but clearly are not. Because without question: TRUTH SAYS, BY THE EVIDENCE; it is your universities that will soon cause world extinction/ and THAT DOES INCLUDE YOU!

Stop them or die; it is that simple. USE YOUR BRAIN.

As the potential of conversation increases; let the value of removing the powerful from their positions of leadership, be understood. It is as simple as world law, enforced by what we the people choose by our vote; to control our leaders.

An army of ourselves; made up from every nation: to control our leaders of nations, by the law we create; to bring them into court for trial. A reality of decision: that will become the removal of every weapon of mass destruction from their hands. Because the threat of leaders has been removed; by the power of our own laws.

It is as simple as “limited capitalism”; which sets boundaries upon income, resource, and property control; by our vote as we the people of this nation decide. That is NOT THE END of the wealthy (those who do more, deserve more)/ or the poor (if you can’t or won’t; there is a price for that); but it is the end of the billionaire; and those who “own it all”.

Eradicate “covid 19 control”/ by proving it is not a pandemic: through the death count.

NOT, their claim of death by covid; but the count by the actual reality of numbers over what is constant and known by that fact.  Which must include population rise at over one million more per year in this USA.

As to me: NO, I CANNOT simply lead you; as has been proven in countless times over the last forty + years. We have proven together, “that I am NOT” one of your herd! Which means, with resounding and by constant proof: you don’t trust me. Even though I am plainly your friend/ and those you do trust “the universities”; are in reality your enemies; even the enemies of all life and earth. Because they believe, “they are gods”. Only to prove extinction has come; by what they chose/ and you allowed.

So, in order to save this world: YOU NEED TO RISE AND BE COUNTED AS SOMEONE WHO IS LITERALLY DEMANDING. WE MUST KNOW, WHAT IS TRUE/ BECAUSE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING WRONG IS OUR EXTINCTION. Which means this is no game. Sign your name; which means, accept your own decision, and stand up to be counted as if “a light to this world”.

In order to save this world: you need to accept trust in your CREATOR, as the GOD of all life; and respect nature as a value which cannot be tampered with by men or women. Nature gave you this world, by creating every living body of life it contains. UNIVERSITIES DEMAND: WE DON’T NEED NATURE ANYMORE, AND WILL NOW PLAY GOD; BY MUTILATING NATURE OUT OF EXISTENCE. They cannot build, or sustain nature/ but they can destroy it. Love is a passage through trust and respect, into the gates of a value beyond time. The recognition, of a treasure given to me, by you. That fundamental truth: recognizes our relationship with GOD, and the nature HE PROVIDED. Hate is the descent into chaos, that violates all forms of trust and respect; to claim not only can I be god/ we can destroy everything you are, or depend upon. As is literally the work, “university has done”. Your environment is poisoned/ every chain of life is being sacrificed for your garbage mountains/ oceans dying, and will soon be dead of all life/ earth being heated into oblivion/ every living thing violated with the violence of genetic alterations; by monkeys in charge/ people trying to ignite atoms on fire; by pushing plasma over the edge; on a planet made out of fuel; and what seems like a “BILLION” more. CONSIDER what just a human body is: literally made out of endless atoms/ quadrillions of cells working in harmony/ and more than any, lying bastard terrorist university monkey; will ever know.

RECOGNIZE; THIS WORLD of university is god by human consent; WILL SOON FACE THE MONSTER UNLEASHED/ that is genetic mutilation by “a million hands” around this earth. Each and every one; trying his or her best; to prove they can be gods by corrupting nature itself. Proving as will be the result: biological warfare IS NOW EVERYWHERE. OR in more simple religious terms; ARMAGEDDON (which means nature is in chaos) IS HERE. By your own decisions.

RECOGNIZE; AS YOU are surrounded by fires, and all the destruction they create to EVERY LIVING THING! That fools, liars, SATAN himself; continues to demand the ignition of atoms on fire; JUST LIKE THE SUN; here on this earth. A reality you will not survive/ not even one single life; FOREVER GONE. By your own damn decisions/ and worthless worship of the damned that is a university cult deliberately forming the dead, and the lost; are condemned.

or, more fittingly: the sewer has belched, and thrown their diarrhea  all over your face.  CLEAN IT UP, AND SURVIVE. or their disease of arrogance will finish death, for all life, on this world.

This is the crossroads of time or destruction/ as is life or death to a world. YOU CANNOT UNDO, THE CURSE OF TRAGEDIES AND TERRORISM THAT UNIVERSITIES WILL SOON UNLEASH against the world itself, and all life without mercy. DISSOLVED into chaos. Because you would not prove: the consequences of being WRONG: if you fail, this whole world of life. THEN you as a humanity that did not care; just too damn lazy and afraid. WILL enter “HADES”; an eternal torture without escape. That is not said, to make you fear: it is only said as a fact which cannot be refused.

That fact identifies you forever; and what you do/ or do not do, for life and earth; will determine your eternity. As well as the future of every living thing in this solar system; forever. That is a severe fault; with consequences your universities cannot understand: because behind closed doors, the do prefer to be “animals (no thought required; only want)”/ instead of human. Human is the essence of thought recognized as our friend. The universities intellect (we can play games); does not understand/ as is proven so clearly in the words “no consequences for a university”. Nature/ life/ planet/ and reality itself is about to prove them HORRIFICALLY WRONG.



Once you have seen the catastrophe’s of university consequences coming; it is too late/ this world is dead, and will soon be extinct. GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS, and fight for your world. “simple and plain”!

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