The summary of American time; over the last fifty years; where immigrants from all over this world can be found is:

      1. with the realities of debt and money: let the children pay/ they don’t want us to be bankrupt either; that will affect them. LET THE DAMN CHILDREN PAY/ who the fuck cares. And the public said; “hurrah”.
      2. With the realities of resource loss: LET THE CHILDREN PAY/ they get toys, they get to live in bigger houses; THEY SHOULD PAY. Our garbage will be their gold mine. And the public said: “hurrah”.
      3. When confronted with the realities of: consequences for this. All the people said: NOT IN MY LIFETIME/ so I won’t care.
      4. When confronted with the realities of global warming: all the people said, I WON’T NEVER give up my air conditioning or anything else/ do you hear me NEVER! And all the public screamed, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS/ damn you for asking.
      5. When confronted with the realities of poisons everywhere: all the people said. It ain’t affected us yet/ so we don’t give a damn. When confronted with the cost of a dead earth, because no water to drink. All the public remained silent/ but absolutely insolent and determined; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT.
      6. When confronted with the realities of pollution everywhere: all the people said. We won’t care/ not even a pennies worth.
      7. When confronted with the realities of a dead ocean. All the people said; WHO GIVES A DAMN. When reminded: a billion people eat, because of the ocean. All replied: NOT IN MY LIFETIME/ everything is fine.
      8. When confronted with the realities of life chains destroyed, extinction eminent. All the people said: I DON’T NEED NONE OF THAT/ so I won’t care. Let them go to hell.
      9. When confronted with the realities of population, and the inevitable cannibalism: all the people said. NOT in my lifetime.
      10. When confronted with the realities of civil war. All the people said: they deserve to die/ but not me.
      11. When confronted with the mutilations of nature/ the crucifixion of life by horrific means through a university laboratory trying to destroy nature itself. All the people said: HURRAH! Maybe they will discover something, that buys ME, one more day.
      12. When confronted with the intent and machinery of trying to ignite a NUCLEAR FIRE, “just like on the sun” here on this earth. Faced with absolute incineration/ complete life destruction/ and even the changes that would make to our solar system. FULLY AWARE, THIS IS A ONE TIME IGNITION; GAMBLING THE WHOLE WORLD, in that single instant of life or death for all. The whole public said: WE WILL WAIT AND SEE.
      13. Alas, only the beginning.

So the summary of it is: that humanity chose what it will get to have, as the future they earned, by the greed and selfishness which defines their lives. To your shame.

As for me: I did do, what I could do. Even if other choices might have served better; your acceptance of any duty or responsibility for your own actions; was nearly absolute. Even by the people who are certain: well, he could not be talking about me. After 40+ years of fighting with you or preparing to fight with you in court and elsewhere/ I do, merely advise you, change or die. Because only you, can truly change you. Since it is humanity itself that is the cause of extinction coming; and all the tragedies that will cause. I tell you true: you chose it. Including the very religious among you. Because the most you ever offered to change that course of extinction was; “we will wait and see”. Even though, as is seen on the sun, “A FIRE: with million mile long flames”. Clearly cannot be undone. Your only contribution was, not a single penny/ not a single person willing to stand up and “sign your name” to the reality I am here too: demanding an investigation to prove what is true; before life itself is lost. Not a single person can be found, fighting for life; even if, the people collecting money, claiming to do that; are more fraud than not. Without question, a few exist;  but too few to change the direction of this world.

Alas, you want what you want. Even when reality proves: what you chose is extinction.

Well not to worry, the university people (your old classmates) who now threaten extinction for this world “you know/ cause they’re gods”; are certain to save you.  After all, what could go wrong? There are no consequences for “the people covered by a university diploma”:  “They are gods/ your saviors”.  And all of religion says, BOW DOWN you sinners you:  to the god called UNIVERSITY.  “They are great”. Now ain’t that so? After all:  you don’t need no damn nature, or water, or resource, or life. cause the universities promise “SUN fire”, soon. Then the world will know:  “gods, baby gods”.

Then comes WHY? The answer is: no herd ever leaves something it wants, until that environment forces them to do it/ or a predator comes proving: FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR, believe we will kill you; because we will. Your predators are shouting fear: because the distraction will keep you from realizing extinction is almost complete. Even so, “it still takes a brain (standing apart from the herd)” to recognize that/ not belief. Investigation proving truth.

You are who you are, and I cannot stop that/ nor is it my journey to try. I am not “part of the herd”; and that makes us different. A reality neither side of this effort to stop our own extinction finds important. I am who I am as well. IF, I am “Lucky enough” to stop this work; it means your time is very short/ as is the prediction of Daniel 12 from the bible. While other options exist; you chose them not. And all the world says: “we will wait and see”. Even though the evidence, of “NOW extinction”; cannot be undone. I wish you well, but truth is truth/ and your truth is: not even an investigation into those who claim they don’t need to control a FIRE THAT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL. Because according to your universities; “that fire, with million mile long flames/ 4 times farther than the moon to this earth”. Will just extinguish itself/ “because not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. And yet, they don’t even know what gravity is. But gamble this entire earth literally on that delusion. To your shame, you don’t want to know: because that would ruin your image of “university gods”.

For roughly fifty years; I have been saying, these attempts to create fusion are just plain wrong/ fusion does not exist. While the cost of being right is: that same fire as is on the sun; is ignited here on earth: A FIRE THAT BURNS YOUR SKIN IN SUMMER, from 94 million miles away/ right here on earth. Causing endless numbers to run away and hide, never to be seen again. Causing the majority to scream: “THE UNIVERSITIES WOULD NEVER” risk our lives or planet; cause obviously they are gods. Well soon we get to see, if your absolute refusal to be informed of the risk: was worth gambling your world. OF THE MACHINES than can ignite that fire: the biggest of them all, is ready. No mercy/ no going back: LIFE OR DEATH OF A WORLD. ONE, or the other.

And that, is just the worst one, of many! Go ahead and cry; it won’t do you any good/ but go ahead and cry, because that was your choice. Or fight for life, while you can;  but recognizing, “you will be alone”.  although  GOD  WILL  notice.

But then, as a herd of humanity there is no possibility you survive. As other than when fear moves you/ the lack of fear proves, “this herd is going to take all it can get” from every place it wanders. And this earth has been plundered to the point of life collapse/ which means war; which ends all possibility of returning to “humans being alive”. There will be only predators, and the collapse of biology by mutilation chaos; chosen by men, who want to play god/ and thought they were.

So, reality says: it is, the most merciful thing; to just let them die quick, by fire/ and in the complete terrors they will become, without life. All hail the universities; god of death. Don’t worry, “you have to have a brain” to escape the cult of university; very few do. So “you’re safe”/ right, no thinking for yourself, THAT is NOT allowed? As always, only media knows now; and they live for death. Because that in summary, is what a university is. And the world says: they are gods, and we won’t hear of nothing else. NOBODY QUESTIONS A god of the damned/ that is blasphemy [we are the winners here; and we CANNOT be wrong/ “our gods at the universities, told us so”].

Make no mistake; I am not judging you: I have merely reviewed the evidence and find that the words I use, are within the range of being sufficiently correct to prove useful.  ONLY GOD   CREATOR OF THIS WORLD.   Will decide if or when this earth shall be lost, and to what degree. But make no mistake; without respect from YOU/ the desire to keep this earth alive, lacks a value that is inherent and necessary for that work.  Making you: the only cause, by which it can be lost.

And all of religion says:  WE, respect GOD! But alas, you believe whatever you want to believe; MOST OF IT, “not true”.  As is so constant and evident by all the different sects and religions there are. FAITH is the acceptance of truth, which then guides your ways in the journey that is into heart, and then soul. Truth is an elevation of miracles, as is found throughout this earth. If every life/ and everything about this planet is not a miracle of value to you:  then your journey is not “back to GOD”  YOUR CREATOR, who gave you life. Therefore your journey is flawed, and your respect is given to “something else”.

Hate is not a miracle/ it is a creation of man.

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