The constants, of eternity; and our relationship to them, is equal to force exists, because we are what we are. Time shapes us, into the truth of what we can and did choose to be. We then begin with the seven primary elements of force, and how we relate to them as life.

They are, in order of intensity:

  1. cold, by far the most significant.
  2. Heat, by far the most intensive.
  3. Darkness, by far the most enclosing
  4. light, by far the most expansive.
  5. Action, the intent to escape
  6. reaction, the intent to anchor
  7. potential; the demand that has not yet been met.

Life organizes these elements, into the basis of a relationship that demands respect cannot be measured; because these do represent life or death conceptions, that have no mercy to give. They are truths in action or reaction or time or space as eternal. Which does give to each one; an eloquence of its own; because you learn the lesson, or you die. Because life requires balance, and balance requires that you choose to live within the descriptions that are opposite of each other. Or more distinctly as is seen in energy (as kinetic or dark energy)/ light and dark/ or hot and cold; each opposing force literally does have the potential, ability to kill you.

Life, uses all seven to construct the values of where we can live in peace, harmony, hope, and happiness; as each of these are equally important, but exist only in love as their home. Without love, life is a very lonely place; and loneliness is a constant battleground for the living. We have then organized the disciplines of living.

But time adds another constant which is: where loneliness exists, to display a battleground/ the realities of hatred have formed, to confront life with death. Which brings about the question: do you truly wish to live/ or are you willing to die instead?

In the essence of eternity itself, that is a VERY important question for you to resolve. In the constant of time, that reality of decision begins: with is being, an animal enough for you to live for? Animal accepts the relationship of realities that are predator and prey; lives for the chemicals and the games of being chased or chasing or showing “I am the winner” here. As these are not eternal conceptions; they will not survive.

Being a human alive in the construction of life itself, the values we accept as our own foundation, purpose, or desire: lifts and separates the environment of time, to search in the blessing of moments, for where does true life begin? If you have no thought, to the importance of life or time or eternity/ there is no path for a future, beyond time; to begin. If you choose to be, “more than an animal”; you will create a path to your own future. But that path cannot be assembled by anyone else/ nor can you simply join them: which means, you will encounter extreme isolation, and that loneliness shall encounter, and then explain: “Your world/ by the decisions you will make”. So the question is: WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHERE, WHEN, AND WHO will become the essence of life itself? These are the elements of eternity beyond force; where for the living, only true love can go. They form the cornerstone, of where does your soul belong.


Elemental to that encounter, is fear/ it is, to the shame of all who demand fear; that life, self, and time have all been damaged by you. Or, if your work is the removal of fear, as is conceived by, trust accepted; you do become a blessing. Trust cannot be encountered without truth. Therefore the truth of your life, is going to judge you, and determine for you: where the boundaries and the limits of your life, beyond time, will be. Life or death exists here, as the foundations which survive/ or the realities which end in catastrophe for you, will arise. Your trust, determines your path/ therefore trust only what is true. Truth begins with; the miracles of life and planet as we know exist; prove a CREATOR has been here. Every miracle proves “we did not do this”/ and nothing else here, could have either. Therefore time exists as the path toward our Creator. JESUS existed here, as a witness/ “a guarantor”: eternity exists, where love is essential to our truth. Thought constructs that environment, and elemental to the existence of thought, and its building of a path beyond self: is the courtesy of RESPECT.


Even so, let us turn back, to the more fundamental of foundations; which is the environmental truth of eternity itself. The critical question is thought, because without thought, existence fails. If there is no knowledge/ there is no time, or elements to exist; beyond the forces of this dimension, as a universe in space.

We begin with the assertion: NO ATTEMPT will be made to understand or describe where thought originates/ RESPECT demands that it must be so. Instead we know, that thought does in fact originate, and becomes the Creator of all that exists in this dimension of time. As to the conception of alternate universes; I cannot know.

Reality assigns us with: UNLESS a balance exists, “within the livable range of time”/ no biological life will arise. To assemble that range: all the factors of limits and boundaries must be formed first; in order for the life that follows to survive. BUT to assemble into “life eternal”; we must encounter as preparations; the variables (limits and boundaries) which will become environmental to that destiny.

Cold and heat come first; as the basis of force itself. Energy (disciplined release or consumption) is the basis of time. But between these elemental opposite forces of our universe; is a balance point, where life itself is possible/ and in the center range of that even eternity is possible; because time has no function here. So the question is: HOW, do we arrive at a state beyond action or reaction, that is central to balancing life? The critical answer is truth knows. Therefore truth itself: is the journey we must take into the elemental rise of life beyond self. Self is our anchor in time, as it translates values into decisions of life. Beyond self, truth is our anchor in eternity; as it translates our decisions into the values of life. Therefore our first critical test is: WHAT DOES truth mean?

Time discovers truth as a passage between the lies; that can be depended upon as the law of our lives. “This shall always be”; as a consequence we learn to trust what will always be; as valued. Having assembled a foundation, for “these decisions” that are based upon this law: we then have a platform to reach beyond self, and attain “a single step” into the universe itself.

So the next critical test is: WHY, DO YOU trust truth, as the definitions presented by a law, as discovered by life? The critical answer is: without life, we have no essence to present or identify existence. Therefore the law that discovers life is absolutely fundamental to sustaining survival. So the question is: WHO IS LIFE? Or a more critical representation is: to construct “a living law”, there must be a relationship beyond energy disciplined, or ordered, or balanced. Therefore we continue our quest into Creation, and ask: WHERE does “Light and darkness” fit into the definitions of heart and soul?

We assemble the law as, LIFE beyond the restrictions of energy contained, as the discovery of freedoms, “shining out of the darkness”; to create an understanding of knowledge; by consequential purposes or desires. Thought becomes personal to you. Thereby the question is: WHEN, given freedoms/ rather than potential: are you more able to survive/ or less? DO YOU HAVE VALUE, TO ETERNITY? The answer is: that depends upon your own CHOSEN identity, as formed by your own CHOSEN truths.

We then return to the steps which form our relationship with heart and soul/ or hatred and violence. WHAT DO YOU TRUST? WHY do you want? WHEN is pride more important than love? WHO IS LOVE? WHERE, does love exist? HOW, do we attain love to exist, “beyond self”?

In each question, time shares a moment with reality: as each decision will have consequences for you. The critical choice is value; or as time puts it into perspective: what, or who do you value most? Those who value life, have heart/ those who value the trophies, trinkets, toys, or pride in life; will fall victim to hate. The only question is when or how much? That answer depends upon the level of pride itself. So the first step ascending into life beyond self/ or descending into the descriptions of selfishness: are answered by pride. How badly do you desire to win/ rather than love? While the constant of humanity is “ I, WANT BOTH”. The reality of existence is: to achieve “winner”/ there must be loser(s).” To make someone you love into a loser, so that you can be superior to them: is the essence of selfishness, and that will destroy whatever love or trust had been possible. So life really is about; what or who, do you want most! If you want pride most/ your only love is you. If you desire love more than winning/ then your heart exists, and can search for life itself. It is a decision only you can make.

Without love, there can be no trust; because selfishness rules this life. Therefore the question is: who can be loved? The answer returns in the creation of parts and pieces that construct our future as one; because the purity of love, is to desire what only destiny can achieve. Two lives turned into one; an eternity shaped by heart, and then soul. To achieve these definitions of desire, the essence of love itself must form. Love is: “trust in bloom”, and that exists only when truth has established a value in you, that is beyond self, in me. The critical test of who can be love? IS, Then answered by, the shape of your heart.

That description examines the purpose of your own desires. Or more distinctly: truth searches for your identity, without disguises. If that can be found, then the shape of your decisions from that moment on is known by the purpose of your desire. So the critical question is divided by two parts: purpose and desire/ and the pieces or consequence of what those decisions will bring.

We begin with purpose, and that is directly tied to pride, power, and violence. Because the purpose of life is either “to love or to hate”/ with only the addition of survival altering the two; that can never be as one. The purpose of love, is to love; to build a life together as one shared with hope; because we choose to care honestly, and with respect for all life.

The purpose of hate is to achieve superiority, establish fear, and prove I can play god with violence; as the evidence of bow down to me; or die.

The reality is so distinct, that it seems highly unlikely ANY FORM of trying to combine these things would exist. However, reality knows: all of humanity tries to combine these things at all times; with only a tiny few exceptions to that rule. So the question of real love is hidden from the masses; and will never be found, because they want love (to make them happy) and hate (to give them revenge). Because forgiveness cannot be found.

Only those with true love, which excludes hate; can form a soul. And the people say: “I have hidden hate, so that it will never be found: therefore love me”. But truth is the witness of your life; and it cannot be undone. Only covered up, if allowed by forgiveness; which if not done, then does not exist.

We then search for desire, as the basis and foundation of life itself in you. Asking the question: what is, the difference between purpose and desire? The answer is: purpose forms a decision and direction of the body/ while desire forms a direction, and then a decision in the heart. One separates you from time, and potentially from life. The other separates you from heart or binds that heart in you to soul: as the value of your love lifts you beyond this life.

To achieve the potential for eternity: you must enter within the balance that love provides/ nothing less can survive the turbulence that will come with death. To encounter the universe, you must level the existence of life with value, or you will tilt one direction or the other and fail to survive. To define destiny: the shape of your soul, is determined by GOD / not you. Do not fight it, or life will descend.

As to me, the quest of my life as male: was to encounter life itself, as at the beginning of my own creation. The point most identified with me, as a living creation in freedom and thought. I searched, and I found, as this writing suggests.

In an extreme surprise: I needed to ask of female the question, “can you save this world”? The surprise was: that is a question that cannot be answered/ or will not be answered, except by female. To achieve even the beginning of that answer, I was “shoved into the female dimension”. Seeing life from a completely different view; has consequences and value.

Nonetheless, I now seem to have capsized the boat “male existed on” in that sea of female definitions/ and have come up the other side; with feelings/ experiences/ expressions and other consequences that are entirely female in me. NOTHING HOMOSEXUAL OR OTHER LIKE tragedies. Simply “the other side of life” is beginning to take shape, as a dimensional description of female, that I will now begin to understand. Why that would be important, I don’t know. Or what it means to my own eternity, I don’t know. But I do know this: I have always accepted, male and female are equal entirely, “its just a different form of living, perhaps even life to some degree”. Simple as that.

It is, fundamental to existence; that some degree of the physics involved should be understood. We therefore begin with the concept of knowledge; that all things are built or exist because of the relationships exhibited through atomic environments. Therefore it is elemental, that life; or more specifically the bodies of life, exist and exhibit according to the characteristics of atomic structure. Elements exist to exhibit different characteristics: because of the way the proton (mass) is wrapped by the neutron (dark energy) exhibiting control over that environment. The electrons that are formed in the process of combining the two forms of energy into one; that is capable of sustained force; by the realities and nature of its spin; comprise the basic interactions of an atomic world at peace, and in harmony with its environment.

Life exists between the potential release of energy that is a mass/ and the reality of motion that is a kinetic force unleashed. But it is only recognized by the elevation of thought, that assembles a balance between those forces.

More distinctly: if we remove the human body, its shape, its form, and its characteristics of motion or rest. Producing only an assortment of elements with an atomic signature: what we end up with is, a description that you would not recognize at all. Yet it is the foundation of all life on earth, and the structures consistent with this universe. Which then means we are tangentially aligned with the atomic universe itself.

That foundation of existence; gives us the conception, “without the humanity” we could in fact identify with all things combined/ if not for the truth: kinetic energy is not life/ nor is dark energy a form of living or life. Which is the atom removed from its energy environment.

The critical question is then: WHAT forms the basis of life, in eternity/ as we know that chemistry (the interactions of elements, by the laws which govern them all) forms the basis of body as is human? The answer to that is: the laws which govern energy, and form the basis for motion in either conception; develop from the potential that is order, balance, discipline, and thought. To combine them in a state of energy without the aid of direction or the disciplines of order; give rise to the freedom of life to balance itself.

As to eternity, the question returns to energy, and refutes the common misconception of Einstein E=MCsq and rebuilds that understanding with the law that is: UNTIL MOTION HAS ITS DIRECTION OR POTENTIAL FOR DIRECTION; it is not energy that can be used for force.

What gives motion its energy, is then the foundation of force, that becomes the basis of time. LIFE exists between that motion, and its formation of energy. The universe is filled with the space needed to assemble and create “new energy, formed by life”. Which has nothing to do with chemistry or even atoms.

That is all you get!

In terms of the three, biblical prophecies, the questions pertaining to the end of our world; are primarily wrapped up in these three distinct categories: Daniel 12; a countdown based upon only one reality, “when the great abomination rises”. That rose on April 1st 2012; the first experiment, in the first machine capable of igniting a nuclear fire; first death (by the law you can stop this/ but failed) second death (by repentance, through the acceptance of eternal life; you can be given mercy/ but failed) then comes “a half time” which is 667 days (divide the second death by half); equals end of time “tuesday 4/6/ 2021”. or, IN THIS SCENARIO, ignition of a nuclear fire to end life and planet will occur approximately three weeks prior to that date.

Second is: Revelation chapters one- eleven. They exhibit the realities of men remaining in control of this earth; and their decisions, both religious and not; which lead to the end of the world. We have bypassed that reality; so it needs no other explanation; beyond what has already been given previously.

Third is: Revelation chapters 12-22; this is the only one that grants life to remain on earth/ and it is the alternative to Daniel 12. Because it is already being identified, as is the spiritual woman of chapter 12 “stands on me/ literally rules over me now”. A reality I cannot change. That too has been defined further in previous work. But you have an incredibly short attention span; and all indications of the present point to the ignition of SUN FIRE here on earth/ so I will not elaborate. Instead it is fair to say; that the prediction of Revelation 18 is about to fall/ as is consistent with your decisions regarding covid 19. to what degree they entangle you, to what degree you turn against yourselves in civil war: all of it, is dependent upon whether you choose to let women try to lead this world. NOT AS MEN DO/ but by assembling the laws we need to rule life on earth; and bringing them to fruition by your votes.

Biblical prophecy is dependent upon the prophecies of what men will do! If that is turned on “its head” and women make the decisions to guide life beyond competition and grief. NO prophecy exists for that/ therefore no prediction can be made. But it is fair to say: THE CREATOR OF THIS WORLD, shall take note, and provide time for women to try. Such is biblical promise; because JESUS did not come to destroy this world, but to save it for life with love/ not hate.

Don’t you worry now; I will say it for you:  “you will wait and see”!  Alas, being wrong has no exit. What is true, will simply be true.



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