Preventable adverse events are a leading cause of death in the United States. When extrapolated to the over 33.6 million admissions to U.S. hospitals in 1997, the results of these two studies imply that at least 44,000 and perhaps as many as 98,000 Americans die in hospitals each year as a result of medical errors. Even when using the lower estimate, deaths in hospitals due to preventable adverse events exceed the number attributable to the 8th-leading cause of death. Deaths due to preventable adverse events exceed the deaths attributable to motor vehicle accidents (43,458), breast cancer (42,297) or AIDS (16,516). 5

in 1993 medication errors are estimated to have accounted for about 7,000 deaths. 11 Medication errors account for one out of 131 outpatient deaths and one out of 854 inpatient deaths.

Virus-based nanomaterials are versatile materials that naturally self-assemble and have relevance for a broad range of applications including medicine, biotechnology, and energy.

OR, more simply, the “university monkeys” continue to believe they can literally do anything to anything; without consequences for them. Because they believe “their god of evolution” will fix anything they do; after all, according to evolution CHAOS built the world; no thought allowed. Even though nothing is more delusional, and less scientific than that. LIFE IS DISCIPLINED/ ORDERED/ BALANCED/ AND EXISTS BECAUSE OF THE LAWS APPLIED BY TRUTH; THROUGH THE EXISTENCE OF THOUGHT. and your universities choose no brain/ no tool/ no life; “its all just magic”. To their shame.

This review provides an overview of recent developments in “chemical virology.” Viruses, as materials, provide unique nanoscale scaffolds that have relevance in chemical biology and nanotechnology, with diverse areas of applications. Some fundamental advantages of viruses, compared to synthetically programmed materials, include the highly precise spatial arrangement of their subunits into a diverse array of shapes and sizes and many available avenues for easy and reproducible modification.

Viruses have been studied for more than 100 years, and more than 5,000 types of viruses have been discovered and described.  Introduction

the university monkeys have been mutating genetics for decades; throwing anything that survives, “out into nature” to infect or change the rest. INCLUDING virus and other disease; with YOUR “research money”; while promising “no more tears”/ as all LIARS do.

An adverse event (AE) is an injury caused by a drug. Adverse events account for more than 100,000 deaths per year in the United States1, representing the 4th leading cause of death, after heart disease, cancer and stroke, but well ahead of diabetes, pulmonary diseases and AIDS

Adverse drug events cause approximately 1.3 million emergency department visits each year. About 350,000 patients each year need to be hospitalized for further treatment after emergency visits for adverse drug events. People typically take more medicines as they age, and the risk of adverse events may increase as more people take more medicines.

UK scientists have created an artificial version of the stomach bug E. coli that is based on an entirely synthetic form of DNA.

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Commercial firms that sell synthetic DNA (oligonucleotides, genes, or genomes) to users are DNA synthesis companies, including ATG:biosynthetics, Blue Heron Biotechnology, DNA 2.0, GENEART and Genomatica.    As Made-To-Order DNA Gets Cheaper, Keeping It Out Of The Wrong Hands Gets Harder

Don’t you worry now: just because they say they can cure one virus/ by creating a vaccine from platforms, using another virus;  why hell, nothing can go wrong. HELL, there are 5,000 more to choose from; “it will be great”.  After all: There are no consequences for a university; now ain’t that right? Directory of 270 biotechnology companies engaged in Synthetic Biology work. … Ansa Biotechnologies develops high-fidelty DNA synthesis using enzymes

and let us not forget; that finally, the “holy grail of genetics will soon be found”. To cause complete destruction of nature itself/ proving we are gods now; by its demise, WE ALL THEN get to see evolution come back to life/ and create even more. Because of course: “that is what chaos (removing all complexity) does”. Don’t you worry, with viruses to invade/ and machines to alter DNA night and day/ and CRISPR/ and millions of people around this world. A true “thermo-nuclear biological bomb” is coming to end nature forever. WON’T BE LONG NOW/ and then evolution will be proven by death of a world that now exists. And the geneticist says: “don’t worry, in a billion years or so”/ life will be great again. But hey, after all: YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW, what the universities are doing/ or where they spend your money “for research”/ now do you?

Synthetic biology involves research on micro-organisms to perform the desired function or produce a biological desired substance. Such processes possess health risks such as illness, allergies in humans as well as environmental risks such as toxicity and risk of new micro-organisms affecting living creatures in the ecosystem. Such potential risks pose as a deterrent to possible innovative research that could be done in certain fields such as; combating epidemics like Ebola and life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Search Results         Within fifty to a hundred years a new class of organisms is likely to emerge. These organisms will be artificial in the sense that they will originally be designed by humans. However, they will reproduce, and will evolve into something other than their initial form; they will be “alive” under any reasonable definition of the word. These organisms will evolve in a fundamentally different manner than contemporary biological organisms, since their reproduction will be under at least partial conscious control, giving it a Lamarckian component. The pace of evolutionary change consequently will be extremely rapid. The advent of artificial life will be the most significant historical event since the emergence of human beings. The impact on humanity and the biosphere could be enormous, larger than the industrial revolution, nuclear weapons, or environmental poilution. We must take steps now to shape the emergence of artificial organisms; they have potential to be either the ugliest terrestrial disaster,

artificial life, the coming evolution Genetic engineering and artificial wetware … sion is heavily based on life as we know it rather than life as it might be, and as Schrodinger himself admits, the … If we fail in our task as creators, they may indeed be cold and malevolen,t.

JUST THE TINY BEGINNING OF HUMAN DESTRUCTION TO THE PLANET BELOW/ ALONG WITH THE ABSOLUTE CURSE OF HUMAN DESTRUCTION, THAT IS AN ARROGANCE SO EXTREME ABOVE; these people think they are gods.,20%25%2C%20mostly%20since%201900.’s%20oceans%20are%20now,a%20matter%20of%20national%20security.,While%20they%20cover%20only%20.&text=However%2C%20coral%20reefs%20are%20currently,over%20the%20next%2030%20years.

I live on a farm, with very little traffic going by for more than 55 years: tonight I saw a single lightning bug, for the first time this year/ there use to be hundreds or thousands every night in the summer. There use to be thousands of birds, because there were insects; now a very tiny few. I saw a bumble bee last year/ none this; used to be hundreds. A couple of butterflies this year; but I planted a quarter acre of wildflowers; so, basically none left. One packet of seed was all weeds/ another packet contained only “terrible weeds, for a farm”. Horticulture is no friend to a farmer. There use to be reptiles, critters, amphibians, a pond to help replenish the rivers and lakes; a whole world different than today, in what is now a green desert, with poisons everywhere. the cost of man distinct. So that a few farmers can kill weeds with chemicals, and thereby; “farm it all”. Oddly enough, the weeds were our friends; because back when I was young, there were many family farms, and a rural community and friends and more that did in fact have more value by far than money. But through Reagan; the universities got control over the currency; and then came bribes, and then came the onslaught of every person who could: desperately seeking trophies, trinkets, and toys. As they cast aside children (let the children pay, a constant cry/ and “our garbage will be their gold mine, another), and life, and truth were abolished as worthless; as the cult took away your brain. Such is the choice, universities gave, as they stole your heart; and indoctrinated you; to follow them into chaos. All for money, that has no real value: other than; it literally is, “just numbers”.

And the religious all say, with very few exceptions: “we are god’s children”/ and HE won’t let nothing bad happen to us/ as the religious have always said. But let’s review: you are distinctly partners with those who have and are killing off this entire Creation of a world. Because you just don’t or won’t care. Simple as that; as apathetic as any other group. Alas, reality proves; even among the religious: the universities are your god/ and you do always bow down to them/ as it is your choice to do. Then comes “the rapture” for some: we are going to “fly off to heaven”. But reality says: once a nuclear fire ignites, the only place you will be flying too; is an enormous furnace of fire/ because the vacuum will suck you in. You cannot even share, the simple truth: that Noah’s flood has been proven by fossil fuels/ as there is nor was any other way for all that living debris; to be gathered together and buried together, at the same time; some of which is under thousands of feet of ground. To your shame, you are “just like the rest”. Interested in trophies, toys, and trinkets; to be thrown away, some of it, the very next day. While shouting “all praise the universities”/ because WE BELIEVE. As they finish destroying both life, and this earth; by playing “satan”.

Pride is a terrible enemy/ arrogance, is a coffin. People love their games (winner/ or revenge); but alas, life is not a game. Therefore they lose the value of their own existence. Until you face the truth life is not a game; and you are neither winner, nor loser; you will never know what life itself is.


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