As to this site; the most controversial conception is: whether or not, “the spiritual woman inside of me” could be true; as it depicts a relationship with the spiritual world that cannot be proven true. So the question is: DOES the Biblical book of Revelation predict her coming?  IT IS absolutely true:  the greatest lack of human companionship is due to “a loss of words”. Without companionship with value, friends vanish or fail; time seems endless, and without merit; and all hope vanishes.  USE YOUR GIFT.

The spiritual woman of chapter 12; prompts the change from men in charge, to women in charge of life on earth; does predict this coming. I searched for ten years, to find an answer that would keep this earth alive in men: it does not exist (their answer is war): this is the best the did do (take all you can get); and history proves it is the best they will do; time and time again! Therefore I searched  to ask: “for female solutions”. Standing on the moon, “means she is visible at a distance, primarily in the night; standing on something foreign (which is male; me).” I tell you true; she does stand on me; demanding I learn what life is like, “from the other point of view, as women see it/ by the cost of men”.  However, in chapter 12;  She does bring a “new life” into this world, by my work; the realities of power to change this earth; by understanding and accepting new ways. By choosing to rebuild society, for humans, being alive/ rather than human animals who want (everything is mine), pride (I win, because you lose) and power (I am the superior one, by playing god over you).

Biblically looking at Revelation 17: the prostitute is “university”/ but, a spiritual woman again appears verses 3-6. the desert means, “with little life to see”. The scarlet beast is “universally male; with all the accompaniments men have assaulted women with throughout history”; I am figuratively that male; because I opened the spiritual door of female; “just to ask a question”/ and was pushed inside, now being trapped in the female dimension (its COMPLICATED). Nonetheless; she brings through me, “many precious and valuable things, into this world”. The golden cup; is the demand that women will now lead this earth/ or it won’t survive. Religion and men find that abhorrent, and refuse; ridiculing that claim “they shall rule no more”; as insane, and an attack on their lives. Including an attack on their religions; because she does demand TRUTH/ NOT BELIEF; and their religions are built only on belief; where they control. This entire reality astonishes humanity; as they cannot conceive of this change. Or that it could be true.

But the evidence is clear: information that has never been revealed before exists through me/ and I exist, as a messenger to you; through the balance she has represented in this work. A reality of give them what they need; which I refused to do; until she pointed to the truth: “otherwise they will die”. The spiritual world is truth rules here; and there is no place in the female dimension for male/ YET, I have been needed to provide for female her chance as well as the male chance to survive; this time of horrifying failure; that university has done. Your oceans will die/ your planet will overheat/ your food and water supplies will fail/ overpopulation “will cannibalize you”/ people are MUTILATING NATURE & TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR (LETS BURN ATOMS) FIRE! And more. Which means: if the message CHANGE THIS did not appear at this time; there would be no option but extinction. Because that is what you chose. So, if the biblical prophecy of Revelation has merit: IT MUST OCCUR, in a similar circumstance as was predicted. Reality will prove it is so.

Yet humanity, as taught by universities, will scream: “AIN’T NOTHING TRUE about none of that/ cause we KNOW”.

BUT truth by the evidence will prove: “you cannot build an eyelash: proving how much less could you possibly know”, CAN’T build skin/ much less an eye, or the muscles that control it, or place it within the body that builds itself. OR anything regarding the human body; as is so highly complex; you know, it is a miracle. You cannot build, and do not know; how genetics work! Your only clue is to mutilate and then crucify a living organism (forcing it to deal with your change). But that is death, not life. You cannot even comprehend evolution is a lie; because your university gods want it to be true. Yet not one reality of evidence is in support of evolution: which claims life is an accident, created by chaos, established by billions of years, and fundamentally created without a tool, or even a brain; making the single cell organism smarter than you or they. “yet, you know”; what all fools know/ that they believe whatever they want to believe; truth be damned & all evidence be denied; because they want what they want.

Or, fear intervenes; and the herd must move according to the leader/ or be evicted from the rest; to face the predators alone. As is the case of covid:  “believe or be abandoned/ obey or be crucified”/ FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR!  Yet reality proves; it is, all a lie/ to destroy this nation; and infect a world with delusions.

And the world says: “we don’t have to believe nothing we don’t want to believe”. And the world says: “we worship the universities as our god”. Letting them mutilate nature, ignite a nuclear fire depending upon fantasies and delusions for protection; because, we want what we want/ and we don’t want, to pay nothing back to life or world. Let the children fend for themselves; “nothing left/ is just TOO BAD for you”. As reality then proves: your currency numbers are pure fantasy/ and that means, the gift of university to you is poverty; bound together with crucifying this earth, and all its life. For which the majority shall claim their prize; as true participants in why this happened.

As for me: I chose to open the spiritual door into the female dimension of life/ never intending to go in. The cost of that decision is: “I have traded places with women”/ female in charge of me; with many consequences as well.

When poverty hits you in the face/ and reality proves to you: extreme failures exist. I predict you will come to me, looking for relief as always “just fix this so we can go back to normal: whatever we want/ as men in charge of this earth”. That will not happen; you chose to crucify yourselves with tragedies piled up high/ that won’t let you escape.

TRUE CRITICAL CHANGE, is your only hope to avoid world extinction. Simple as that/ no exceptions: that is your reality, because the evidence will prove it true. CHANGE TRUE TO LIFE AND PLANET: OR DIE, is your choice.

As for me: I am controlled by the spiritual woman inside/ more than you can imagine. “like a tiger in a cage” kind of thing. Nonetheless, she reminds me: a multitude of women, throughout history, have had it worse than you/ and I do accept that as true; leaving my complaint worthless. I will help women understand their choices, IF THEY ARE WORKING for life and planet/ or as my new situation, especially over these last 3+ years requires. What I can actually tell you about that is: “I just don’t know/ life is upside down”. An example of that: while the majority of the time I am hit with “a thousand volts of electricity, or more if I refuse”; so to speak; forcing no. In contrast: I was once required to put on a bra for two days; I said ABSOLUTELY NO/ and turned to walk away. Ten feet and two corners later: running directly into, and bouncing off; an invisible wall (believe it or not)/ finding an invisible force field (wall) on both sides as well. Reality proved: I was forced into “yes you will”. Believe it or not. So, I have no clue; as to what my choices really are. Its complicated. And I utterly don’t care “what you think or say”. My reality is apparently different, than yours/ and has been for a very long time.

What I have learned is: that it is very unfair, to control or be controlled by someone else. Freedom is an essence of life itself, and must be preserved to understand love. It is unfair, to be forced into compliance; even if you are right/ I still have my own life to live; and it cannot be done through your decisions alone; mine must participate honestly/ sharing the  search for a decision, so that truth itself can decide. Which means none can claim superiority; only truth. While love accepts many things, hope is a destiny/ and without a destiny we cannot share a future. Therefore it is inherent and necessary, that we hope as one; to become the soul of what our eternity can be. The heart lives to participate in love, by the values proven in care. The decisions which promote our working together as one. the respect essential to building a path we both can share. The animal thinks only of self/ and therefore cannot truly establish destiny, or loved beyond self. LIFE requires thought to present itself, as our journey beyond time; therefore by sharing the journey, that enters hope as well as Creation itself.  We do become, treasured by the essence of love; combined as one. These are things both men and women must learn; to conceive of life, beyond time. These are things both men and women must accept:  DON’T manipulate/ control/ tempt/ betray/ ridicule/ disrespect/ choose for me/ or in any other way alter my life, by making it your property to decide. This is “my life”/ not yours. Our happiness depends upon that value of identity, being accepted.

Life and living have trained me, through the endless journeys that changed “but why”/ into the disciplines, order, and knowledge required to ascend. But that reality was only balanced for freedom and life, when the spiritual woman inside; came. It WAS a complete surprise/ but with true value; and I must now accept the disciplines, order, and knowledge required to participate with female. Even though, I don’t even know  “why”? As with all life, each must make their own decisions. To acknowledge truth comes first, as the primary law of living; seems obvious/ I have presented knowledge to gain inside and understanding. But apparently something is lacking, and must be gained to proceed. I am not allowed to know, what that is.

You will recall: my situation is different than yours/ whether you believe it or not; is irrelevant. Instead, we live in different elemental dimensions of both energy and gender/ a strange mix of things which do not combine.  But are forced to share space; because this earth is facing extinction/ and that changes everything; into what must be done, rather than what life is free to choose. For either side/ which alters an identity in me; because truth cannot be changed/  but human can. Consequently “it is, more complicated” than you think.

So, how is it going? Well this is the sixteenth year; and my tits have been growing. Seem to be “a thousand different things” in two packages; and I don’t understand a single one. Pretty much sums it up. But a lot of male has disappeared; seems truly “gone forever”. So, ten thousand “I don’t know”; finishes this moment. Truly a complete surprise, no clue how it ends.

NOTED:  while I could point to numerous events along the path of my own existence, that reflect the possibility of “influences beyond time”/ I will never intend to suggest that occurs. As it reeks of the construction that I would somehow “know” what  GOD is doing/ nobody does, certainly not me. This situation with a spiritual woman from beyond time however is different/ it is predicted in Revelation 12 & 17;  and it is not simply circumstantial; I live it/ and even you can see the evidence of knowledge and balance as has resulted in this work. NO clue, beyond this is a message given to me/ to give to you:  CHANGE OR YOU WILL; GO EXTINCT.

And the world, of the adult says back: “we don’t want to pay/ we want what we want”. But reality replies:  truth won’t wait/ and every youth says, “GIVE US OUR LIVES BACK”. We DON’T want to pay for you; that ain’t fair!  So the adult replies: “we won’t care”. And reality remains:  CHANGE, OR YOU WILL BE EXTINCT/ very soon.

I say to you both:  GO INVESTIGATE AND EXAMINE THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ to let those people trying to ignite a nuclear fire continue. IF YOU DON’T find that sufficient proof of CHANGE IS REQUIRED/ then you can both sides agree, to disagree.  But if you do find the cost of being WRONG/ THE EVIDENCE OF complete and utter failure to understand the truths involved/ and the absolute gamble which can and will easily destroy this entire planet: to be true.  THEN STOP THEM, AND BEGIN THE JOURNEY TO RESURRECT THIS EARTH, from the grave humanity dug, under “universities plays god/ and humanity cult worships their lies”.  PROVE THE TRUTH, OF WHAT HAPPENS:  IF THE UNIVERSITIES ARE WRONG!   because they can’t simply “try a million experiments”/ ONCE is all they get.  like a forest fire, out of control/ there is no going back, to start all over. this earth becomes a sun!  SAME ENERGY/ SAME RESULT.  REALITY PROVES:  their delusions are nothing more than lies, fantasy, or imagination. But their result is not.

THAT REALITY AFFECTS THIS ENTIRE WORLD/ AND IT KILLS THE ELDERS TOO; EVERYTHING INCINERATED/ ATMOSPHERE EJECTED/ MILLION MILE LONG FLAMES ON THE SUN, means here too/ RADIATION RELEASED EQUAL to the sun/ and no place to hide for this entire living world.    SO, GO CHECK THEM OUT/ instead of your cult worship and disgrace. The sewage of belief in “university can be gods”; such as playing with SUN FIRE/ or MUTILATING NATURE ITSELF.  and so much more!

Insist you do understand:  they can do it, “for the money”. Its just another foreign language, to keep you at bay. To keep you from understanding all the realities they DON’T know/ or participating “In their gold mine”.



CAN YOU NOT ENFORCE: THE NEED FOR COURT TO YOUR ELDERS, AND MAKE THEM OBEY REALITY, AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG?  instead of their cult worship!     WHERE IS YOUR SOUL?    answer: dig it out of the pig trough, that is university plays god.

can you not “BE ALIVE, IN TRUTH” at least once; before you die?  TIME IS RUNNING OUT/ AND IT WILL BE    FOREVER.  I have, provided all the information you need to confront them and prove them wrong; here on this site and more.  Realities such as:  ATOMIC ENERGY is contained in the spin of an atomic nucleus:   NOT, “magic”.  It is that spin that produces a nuclear fire: when atoms are forced into each other: its called friction, and that friction produces all the subatomic particles found. FORCING an atom to disintegrate means: the forces inside which keep it balanced; are then released. heat out/ but the anchor that holds an atom together goes in; and produces solar gravity as the result. Such as: the hydrogen your universities find (the only thing they can see); is merely the ash cloud from the fire; as small and quick;  is the only thing which can escape. AND THERE IS MORE.  which does go against everything:  “the universities claim”/ by their imagination. NO truth involved, just fantasies and delusion.

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