So that there is no excuse for considering suicide, or escaping into depression, or devaluing the others just because you can. Reality allows, at the edge of extinction/ for one last construction to be given.

While hope is the essential ingredient in every life, the value of life expected from the future, an elevation of eternity must be present. LOVE is the primary desire, that gives us hope, a purpose for living. But life itself is determined by balance. The elemental truth of motion, that our happiness is governed by the consequence of motion within the essence of life itself. On a balance scale/ at the point of change (neutral/ or the fence): nothing happens, no change can occur for life as happiness/love or hate. It is only when we govern ourselves to accept the cost of change; that we encounter either love or hate.

The scale of life however is not like the scale of men. The realities of life ascend into life as truth and happiness/ while the realities of hate descend from life into the lies, violence, and chaos of where people hide from truth. The farther away from neutral you go/ the more extreme the change. True hate cannot return; but it desperately wants “central support”/ and cannot achieve it; which brings anger, violence, and more; to steal what you have. Whereas true love reveals an essence of trust that has no counterpart but love; and you must give everything to the values of life beyond time, as your acceptance in soul. That is a separation from the rest; to rejoin, the herd of humanity no longer exists. But it is the reality of being human; that we cannot sustain, what we are unwilling to surrender as trust, to love/ nor can those survive who drop to far into hate. In between the extremes; particularly close to neutral: when you lose your grip on love/ you will likely fall into hate. OR, when you relinquish your grip on hate/ you then have the right, to climb and work back into love. Either way, requires a decision, and that decision is your contribution/ or cost, to life. This is the foundation of all behavior/ a reality shaped by your own values and contribution to peace/ or violence, the chaos of hate; the disgrace of lies.

Happiness knows the motion of love shapes our lives into the trust that becomes a home. It is within that home, that friendship becomes true; and joy (I am accepted honestly) builds the heart we will cherish as family inside. Soul accomplishes what we cannot, the transition between life in time/ and life eternal (as is participation in the miracles of existence/ rather than the demonstration of participation in time). Happiness provides the accomplishment of change, by the decision to love; therefrom inheriting the right to remain always on the side of love/ even if we fall back and forth within that love. Joy climbs higher, but happiness grants hope; and it is hope which keeps us alive and within the values of what we have achieved, and hope to inherit. As the essence and realities of miracles do prove true: that time is only a partner to life/ and not life itself. Just as body is also a partner to life/ and not life itself.

We then construct the decision of life: “what is beyond time, that we might cherish hope/ or what is beneath the grave (so to speak)”. The critical construction is body! Because how you view your body, determines how you shape your future. The definitions which you will accept; are sufficient to work for/ or not. The realities of that work are not the same for all, and the cost of being jealous of any other; is not accepted as an excuse: YOUR life/ is your life; not theirs. Because if life is only about body, then the body is only about life; and you die/ therefore the cost of what you do, or do not do: is regulated by whether you believe there will be consequences; you don’t want. This is in essence “animal”, and herd mentality; the descent from neutral in our scale; down the support that allows for sway. Or more distinctly “the believer”; looks for methods and ways, to hide from the decisions for life as are EITHER hate or love/ and chooses to lock themselves inside a space (their belief) they alone can control. The cost: NOTHING is allowed in/ as might influence or change “the prison” of my beliefs. By those who shout: I AM SAFE here! Away from loneliness/ away from lies and liars/ away from death, by believing whatever I want; can be true.

But there is no escape in belief; because belief is about body, and body is about death; and how it ends in consumption of the parts/ by discarding all that was real. Which leaves only love/ or hate to participate beyond the body as life. We then ask of our own decision: WHAT IS TRUE? Because love is sustained and created only in truth, by the beginnings of respect. While hate is born in chaos/ and hides that chaos in lies, so as not to be seen by truth. RESPECT ascends/ while chaos finds terrors inside that cannot escape. Consider evolution, and your university gods who claim chaos is their god/ and yours.

Nonetheless, hate is an irrelevant factor in life/ as it participates only as death enlarged due to the choices you did make.

RESPECT however seeks the truth, by choosing to journey into the realities of miracles, and the shapes of motion, to detect the Creation of a living experience, that can express the freedoms that were our gift of time, in this world.

UNLIKE, the vile sewage that is most of what the universities claim as their lies about truth. The curse of failure as is proven in the evidence of their leadership in this time.

EVERY MIRACLE of life and earth; PREDICTS AND PROVES OUR CREATOR EXISTS. JESUS predicts and proves; through the miracles of healing he was able to produce; that we are guaranteed, an eternity does exist, where love is experienced therein.

So, the only real questions to be decided upon is: HOW, can this exist/ WHAT is the value of an eternity/ WHERE would life live, or what would it become/ WHEN, because death is final; and we have no say/ WHY, would GOD desire to live with “you or me”/ and WHO is GOD, that we might understand the relationship of life to life, better?

We begin with the disciplines of energy; and the laws which create them and keep our lives in a state of planetary balance. The very same energies the universities are trying desperately to destroy these laws; by creating chaos (uncontrollable consequences) . Understanding then in the disciplines of order; that laws govern our own ability to shape and control the energies of our freedom as is given in the creation of motion; whether by body or mind. That fact isolates and proves the reality of what we do have to lose/ because they are so very wrong.

The curse of universities discarded! The realities of energies governed by laws, shapes the question of how, by understanding balance achieves more than a question. It is an answer; because truth lives here/ and that is a very important reality which shapes the decision of life itself. End of this road/ no more.

So, we turn to values; the destiny we shape within ourselves. Of elemental essence, is the one true reality which touches us all: that which is called loneliness erupts here. Because loneliness reminds us: of how valued love is/ and how true, a life we do not value would be. That fact shapes the possibilities of “what did our CREATOR “ experience, when building his universe? And we learn that LOVE is why we live; nothing less survives an eternity but truth, and truth does not care/ it is only what it is. The question of why, is then proven by the reality of love, which is the greatest of all treasure to be found.

As to the possibilities of how or what we might be within the elements of energy that give us a home beyond time. I cannot say/ I can only point to the body you inhabit, this whole earth men have not yet destroyed; and the extreme complexity of all its parts, and all of its design methods, functions, abilities, freedoms, shapes and more: to say, “this is your gift here”. Why would you worry, if inheriting a true place as being alive in the “home of OUR CREATOR” ? I would not.

As to death: plainly time ends/ and that means, either life dies with it/ or the energy which gives you life, as an identity of your own; MUST escape into the change that is beyond time; this is now true. That spiritual realm, where only truth survives DOES NOT participate in neutral. IT IS, a realm of “truth or lie”/ and all lies will be destroyed; because they cannot live with truth. When death comes: turn into it, leave with the energy that exits your body, and abandon all that is time/ because life in time is now over. ONLY TRUTH remains. If you get left behind (fighting to stay); you will ghost without energy, until faded into nothing gone forever. Whether you are able to survive; depends upon your own truth/ no excuse will be accepted: your truth decides. Unfortunately for those who refused to “go past neutral/ or hide from reality”; you will be stuck in “purgatory (until you are ready to dissipate and be lost forever gone)”.


LIFE then asks you to choose/ instead of to live as animals in time. Because choice is your decision to participate in being alive; a question that seeks eternity/ instead of waiting for the grave; as is fighting for all you can want, win, or take. The difference is: where your heart is, your life will reside as well.

Or, in the simple expressions of this time: love demands that you communicate and inform; as best you legally can. So that this living world of miracles does not die. Because that is: THE LEAST you can do, for the gifts of life and time you have already received.

There is no herd in eternity/ no race or religion or reality; other than the summation of truth, that is your true and final identity. A small child takes with them should they die: whatever it is you have shared; a gift you cannot take back; which means you must build again for your own life. OR, you will hate/ a reality that then becomes your truth, if you do not surrender it. LIFE IS a gift/ NOT a possession; a child is not “simply yours”! Accepting eternity lessens the pain; because truth survives, wherever love proves it exists.

I WARN you distinctly: that I knew a man, who was angry that his life had not turned out as he had hoped/ and he cared that into death; and failed eternity. Another who chose: “sex, is what I really want”/ and entered the chaos of it”/ another who wanted pride, and lost everything instead. And so on. DO, WHAT YOU CAN LEGALLY DO: YOU OWE THAT TO YOUR CHILD, EVERY LIVING THING, AND CERTAINLY “your real GOD OF CREATION”. Stop worshiping; the damn liars presenting sewage, by living in the insanity; “they can play god”. INVESTIGATE/ EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE/ ESTABLISH TRUTH AS BEST YOU CAN: DON’T BELIEVE/ PROVE, as best you can. BY GOING TO COURT, and removing the taint and bias of so called “experts”. Evidence/ truth/ reality; NO theory, without a clear foundation in provable realities, NO imagination, fantasy or delusion, NO foreign languages, as math or other/ or less. ONLY what the majority can and will understand as is consistent with what we need to know; about the cost of being WRONG.

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