This does not support critical race theory, but discounts it in all aspects of its construction. The foundation of “race relations”; is dependent upon the availability of resources. Plenty of resources, and everybody gets along. Not enough resources; and people try to remove the competition by claiming “any group” that is not fully capable of defending itself MUST leave; one way or the other. It is that simple/ apart from the clear truth: I want my family to remain, the family I grew up with/ as is identified by us. Race relations are about money/ property/ purposes/ religions/ and realities of opportunity, as we all want and need in support of our lives. Wars are about: IF WE CAN’T remove these people and take their stuff, for ourselves/ THEN LET’S KILL them. Because reality is very simple: those who were here first, had the most available resources/ the most opportunities; and they don’t want to share with anyone but themselves: figuring THIS is ours/ and I want to give it to my children. Or, I don’t want to work harder because of you. It takes decades of work and sacrifice to build a society/ and it takes resources to sustain that society: more people who want the same, without the decades of work it took to claim it/ are then never welcomed by the majority; once the scale tips, and competition becomes excessive & real. Race relations are then as simple as: human population density/ versus resource realities. And it can never be resolved until zero population rise exists/ and everyone is then regulated to: YOU did this to yourselves, “good or bad”/ deal with it, yourselves. You have yours/ we have ours. The curse of hate adds in/ and the realities of GREED: “WE CAN take your stuff”/ and make you are slave; are elementally why the second amendment exists. EVERY race, at one time or another throughout history has fallen victim to slavery, and the curse of raiders intent upon warring to get more stuff. Limiting power, by limiting capitalism: we vote upon how much property or influence you may have compared to the rest; is now necessary. Without the money or property, armies are far more hard to create; particularly when the disciplines of law, protect us all equally. That does not mean same; as each is not worthy of the same rewards/ there are differences in what people contribute and why.

The elemental issue in America between black and white: is from hate. White remembers “I/ we, lost so much from civil war”/ while black remembers “I/ we lost so much from slavery. BOTH causes are over one hundred years old, and you both need to end the feud. Simple and plain. But make no mistake: when you cross the line into sex, and compete for the same women/ there are always consequences; for both men and women. As is the reality of black incarceration: a consequence of sexual activities; “fair or not” doesn’t matter/ as people are what people are. Other groups have similar complaints; but they all stem from “we want more stuff”/ while the other group says: “we want to keep all our stuff/ GO AWAY”. BUT this earth says: they have no place left to run/ and that always ends in war. So you either create a suitable society, with justice and fair play to each/ NOT here today, as each side demands MORE FOR ME. But war will destroy everything/ and there is nothing to build it back with: so grow up/ or die, and go extinct. Because war will swell, and the earth will fall.

EVERY GROUP; who moves to another nation says, “we want to be treated better here/ GIVE US MORE”. BUT every group comes from a nation that refused to give them more/ or they would not have left. Including the black people who were sold by their own people to be slaves; shipped to America for money. But as genocide is reality: would they not have been killed in their homeland; if not for that fact. When the law fails/ and people do not enforce their JUSTIFIED laws: tragedies occur, when resource and environmental destruction remove choices. FEW move to another land, to gain “just like the people who were already there”/ none move to another land without money which grants participation; to become rich. Which means to enslave the others/ only the degree decides. Life is not fair/ because people want what they want; and they want MORE than anyone else; to prove they are the superior ones. But: What we can have, is determined by resources: and as America in particular has shown, the race to throw it all away: is constant among them all. Which means all get to be poor/ and then all get to participate in war. OR AS A SOCIETY; you curb population rise/ and understand this world has changed.

America was not built by immigrants: America was built by genocide of all Indian tribes. America succeeded because those Indian tribes had not torn threw their resources; and as such the race was on: “to get all we can get/ and to HELL with those who stand in our way”. But it is noted: that immigration is caused by overpopulation/ compared to the resources available/ and that means war. So the immigrants escaped war in their own nations/ to make war here, where the competition was less. As is the constant of every generation: we are NOT responsible for what our ancestors did, or did not do. We are responsible for our own decisions, as is the cost of being an adult. The end result of it, is everybody wants a “free and easy life, that allows for the liberty of doing whatever they want”/ but that requires resources and respect for each other. ALAS, WANT IS NOT ENOUGH. Throughout these last decades: the universities have been at war with every resource, the population worshiping the idea “we can take it all/ and LET THE CHILDREN PAY”;  with every reality of life and survival we ALL do depend upon/ creating pollution and the cost of failure as is the destruction of everything we need to survive. NOW WITH MASSIVE ATTACKS ON NATURE ITSELF, ENERGY, AND MORE. Creating the means to allow for massive human expansion; that now threatens to destroy an entire planet. Which means all the ingredients for war are plain and true/ and will soon control, without clear change. The possibility we survive as a world, is small/ the reality we will soon be extinct; is all but certain:  because “universities play god”. and the reality of life on earth today is:  with all the excess now consumed, and the planet overflowing with people who have no place else to go. Weapons of mass destruction will be used. Because there are too many to control in any other way.  But don’t worry, the universities have a plan: as is the experimenting with control by covid.  “They will make you a true biological weapon to kill the masses/ just as soon as they create a real vaccine for themselves”.  So you can die/ and they can live. And if you don’t know that, “its because you are a cult worshiper, without a brain”.

As for the civil war:  extreme failure proves what liars can do. the civil war was fought and started with nearly all white people/ to free the black people. Yet all are bunched together as “the enemy” of black: unfair. Slavery was legally allowed/ as is so many things that should never have been in this day as well; the list is long/ and the realities are deadly to life and planet and child. Slavery was never constitutionally allowed; so they betrayed themselves. Nonetheless the primary cause for war was:  the north leaders decided, “to steal” the realities of how the crops were planted and harvested from the southerners/ but leave them with the debt. So how would you like someone to come repossess your car/ your house/ your combine, or tractor or whatever it is you do desperately need to survive:  and yet leave you with the debts you cannot now pay. Thereby stealing your future too/ by their choice, to expand what was unfair; as an apparent punishment. Reality would prove: while a small percentage was badly & criminally treated in slavery. The overall life, was not improved by so-called freedoms. Because the entire south society, was torn apart at the seams; while traitors, liars, failures, fools, and thieves moved in to take control. While every slave now freed faced starvation/ along with every so called white owner. And nearly every white family in the nation: was confronted with the cost of war, which was mutilation/ death/ loss of family/ loss of business and homes/ loss of child; and so on. Which meant: they all blamed each other. And because of the rabble rousers who never go away; the feud continues.

Critical change is necessary/ but it will never come through civil war. That just means the worst of what people can be or do:  will control.

The reason a more equitable solution was not found:  was the north did not want to pay/ nor did the south. But reality itself: would have chosen, “let the bank investors pay/ because it is they who created the money, the laws, the business, and the governmental realities: to make slavery what it was”.  Even so, before there were machines: to help create food supplies. There had to be workers to plant and harvest. A living wage offers enough to support freedoms/ but the realities of business competition; do not always provide a way to do that. Because in the end: it is still the banker, hiding in the background:  that controls the power of society. And it is still WANT/ pride and power; that controls human greed and selfishness, and more. Nothing has really changed; because people are people, same nearly everywhere/ and if you go back to Africa; it is unlikely to be found “better”. Back in slavery: the majority were businessmen, who understood, “if you don’t treat your workers right/ they will fail you”.  Consequently while there is no reason to believe slavery was valued by blacks, or should ever be/ there was a limit, to how bad the treatment of most might be. Food is food, and somebody does have to do the work; because that is reality. FAIR however is fair/ and society either defends itself when things are going bad; or it descends into failure; as is happening in this USA today. Society did defend itself, and remove slavery; but it was not fair to the southerner/ it was not fair to the northerner/ it was not fair to the slave, or women or families or children or nation. Because fair:  requires JUSTICE to be equal and same for all. Power hates that/ Pride hates that/ Want hates that; and these are the things the masses have always proven to choose. Why are slaves of any color treated like livestock? Because if you let yourself treat them in any other way: they are no longer livestock/ and an entirely different decision must be dealt with by all. Every color and every group has had to deal with slavery throughout history;  as is the recorded biblical history of the Jews. “not friends to the others/ they were not friends to us”; so who is to blame? Want drives the animal; and they all say, “I want my life to be free”/ BUT SOMEBODY has to do the work, or I cannot survive. Therefore ridicule arises, “to prove” we don’t have to treat them as equals. The predators/ “rabble rousers”; do not want hate to end, so they fight to keep their anger; even if its one hundred plus years later. Because the end result of it is:  “we want what we want, for free”/ just like those who bought slaves. The prey; hide and run away screaming silently “don’t see me/ don’t notice me/ don’t believe I am even alive”; JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. While the human, being alive searches for life itself; because time is far less important/ therefore forgiveness begins the journey, unless violence demands a solution.

As to all the people who say, “if only”. The cost of business is: “to find something you can achieve success (more than I need to survive)” with. then requires you to continue doing that same thing/ making those same choices/ sacrificing life and time and family to this same purpose; as is the business keeps us all alive, “happy”. a different kind of slavery/ but still a life determined largely by others. The truth of it is:  there are many who refuse the price/ and as such go searching “for free”; by any means possible. Again as is the constant throughout history.

Reality proves: nothing evokes a greater response, than does sex/ particularly in the young. They will focus on a different group if they can/ but, the men also focus on the same group; as is among themselves when trying to “capture a female; their trophy”. Females want men to fight for them, and often will initiate a response to make that happen; “prove how much you want me/ bring me a prize; a trinket or such”. The end result of it can be criminal; the cost of pride/ and the reality of power taken too far. That is particularly evident when any group gets control over another group; as is the constant of men, when not fully engaged in “taking what they want; in toys”. Pride is a terrible thing, it makes life a game “with winners and losers”. Power is worse; by changing that game into “Yes, i can play god over you”. But it is the same throughout history, and every group has its players on both sides. The cost of sex is:  just once is enough to produce the evidence “Yes you did, whether old or young”. And now comes the cost of pregnancy, disease, or other:  “accept, pay the price/ deny and move the evidence away/ or kill and thereby bury the evidence so you believe; I cannot be convicted”.

And then, we have all the men who enslave; abuse, and use women/ plus all the women who use, abuse, and enslave men. The cost of men raping women; violence shaping heartbreak, and tears. The cost of men using, abusing, or raping their own children: exactly the same as “master and slave”/ they hate in others. Then of course is the constant why didn’t your group stop you; “all of you are the same damn way”/ RIGHT? Holds true of all groups, right/ like all races/ all men, all women, all of university? Or is it just simple to say: this group (same)/ rather than these individuals (different). The value being something is wrong; start here! The cost of women raping men: as is, “I tempt you to get pregnant/ and then force you, to pay for the next twenty years or so”; because someone has to pay. The cost of women choosing to have children: “to make money/ gain benefits”; is another form of “raising livestock”. Same is of course true of American healthcare in the nursing home and others: “KEEP THEM ALIVE”/ they ain’t worth nothing to us, if we can’t keep them breathing/ can’t keep them here. HELL NO, don’t let them die: WE WANT THE CASH!

WHY was the black group targeted for slavery? “Because they could be easily identified”/ therefore couldn’t run away without being found.  Same as you now, “with facial recognition,  cameras everywhere, and computer robotics, to search”. Why, ARE, women targeted? Because lust devalues humanity, into chemicals for me/ as results into “I AM, the only life important here”. Just like, “I want a child for me”/ devalues male into a slave for that purpose; who is not as important, as me and what I want.

CAN’T BE? “well now, who has the gun”?  OR ON AN INTERNATIONAL REAL WORLD TEST:  “WHO has the biological weapon; to force payment in the trillions/ along with anything we want; by discarding the law, government, courts, realities, and anyone we don’t want?” After all media:  WILL FORCE YOU TO BELIEVE; as they invade your home, your child, your nation, your world, and your life.  Who could argue, “with university is god”.

CAN’T BE? well, with enough free money, “counterfeited or otherwise”/  you get all the benefits of having slaves to do anything you want them to do. Without any of the problems that come with that ownership. Which means slavery is “alive and well” in this USA;  because the money, that has no bearing on reality, resource, or the future:  demands we work for free.  NUMBERS are not money!  Resource and work realities are money; numbers simply measure the justice in that/ or provide the battlefield of those who attack the rest. “with the lies, of power and pride rules now”.    “Got a gun”?    “it won’t buy you freedom”.  LAW DOES THAT, WHEN WE THE PEOPLE CONTROL THE LAW, AND ENFORCE IT WITH JUSTICE FOR ALL.

While “desperate times” causes the vast majority of war. Ironically, it is immigration that allows for expanded greed/ and then more selfishness; as competition determines the price. a footnote to history: the reason the Indian nations were not as acquainted with war as the Europeans: they arrived here later/ and instead of war, there was room for expansion; so they moved/ and they continued to move; because it worked. Of note; it was the miners who proved to be the great providers for nearly all of the civilized world, and its wars. Which no doubt started by discovering “coal burns hot”: so what else “does the dirt or rocks do?”

While the reality of “liars/ traitors/ thieves/ murderers/ failures/ fools/ cheats/ terrorists; and all the rest” have been part of society since the beginning. It remains wrong; to assume one race or color or category of description fits all. It does not. In America: black men in particular have been treated poorly in white areas/ but it is just as likely white men, have been treated poorly in black areas; while the same is true in every other part and piece of racism. Particularly extreme; when one group tries to fuck (its just lust) women from the other group/ or the women refuse their own group; ends badly for all. A reality in young men: whether its competition from a different town, or a different school, or whatever. Because the end result is: “someone does not want to share/ so they fight, to get recognition: fear me”. That will soon multiply; as the reality of poverty sinks in. As always, each will blame the other/ and each group will say: “would we not be better off without them”; as the police decide, “which side will protect them more”. Your only hope for a society that survives, is the courtroom/ and your participation in it as a democracy. Choosing redress, instead of war.

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