LIFE is a search within thought, by constructing an environment related to energy; through which we achieve the dimensional expression of what we experience life itself to be. Living in time requires us: to accept the dimensions of body and earth; as the limits and boundaries of our experience, and express these though the measurements of our brain. They “life and brain”; are two distinct environmental realities. The difference is: life is the essence of our participation in heart and soul, as the expression of our values as an identity. Living in time is the question of participation as we move forward in the decisions that will become our identity. We cannot become a “life beyond time, without a true identity”/ therefore living in time is our construction of who we are. Whereas life itself is; the critical portion of destiny itself: we don’t own it, we participate if allowed, within.

One of the critical truths of life and living is: LIFE adjusts the search for heart and soul, as we adjust the decisions which make trust and truth the pathway of our identity. Whereas living in time; grants that you may live only as time, governed by brain. The brain cannot do more than measure/ therefore all of life is governed by what you conceive of that measurement to be. Measurements are not life/ therefore instead of human, an animal arises in you. That becomes the existence of predator and prey, and the realities which affect animals on earth, will also then affect you. LIFE stays above that, by not focusing on measurements/ but conceives of life ACCEPTED (beyond time); within thought, and its struggle to identify, the destiny of heart, within the participation of soul. Soul means: “where we live in the presence of GOD, our CREATOR”.

CREATION is: the elevation of thought, into the structures, and compositions, which then compose the elements of life. Thought is: the creation of harmony through an existence which can participate in truth, as the construction of peace and happiness, within itself. LOVE is: “the elegant and essential essence” of a life worth living; because of you. Hope begins our journey through time and life, as the critical contribution of a destiny worth pursuing. DESTINY is: our own elevation of desire, into the creation of an identity we then can refer to as self. Only truth Is allowed to do that/ only trust is allowed to bind one life to another. Only respect grants a relationship. LIFE is: our journey, the shape of both heart and soul; refined by the values we cherish beyond time.

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Jim Osterbur

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