We now review: the possibilities of what we can do, to survive as a world!

First and foremost: EVERY THREAT must be investigated to identify what is true/ EVERY SINGLE UNIVERSITY DRIVEN ANYTHING OR INDUSTRY OR ANY OTHER ASPECT OF “UNIVERSITY”; IS to be stopped entirely and without question: while we investigate: what is the true cost of being WRONG. OR YOUR WORLD DIES.

Those threats, we must deal with: include human population growth, which must be stopped or nothing else will matter. That, IS the decision of women only/ and men will support them; like it or not. A vasectomy is NOT the answer; as it does remove the chemicals that make sex itself worth doing. PLUS the singular fact: a million men CANNOT create a single child/ but a million women could easily create “a million more: with very few men”. A WOMAN’S CHOICE/ THEY hold the keys, to population control: period. ABORTION IS NOT the answer either: but the first 40 days or so, the creation being born is not yet “fully human”/ and it will be allowed. BUT NO EXCUSES beyond that point are accepted unless it is “a critical medical cost; to life or child”. Forty days is enough: YOU KNOW, you had sex/ and you know what can be done to avoid pregnancy. DO IT!

Given that, three more things are elemental to survival of the planet: you WILL dramatically reduce your release of heat into the atmosphere. You will dramatically reduce your waste and pollution of resources; giving the future its chance to survive. You will struggle hard to return this earth to a state of “natural existence”; HUMAN WANT, be damned! So that with hope, the chains of life which support us all, can return to its future for life and earth.

Three more things: the oceans MUST be cleaned and supported to survive/ or you war and go extinct. That means: you will stop the pollution/ pump water to cool the coral reefs (use wave motion), reestablishing them as best you can where they will survive. Stop the trawlers, and make them pick up pollution instead. You will feed the oceans with dead human bodies prepared for that purpose/ because you have nothing else; or ocean life dies/ and that takes you with it.

Three more things: YOU WILL replant the forests as fast as possible, hoping to resist atmospheric loss of attachment to this planet. Because if that stops, our future is dead. You will separate into much smaller “singular group nations”: because hard times are coming, for this whole earth/ and the only way to know who is, and who is not complying with “life and planet come first”. Is to identify the problem, and make them face their own consequences. The constant cause of war is: WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH RESOURCES to survive/ so somebody has to die, or move. And there is no place left to move too; the earth is full. You will review and test every water supply around this earth; establishing the evidence; and do what is necessary.

Three more things: fix democracy and this world; “let the laws we the people create; decide”/ by enforcing those laws, on the leaders, for ourselves! Fix the courtroom: by enforcing obedience to our laws and our justice as a nation. We will grade the judge, lawyers, and more; removing those who fail us by our own vote. Fix the media: by destroying what does exist/ to form access and accountability for all who can provide the evidence of what we do need to know, as a state, nation, world, or future defined by the choices; in our hands.

Three more things: fix education, by forming it into reality. What the child needs to know for life, society, work, and happiness shall be taught. Evolution evicted entirely. We the school districts: form a network of teachers that travel to the schools/ for distinct lessons those parents want to be taught. “university” is moved to above grade school; you will decide to learn what your work life can be. The university that is left: shall not demand tuition/ but shall collect only from those students, which receive a job for which you trained them; at a percentage of their pay. OR the job of training workers; returns to the business or industry that needs them.

Three more things: WE MUST IDENTIFY OUR OPTIONS TO MOVE FORWARD, into a future we can survive.

WE MUST identify, how best we can function as a society: by using limited capitalism to replace power/ and give that power back to the people themselves. As a vote; which then decides the limits of wealth/ and the limits of poverty. RECOGNIZING; some EARN more.

WE MUST identify: those who hate among us/ because there is no peace or happiness to be sustained; unless hate is removed. That means they are transported elsewhere/ to a place where it will NOT be easy for a single one to return back “to our lives”. Want controls the liar/ pride controls the competition to make life into a game/ power is formed by judgment, which comes when you measure anything. But violence comes through hate, when judgment decides, “you are worthless” to me/ therefore I can do whatever I want, TO YOU.

You do have an “endless population count”/ so much so; it is impossible for society to function; and chaos will erupt. UNLESS you find a job for each one. The plundering of resources IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. And that means, in order to retain any degree of happiness: humanity must share and care/ or you war. The first form of “job creation” is to assemble into smaller groups; to identify and create what you conceive “our future can become”. These ideas are formulated into distinct methods of living/ and are shared throughout the nation and world; so as to give the most voices, the greatest degree of value to life and world, that we can achieve as one world living together, for happiness. ALL ARE INVITED TO TRY, AND PARTICIPATE AS A GROUP INVESTING THEIR TIME AND EFFORT. But you will LET TRUTH DECIDE, by forming your conception of reality; into the cost for being wrong. These are paid jobs/ but they are not entitlements: contribute nothing of value/ and your group is discarded.

First up: money does not decide who will lead. University does not decide who will lead. Government employee does not decide who will lead; and so on. TRUTH WILL DECIDE the direction we must go, and from that construction of our values; we will assemble the purpose and desire that builds and rebuilds what our lives can be. I remind this America: “you have not been paid for fifty years/ except for inflation”: and inflation is theft from the child. So the money itself did not matter/ but the resources you stole did matter. Remember that as you go forward, and construct the difference between power and what we the people can do for ourselves. Eminent domain will remove the fool/ but only reality will teach you: “believing you can is NOT enough/ as university imagination has proven true”: Extinction results! There will be those who scream: I won’t work for that/ but then they will starve instead. There will be those who scream: I won’t work at all/ but then they will be transported to where life will teach “the lesson of survival”. There will be those who challenge we cannot operate a society in this way; because homes and business and industry and banking all require “more money”! But that is not true; as a home will be sold for whatever the buyers can provide/ a business is determined by resources/ industry is formed with the investment of strangers/ and banking results from a need to protect our assets from thieves (which means: they have proven to be criminals in all manner of money/ and protected us from nothing; including themselves). We therefore return banking to strictly “neighborhood banks”/ and retain our business within the neighborhood which created it; by selling it to ourselves. Teach investing to the children and more; so that industry will function. And construct: if your effort has proven to aid society/ then you shall be paid by society. To facilitate that reality, a job is guaranteed; and that means you need to teach them the trade, job, etc (so they can do it_)/ limiting hours as necessary. Letting limited capitalism construct the new realm of work and reward.

ACCESS IS EVERYTHING in the world of dating/ business/ schooling/ and more. Therefore “like owning the roads” we must own the access to media and all other forms of social interactions; so that true equality can exist. Electronic transfer of money begins that process of takeover: removing the profit, to control the solution: with FAIR play. Removing private healthcare business: by owning all but the human participants. Removing the power of university; by controlling the tuition and who will pay. But that opens the door, to one group doing better than another; which again points too: “divide into smaller nations that are group specific/ so you CAN’T blame each other, “as its all their fault”.

Your job groups: to formulate and identify the realities of these types of decisions/ construct the realities of cost and consequences for each decision/ compensate with truth, examine with loyalty to peace and happiness, and offer hope in the form of all that we can become. Is no small task. DO IT ANYWAY, or life goes extinct.



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