Let us confront, our existence as society.

Our experiences and our expressions of life and living are confronted by the definitions of our society/ and thereby what we choose for that society to be; within the constraints of our environment, and by our laws. Becomes the elemental foundation of our time on earth. That is then important, for all but a few; who live outside the norm.

to construct what society can be: we must first understand what our true choices are. Only an investigation of the facts will prove the limits and boundaries of our environment/ and therefrom the future of consequences for our choices; as does impact or change every living thing on earth; beyond this moment. Our true choices are limited to what can we do: to keep our planet alive? Every other choice is minimal, and describes a want rather than a truth. among its various homepages and other reference materials; is a clear and certain description of realities which you must investigate to prove what is true. Thereby coming to grips with reality itself/ to destroy or deny; the wants we can no longer accept. The cost of that is: even with absolute proof; there will be those who utterly refuse to respect life, or participate in the duty we owe to this planet. Therefore we must separate them out/ and place these people of hate into a containment area of their own. ‘No, small task”/ but required for peace throughout the rest of this world.

Beyond hate; are the endless hordes of animals who want to live on the fence; never committing to anything important/ and hiding in the design “you can’t prove anything”. OR, we can’t all be wrong.

More distinctly: the grouping of people is their solution to what is wrong/ WE, will blame the other group; and when trouble comes: WAR to take their stuff. Kill them to solve our trouble. The consequence of that describes nations throughout history. As one group pushes out the other group, and then they must find a way to survive on their own. Even when confronted by war: “we want your stuff”.

To accomplish the reality of our world today: requires us all to accept the fact, BECAUSE WE KNOW, humanity is made out of many who will refuse their duty, and deny their responsibilities to life and planet. THEY MUST be required to endure the cost and consequence of their own choices. Which means they become their own little nation/ governed then by world law, and worldwide enforcement of that law; which we the people of this world must make and enforce upon our leaders. So that they control their people correctly/ or simply restrain them within the borders of their own choices.

The unfortunate truth is: as always the universities fail/ media flaunts/ and humanity dies; because groups intermingle and change the identities of their group, with the mixing of couples. That is not a statement of prejudice/ but a reality of “IF YOU REFUSE TO ACCEPT TRUTH MUST DECIDE/ not wants”. Then YOU and yours shall endure the cost of that decision. One of the main definitions of that fact will be: zero population increase/ and less MUST occur, our we go extinct as a planet. Island nations can help you: those who contained themselves found value/ those who did not became cannibals. TO AVOID that reality: we must create independent smaller nations/ where your group; is responsible for itself. Fail to curb your population growth, and we WILL let you starve/ thirst/ or in other ways die. Because that is the life universities taught you to build: as is THROW LIFE AND PLANET AWAY; and all the people said “hurrah/ not in my lifetime; so I WON’T CARE”.

Today you will care; because the only other choice is extinction.

Apart from the most basic of all decisions: TO LET THOSE WHO CREATE THE TROUBLE/ ENDURE THE TROUBLE THEY CREATED. The realities of work and living are functional and fundamental to how we survive. THERE ARE NO MORE RESOURCES to just throw away; because you are criminals and won’t care. EITHER LIFT YOUR LIFE out of the sewer, and find respect; by destroying the universities out of your life/ UNLESS they cooperate honestly to help life and planet. NO MORE extreme experimentation/ NO MORE genetics of any kind beyond law enforcement/ NO more excuses: life and planet and survival comes first. Nothing more, or less; or we throw you in prison.

We must provide a society that incorporates EVERYONE; which does mean “we owe to each/ and to ourselves” the opportunities of work at a fair wage. We owe nothing else to each other, but justice and fair play. No more welfare/ no more anything: but the opportunities to work. Failure to work, and we will let you starve. Choose criminal; and we will transport you to what is barren/ and let you survive if you can, “there”. No help will be granted: “good luck/ right”.

The opportunities to work remove robotics, some computers, all the monopolies/ conglomerates/ and those who control too much for themselves. Which means we must incorporate “limited capitalism”/ so that a realistic wage/ and honest rewards for your own contribution to life and society or planet can exist without complaints or war. INSTEAD WE VOTE ON LIMITS; periodically to enforce that choice.

The opportunities to work also includes: we are so many people, that we must share the work/ there is no other way. WAR is not an answer: as is clear in these words: WE ARE 8 BILLION PEOPLE/ which means kill a billion people; and there are still 7 billion more left. YOU CAN’T kill them all/ and YOU CAN’T kill enough to make a difference/ and they CAN’T kill your group enough to make a difference either. We do have to share/ and that means: we need to train those people to work with us, sharing the resource and the reward. Which will NOT work: unless you learn to participate as equals, and learn to live beyond the competition of games.

Since games and trophies are your primary source of economy today: you will find that difficult. BUT IT IS NOT. Give up the games/ and understand: your garbage mountains are full of your trophies, that lasted what “a second or two”. YOUR CHILD needs you to do better/ or they die.

What we can do: is change society, cities, or just basically everything the universities have led you to do throughout these last one hundred years or more. Their way: is extinction, as the evidence does prove true. Consequently, they are evicted from leadership/ and only allowed or required to present evidence; that we the people may decide for ourselves. YES YOU DO have to decide for yourselves/ BECAUSE YOU MUST LIVE THE CONSEQUENCES of your choice. Even the eternity of your failures or success. CHOOSE/ don’t believe or want. LET TRUTH reveal the way forward, because the herd does not know more than want. And want, is the foundation of every lie.

The END OF AIR CONDITIONING IS MANDATORY; or this planet overheats, and we all die. To enforce that: you will limit the energy anyone is allowed to take; etc. INSULATE and choose better.

The END of long distance employment: we return to village living/ as is living and working close to what you need. Walking to work/ small stores close by so you don’t need a car. Everything “small business”; fed by a delivery system, which is in the best interest of our planet.  THAT reality exists with a new business plan: you will implement a clear signage that states: THIS BUSINESS WILL NEVER charge more than ___________% more than the cost of goods sold; on all items here. The failure to keep that promise, is the removal of current owners; and the implementation of the next owners/ to prove you will keep this promise. You will not divide it up. You will implement another business, another owner instead.

The END of isolation; as is the need for proper and real human contact and conduct in the pursuit of happiness as best we can. Which would include vacations/ but NOT to the ends of this earth; unless by ship. Or closer journey’s by rail (the use of subway cars+)
“an electrified rail system” is preferable, due to impacts consistent with trains on the people who live next to them. Work it out; Switzerland and more have led the way. The decision is, we can share/ but we cannot simply let the automobile decide anymore. LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST. A reality that exists: BECAUSE WE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE. That if we don’t participate as friends/ WE WILL WAR, as enemies. Plain and simple; it is true, and soon. Population increases GUARANTEE IT.

We MUST identify what can be tolerated in healthcare: by the limits reality does impose/ and the decisions voted upon which will apply to all: no exceptions. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T simply inflate the currency and claim “let the children pay” anymore. YOU PAY/ ITS YOUR DEBT. Or you die, as is consistent with nature in charge.

ONE PENSION PLAN FOR ALL/ NO EXCEPTIONS: SAME/ EQUAL/ distributed to the people who will then decide for themselves.

ONE PRISON PLAN: one of the jobs that will be made available is: to participate in justice and the court system to prove or disprove what is true. And understand: who is wrong. The courts shall be graded on their performance for justice and democracy; with eviction or rewards to follow. The prison parole system shall be guided by the prisoners themselves; wherein they do know better than anyone else; who is capable of being released and who is not. Their food allotment/ temperature controls and so on: will be adjusted in accordance with those they allow to be released. Their failure, results in your food becoming “less desirable”/ your cell becoming cold; and so on. Correctly released, and there can be rewards.

No more chemicals to be made that are not “earth, and life friendly”; including the waste products. No more chemicals made in populated areas that create a threat. No more chemical dumping anywhere near the water supplies, or life or any description of contamination exists. You will find desolation in one form or another/ where life is not impacted and a long list of other realities to be enforced; LIFE, and EARTH, COMES FIRST.

No more giant fishing trawlers to empty the seas/ there must be enough left to repopulate: ETCETERA. FIX THE OCEANS, or they die/ and billions of people with them; as a result. NO EXCUSES. You will feed the fish, “with prepared dead human bodies”/ because that, is what you have left to use. You will tow ocean barges out to sea/ create feeding zones with netting; so the small can escape the large; and they will feed automatically as programmed. When enough fish exist to catch a trawler can then be used; within realistic parameters.

NO more logging; without trees, the atmosphere of our earth detaches/ and we die. You will plant instead. Or more distinctly: NATURE SHALL BE PROVIDED WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO RESSURRECT ITSELF, from all your destruction; as best it can.

It is only your want, pride, and power that is in jeopardy of destruction. IF YOU WON’T surrender it/ THEN you will war, and go extinct. Too late to change now, will rule. But if you don’t stop the insanity of trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth: you won’t need to try/ “you will be incinerated”. Such is the reality of “university plays god”.

“ten thousand changes for life and planet COME FIRST. NO more university leads, university gambles, claims expert, or plays god/ OR, your world goes extinct”. CHOOSE?

in this America: the current sewer excretion of a university anus/ the valueless curse that is belief in “university knows/ university is god”; without the creation of true and valid evidence: is a death march into HELL. So says the elevation of reality; into the rotting carcass/ or parasitic invasion that is “university cult worship”.

Which makes the “believer” the single worst disease carrier, in all of history. That is not a religious statement/ but a reality of belief as is: I CAN believe anything I WANT/ OR DON”T want to believe”. A foundation effect on all behaviors. While the religious do have a right to believe whatever they want to believe/ when that swings into; the invasion of all rights and realities of society: they do cross the line, into anarchy (we will change you into what we want you to be)/ by manipulation/ propaganda/ indoctrination of every child/ theft/ lies/ cheating/ betrayal/ terrorism and more. Because all these things and more exist: through the acceptance of belief. All these things expand; because the animal rather than the human, accepts “we can’t all be wrong/ we are a herd, a crowd so large; we can kill them all as is a mob”. Belief fuels the terrorist/ beliefs fuel the traitor/ beliefs participate in hate/ beliefs create war/ beliefs turn the righteous into an enemy of society/ beliefs alter government and the courts from law/ beliefs fuel an epidemic of betrayal as is covid; the rise of fear, rather than the evidence of truth. Beliefs curse the media into accepting the universities are god. Beliefs form the basis of tyranny. Beliefs alter truth, and find lies instead. As is just some of the constant death rattler; of a venomous serpent; called “university knows”. BELIEVE/ FEAR/ AND OBEY; is a weapon, and fear is your enemy. The cult worshiper bows down, and takes his or her whipping; so they can be called “a member of the herd”.

And NO, after forty years of fighting for you; DEMANDING DON’T DO THIS/ let truth decide. All you offered was RIDICULE, CULT WORSHIP, COWARDICE, AND DISRESPECT. Rise up and defend yourselves. Life is worth fighting for/ or its not worth living; SO DIE. The nation is worth fighting for/ or you choose to throw it away. I choose: YOU FIGHT/ after 4 decades; I am done: YOU DO IT/ YOU PAY/ YOU CHOOSE, AND KNOW: this is the consequence of your decision. I am done/ unless life itself, forces me.


IN THIS AMERICA: YOU don’t get your life or nation back/ until bankruptcy and depression; because that is what it takes to force reality back inside of government.  So long as they can buy and bribe an army:  you will fail/ UNLESS YOU GO TO:  TRUE DEMOCRACY, AND PRODUCE FIRST AMENDMENT:  REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/  IN A COURTROOM OF PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AND JUDGMENT IS OURS.

IN THIS AMERICA: YOU don’t get your life back from the thieves and murderers of “FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR; covid is out to get you/ BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO DIE: so the curse of the dead that is university plays god; can steal your nation, heart, child, and SOUL. As is the curse of “SATAN” upon you. A reality of arrogance/ apathy/ disrespect/ and all that is vile to life and world: LEADS YOU, and you continue to worship their cult; “as believers do”. HELL NO, truth will not decide/ the prison gate is closed, and the believer cannot get out; so he or she can believe you won’t get in. NOT TRUTH/ NOT REALITY/ NOT CONSEQUENCES/ NOT VALUES/ NOT RESPECT FOR LIFE OR PLANET/ NOT MUTILATION OF ALL OF NATURE/ NOT THE END OF EVERY CHILD FROM YOUR DESTRUCTION OF RESOURCES. NOT EVEN THE IGNITION OF A NUCLEAR FIRE; EASILY PROVEN IN COURT; “JUST LIKE THE SUN” here on earth. Because you believe the universities are god. While reality points to them and says: “you didn’t even like them in school”/ yet now, they are gods to you. SHAME ain’t a big enough word; for worshiping what the evidence would call “satan on earth”: the destroyers of a world.



And the people say: “WE DON’T WANT to do anything/ that might harm us: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT”. But just like the predecessor of every tyrant regime: just like pre world war 2: where all the nations surrounding Germany said “this can’t be true/ we won’t believe it”. THEY WERE WRONG. Because the army of the bribed; had a belief as well: WE WILL take all their stuff/ and kill anyone we don’t want. Because that: is what power and pride does. As they ridiculed those who were the powerful; and laughed, because they were certain “our money will save us”. When in fact; it was all counterfeit. The only difference is: GET LOST in the war; and your planet WILL BURN. Your nature WILL BE LOST. Your children annihilated by resource loss. YOUR FOOD AND WATER GONE. YOUR PLANET TURNED INTO HELL; and more!

And the white population of America, and all those who joined them in business and democracy: in an instant lost their power. To the invaders: because once overthrown; now the new rulers OWN THE COURT; just like you once did. Can’t be? Look who rules and is the military! Consider the cost of NO MONEY, its all gone; and NOW SO IS YOUR DEMOCRACY; WHICH MEANS: YOU LOST CONTROL over everything. And stand facing the potential, “same as the Jews” of world war 2. can’t be? WELL NOW, you have no power to even complain; so the only cry is, “who has a gun”.

The true invader: IS UNIVERSITY PLAYS god. Go prove, the curse of a cult; is not your anarchist in charge. DID THEY NOT JUST STEAL TRILLIONS FROM YOU? DID THEY NOT SET THEIR OWN PRICE; AND BY TAKING OVER GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA: MADE YOU PAY! SHUTTING DOWN your business/ demanding you are their soldier to: enforce their NEW rules. DID THEY NOT DISCARD ALL CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; to enforce their decisions. THEIR PROPAGANDA ON YOU. OPEN YOUR EYES.


Can’t be? Well the preparations have already taken control: as is FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO DIE/ AND OBEY THE UNIVERSITY ELITE: or we will let you earn our disease, by your resistance to our demands. NOT ENOUGH? Well you just paid them 5+ trillion dollars/ to do with anything they want; by counterfeiting money, “same as yours”. Just how big an army can you buy with that? PLUS all the other trillions they have collected, “WHILE SPENDING practically nothing/ because government, with our credit and debt: funded them entirely. And MEDIA made it happen; with mass hypnosis; “just to prove they could”. After all forty + percent of all university activities: ARE HOW TO CONTROL/ MANIPULATE/ LIE/ TEMPT/ CHEAT/ STEAL/ BETRAY/ TERRORISE/ AND ENFORCE FEAR; on the cattle of humanity. Since being indoctrinated into the cult of university is god; “THEY HAVE NO BRAIN”.

or, you would return to reality; face the truth and let it decide to resurrect DEMOCRACY/ and then fight within the law, as the constitution and justified actions will allow.  Proving,  WE THE PEOPLE will remain.

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