LIFE, Is not a participant of the brain/

rather, THE BRAIN IS THE KEY STRUCTURE: tHAT translates life, BY TYING OUR BRAIN, TO THE BODY OF TIME.. The value, of that understanding is: you cannot fix your life, with your brain/ you can only measure and calculate the values of time, that your body allows you to recognize. More deliberately: when faced with a physical problem, it does absolutely no good: to consider all the consequences of what could happen to us through our bodies. Because we can only do, what we can honestly do; in aid of who time allows us to be. LIFE decides if we live or die. The body does not, unless it is catastrophically impacted in ways that are truly violent. The unfortunate part is: that our bodies can be deteriorated “without our consent”; to a state where living is undesirable. NOBODY desires, an endless death; as is what much of medicine does today. Forcing you back from the dead, into a body not less than pain or torment to you. Therefrom the knowledge of what it means to be wrong: is understood. But the reality of LIFE itself is not. To achieve even the slightest conception of that: we must learn to accept what we can/ and what we cannot do, for ourselves. What we then allow others to attempt on our behalf: is an understanding of the evidence, that is justified by truth. To fear means: to believe in the worst; and that is panic, depression, and so on. To trust: that life lives beyond time or body, is to justify, that the evidence of miracles (nothing living here is by man or accident or “evolution”); IS ENOUGH, to face eternity; when we must. JESUS is the guarantor, we were not simply created, and then abandoned: while HIS gift to us, was a life to be shared with love, respect, and values beyond ourselves. Make no mistake; death is not simple or easy. But make no mistake: nothing about our lives, our existence in freedom, thought, energy, truth, value, courage, love, respect, hope, motion, the treasury of senses, or the heart and soul of an eternity; is simple or plain. You must acknowledge what you do not know; and accept the values of what you do know: will shape, and share, and care about your eternity too. LIFE IS: a two way street/ the human animal can walk both ways into love or hate. BUT THESE ARE OPPOSITES of each other, and never combine for life. ETERNITY DEMANDS YOUR TRUTH; and it will be one way/ OR, the other. CHOOSE.

THE ACCEPTANCE of life, rather than time; is a reality of choice, that removes the measurements of a brain/ to understand the values of living are much deeper than any measurement will make. Therefore to assemble and create the disciplines of life, instead of the measurements of time; we must accept the limits and boundaries of order, to achieve a balance within ourselves that can then survive; the essence of “beyond time”. The first element: NEVER judge/ let only the law, justified as fair and honest;  do that.

Time and order are two very distinct things; time allows nature to create/ while order allows the values of what we desire most, to form a path beyond what time will reveal. To achieve, the beginning of soul: Creation and I, are now one living experience; even if time remains in me. In the elemental rise of that discipline, the order of acceptance is: beyond truth, is the creation of law, and law resides where the heart will form.

Heart expresses, what the soul experiences; while time can only measure pleasure or pain/ freedom or failure/ the prison of hate/ or the values of love. The heart goes beyond to ascend into the creation of an identity which becomes one with the laws that keep existence alive. The question of time is then disassembled; to construct a new form of living, which is without measuring/ the heart becomes free, to achieve soul inside. When the brain measures, it forms death inside; as every human knows, time will end for you. When the heart rises within Creation itself, the miracles of what exists, form a barrier to death/ by allowing the experience called soul. The heart expresses this as faith/ and faith is the acceptance “our CREATOR” is real. Which then guides our path into soul/ by understanding; this will change the way we live within and without ourselves. The difference is: time wants a body/ while faith desires to participate as soul. The difference is: time fears the loss of body/ while faith accepts the purpose of death, is eternity arrives. The reality is: we must protect our bodies with reasonable grace and truth/ because it impacts time and shapes our experiences and expressions of life. But when death appears, and the body becomes lost: WE MUST turn to eternity, and trust in GOD ; there is no other way, beyond a body; to live. Because the energy required for life, is not free.

Our journey into life itself, rather than time; is a creation of trust. To achieve a value shaped by our identity, as is our truth survives/ the spiritual world exists to remove all forms of pride, all concept of lies, and without mercy; it will stop only in the purity of what your truth is. Mercy grants: at a distance from truth and purity as is eternal; you are allowed to survive among those who are like you. Until you surrender yourself into death or destruction; as is your right to do.

The purity of truth is eternal; therefore to seek that purity, and to accept that truth shall enter and control life; is a foundation upon which we build our own destiny. Each life being unique unto itself; must form its own truth as a passage beyond time is earned; not inherited. Fail to participate, and you cannot enter in. You must expand your experiences, so that you can learn to express your own version of truth. Truth is, what it is: but time allows for you to exchange your own direction and decisions for what you desire most/ even learning why, that desire exists in you; so that purity can form. The element of discipline cannot be avoided/ the consequences of order, cannot be avoided/ the relationships which balance the values of your heart with the realities of your truth; cannot be less than shared. Because caring forms the foundation of your heart; and unless you achieve it; you will die. Making pride one of the worst enemies you will face.

Pride is the disaster of measurements in time; the failure of heart to achieve eternity. Even though it can be experienced with pride; these cannot form a home, they do not belong together/ and as such will leave you eternally, “homeless”; if you fail. Pride is “a terrible enemy”/ and it will require the surrender of time as a human animal (I belong to the herd/ pack); in order to achieve the ascent of steps, beyond this existence. To find or search for soul.

I have spent the majority of my lifetime, searching for soul/ fighting for this world to survive, by assembling the information that would allow you to do the same. Achieving a degree of success as male/ the need to search beyond male; for an answer, which would allow this earth to survive; I opened the door, beyond time; into the realm of spiritual woman; simply to ask the question: what would you do, to save this world? But became trapped there; because in the spiritual world once you enter into any truth/ you cannot escape it, unless you fully understand what that truth is. I could not; women are vastly different/ as if “from a different world”. Its complicated.

But today: the sixteenth year now, from when this began: I have been changed dramatically into something “not male/ but not female either”. A cost of belonging to the spiritual world; changed by time, to start all over again. Its complicated. But the end result is: without her balancing me/ little value would have been found from my life in time; for you. She reminds me: to share/ to risk/ to care/ to live/ to breathe in the value of love, as my soul expands. But she also teaches me; of the beast women find men to be/ their tragic impact on too many lives called female; and the reality CHANGE must come/ or life itself will fail on this earth. We live together inside this reality of existence/ but she is in charge, and I cannot escape. Or more distinctly, as is the law of the entire spiritual world: unless I learn the reality of female truth, I will spend eternity here. The unfortunate cost of learning the spiritual truth of women is: I cannot know, unless I literally become female/ and once there; I cannot return to male, because then I am not male anymore. The only alternative is; if she evicts me/ and that is not desirable either. She has been a valued asset; love does exist; some degree of respect. The final shape of me is unknown; the future of me, a mystery now; no clue. That is the truth.

Loneliness is not a treasury/ it simply demands a decision. “complicated”! Loneliness was not part of male beyond its lessons: but now I am no longer male either/ and that would mean, I no longer belong there; if I were to leave. So the future for me is unknown; without a clue; refused the opportunity to learn what female truth is. Refused the opportunity to go back to male. Refused the freedom to search on my own. Chained to this work, until done/ and unable to conceive of me beyond what time will be. Even that is entirely uncertain; in a variety of ways.

I suspect; you are given this information: to remove all the conversation about who or what the writer of this work might be. So, I sum it up as different, but essentially same. Spiritual to a degree, but not of my own accord. Anchored in time, but not. “its complicated”.

LIFE, is a gift; it is not your personal possession; as is body. The truth requires us to accept that as a fact; proven by death. Because life is a gift, it is not our right: to claim it as our own possession. Our only possession is body, and time hold no guarantee; not for a single one. LOVE shapes our decision in these things; as the value of what we hold/ or what we lost. But love too, is not a possession, but a gift that cannot be owned, by anyone. It is the fountain, from which we drink to the life we share; earned by what we did choose to care, respect, honor, and sustain with our hope. The loss of life is, the loss of love; and all the hope that love represented through the life shared, that we have lost. Granting our only true hope is; to cherish the existence of life within the relationships we do share. That is not an expression of body/ but the consequence of soul, as we are allowed by love to enter within the spiritual realm of dignity, that is love itself. A reality that cannot be expressed, other than as joy. The question of eternity is: can we experience or express the love we have lost; once more as life conceived with destiny? The answer is not profound, but constructed; as a relationship formed by the shapes of our truth. Where truth lives, time has no meaning; because truth survives. Simple as that. Therefore what you did choose to build, as the truth which binds you into Creation itself; it is, that truth, the expressions of that trust; which will turn into the destiny you have shaped with life, and its living; in the treasury of what you bring to share, with life.

It seems necessary, to construct a distinction to male and female; by the following words. Male can be considered like a solid; always marching toward the goal/ a purpose; that will determine both life and identity at the end of his time. It is an “outward charge into the sea”. Because the end result of it will be: the control of energy wins. Whether that be love or hate; each is a goal/ but each lives is a completely opposite direction to the other. Those who trap themselves in the middle demanding I WILL have both love and hate; lose their lives in eternity. Because that ends with chaos; you failed to choose/ and became lost forever.

Female seems to be a construction without walls to define her, being fluid in nature/ as the dimensions of what can or cannot become her life are altered by environment, and the chemicals to be endured; shaping a desire. The quest to isolate a home, and fill it with life; is not a goal/ but a distinction of desire. Love or hate lives within desire/ and if she does not evict hate, it will consume her.

While male is simple and direct; “we fall into it/ without any real desire to guide us”. Being female is not; as the reality of my life at least, has been. Since the beginning of this female invasion, in me: my tits have pushed on me for over fifteen years now; using chemicals they make to alter and change life, body, and even time itself. (like ten thousand hours worth) Nothing is simple or direct. Nothing is plain, or without compromise in some degree. “it is an inward dimension” that shapes itself within the house that becomes her home. The control of love will define it. The control of hate will destroy it, and leave her homeless, to drift into eternity without value.

The critical distinction of both is: that without balance, we lose a value that shapes heart. Consequently it is elementally best, to find your heart in the treasury that can be shared as male purpose, and female desire, bound together as one, with love shared, because we choose to care honestly and with life itself as our gift to each other. Love is a home, male must earn/ while love is a march beyond self, into the values and treasury of a universe, that female must accept as necessary. Or happiness will be limited, and bound into “small dimensions”; for both.

Treasure each other, more than time: STOP searching for trophies, toys, and trinkets/ so that you can find life within respect for each other. Because the more, you search for “less than life”/ the less you will find for love and respect within each other. It is a choice. Desire forms, “from the blanket of values, we share together”. Purpose forms, from the decision “we care about each other: equals before all.”

It is also a choice, to understand: when bound together as one, we must learn to accept what truth will demand is required for us both to survive. No want is allowed, only truth decides for life. No life/ no love/ no value.

WE REFINE THE DISTINCTIONS; by what women need to know, about men.

We are not animals, unless they remain “little boys, who merely want to play with their toy”/ some never grow up, some never find a delight in their tool. And will merely want a friend, to keep the loneliness at bay.

An animal: searches for sex, because he wants the chemicals of sex, to alter his own conscious reality; for a minute or two/ all done says the animal; don’t need you anymore for now. It is a very simple transaction; as it is with animals/ some will not take no, for an answer. Some will hunt for prey. Some will become so angry “sex is NOT enough anymore”/ that they take their frustrations, out on you. Because if sex ain’t enough; then all they have left is hate: and that becomes a predator or death.

A “true” MAN: is the existence of respect for life, body, planet, work, values, love, the honor of providing for yourself or even others, the dignity of strength enough, and the purpose that is what life can become. Purpose is not a need, but an element of value: which can be used to constrict the value of female, if “temptation” can be avoided. Granting that purpose is then used to define life by work or other. Respecting female is not only inherent to the life of male, but mandatory; as the dignity and duty owed to the Creation of life: that gave him life as body, as well. Given that degree of true value which is a life, and a beginning cherished enough to keep the baby and child alive: no elevation above boy or animal is possible without respecting female. Therefore if real world respect is not offered to you: then he is not a man.

Given that truth, the consequence of participating with female (girl) is: “they want your life”. Or they don’t want you at all. That reality of choice can be instant/ or take time; but it remains the same for all. Female wants male, to establish her life; by what he does/ and to aid in making what he does of value to female; she pushes/ manipulates/ controls/ tempts/ alters/ cheats/ steals/ destroys/ and anything else she can think of to change male into what she wants.  Want is the basis of every lie, and as such consequences will erupt. All of that pushes male into animal; OR causes the descent of every relationship to find a precipice to stand on [I must defend myself, and resist.]/ or it will be dissolved; from this act of war. More distinctly: a man cannot be “shopped for”/ a man must be loved for, the respect of what he shares, or how he cares. When that is accomplished; it is then time to decide together “without tears, fears, or chains”/ if you can live the life I provide?

A “true” WOMAN: has no wants; because want is an abyss that will never be satisfied for long. A woman lives within desire; as desire is the elevation of what has value, to the destiny called love. Without love, life has little meaning; therefore the acceptance of love is a true test of faith.  Desire is an elevation of need, and as such determines the formation of behaviors. The unfortunate reality is: FAR TOO MANY MALE ANIMALS, have learned how to disguise themselves as “men”. They have no value, and search only for sex. Which means if you fall into that trap; and trust/ they will steal from you. It is the price of “finding a mate”/ if you refuse to be cautious. Cautious however is its own victim; the failure to trust, will result in the failure to find another life to share your own. It is a tragedy in its own right; because we must search for each other; and we must trust what truth will reveal. Even though, some very successful LIARS exist. Consequently the foundation of every decision to trust is respect. The ascent into trust is let truth provide the way. The definitions of heart cannot be found unless you share, and that includes the work, life, living, time, and more. The joining of soul, to create our own participation in soul as is joy. Cannot be shared WITHOUT extreme risk/ unless you give your own true love to GOD FIRST. Thereby the protection of your own foundation of life and love is protected; and you may risk the rest, if you accept “truth/ but never lies”. Not for any want on earth; as want will lead to an abyss; and that is always tragic.

For both male and female; the reality is we are NOT perfect/ not going to be perfect/ should never be held to perfection: and MUST ALWAYS retain sole possession of our lives as the reality of death does prove true. More simply: even if we share our lives with love shaping our decisions as one loving form of destiny. We will die separately, and none knows when. Therefore the quest for destiny is: to be worthy of life, by proving truth has a value, and we share our common trust; in an eternity. Proven by miracles/ Guaranteed by JESUS/ honored by respect (as life is far more than simply a gift): CREATION provides the heart, and soul provides the destiny, but GOD is the answer to whether eternity lives or dies in you.

The failure of current men and some women: is evolution, along with all the other “witch doctor” concoctions throughout history. The disgrace of being animals is; to never reach for life itself/ only time. There is nothing about the miracles of living bodies, or this earth itself; that translates into “an accident/ or rising from chaos/ or any other delusion of stupidity and disgrace as is the destruction called hate, formed by the jealousy “they cannot steal love”/ so they do choose violence. One form of that violence is the various lies, fantasies, illusions, and imagination of a fool at work; to give you sewage/ as their gift to you. The purpose being ridicule, failure, and dragging you into “hell”. Do not let them; cherish truth/ and never fail to respect the realities of life itself!

One tiny selection of evidence would be: “not even the brain of a mosquito” would be deluded into thinking this was an accident”. WHAT happened to you? Answer: the religious indoctrination as a child, of “university is god”. To their shame and yours.

The cherished essence of life, is not “power, pride, or want” as it is for so many in time. But a reverence, for love. The glory of participation, in both heart and soul, as we share everything we can become; as the value of our caring for each other; in truth and trust, and the grace of our respect. Beyond time, there is eternity; where no game is enough to make a difference. The value of love is, that it does make a difference, in everything we can desire life to be. A platform rising above, which can only become our home; if we seek the purity of truth. That is the ascension of life, beyond self. It is, a reality of male and female; that we do need each other to assemble the values which sustain life, beyond self. Loneliness gives aid to that truth, by allowing you to understand why. The failures of some, must not defray or deny; what is truth in you. Because truth survives, and that makes it “your home”. Only what is true, can be inhabited by life. Humanity is the passage beyond that truth into time; for the creation of your own truth; a reality required to ascend beyond time itself. But beyond time means: if your life cannot return to the truth which gave you the essence of time, to commit to your own direction, purpose, and desire. Then you fail too. So the quest is: to identify yourself, create your truth, understand and commit to your desires and purpose, and to confine yourself to the laws, and realities which respect energy, and provide everything life is, or can become. Without a home created by truth; we are lost. But without a home aided and abetted by love; we have no/ or will lose all: desire for life. Share your destiny if you can; but make no mistake, whether you are accepted here in this time, or not by the others. HAS NO effect, on your own truth; unless you allow it to be so. CARE enough, to show your love; but understand, love is a gift, and whatever you give is no longer yours to keep or own: now it is theirs. Which provides this warning: NEVER surrender “the very best of love in you”; to anyone less than GOD . Simple as that, because if it is not returned to you, in the value of an ascent that is our purity earned together; then it will be lost, and you must build again. Which is hard; because love is a treasure; and all hands grab “for a treasure”. Even if hate is not greatly involved. Those who take it, without earning it: will be sorry. But that does not mean, “you won’t cry too”. Shape your life with love, cherish the world as an example of what truth can do. Even with predator, prey, death, and disease: the reality of time requires, ‘THIS IS a limited world”/ and that means someone has to die, in order for the young to have their chance to survive. That means: the chain of life is, the complex building of “genetic materials” ; which we then use to build more complex life. Or more distinctly: life is not free. Your association with thought is; but that too, can create predators and prey, which end freedoms in a different way. By truth we rise, into the defenses of heart. By soul, we rise into the shapes and passions and realities of “our CREATOR”.

As for me; “I am, a messenger”: that is all, nothing more. Giving you the message this earth is going to die, and all life will soon be extinct: UNLESS YOU CHANGE the decisions and the realities of what you have done.

Beyond that, my quest is exactly the same as yours: “to be worthy of an eternity, I would cherish as love visited me”. Those who are not so, will fail.

I am however not like you, in the reality: I have “passed between the elements of life and time”/ ending in the female dimension; “its complicated”. Because life will not survive without true change; and I asked “what could you do instead”? Nothing is less certain of that, than women must lead; is the answer. BUT NOT as men do/

as this is the best they did do; and we are surrounded by threats of extinction/ overwhelmed with people who believe they can be gods/ destroying every life and child, by consuming their future, their everything; and discarding all respect completely; to the cult of university worshiper

WOMEN must create a world for life, rather than a world for self; as men did do. By refining the laws and the direction of society; the creation of better as peace, harmony, respect, truth, and law for life with justice and fair play would do. By then enforcing those laws; which they must create, and the people must accept as if, “with one voice”. A vote is required. CHANGE IS: life/ or death for this world. If you run away/ I guarantee, “no place to hide”. Face your truths..

I will help you, if you HONESTLY try; that is more than a promise/ as reality proves, I have no choice. Should you ask, for a valued purpose.

Otherwise NO;     if, I am allowed to refuse. The spiritual woman, from the dimension beyond time, and I; do not always agree/ but she does always win.  Believe it or not, truth is truth. “I lost the war”; simple as that; she decides. And her decision is: THAT I WILL help women, to save this world;  want too or not, is absolutely irrelevant.  she really does hold all the keys, to me”. OR, more distinctly: your failures to recognize your reality/ your refusal, to respect life and planet and child/ your greed, selfishness, hate, and more: caused me to look beyond this world, for solutions “to keep us all alive”.  That reality occurred/ finding no solution in men; the dimensional difference of female was searched for and found. But it is so different, I could not understand.  The primary consequence being; we worked together for life and planet 12 years/ I then gave up on you as that represented 40 years of effort. She would not allow that, and things changed in these last 3+ years: insisting, she alone is in charge now.  The spiritual world is  a  journey to search for truth; because only truth survives:   the critical path; beyond time. Therefore to become eternal, each must be dissolved from all lies; and identified by your own truths: that is the passage, you MUST negotiate to survive.  I am returned here: because your destruction of an entire living world;   is EXTREMELY disrespectful, and WILL ___________IF you do not turn this; the plague of “university and human choices”;   back to life survives.

I am not prejudice; HOWEVER reality proves one group attacks another when confronted with any concerted problem; and you are going to face “endless problems, with massive consequences”: and that means, IT WOULD be far better for all. To remove the temptation to blame “the other group”; for what you did to yourselves. “men” have chosen to do tremendous damage, by their university led cult. That does mean, the consequence of: smaller nations, with world law to enforce the boundaries; and insure each deals with the realities they chose. NO attacking someone else; is a VALID construction of change. You can avoid it: but you cannot avoid the reality of history, and history proves: one group attacks the other/ when want takes control, and a mob erupts to claim they are: the only ones who matter.

The reality is: when groups are mixed/ they then trust neither one of you; and that is considered to be “traitor”. Even if completely untrue; doesn’t matter; that will fall onto children as well. So inter-racially mixed groups, “need a nation of their own”. As do “gay/ hate/ and others”. Because when resources fall short: the competition becomes aggressive, and reality will prove you lives and who dies. Even if you then decide to separate; it is likely, you will still not be trusted. And if not; when every mouth to feed counts; someone has to pay/ as is war, throughout the ages. The only real participation to keep a civilized world: is to separate into independent nations, who must take care of themselves. YES, it is problematic; but history is not wrong; reality is reality.

Your claim of “we are doing great”; will soon fail. That brings civil war: UNLESS you are prepared to answer that call for war; with a democratic solution. UNLESS you are prepared to control the bankruptcy of nations as we the people. UNLESS you are willing to share and care; at a minimum: within your own group. It is that simple; because the population explosion has made it so/ and university failures have closed the door on other solutions. Believe it or not; reality is coming, and will control. YOUR OPTION, is to create changes that will last, so as to reduce the outcome of war. Which will take away even more options, and make you extinct; as a world. These are realities truth by the evidence of your lives; places before you. CHOOSE. There is NO POSSIBILITY; life on earth survives/ without TRUE CHANGE, in this your lifetime, right now.    YOUR TIME ALLOTTED TO CHOOSE BETTER, is now failing, and will soon be over forever. Wake up or die to HELL!

YES, YOU can argue_______________/ but you cannot dispute the knowledge presented here by me. Nor can you escape the reality of the evidence that convicts you of failure, and the descent into chaos; as is the result of “universities play god”. YOU CAN ridicule and complain; life is nothing beyond “the dirt of this body, and its chemistry”; death is the end. BUT YOU cannot escape the reality of miracles, that literally prove you wrong; without all the delusion and lies of so-called;  university knows. YOU can be led to focus on me, “as an impossibility/ therefore an enemy in disguise”/ as universities and others will do; if forced to defend themselves; by the cost of their being wrong. BUT you cannot discard the cost of being wrong/ and that makes me irrelevant. YOU, will either save this world, by standing up YOURSELF, and communicating/ informing/ working:  TO DEMAND our need, as a nation and WORLD:   to GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG.  OR, you will be convicted of the truth:  YOU, just didn’t care enough/ not even to save this whole world, every child, nor even every living thing on earth. Which means you chose: to throw it away/ which will include your own life beyond time, or unless you die quickly; in this time as we pass into HELL YOU CHOSE, to create for yourselves.

I HAVE done, what I can do for you and this world; all the rest, IS UP TO YOU!  and that does:  MAKE YOU, your own judge/ your own ticket, or invitation to participate:   ending, with your own reality, beyond time: “into eternity”.   as is,  “YOU CHOSE deliberately”. NO excuses allowed!

I have proven the claim of “messenger”: by clearly revealing, I AM NOT your savior/ or any other version of leader, etc. The reality of “me and the spiritual woman inside”/ ends all question: “certainly not Jesus”!  SIMPLY the person charged with delivering your need to know:  CHANGE/ OR YOU WILL GO EXTINCT.  A reality that does deserve a message, a truth:   your CREATOR is watching,   OR I would not have been educated; in order/ by discipline/ and with balance:  to deliver that message. There are no questions in me as to why/ I don’t know why me; nor does it matter. This, has been my job; for my life in time.       your concerns are simply your own/ they are not mine.  I have: delivered the message.  The job is done; but I have no clue;  as to what now. “its complicated”, as male seems destined to die: and I have no clue “what female could be instead”.  YES, I know, “he must be nuts”. IN contrast to that, I can only offer;  the spiritual woman inside, has her own decisions to make. NOT GAY/ NOT TRANSVESTITE/ OR other;  “its complicated, and male; lost”.  Don’t know why; other than what is male cannot save this world.  NOT your savior, but if the spiritual world would use me; I cannot resist; which leaves only “then, get out of the way”.      Nope, no real clue how it all ends! Simple as that. But, I do know; “male in me, is never going to learn how to be female; it CANNOT be done”; and she won’t quit. So, in a thousand years; I would never have guessed; “surrender male”, is the only choice left.   “to NOT, be me”. The critical test is;  what, can female be in me;  instead?   not a single clue. I do know however; that we are of a very similar spirit in existence; both held firmly by   GOD.  As the truth of our work, “joined as one”; does prove true.  Believe whatever you wish; but one last time:  let no male/ or delusion of male; come at or for me:  for sex.  NOTHING exists here for you, except one sure thing:  fail to respect that, and your eternity will end in HADES (where, CHAOS: the terrors, which never end) do exist. I guarantee; a price beyond your nightmares; [a reality of warning, I am required to give to all] it is not my threat to you; I cannot enforce it. Reality will prove whatever is true, if it must.  Male and me, can be friends or any other aspect of living without concerns for you; simply nothing to do with sex. 

I honestly have no clue as to female anything; you name it, I don’t know. But I will remind all:  I am 68 years old, half bald, bad ears, not pretty; so no reason to believe I will be more than “an education of value”; if women choose that. OR, more simply; my whole life has been turned upside down;  and am clueless, as to the future of me; “its bizarre”. Believe it or not;  no clue. 

Respect demands an answer:  “with true miracles of change”, I have no real issue with male or female as they are different, but equal states of the same existence as human life, is human life. Less than that, is a reality I cannot choose; but exists to whatever degree it will be; without my consent. What is needed for life and planet to survive however is: with my consent/ even if, I do not understand it.

The values of motion, and the disciplines of love; shape our destiny. Motion means: the blessing of energy, must be contained by order, or it will create chaos. Love means: the blessings of shared existence, are only cherished, when framed by respect with care, and the fundamental choice that is; “to spend life as one person, even though more; as is subsequently “family”.

Family resides in the heart, and heart lives or dies by the relationships we cherish as our values, for both life and living; are equal to the love we give and receive. We cannot cherish each other, without truly spending time with each other. We cannot refine our relationship, unless we choose to work together, and thereby achieve an “intricate knowledge” of what that means to each one.

The intensity of love, searches with passion and desire; living within truth, changing with trust, to be what respect, and honesty can achieve. Love seeks fulfillment: I have been accepted/ I have been treasured/ I have been helped, to achieve my own destiny, with you; as one shared home. In this life, only those who find their soul in each other, will achieve it.

Hope balances life, when we do not measure or judge each other. Allowing the law, or forgiveness, or when you repent/ then we will see; rule life with others. Where there is freedom, there is a path into Creation; if we seek it. When there is no freedom, we must fight to survive, and that ends the search; until “better days”. Hope requires freedom, but freedom requires an acceptance of limits and boundaries; to achieve peace or happiness, as these are transient, and will only settle where life is not chaos.

Limit want: and your own mental state of life and living, will be stable/ a friend to yourself first: a friend to others, because you can. Limit pride: and life will cease to be a game/ the competition will only matter, when it causes the struggle to survive. Rather than the greed for more. STOP at the boundary of power/ and accept equality is justified by its truth and purpose. Fair play keeps us from war.

Separate yourselves from hate, but do not let it simply “be whatever it wants to be”. As the constant of human existence is: those who hate, will always be plotting and planning to take control and enslave you. THE LAW DEFENDS US ALL/ but only when it is enforced with honest value to each.

Human dating, is a tragedy for many/ with consequences that can last for decades. Human sexuality can aggravate that fact; “with tears”. As with all things having the potential for “a great value”/ those who hate, those who want, those who have pride, and those who demand power: will be thirsting “as if in a desert” to get some. They lie, cheat, steal, betray, fail, heartbreak, even kill, and more: all because they want a chemical to make their lives worth living. They want a body, to prove they can have what they want. Dating is intended to be: “our time to search for those who can become our partner for a lifetime”/ when you betray each other with “all that people can do”. That is an impossible task to keep fair and true to life. BE FRIENDS, CHOOSE RESPECT, identify values, search for participation in what we can become together, construct a home; as is the basis of family. In terms of sex: the reality is, “it is extremely easy to start/ and extremely difficult to end”. Simple as that: bear it in mind; before you begin. But when you are EACH ready, the values of trust that you must attain, in order to experience or express love; is elementally life changing for each. Because you are moving as one, and that shapes your destiny as two. Anything less is “Just for chemicals”/ and for some, there is an open wound, which needs to feel accepted; by you. Sometimes you do have to choose; if you love them. Do not gamble with your body and disease; it will not be worth it; not even for love. Let them find someone with a disease they share; so as not to spread it around. Heredity gives us the body we inherit as time; simple as that: “your line of parentage” is all you can blame/ yet remember without them; you, are not here. Do not give up, cherish the miracles, and find your passion with or without someone to share it. Better to share love/ not so much, if that love is “small, and limited”.

Only animals fight for “harems”; the trophies of sex/ toys to play with/ trinkets to decorate. Because pride makes life into a game, and as with all games someone is winner/ and others are loser. The consequences of this, can be grim. To make the game worth playing: the prizes are increased among those who win. LOVE has little or nothing to do with the game. The demand for chemicals control.

Humans being alive; never play games with life or people/ in ways that have true consequences for anyone. We are free to play/ we are not free to use or abuse each other for any cause: respect is mandatory. The value of one man and one woman sharing their journey through time; is without doubt, dependent upon love. But there is “family”; and when love is sufficient, and sex is necessary, to remove the tears; as may be, the truth of loneliness. It can be a home shared by others. JESUS would be evidence of that; by sharing his tent with 7 women, throughout the time they traveled together. We, are NOT “Jesus”/ don’t forget it; pride is a terrible enemy; don’t betray yourself, or those who love you. Or, more distinctly: in terms of human relationships, we all should simply do our best; remembering truth survives/ liars do not. Do not judge, if someone says they cannot stay: if like me, the greater need to fight for life and planet controlled; basically, an entire lifetime. Doesn’t mean I didn’t or would not have loved: “without a world, nobody loves or lives to find out”. Unfortunately romance alone, is NOT a valued truth: because if you do love someone, they will desire to extend that; and complications will arise if you cannot stay. Which causes them grief/ and interrupts their need to find someone who will stay, and share the life of time. So, dating is an “Indefinite world”/ with many complex choices; all of which state, “too young is too young; for ALL the troubles most will get”. But it is not “too young” when the world itself does not matter; because I found my soul mate. Few are able to know what that is.

We should examine the realities of time, to identify the fundamentals here are simply these: that time is the motion constructed by an action or a reaction/ to establish then the consequences of that energy spent. When motion stops/ time stops, which means no further action or reaction by the energy of life will exist. Which means: only thought by the essence of your truth will survive/ or chaos will reign instead.

I chose to enter the spiritual world, in search of a value that would keep this world alive; simply my choice, as an action beyond the grip of time would allow, into the realm governed by truth itself. But not being invited to span “the great divide”/ I turned back, to search and then ask of female dimensions: could you save this earth? That became a reaction, that turned truth back into the realities of time; and reshaped my existence: as the opposite realities of what I had been. The question of value returns: as the balanced conception of both male and female working as one. But beyond those definitions: life does not allow for male and female to be the same, in human time/ and elements of change arose.

This is then reviewed, as the consequence of your realities; the essence of your failures, and your refusal to accept: this world has changed forever.

Your population proves you cannot escape the consequences of so many people now living on this earth/ making your only choice “heaven (truth and law/ peace and harmony through happiness by justice) or hell (we want what we want__)”. You cannot escape the realities of “university plays god”/ you can only limit the consequences as best you can: by making them stop, and removing their power to begin again. You cannot escape the realities of “tragic decisions” implemented and carried out; under university leadership/ you can only do your best to confined the consequences, and create boundaries for yourselves. You cannot remove the consequences of weapons of mass destruction, without world law; to govern your leaders/ and then remove them for yourselves: or they will kill this earth. YOU CANNOT deny the tragic impact of resource depletion; and the death of generations which you as this generation living, by your garbage mountains; have caused upon the next, and many more. You cannot allow the mutilation of all of nature: or you will be extinct. You cannot allow the ignition of a nuclear fire: or you will be consumed by it. You cannot war, beyond a minimal amount; to fix anything. You cannot refuse population controls on humanity or you go extinct. You cannot deny reality, or discard truth; and survive/ your fantasies and “imagination” are dead: or you will be extinct. You cannot “believe/ you cannot fear/ you cannot simply obey”; because the universities have proven to be more enemy than friend. The cost of that is: you must choose your own fate or destiny/ even if you continue to follow them, that is your choice, and you will inherit their reward: “their chosen god of chaos, mutilation, and terrors”.

While none should be measured for their decisions: the law intervenes where hate overruns life/ that is enough. Because freedom allows the human animal to become either “predator or prey”/ as all animals can be considered, “one or the other”. Some with defenses/ some not. To be more than an animal, is measured by the values of your own heart/ the destiny of your own soul; as reality proves the evidence of who you choose to be. A value is: the benefit of life, grants the essence of your freedom is love/ and love is the greatest treasure to be found in this universe. Therefore worthy of life beyond time. Nothing less than love is granted to be “of value”/ even though many things are valued; only one treasure is worth an eternity to be shared with you. The destiny of that is home, and home is not to be defiled. To achieve that, purity must be achieved/ and in pursuit of that; those who try to love, are given to the degrees of a life shared with those who are “like you”. As is called mercy.

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