HOPE, is the elemental rise of destiny; as we escape the bonds of time, to reach out into the essence of what a miracle does mean. Truth identifies a miracle, as is every body of life, and the planet itself/ as impossible to claim by man or woman. The existence of thought, the realities and relationships of critical knowledge and understanding that evict any claim of concept or construction, “by human” is absolute, and without doubt. Nor did any accident, claim of time spent, or evidence of less than thought did this exist; as a valid discussion or truth. Which does leave us: assembled as life, with time; by our CREATOR. Simple as that.

JESUS, of which all human history offers: “none like him”. Grants the descriptions of love, respect, trust, truth, courage, values, identity, heart, soul, the treasuries of true kindness, gentle caring, sharing of needs, acceptance, and duty; as were HIS “mark on this world”. PROVED the difference between “ GOD and man”. Therefore with an intensity of real world consequences: the direction of man or woman in life itself, was clearly marked. “this is the path toward love; as taken by the few”/ this is the path of hate; as taken by the few/ and this is the road, as if a herd of animals was here; who refused to accept a direction for their lives; and remained “on the fence”; simply discarding those who do. It took centuries, but the majority of humanity did turn to love as their primary purpose in life/ rather than hate. But the majority also failed to accept: “you cannot then turn back to hate”/ as they are opposites in every way. Making the majority, return to animals (we want everything we want; including the decision to hate) once more. Hate destroys love. While love lifts the heart into soul, and prepares for an eternity; with hope.

HAPPINESS is the value associated with how we shape our lives in relationships to love. Without love there is no true happiness/ only distractions; as are “toys, trinkets, and trophies”. While the majority view this as enough, that want is an abyss; which keeps them focused on the game of living/ rather than the essence of life, can be eternal.

Your body is time alive in order, discipline, balance; constructed within truth, trust, thought, and respect. Each of these represents what LIFE has given to you as a body. Therefore each of these represents the shape of what you cherish, by the living you desire. Passions erupt with desire; but love creates a passion that honors our world/ our lives/ and our companions in this world. While hate creates a violence, a disrespect for all of life, and a need to reduce life to a game in order to achieve “winner, I am the superior one/ or loser, I have cause for my revenge”. Do you see the difference? People answer yes; but remain on the fence; “because they want; everything”/ and that includes “winner/ loser/ hate/ love and so on”. Being human allows: the freedom to choose/ until you die. TRUTH then takes control over the essence of life, and your identity is revealed: as love/ or hate. There is no middle ground.

We look then at happiness, the shape of love, that brings forth your own desires in the heart, as they ascend in hope; to the shared existence of soul. “our CREATOR” waits, an invitation to all who achieve this truth.

The question of this time, and our living; elevates around the construction of what we can do, for our world/ as living examples of love, respect, and truth on earth. That does not mean: stupid (don’t just believe)/ it does not mean: all trusting (because liars, and worse exist)/ it does not mean you shut your eyes to hate and all the damage being done (without law, there can be no peace or harmony or hope). But it does mean: we share the responsibilities of helping each other to realize all that life can be, picking up the pieces where we can, accepting honesty deserves another chance, teaching the values of life and living with love; and all that does give truth: your chance, for an eternity.

So the question is: WHY, would anyone want an eternity? The answer returns as “JESUS”; and remembers that love, truth, respect, trust, and all that HE provided to our descriptions of life. Are enough, to desire the opportunity and freedoms to try. Because above the rest; LOVE does stand out as, our search for a reason is over.

No, we will never attain the truth of love, here on earth/ as hate and jealousy of the animals; will not allow that to happen. But with true honesty, the decision to love between male and female; can grow into a value none will touch. In their own private realities of “I shared, because we cared”.

While desire can form this environment, “within private moments”. It is rare, because few humans can accept the true decision of courage (I will reach for love); that are pure trust. Few humans deserve that level of trust, and will damage your own love; if they lie/ thereby you fall. Making love, the direction that leads only to GOD comes first/ and from this path, whosoever is allowed; may join.

The unfortunate truth of love is: those who desire it; will then fight for it/ manipulate to get it back/ refuse to trust, and let life decide/ discard respect and reality to force what they want; with lies, “and all manner of insurgency”. Ending with corruption and damage to both lives involved. Because “they want, what they want”. So, if you are not prepared to spend a lifetime; whether love exists or not. Realities must be served first: as is life or death of this world, must come first. Your only defense is: to let truth, and only truth decide/ because nothing less can protect you or the other life in your hands. Making this decision; an equal reality of life, and living; for both. You shared the decision, if you let truth be cast aside; even for a moment. Nothing is fair about war/ only truth and reality are fair in love; remember that, even if the others do not.   LOVE IS NOT “a fight”/   it is a gift!

As to eternity: love is an elemental thirst, which can only be quenched by the purity of truth, respect, and trust. Death is discarded, as no such thing. Making eternity the living which forms around love. Energy decides life as freedom/ or death as chaos ending with extinction. Energy has no distinction or conception of existence: unless there is thought. Making thought, the environmental dimension, forming the shape, of life itself. Our human bodies do not reflect that thought/ they reflect the decisions of our heredity. The difference is: our destiny is shaped by our own individual thoughts/ seeking “the universe of GOD “. Whereas the fate of human descriptions as found in the body of life, we inhabit; are formed by the decisions of others.

What your decisions, have provided to or from the life and living for others/ as would be consistent with happiness and hope, the values of love and all that is a treasure worth sustaining in eternity; decides your destiny. As the truth of what you will contribute.

People ask: WHY does any baby have to die/ this is unfair: WHAT happens to that life? WHERE is the love in that!

Reality replies; as is proven by the evidence of this day: that our earth is only capable of sustaining a distinct number of human lives/ or any other specific species of life. Too many consumes the life of others/ and ends time on this earth by destroying the planet itself. Therefore if you do not choose wisely; the cost of that is in order to achieve balance, “someone has to die”/ so the rest can live. A reality governed as predator and prey/ disease and so forth; none of which are governed by the distinction of choice. But are instead governed by the essence of what is random, and decides for itself; to govern this cost of living in time. Thereby sustaining all life, and a future.

Babies take with them: your own gift of love, as their personal possession. But make no mistake; your gift of your life and your love/ becomes their own possession; and that means you no longer own it.

The cost of that is: the love you have known is now missing; and it must be replaced/ or your own life could fail. That is true of all love; and it comes with this warning: you must NEVER surrender or give away, “the very last best love, you own”. GIVE IT TO GOD So, HE can keep it for your eternity.

Apart from that; we do give of ourselves as love requires and we do desire to do; whether it be little or much, that love is a gift; and it is gone when we give it away. When someone else provides “even a tiny gift of love back to you”/ it is then, if you are drowning (I cry too much): that love can begin the process of becoming your own again. It takes time, and your decision: love is the true treasure of my life.

Those who do not desire to pay that price, to forgive when necessary and apparent by repentance. Are forced to live with their own loss of love or loss of value (I failed us both); until they do. Love is not a game, there is a price: you must trust, and that is impossible, until you are willing to love again.

Those who refuse: have chosen to lie, and thereby truly do deceive themselves (by any or all means) so they do not have to face their own decisions, and their own truths. That is a tragedy, for more than one. Transference, is also a constant: “the price of letting this one be guilty of what I consider to be an atrocity to me”/ is TOO HIGH. But it must be dealt with, I cannot survive as it is: therefore someone else shall be accused inside of me; so that I can conceive of revenge/ so that I can assert hatred, as pride demands I do. “the hardness of heart”; is pride. The need to find someone guilty, without true evidence; is power. People want pride and power/  MOST, more than love. Every life does deserve: an opportunity to defend themselves.  Reality will prove: most fail, “even you”. The critical part is:  your own decisions. These commonly turn to circles.

As to death: life itself is a gift/ not an ownership or a possession as is body. Time is a middle ground; where life and body fight for the distinction of who owns me more. When time wins/ death by body is assured; proving time is life/ and now it is gone. When life itself is chosen by desire: truth decides, where the foundation of your identity belongs. While trust determines if you will or will not be able to complete that journey beyond time. Mercy allows for an opportunity to survive; for those who cannot/ it is a separation; but it is life, with love among those who are like, what you have been. The failure of respect is the failure of you. Pride will die/ or you do instead.

The things which I have been taught, for this purpose which is to inform you as humanity on this earth: your decisions have insured extinction for this earth UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOURSELVES into “life and planet come first/ RESPECT GOD / and don’t kill every living thing on this planet, by arrogance, disrespect, or apathy”. As is CHOOSE BETTER!

I, do not need to qualify, or quantify my existence; or why me: or prove where my education comes from. That is NOT my job. Being blockaded by every other form or type of interference; “this is a whisper in the wind” so to speak: depending upon you and your decisions to change this world. Humanity chose extinction, by letting universities decide. TO CHANGE THAT: you must let only truth decide, NOT your wants. Investigate and prove what is true/ identify the price for being WRONG/ and make the decisions that are necessary; to resurrect a future for this earth. Simple as that. Let the evidence without “the expert” prove you must; or life will end. Because that, is what you chose. NO going back, to the way it was; or extinction will return.

I will add one last thing: AGAIN, “I am not your leader/ not your savior/ not your religious guru/ not your enemy/ or even friend beyond the reality of being a human life. I am, “just a messenger”; why I don’t know; its not my job to ask. It is however, “a duty” to me/ for the sake of life and planet; a respect for my CREATOR .

Nope, definitely NOT “Jesus”/ no such claim exists. Definitely not going to heal you or save you or anything else; however I can be “the son of a man”/ as are so many of you; if that is simply “a job, to be learned”. Nope not/ never have been/ never will be: “gay, transvestite, perverted, or other”; just plain and simple me; that is all. However it is true: that my “world” as life and body in time; has been turned upside down. Which does end literally; all the “educational realities” that were allowed to me as “strictly male”. I am evicted from that world, and forced to begin again: ITS COMPLICATED, and I have no clue how it all ends for me; or the choices you will make. YOUR choice. Perhaps it is a sign to you: that male is no longer in charge. HOWEVER; To survive, as life on earth; real change requires: real change. This is about law, and the realities of direction for society; but make no mistake, UNLESS TRUTH ITSELF LEADS; you will fail. DO, the best you can!

Yes, I know; its one more thing; “nope not in charge here anymore”. I just like to pretend once in awhile.

REDRESS COURT IS OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE; AS A NATION OR WORLD. Because it is the demand; that we the people are NOT merely slaves who must accept whatever the leaders believe. BUT ARE capable of making a decision for life and planet; with knowledge, understanding; and hopefully with wisdom. For ourselves, as a solution we provide; in support of life and world.

GO TO TRIAL; PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS REAL (so none can argue)/ IDENTIFY THE COST OF BEING WRONG (so you can decide if you will pay, to let them be wrong)/ PARTICIPATE IN CREATING A DECISION TRUTH WILL ALLOW/ and construct the changes this world and nation require to survive. Such as world law; enforcing our laws as decided by we the people: on our leaders. A CRITICAL end of excuses for weapons of mass destruction/ A CRITICAL; NO EXPERIMENTATION with extreme energy or genetic nature/ NO tragic destruction of resources life needs/ NO PLAYING god, BY ANYONE. The laws we create for ourselves; are the laws which rule life on earth. If we fail justice and fair play; we fail ourselves. If you refuse limited capitalism; power will not end, and wars shall begin.

No, you can’t keep all the counterfeit money; it is not yours. IT BELONGS to your children.

YES; we are 8 billion people or more/ and we can enforce our decisions for life and planet: in contrast to what power and pride might demand. Because the real power is in resources and time. If we protect each other, if we demand resources that are fair and consistent with our reality; shared by all. If we show this world, there can be justice and fair play for all: then because we the people; are the soldiers; when protected by a fair bill of rights, we are governing the entire military as a society/ then the leaders, are the few; we rule over them. The coming reality of survival is: NOT more, as has been the last fifty plus years/ but SHARED, in all ways, by your choice to care. Those who have too much hate to share or care/ will be removed from society; and placed where they can do no harm. Because the future dies, by any other way.

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