THE “circular life”. Or, more simply what is “religious satan in humanity”?

In its most limited context: The term satan refers too, “what influences humanity into doing something the others find to be evil, destructive, complete selfishness, or without regard for life or its dignity.”

What is far more important than definition is:  how this transition from “human to less than human” arises, what sustains it, why does this exist, and who or what is truly at fault? Many find themselves completely surprised at the outcome of their decision/ rather than fundamentally accepting this is what I intended to do:  which is the religious aspect of circular delusions.

The critical ingredient in either a direct choice, or an indirect choice that goes too far is:  WANT. Want arises as an element of influence, when something you truly do want to happen or something you don’t want to happen.  Similarly when you want someone, to be what you want them to be/  or when someone is, what you don’t want them to be. Presents it, or themselves;  as making a true difference in your own life. As in THIS will change me/ therefore I have a right to be UPSET!  Want will arise as “unfair, because you didn’t get/ this didn’t turn out to be, what you wanted”.

The circle of want is then:  something happened that I don’t like/ I am treated unfairly/ this, is the result of what YOU, or these did/ I am trapped by your decision:  and then “my decision” either arises because want led me here, “too violence”. OR, my decision is:  to back away from this inner voice “fueled by want or don’t want”; and let reality prove by the evidence what is fair for me to do. To examine: What is legally allowed or justified for them to do?  IF YOU DON’T choose one decision (some type of violence to another) or the other decision (to let reality and truth decide). Then what you get is a return to the initiating response which is “something happened that I don’t like”; and the exact same things will repeat, with some small variation/ even intensifying;  UNTIL you do make that decision.

Pride is generally what causes the actual decision to occur. Commonly “YOU won’t make me a loser here” with “things”/  OR,  “I will be the winner here” with people, or other life. Pride is a game of life; thereby a fantasy which can be altered into conceptions that have no critical, or valid truth within them. Therefrom the decision can be made in “fairy land”/  while the consequent reality, is anything but: and a lifetime is changed.

Want is the base level assertion of “devil (that which wrecks life or its future)”. Want exists as the descriptions we are willing to accept: as the future we intend to achieve, or the realities of life we expect to receive, or the value I believe I AM to others, or the value I have attached to other things I BELIEVE such as religion, or the purpose I demand, or the greed to experience or express the desire expected to fill a void in me; and so on. More simply want, asserts “I am the important truth”/ and nothing is more important, or valuable, than me. This is where “playing god with life” arises! It is also where hate releases itself onto the world, as “I AM god over you”.

Want commits suicide, establishes drug addiction, identifies a thief, and so on. Because want is the resolution, “I AM everything I need or must listen too”. OTHER Life is then discarded, as less than me. Being superior creates isolation/ and isolation increases the intensity of want, which then gains the demand of pride, and power erupts:  I will be god, over this! Abuse rises here, the realities of murder and more: when someone else is convicted by this want, as making a decision, or becoming a thing or person;  I DON’T WANT.

Want commits suicide by establishing the circular lie, that is a demand to “make your decision”:  by constructing lies. Instead of letting truth and reality prove what can or cannot be done. Suicide is also caused by isolation, which is to be driven back into a hole; where love seems impossible to receive.

Want establishes drug addiction, by invading a life with the chemical demand “I WANT that”. The decision is then simple:  I can have that/ or I can refuse my own want, and not have that! The circular delusion arises with “refuse my own want”/ why should I do that; the argument inside then revolves around will I let “society or family” tell ME what to do with my own life? And it circles back until the actual decision is made:  NO I WON’T accept drugs in my life.  That is not “just say no”/ which requires no real decision from you. Rather to escape: you must accept; NO, “I WILL NOT”/ MY choice is made and will not be changed. My decision is true! All desire for it will then fade away completely. Because it is never an escape, for more than a few moments/ and the cost far outweighs the benefit. Failure is never an answer!

Want controls the values of a thief, by presenting that person with:  “humanity, or this person/ these people WERE UNFAIR to me”. Thereby they owe me, what I am taking or destroying; “because it should be MINE”.  To steal because you are about to die, family is homeless, etc;  is a completely different thing in terms of justice. It is not fair to be cast out when you are honestly willing to work.

What fundamentally causes the circular vortex, “abyss of want (never enough/trophies die and are forgotten)” that then tries to suck you into what will become a “nightmare of consequences” that are hard to escape. Is ultimately your own wants! Pride is a trigger mechanism that makes it easier to fall in. Power is the evidence of your failure, “life, is not as important as you”. Humanity has always called this “satan” in one form or another; because it lives inside as lies which emerge from you’re want/ into a decision that becomes what you did not want. Evading the reality of your own sanity, by making this decision.  More distinctly:  the decision is yours/ but the force of lies is to tempt you into making your decision, that then becomes a battle against what you do not want. So the liar, “is a want”/ which then allows you to enter into the discussion of why you should “just do what you want”. Which then erupts as the reality of truth, which is hidden behind the lies: to let you “be free”. All manner of decisions erupt this way, and they include extreme risks, and the intent to be superior (I want) in physical challenges that CANNOT possibly be worth the price of failure.

So the question is: what forces want to circle, until you are forced to make a decision that honors truth, law, and reality/ OR the freedom to be “without discipline, boundaries, laws, or limits” before it will stop?  The answer to that is two-fold:  YOU DO participate, or the want does not exist! Two:  your decision identifies what is inside the foundations of your own heart. Thereby establishing either a trail to be discovered as the value of life you accept/ or the road of reality that is governed by what people want.

The critical question that is eternal from this description is:  in order to survive eternity, you must be truth; only truth will survive. In order to become truth, you MUST identify yourself, and participate in the journey that becomes “your path”. In order to accomplish the trial that is from time into eternity:  THERE MUST BE TRUST, in   GOD !  Therefrom the elements allowed to participate in our lives, which have consequences we don’t want: are ultimately the educational realities of what true freedoms will require of us to be eternal. And these developments in humanity are merely teaching tools, that give those who can come an opportunity to prepare. It is that simple/ although you will find the “real satan” in the prison of hades/ if eternity finds you there!

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