The SHADOW, of a life.  More, than you think possible!

More distinctly, this is the development of what our decisions look like, behind the realities of what we do. Rather like a shadow, these hide behind what is illuminated by the light.

The question is:  can we, or can we not, “see what is going on, back in the darkness of our hearth or soul”? The answer is: “the little voice inside your head comes directly from this shadow”/ and it is in charge of reviewing everything you do, want to do, or refuse to do, AND it is in charge of doing the same, for everything and every person that touches your life. So we experience what is going on in the darkness of a life/ we even express that reality, when it goes too far, and takes control over your own life in the light.

So the focus of this quest to understand the basics of human dimension, relies upon:  “what do or do not; you see, in you”?  Before you can answer that, It is critical to understand what is self! Self defines as:  the essence of what I choose, or what I  must;  “call mine”. Therefore we begin again to conceive of “Mine”/ and therefrom state:  I hold in my possession, or claim as my being, the results of what I control, alter, build, or destroy.  Life as self is then dependent upon possession of a distinct truth isolated to me, as identity.

Identity surfaces in the light as: what we do for love, hate, or survival; because these are possessions, or the claimed response;  to remain living!  Identity is hidden in the darkness of self, as a relationship governed by what controls your heart, or alters your soul. Soul, in its most simple human terms; is the distinction of life as a construction of energy defined by thought. To alter that relationship is to assume “I can play god”.

Entering the heart exposes dimension, as a relationship to what you earn as love or hate. To earn means:  I have built/ or destroyed, “these things”. To enter the heart, you must conceive of a journey, because it is not an open door in this human world. We protect the dimension called the display of treasures. We hold this door closed to the world, unless you find the key in me.  OPENED: What has value, then ascends into the soul, and we become ALIVE.  Hate exists to destroy that dimension through darkness, and never understands the basic reality of love, “to be exposed”. Hate has no “elemental heart (a thing of life, rather than body)”.

Therefrom we begin, to understand the reality and the consequence of what it means, “to keep the light out”!  Understanding accelerates that truth into, the conceptual diagram that is “a human shadow”. When we are exposed by the truth of our identity, the value of love appears. When you are hidden deeply, covering with lies the reality of our decisions;  the violence of separation will be known. Everything in the middle is living, as the survival required from time.

The voice, comes from the definable relationship that is loneliness. Loneliness means:  to search, and not find value for life. Therefrom what is lacking is:  the heart has closed its door, to let nothing inside! Even when the heart has value inside, a closed door means, it can neither be known nor felt; not even by you. So depression sets in: because you have declared yourself, to be alone.

The critical question then begins:  to alleviate the depths of loneliness, and climb above depression so we can survive. The essence of our humanity is to represent the options of our decisions: in different ways, so that we can then relive our previous decisions, and make a game out of what we could or would have done differently. That improves with the creation of imagination: a reality exposing “what our want (I did this, MY way) would be”! unfortunately, just like the truth of our humanity, other people are involved in our living: and interpreting what they would have done (THEIR WAY); can result in dreams that go awry. Nightmares are a different fundamental, discussed earlier.

Assembling the voice inside is then our method of NOT being lonely within ourselves, “because someone is here talking to me”. To give them the ascension from imagination to a reality: these voices/ this voice is allowed some freedom to express itself. Although it has no fundamental power to make you do anything; the reality of suggestion can be quite strong if you don’t choose truth. Want arises from lies. A lie is, the suggestion that you can alter the truth, to achieve your own goal: because life is a game, for winners/ or losers. Nothing else matters, means: you have achieved the relationship that is WANT unleashed.

We must now reshape the discussion to construct the dimensional realm, formed from desire. Desire is:  the elegant ascension beyond self, that expands life by letting someone else inside of your heart (only found in love).  We rise in desire, because the relationships formed, that become true, will achieve the expression or experience called soul. Soul comes only from  GOD  !

Desire is then the opposite of loneliness. It exists by opening the door into your heart, to receive the essence of life itself; which is to know, “the miracle of love”.  Love then “builds a room, and a home” for what is love to enter and remain, here with me/ and I with you. The question is HOW? The answer becomes:  “to let in the light, and reveal what has value, in you”. Love ends loneliness, so long as it is “alive in me”. That is a choice.

Hate never knows desire, only loneliness;  it is blocked from the light so that no one sees what is true!

We then come to our humanity (our relationship with time), which is:  I choose love/ OR, do you choose hate?  Which will it be!

Shadow thereby comes to mean:  the degree by which what is true of you or me, can be measured in time. Where there are many decisions hidden from “the world of people”/ there are strong and powerful voices inside, directing the flow of what you believe or refuse to believe.  Religions form here, dependent upon your direction:  “to love or hate”.  Survival, is fundamentally or functionally not simply a choice/ but life or death from time.

We all have a shadow, because some realities of heart are not meant to be exposed:  haters will come! We all have a voice or imagination inside, to some extent:  even when I did not, the elemental realities of being human reveal “it is easier in the quiet times” to have something to focus upon or allow/ if only just a little bit. We all have the ability to desire love, even if we have not yet experienced or expressed it:  UNLESS, hate has buried you so deep, only violence (I am DEAD inside) can be found.

The critical question of a shadow in human life is:  what will control you? The question arises beyond the simple test of love or hate, to involve heart. Heart senses trust, and trust opens a door. When the door to your essence of life is exposed, the realities of what can or cannot be, are found.  That then exposes you, to the true existence of your own spiritual life or death. The consequences to that are profound and real. The elemental test of trust here is:  WILL GOD  be first, in your love;  “to be trusted”, or not?  I tell you true:  this is NO GAME.


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