Time is a special thing, a reality so measured:  that we believe it is the essence of our lives.

In contrast to that, are the elements of true life, beyond self: where the function of our reality is to prove that love is a destiny without end. Those who hate, are irrelevant/ other than the cost of violence”.

The question of time, plays with our hearts; because we know, by the evidence of body and its death/ that our time is not without end. That gives substance, to the life we do live/ by creating the decision that is, “we CAN’T have it all”. Choices must be made, time will run out.

Time lives in the distance of our hearts, where love guides and hopes do elevate our purpose to be pure. The meaning of that is complex;  time can only live, when we share ourselves through the expressions of love. Distance only has meaning, when we care about someone who is not yet here. Love disciplines freedom, as the experience we earn with our life. Love orders trust, be becoming “freedom alive”. Love balances life, by asking when we love, will we not live as well. Establishing hope as a desire unleashed, to wander within our hearts; even to the point of soul. Purity of purpose lives or dies with the sound of our own rhythms; the essence of who we are as one life shared. Destiny expresses time without end.

Time gives to love, its substance; because nothing is more important to love than the time we spend with each other; here on this earth. Time separates us from that love, because a living is more complex than desire. Thereby we believe in the moment, when hearts can mend. The breaking of a heart, is true;  when the relationship proves we cannot truly meet again. Tears flow, even tragedies may exist; because time gives to moments that which makes us measure the cost of love. Time dies, and the human heart will grieve; when true love is lost. Because we know, that love was our most desired treasure on earth.

Time creates life, through nature! Nature creates time, by presenting us with choices. Everything that matters to our existence, is revealed by time. Even  GOD :  because miracles, are no small thing. Liars fail, because time will reveal them! Life will fail, when we fail ourselves; as time proves throughout history.

Time is no small thing, in an instant life begins/ in another instant life dies. Everything in between these barriers, is a relationship with your soul. Soul means:  a body isn’t enough!

Beyond time, where measurement ends:  conceives of participation, with energy itself/ because without movement, we are unlikely to be free. Therefore freedom comes with the measurement of where can our boundaries and limits of life as an environment survive?  The answer simply:  as soul defines!

The quest to understand soul, is then limited by time, to the expressions of a boundary we may not cross: the time is marked life or death. Rather than “with body, or without”. So the question is:  to define soul, we must enter the experience that is “within our   CREATOR”.  The essence of that truth is established:  just as the life within  our body, understands,  “none of this exists,  without   GOD  “!

May you learn to be more, than what the universities have made you. Pray and search!


Time without the aid of love is also consistent with existence as a human being. Special means:  distinct and by itself, an individual creation. Therefore it is necessary in the translation of what can or cannot be created from within you. Without the interference of others, we do find ourselves: as the definitions of love or hate that we choose to create within self. Love, life, and living are the essence of existence; along with survival, these function to illuminate the value of our dimension.

Time is conception turned into the expansion of boundaries/ the limits, of what motion and its action or reaction will become. Therefore we understand, the inherent reality of our circumstances as a life is:  to enter within thought, that we might define the boundaries of our own potential truth. The essence of love is, to expand the compositions of freedom; and experience the grace that is, “everything alive” can be. The definitions of living confront mercy with reality, and therefrom seek its justice/ or destroy its substance to claim “I am god”.  Each of these,  hide or reveal what is true of you.  Illumination is a truth set free. The darkness, and its shadows, search for power to control; and fall into an abyss of want. The dimensional structures that give substance to life, are then erected at the distance we share with our soul.

Time reveals, every true dimension has three sides or more. “love, life, and living” assert the passage that makes us know we are alive:  resides within the middle of these three. Conception then turns to the disciplines of why we are alive, and asks the question:  what makes our lives complex? The critical answer is, freedom cannot be bought/ it must be earned. Therefore the essence of every passage that journey’s to the essence of being alive, must also experience and express:  what your own heart shall demand. The question is WHY? The answer is, because living and love require purpose and desire; and these are not sustainable unless you give of yourself, rather than simply take from the others. Consequently until you have proven what your choice is:  no entry into the elemental search for life itself can be found.

Time constructs distance. Distance constructs the meaning we give to survival, by elevating love/ or descending into hate. The passage of an individual heart grows with love, to become an opening door into eternity. The opposite direction called burying yourself into hate, digs a prison from which you won’t escape, beyond time.

Time illustrates the image you create, or conceives of the individual you will become. while every image is its own fantasy, sometimes injected with a little reality/ but nonetheless blurred by expectations. The reality of an individual truth being erected, as the values of your heart unleashed:  form the basis of a relationship with soul. Every truth seeks its source/ every source comes from the essence of its law; therefrom spirit. What we believe is entirely subject to want/ the basis of every lie. What we know to be true, examines the heart, and lifts the veil on living; so that we may know, “every choice is indeed, governed by love or hate or survival”.

Time becomes the foundation upon which we depend for our existence. Life is not subject to existence/ rather it is conceived by thought, and established in energy, as the substance of what can or cannot be. While this sounds “frivolous at first”/ it is not. The meaning however is not for you to know.


Time shared as the relationship between man and woman, a foundation upon which society itself exists. Living, life, and love examine this within the fundamentals of sharing/ caring/ courage/ respect/ and destiny. Hate is merely the abyss/ a life without value, a living without joy: irrelevant to love, when separated out.

The question is:  WHY, should man and woman care about each other? Some offer sex, but that is no answer/ it is merely a question of toys;  or children. The corrected answer is: each offers to the other gender, a value, a frame, and a search, into life;  that is opposite of yours. Or more distinctly: each gender looks at the same mirror, from different sides. What you see, reflects you, more than me. Even so, the essence of sexuality is:  beyond the scope of my own gender/ there is more, to life, living, and love. So the critical purpose in every developmental relationship, between male and female:  becomes, how do we bridge the gap between our lives? How do we “see each other/ instead of ourselves”? How does love cherish the expression or experience, of being alive; by sharing it with joy?

The essence of value, is discovering what makes the heart sing with happiness/ the soul lift from its existence, into a passion beyond ourselves. Therefore the framework consistent with that desire is:  to belong where only “we can go”. Thereby freeing the search from everything, to just you and me! The essence of sexuality itself is: that in our environment as one, there is a respect shared granting the freedom, to experience everything ALIVE can be.  That removes the mirror of self, and translates time into eternity shared; if only in this one moment of living as time. Joy arises from the essence of security, {no, I need not defend myself with you}. While life itself cherishes the freedom, to belong where the living dwell: in the house of heart and soul. Giving thanks to   GOD  !

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