Let us examine the ways of your cult, the university is god!

We do have to keep this very simple; as those without a brain; just won’t keep up!

  1. It is absolutely clear, that the university educated have taken over this nation called America. A religion with such reach, primarily because the university requires you to memorize and mimic whatever they say/ and go deep into debt as a student or parent so they can control everything you say or do. They are in charge, and have been for the last at least fifty years. Those are the facts, and it is not dependent upon “republican or democrat”; as both groups are cult members of the same sect.
  2. As we search through the decisions that the university cult has made; thereby establishing exactly what they are doing, by the facts they created. The following list of university decisions, makes this simple.  Simply, “we are the brains”;  gone bad.
  3. No infrastructure repair. Let the future be damned!  Nearly every decision is a failure; as is evident by the extensive use of automobiles:  completely unsustainable for life and planet. Destruction of everything. Are they not “leaders” (or, this is how we got here)?
  4. No usable education for the masses/ only the religious, who will sacrifice their future as a debt to the religion. We can control a mob.  Nothing has value except a diploma.
  5. The end of competition (let the many try) and the consolidation of everything important, such as work/ government/ news/ elections/ into the hands of a tiny few. Fundamentally let only ourselves “be king”.  We will own it all. Only a tiny few shall own property; because they counterfeited our currency; and then they gave trillions away to foreigners, who are dispossessing us from our land, our democracy, and our nation: “while they laugh”; at you. Only a tiny few may hold businesses, because they control the competition and have created monopolies in everything. Only a tiny few can participate in government; because an election takes a billion dollars “of counterfeit currency to buy (its all free, for a few)”. Only a tiny few, shall have money or freedom or options; someone spends the 20 trillion dollars in inflation every year. Only a tiny few, may speak, while all the rest are thrown aside: YOU have the debts that now mount up to over $156 trillion dollars for the American people. How is that not the direction and reality of America in this day:  not the disguise of 20 trillion federal debt/ which is just what US congress spends over what they take in! but the reality of fools, failures, whores, traitors, thieves, cheats, and even terrorists discarding life and nation to demand:  WE, the few university elite, ARE god (we do anything we want/ and you can’t stop us).  How is that not true?
  6. The removal or resources, cascading into the complete collapse of a future for this entire world. The child who has no hope, has no choice.  Multiplying at over one billion more mouths to feed per decade: no future exists; which means every child is assassinated by this reality.
  7. The poisoning or destruction of resources; even water supplies: so the world of humanity and life, must beg or war.   Once the water is gone, life dies quickly: which means “a war of intensity and violence beyond comprehension. No you can’t have ours/ we don’t have enough! Their war, is our gain: because someone does have to die.
  8. The end of ocean life; so the world of humanity can starve. As in we are “gods” compared to you. Let the world beg us, or die.   More simply the ocean feeds roughly twenty percent or so of humanity. Yet humanity has poisoned, trashed, destroyed, invaded, mutilated, ravaged, ruined, and functionally raped the oceans destroying its own food sources.  Continually for centuries. All gone, means no food for you either, as cannibalism takes over.
  9. The end of freedoms, as there are no jobs left/ let our computers and robots “own it all”. No one wants “a human”. The factory is god/ the robot will prove we the universities, are gods. Let the people be slaves! We will use them for toys.  The lack of jobs is a cause for war; because nobody wants to simply give their work away/ and nobody wants to simply starve or endure extreme poverty/ and nobody gets a job, without resources. So war on a grand scale is proven by history to be: the answer of men.
  10. The establishment of war:  as depression takes over, and humanity realizes, “WE the vast majority” are not going to get anything. So they become terrorists.  WE ARE, then the law, a ruler who cannot be questioned.  The economic reality of “counterfeited currency” spread across this world: means, the securities you believed/ you fought for/ lied for/ worked for/ or even murdered for:  to demand I WILL have a future;  are in fact, just a fraud. The consequence of stealing from an entire nation or world: HAS CONSEQUENCES.
  11. The continued “hurrah”; for all those who are having so many children/ extermination of life itself, is a certainty.  Let them kill themselves. BY DISCARDING the future, to play games, with life and planet:  “if one thing doesn’t kill us/ the next one will”.
  12. The extinction of all life by the removal of habitat/ chains required for food to exist/ pollinators/ genetic mutilation/ and more.  Life is just a game, we win/ they lose, simple as that. EVERYTHING this world does under the leadership of a university knows cult:  critically impacts the truth of whether we can survive or not as a world. EVERYTHING the university has chosen establishes by the evidence:  we are dead, as a world without true change in this!
  13. The subjection of a world to endless weapons of mass destruction; any one of which could unleash the collapse of life.  WE ARE THE POWER, no one dares challenge. Proves beyond a doubt: we the world of life, have been betrayed!
  14. The refusal of justice, as is consistent with FAIR play. No voice/ no change.  The reality of a courtroom establishes their purpose is to maintain the powerful, and discard the public, its democracy, and its purposes for peace.
  15. The corruption and collusion that is the removal of constitutional law from the courts. Let them understand, there is NO WAY OUT/ THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS or freedom.  This by reality expressed is a conspiracy to destroy the United States of America. So that it can be replaced with:  “we the university elite, know best”.
  16. The open rebellion against democracy as is, the war against “first amendment” redress of grievances.  WE are NOT subject to the law/ we are RULERS.  The value and the purpose of redress is to prove:  whether or not our employees have obeyed their oath of office.
  17. The criminal conspiracy to destroy as is medical billing.  Gods don’t need no damn right/ we own it all:  SUBMIT to our demand. Nothing is more devious than the war against peace and security, as is the intent to rape, ravage, ruin, and destroy: those who are in medical trauma. Unable to defend themselves, their lives are attacked, and their lifetime of work is extorted; for nothing more than a game of fools. Once the line is crossed: violence will seek the medical business first:  because you stole my world, and enslaved ME.
  18. The corruption of life, as is the fantasies and failures known as media/ university experimentation/ and other methods of causing extermination from & of the planet. Let fools follow fools, send out the zealots, and let them realize “we own their lives”.   Is the establishment of “DEVIL”. More distinctly, to destroy even the possibilities of a future by the destruction of everything we need to survive or be happy:  is realized as “the worst of the worst”. You cursed us/ we torture you.
  19. The intent, experiments, and machinery:  to ignite atoms on fire as is the same fire as on the sun:  here!  Turning earth into a sun, to destroy EVERYTHING AS HELL UNLEASHED. This is SATAN on earth: as the purpose and deliberate desire is to destroy all life and planet, even invaded and altering the solar system itself. There is NO greater abomination men could do.
  20. Deliberately trying to inject chaos into nature itself.  So as to bow down, and make us bow down;  to their religious god called evolution. The value of a life/ the value of a body built by nature/ the value of everything called a miracle: is literally being thrown away. By the cancer of fools, and the tragedy of arrogance so malignant that it can never be removed.
  21. Trying desperately to create atomic destruction of the structures and foundations; that are found in atomic stability. The very thing that keeps this earth itself;  from exploding into chaos unleashed.  All worship:    More distinctly at CERN  atomic stability is determined by the limits and boundaries of energies that affect it. The work of CERN, is to remove those boundaries and unleash an energy that this world cannot control:  as is their stated objective, “to initiate a tiny BIG BANG event” so as to study it. Like all things the university does:  what you get, is not what they promised.
  22. Deliberately altering every food supply, by throwing garbage into genetic structure as is nature itself.  Gods don’t need no right to play, they are gods; let them be destroyed.  We live and we eat because there are distinct and definable chemistry within our bodies that must be established and replaced. When you alter that chemistry of food or bodies with things nature has not prepared for because NATURE does not produce them. The end result WILL BE:  you poisoned the earth and all its food; killing life.
  23. Elevating the purpose of university, thereby the effects of government:  to demand,  WE SHALL manipulate/ suffocate/ silence/ control/ mangle/ destroy/ tempt/ judge/ measure/ torture/ and conceive of hell;  for all those who are not “us”.  As is consistent with all religion:  either with us/ OR against us, thereby we HATE you. 
  24. “university knows” is a religion, YOU can’t question US! Its alter of worship is evolution, and they indoctrinate every child they can with the poison, of cult worship.
  25. Requiring every child to be indoctrinated, with the extreme disease that is “evolution exists”/ when anyone with a brain not filled with their religious (unproven) sewage;  clearly understands it does not.  Brainwashing is the birth of a human robot we created.
  26. To GAMBLE WITH ALL LIFE. TO GAMBLE WITH THIS ENTIRE PLANET. TO GAMBLE WITH THE FUTURE OF EVERY CHILD:  AND PROVE ONLY EXTINCTION/ the extermination of our entire world;  REMAINS FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE.   The universities demand “we have a book”; therefore god, and can’t be wrong. WE HAVE A BOOK;  “believe or die”!
  27. Is the summation of facts, that comes from “the universities, are god”.  The damage done is in fact, far more extensive than this.  they no longer even get to be described as fools, failures, liars, traitors, thieves, idiots, whores, terrorists, sewage, and the like. Rather the universities have become “SATAN” ITSELF/ by their proven purposes and desires. Whether the intent is to destroy or not; the reality by the evidence of our truth is:  we are going EXTINCT/ our planet is in crisis:  by their ways, and all those who follow and support their existence.
  28. Those who steal from the future, as is the constant of business and all decisions arising from “university knows”/ to make the children pay; will be called “devil”. As the result of their decision, is to make the lives of all the rest, “far worse” than it had to be. It was, as it always is:  “just a decision” so I don’t have to pay for my own debts, ways, or means. But the reality of it is:  someone always has to pay. The decision is then as it has always been:  to play king (I DON’T have to pay)/ by making the rest “slave”, just to survive. . Cursing the earth, and assassinating every child with these decisions.
  29. The value of life is different than the entire concept of university; as they do nothing for life itself/ and everything against the future of life and planet, that they can. The value  of life is life, by the true essence of miracles!  The value of greed is “I, AND I ALONE, AM MORE”.  Do you see the difference?  The universities go so far in the opposite direction: that they insist “life comes from chaos/ the brain being last:  we just picked what we wanted off the shelf”!  discarding reality, ignoring everything truth proves in the opposite of that, and believing they can be gods. Indeed proving they can be gods, by proving and demanding:   their destruction of our world!
  30. The reality of a university is very simple: they are not “great thinkers” by any means. They are experimenter’s and the lazy who do nothing and expect to get paid; using arrogance as their “magic wand”. More simply, individuals from all walks of life make a discovery or observation that has some potential. They work out the details, and then the universities destroy whatever it is until they find a way to make it cheaper/ copy/ or steal. One in a million university employees/ professors make their own contribution. Millions work for a university across this globe, spending trillions:  for which we get fantasies, terrorism, traitors, rebellion, thieves, liars, cheats, fools, and failures as a result. All hail the university; ain’t that so!  Propaganda says it is:  because the money, pride, and power hides here. The university has become good at measuring things (math). But they lack all comprehension: subjecting humanity to such things as “math is god”; just put two plus two together. Alas, they cannot even do that; as is consistent with the claim of fusion: two hydrogen atoms make one helium to release all the heat off the sun.  WHERE then is the helium? Answer: doesn’t exist. Or how about the claim:  math created life? Answer; the human body, and all living things require a tremendous correctly aligned and “stapled together” set of perfect instructions (representing billions of individual realities in each one). The universities cannot even add “1+1=  enough helium, per btu of sun FIRE;  to  sufficiently occupy the universe of space itself. As every sun would then be producing helium in extreme quantity. Failure is their name, or by actual substance of failure released:   satan (destroyer of a world) if you prefer. The ignition of sun fire: the burning of atomic bonds/ will prove there is no escape, from fools and their followers. Not even for this whole world!
  31. Let us not forget, what all said would be great, and it was for a few decades; as is antibiotics. Instead of a sustainable human population we are killing this entire earth; by refusing population control. What were a limited and non-threatening disease; is now changed into true threats. Most recent:  a cold that was merely a nuisance is now a ten day challenge to life/ due to medicines. Factory farming, which exists only because antibiotic feeds have kept the disease out; will soon die/ along with all your livestock, but a tiny few. More food than we can eat in America:  really, “many people hungry”/ but more critical is the truth that fertilizers require resources, and your resources are failing; so then your food source.  The ogahalla aquifer clearly responsible for ending the “dust bowl” is nearly empty from irrigation and ethanol: with no further means to control anything, or keeping life alive, “water all gone”. Endless poisons surrounding the water supplies. Fracking endangering the water supplies of millions or billions. The entire farming community (makes your food) reduced in population by 90% over the last fifty years; and they are “nearly all old now”.  Major losses in all manufacturing jobs, retail, and more. From a rich country to a poor country in less than fifty years, as is this USA. The end of reality  in the money supply, and a worldwide pyramid scheme that will result in war and cannibalism:  clearly expressed as “a quadrillion dollars (a billion millionaires) are invested in JUST derivatives”. That doesn’t include the stock markets/ national and personal debts: etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera! All because “the university knows religion” is in charge:  HELL NO, we won’t pay nothing/ LET THE CHILDREN BURN.  Burning fossil fuels beyond what the planet can stand/ destroying oxygen supplies beyond what the planet does release, with every fire and every drive. Ending the ozone layer, so radiation kills life on earth. Or more simply under “university knows”; EVERYTHING ABOUT LIFE OR LIVING ON EARTH has been threatened with EXTERMINATION. Even the planet itself, and in fact even the solar system is threatened by human change:  because igniting a nuclear fire turns this planet into another sun. No second chances, all burn!  They have proven to be gods:  its called SATAN.
  32. The clear and certain reality of a university is:  that they challenge everything nature does and is, in an attempt to prove they are “better than  GOD”.  It is that simple, and in doing so, they create endless lies and fairy tales to cover up what they cannot understand, or refuse to surrender to the garbage of their own imagination. Such as “life came out of chaos/ or we built our own bodies, by just “picking whatever we wanted off the shopping store shelf; both of which are standard illusions of evolution”/ the body however proves “I need all of it at the same time, or I cannot survive.” Then there is the  math assertion of religion, “life is all just numbers that fell into place”/ reality however demands, “what can numbers all by themselves do”/ answer, absolutely nothing; and they don’t even exist, without a brain. The endless fraud of fusion, is “we aren’t really trying to ignite atoms on fire/ the sun really isn’t burning/ all the fuel is on fire, starting at the core/ fantasy gravity, with an atomic element 15 times heavier than lead: without the slightest proof: is worth gambling all life on earth! Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera, except for the fact that they truly are trying to ignite atoms on fire, on a planet where everything is then in fact, fuel! And that means once ignition occurs our planet, this earth; does in fact become another sun. not to worry though, your geneticists are mutilating all life beyond recognition:  cause they are gods, to you;  and the university knows everything. Now ain’t that right! Oh wait, they have a “billion excuses”, and their book is god; so they can’t be wrong/ right? So ask them:  if they aren’t trying to ignite a nuclear fire, what exactly are they trying to do, “to these atoms”?  answer:  we want the nuclear energy released, with less initial force than an explosion! Which literally means, “they want fire to erupt”! don’t worry though, your scientists have it all worked out:  their fantasy graviton, proven a lie by the periodic table of elements/ is just going to put the fire out;  cause we don’t have one, so the atomic fire releasing the energy contained by the bond in an atom: will just go “poof” and rise out into space all by itself/ taking the fire with it.  Alas, if that don’t happen, and fantasies don’t rule reality: then our world ends, and you are incinerated. Not to worry though:  your courts/ your politicians/ your policing agencies/ your military/ your media/ your religions/ your extra special smart people in university/ your cult following: is absolutely sure,  “that fool, can’t be right”. “We, have a book”!
  33. When we look to see everything else that university is doing to destroy what was, so they can claim to be superior:  “cause they got a BIG brain”. The answer returns as:  all diversity ends/ cause when you deal with only one thing: its easier to be god.  Nature of course clearly proves, its purpose is to diversify as much as possible/ so that all of life in its infinite creation of living as one planet together in peace; will find harmony. Predator and prey are about birth control so NO species overwhelms the others. University hates that, and our world is at the edge of complete collapse, because humanity is overwhelming everything. The university wants:  EVERYONE MUST obey our purpose, which is to establish only one brain (our brain) can think; and all the rest must obey/ or be ejected as worthless. So education is as all religions do:  specifically to find the zealot, and indoctrinate the rest; who will believe and enforce our law. To remove “miracles” and contend:  WE will do better. To remove freedom, by enforcing “the constitution is garbage”/ WE will do better. To control immigration: be enforcing let there be no more diversity in humanity either. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera!
  34. In case you cannot see, “the writing on their university wall”;  the reality clearly is:  those in university decades ago, gave up entirely on this world. Because it is being overrun with humanity/ and they cannot truly control that. So they abandoned life on earth, and gave up: to play with their own fantasies, and get everything they could get: before the end does come. It is not without some slight intellect/ because nothing is less cognizant of reality by its truth; than the average human being. HELL NO, I DON’T WANT whatever it is I don’t want:  be damned to you! And onward they go, as one massive herd. Because, when you make rules, you establish a ruler. And when you have a ruler: people block out the world itself, to live within the tiny borders of self. Thereby abandoning the possibilities of living in peace or harmony with the others/ because the ruler has a weapon, and he uses it to play god.   Change that or die, is without question your truth!
  35. It is, 1/15/18 reminders of the civil rights movement are remembering: none of that was possible, without the television, or its cameras. None of that was possible without media news broadcasting of what had value to society. Both are somewhat tied to university help. Today, media news lives mostly in the sewer of a cult (university is god), because only a tiny few of the most powerful own the broadcasting rights, and control the news through editors. Instead of life; they produce anger. Instead of value; they produce failure. Instead of duty or honor or freedoms; they produce “rulers”, and claim our employees are in fact “the government” instead of our constitution. Even so: the only possible method of stopping the insane, is to gather and communicate until heard. One second too late, and this world is dead. Violence provides an excuse (the means to avoid truth & reality)/ not an answer!
  36. Every theory the “university elite” have presented in terms of the sun; and its heat generation: is an unproven/ unsubstantiated/ guess. Without any support from reality, other than “it’s a ten million degree F. heat source with up to 12 million mile long solar flares of heat energy.  in contrast to that:  every reality, regarding the sun, as is proven by the evidence that I have supported, can be considered true! “Challenge them both”!
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