Let us conceive of, “the price of life”/ no, it is not for free!

The discipline of that statement is: LIFE REQUIRES, the control of ENERGY to exist. Far more than it needs a body to consider as its home.

In terms of order, the control of energy comes first! So the question is:  what conceives of this energy, and how do we control it/ and why does it exist, so that we can exist? These are the keys of ownership, and thereby represent far too much information for you to receive. Cult worshipers always end in one form of treason or another, to life itself; as you are, worshipers of university knows.

That leaves us with very little to identify as the price of life, but it still can be done: because the foundation moment of existence, is defined when you die. In that moment the question will be:  will you accept eternity as your home/ or turn back to time, even though It is forever lost?

While you may think this is simple, it is not! Because time is what you have known/ while eternity can only be defined by thought, and the freedom to express identity through their truth.  Many fail, and then dissipate into nothing as the energy can no longer be functionally contained; “its called ghost”. Those who hate grasp for self, and turn into a spiritual grave; only GOD can end.  But those who love with their heart have the opportunity called trust:  to define mercy by a respect for GOD that you have accepted, and will thereby be proven true. That is the price:  mercy in exchange for respect, identified by the truth of your love proven to be real.

Many feel this is too great a price to pay, and never accept the value of trusting their  GOD  as their own CREATOR. They fail to pay, asking violently to return back into time. Unfortunately only the grave awaits; a prison without time to end. But this is strictly for those who failed to respect  GOD , and yet did not dramatically fail the rest.

To trust that you were CREATED, only requires an honest look at the truth of what life, the bodies of life, and planet are.  Unlike the witchdoctors of university, who proclaim “life comes from chaos/ so all their work to bring this entire planet and all its life back into chaos; is really just their way of worshiping:  their god”; with a broomstick (going to sweep it all away).  Fools/ failures/ traitors/ thieves/ satan/ etc are all methods of proclaiming ignorance, stupidity, and blind deceit should never lead.

Nonetheless, your own body elevates your own knowledge as to what is true. Do you not worry dramatically if something so small as a tiny cut occurs; what part can you do without (which means, the entire body had to be built all at once; or it would not work). Tell me, “how do you create an eyeball/ or even the tear ducts which make the eyeball continue to work/ or how do you separate the tears from the things you drink, and make them available for your body’s own need?”  answer the question! It takes only honesty, and the reality of plain and simple evidence, to prove life is no game! There are distinct truths, that when examined honestly produce very definitive results: that literally have no other answer than   GOD  DID THIS!  Because we literally cannot. Consequently the evidence of life, proves a value to our own expression and experiences that exhibit love revealed, in our Creation; as we have much more, than what we truly had to have just to exist. To trust, that  GOD  who created us;  has a plan for us to occupy eternity with HIM;  is no great exaggeration. To understand that love is of itself, the most valuable reality in our universe of life: is evident to anyone who cherishes life. Because without love, the value of living wanes, and eventually will weep. That makes love the essence of living, and gives to it the treasury of life itself.  Therefrom if you have love/ you have value to this universe. Simple as that!

Even so:  “the ride between time and eternity” is treacherous; and you absolutely must trust GOD;  or your life might be lost. That is the price of freedom, the reality of an individual life to share.

I forgot to mention AGAIN;  that all pride, even want;  must be abandoned prior to your death/ the failure to do that establishes a war between “you and  GOD”.  You, will lose.  Want makes you a liar, as it does deceive you into believing you can have or be, what truth will not allow. These things are enemies to life itself! Most will refuse, many relying upon their religion “I gave/ you owe me”:  a tragedy with a grave. IT IS very hard to remove want/ and IT IS even harder to remove pride; for that reason old age assists. For that reason, it is impossible to help someone go into their grave: by making them believe “time is what they want”. You are killing their eternity, in doing so: because we all must face eternity as whatever it will be;  alone. Your decision/ your fate or destiny as you chose for yourself:  no one else shall be blamed! The coming stock market crash; will cause some to lose their faith in want, and its greed. That is a benefit to them. Or more simply want takes something truly dramatic to make the vast majority of people stop. The same is true of pride, even more so:  a case in point was my dad, whom I initiated in, “an explosive burst of pride” to open the door that was hiding everything called pride and its delusions;  inside. If you don’t “view the reality”/ you can’t change the outcome:  because lies will continue to hide it in arrogance. There is only one   GOD   ;  none may challenge:  pride is vanquished/ or you are. The desire to change once you realize the problem:  is entirely up to you! The reality of “poking the bear” so to speak; is NOT generally a cure. It is only a key inserted in the lock; what comes out, is whatever hides inside. Even so, where love lives, it can reemerge. Even if it is not the same as it was! The reality of that is complex, and revolves around two distinct conceptions:  one that I spent my life for  GOD’S  work/ and by being my dad he expected to simply “ride my coattails” so to speak; like religious people do. I proved to him it would not be so; and he fought back by giving control of the family business over to my sisters, and trying to “make me small, or worthless”. Pride is a terrible thing/ but it was momentary. He survived into eternity as a beginning! Oddly enough, when my life began spiritually, decades ago:  I was promised to save one life/ turns out, it was his.

 The fundamentals are this:  while both parents needed no one to save them in the first forty years, that changed. Mom asked, “where do I fit in biblical terms”; I told her (ultimately it was change a little); but she dissolved into fear instead. Dad being absolutely certain to escape all bad news, unless there clearly was no escape, he then faced it honestly;  until then he “escaped”. He became involved with money, instead. Losing friends made dad lonely; I made that worse when challenging the local elevator and a friend to control their noise; causing anger. Fearing death and loneliness made mom escape, as “parkinsons”. And I being entirely consumed by a planet and all life on earth in jeopardy of extinction; had no real time for either; although I tried a little. The summary is, “we cannot escape our lives”/ therefore choose carefully, and be certain it is the best you can be, according to your own desires and design. Because time gives us only one chance, “to sum it all up”. While I would have loved to do more for them;  I remain absolutely certain, “our world, and all its life, comes first”.  Simple as that.  these are prices associated with living. Living is not the same as loving, although when you have both as an equal asset to life;  “you literally, become ALIVE”.

I will add this, that it is never wise to point to anyone and say “he or she has more”/ because people will always be subject to believing, “I AM just as great” and compete to prove it is so, in some form or manner. That causes problems for the one called more/ and it causes problems for all the rest as well. What  GOD  gives to each one,  “lets nature decide”. Therefore neither something I do/ nor something you do; apart from the decisions we each will make. When people call you “more”: they expect a benefit, for free. Life isn’t fair in a wide variety of ways;  adjust as best you can!

The price of life and death is no small thing. People who insist on making life a game (pride is all that matters) simply destroy themselves a little at a time. People who want so much more than can hardly stand themselves; exist in the fervor of an expectation that “life will be great, IF____ (I WILL be the BIG WINNER/ everyone will look at me)”. BUT like the parade of big lottery winners has already proven:  that will never be so.  Love makes life great, if you have it honestly and by truth: and simply have enough to survive and a little beyond. That is true regardless of rich or poor. So the lesson here is, do not believe whatever you want to believe: because that is not based in truth.  Instead accept respect for   GOD,    LIFE,   PLANET,  and   JESUS (the proof we are not abandoned)/ and live for love trusting in the realities of what is clearly “MIRACULOUS” in every conceivable way.

The elements of what is, or is not, beyond death; are subject to spiritual relationships that are governed by the laws which control this universe. Thereby if you do understand that law/ then you do understand the consequences of what truth, subjected to that law will mean. As to the spiritual world itself;  it is again, the reality of life, as determined by the essence and elements of truth itself. To enter therein requires, that you accept the changes necessary:  to conceive of truth within yourself. IF, you are pure enough to be “invited in”: the possibilities are endless/ but so is the threat. Because the spiritual world of truth, doesn’t care (love is a distinction granted with soul):  if you fail to make the right choices/ “your soul” can be fed to the wolves(so to speak). Much of the spiritual world is NOT about soul, rather the elements which gather knowledge or death. It ain’t no game/ the most common reality of finding yourself surrounded by fear in this world is either death:  or the assertion called schizophrenia. Which means unable to escape your fear! The reality of it is simple:  only truth matters, only the decision for love or knowledge will keep you clean enough; to grant your own decision to return here in time. Whether you wish to believe anything I write, is absolutely irrelevant to me. What is, is what is/ and I don’t intend to defend it at all. Reality will prove what is true. Your continued failure about everything; is the end of our discussion.  I write “just for me now”; because I refuse to permit an excuse.

You do have your chance to survive; IF YOU CHANGE.  My dad and mom both had a simple opportunity to change a little and be more compatible with the possibilities of eternity in love; they both refused/ but I pray(ed) for them anyway. Want is a tragedy. Pride is an enemy in your house. Even so, your decision is your eternity. It is not mine!

“I want/ I want/ I want, and nothing else matters to me; or I don’t want, let everything else be damned” are the ingredients of a fool. Making life into a game/ translates as the complete failure of a life. While power, with only rare exception; is like stealing blood from your own heart.  Do better!  Oh wait, let’s be clear:  no, you can’t come back to me and say “I should have made you choose correctly”/ too damn late, is just too damn late;  eat your sewage, you earned it.  The universities are preparing your meal as we speak! Why do I have a right to say that? well, not one soul ever stood up to be identified and demand LIFE COMES FIRST:  not even when confronted with machines that are literally trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. A fire that literally burns the bond in atoms/ which no one can honestly deny! Not even that, is enough to make you change your ways;  not even enough, to make YOU discard your false gods of “university knows”.  No second chances/ no going back/ no saving one single life on earth from the result. I HAVE SUBSTANTIATED MORE THAN ENOUGH TRUTH AND EVIDENCE TO PROVE:  WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG!  Yet you delight in making me the fool, so you don’t need to do anything but believe the universities are gods. Even though all the evidence proves their truth as god is satan (destroyer of a world).

I remind you, that the price of following your religion, instead of making decisions for yourself/ is high. “Where they go/ you go” is NOT a functional relationship with life itself:  it is the basis of a herd. Eternity demands individuals, which means there is “no amen”!  Each decides/ each pays. The assertion that together “we can’t be wrong; etc”; is just plain wrong.  We each die individually, is beyond doubt!

So let’s examine religion just a bit, and choose what it seems cannot be questioned. More specifically, the decision to intervene in Africa, or India for instance “and save every child”. The cause that exists: when children or people cannot feed themselves or other/ stems from the fact that their population has exceeded its resources. Simple as that. Nature has a solution, somebody has to die. Religion under the university spell of intoxication; led themselves to believe:  let us save everyone. Which in turn became even more people, with less resources to feed themselves/ thereby expanding the problem every year. Because a habitat that cannot support its life, dies! That then becomes every other form of creature loses its habitat/ and every human being becomes “less valuable”; making war and genocide simple. The correct method as you well know is birth control. Just like it is with animal pet control. NOT simple, but necessary;  because environmental realities CANNOT be dismissed. The unfortunate truth is:  our entire world human population MUST accept birth control throughout its populations/ or all life dies.  Your universities know this, and they chose to hide this: because they decided to steal all they could for their own individual lives;  discarding the world and all its life into the garbage, as “too much trouble” to intervene.  Just like they didn’t need to keep up the infrastructure; because we are all going to die anyway. It is true, without change; and of course the last thing people want to do is change. After all, “they just want what they want/ and they sure as hell, know what they don’t want, and that is anything to do with change in them”. Just ask your drug addicts:  even when pushed hard, the answer is still “but I don’t want to change”/ I want what I want.

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