death reviewed

death reviewed

Let us review death.

Ultimately death is the end of time, or more specifically the removal of body as your “interface” with the freedoms, and your decisions;  to do whatever you please with that body of life. Therefore death is, as it is proven to be: the end of body/ thereby the end of your presence in time as a living example of humanity itself.

The question that is not presented in death is:  “what is the difference between life and body”? because a body works, so long as the chemical makeup, and internal assemblies of living biology remain at peace with each other, and disciplined by order, balance, and respect for the limits & boundaries that have been set into place, by nature. A life however is the freedoms, thought comprehensions, decisions, purposes, desires, hopes, love, hate, happiness, joy, blessings, discoveries, courage, and everything else that gives life in a body its “will to survive”.  Survival is limited to what the body needs/ but the will or decision that is “I choose to survive”; is based upon an entirely different category of realities. People commit suicide, not because the body failed them/ but because their desire for life ended. The foundation of that influence is then the participant in this discussion/ the body itself considered irrelevant, until it no longer functions to a degree that can bring happiness or hope to a life.

Since the essence of life, is dictated by its thought/ it is thought that assembles the greatest influence on our will to survive. Thought as a distinction is:  the environmental dimension, that lets us travel between the recognition of time, and its participation as our means to distinguish what and where we have been. Freedom gives to each one the dimensional trait:  that I have created an area around me, within which I control the environment (such as, or is a body). Decisions enable that area or body to be the translation of my own dimensional definitions:  “to this point here/ I shall claim as mine”. Purposes are the profound experience, of measuring my expression upon someone else by their experience or developmental decisions. Desire “is the banner” of my life, as it turns to the people who can see or hear my world; and then tells them in silence what it is I choose; before reality proves that it is true. Hope elevates life, into an orderly progression of steps: facing your desire. Love identifies the passage and doors which lead into a different world, beyond self! Hate destroys order by removing balance, and therefrom descends into the abyss of “what I want”. Happiness lifts the heart, which aids in our belief:  “life has a place for me”. Joy identifies soul, as the acceptance of  GOD  in me. Blessings isolate the reality of respect, that includes I am a miracle without doubt or question. Discoveries in the essence of life, teach and testify that I search for truth. Courage separates those who can achieve more than simple survival. Each of these and more are educational tools, provided to each human life so they may search for what is more than time.

We then search time as the transition element:  between the beginning of recognition/ to the end of what we know to be true, as the evidence presented by human existence. The search is simple:  can I/ or can I not, live beyond a body? The essence of body is merely chemical. While the essence of life itself is tied within the elements of thought/ heart/ and soul. They are notably different/ and do not consist of the same developments in either life nor death. So the concepts of eternal possibilities arise/ religion is born.

Religion “sings to the heart”/ because heart identifies and creates the home within which my love can arise. Love gains the securities of life shared, because someone cared. Therefore it is the passage that gains from hope, its orderly rise to soul.  Soul however understands distinctly, that only what is true can enter within what is, or is to be:  the laws that give life, to life. therefore the quest of being human remains:  to become true to the law itself. Thought rises above both heart and soul to accept that miracles are not simply “accidents”/ but underscore the value of our reality by its engineering and technical expertise; to understand   GOD  exists.  JESUS is a testimony granted by the evidence, that  GOD  remains as part of our lives, even today. Or not abandoned “yet”. Unfortunately since the journey is hard/ religion relies upon “giving the people whatever they want”.  Even so, it retains some wisdom throughout the ages, and represents the place where the vast majority will start; because it is easy.

To conceive of death is to recognize two things:  the body is abandoned, plain and simple/ used  no more! The end.  The second however is:  that if life survives its relationship with thought, then that life must enter within that thought, its decision to create a home through love and hope, and its ability to create a relationship with   GOD   your CREATOR. A reality that gives truth to the potential we can live beyond “self”.

We then begin. Developments include: what is thought, that life can exist within that translation of spirit? What is spirit, that it begins the distinction of life apart from truth? What is home, that it provides us with the dimensional stability of an identity?

Thought includes the path that leads into truth, thereby truth becomes the participant, whereas knowledge/ understanding/ and wisdom identify the teacher. To participate in truth, you must become spirit enabled. That means separated from the body as a life beyond self. Spirit is truth, and it survives by enabling the law to translate itself into an alternate dimension. That dimension is assembled by your desires: love builds/ hate destroys. Whatsoever is left of those decisions, once truth has been identified;  becomes home.

The question that is allowed to be “human” is:  what are the decisions that you will make/ what is the heart, and its home that you will create/ and what is the truth of you, that can be sustained, even by the test of fire? These are the things you choose. IF   GOD   , the real GOD is a participant in your life/ then mercy will be extended. The miracles of this earth will suggest, “more can be found”/ life is not just a game to be played   “by  GOD”.

Even so, the question remains:  if or when separated as life distinct, from our bodies in a transition element of life set free, from time/ WHAT HAPPENS THEN?

The answer assembles for those who have love, heart, soul, and the accepted thought;  as a journey beyond self.  The answer for those who have found only hate; as a journey into self alone, by all that fear can be.

So the variable is both love and fear. Love opens doors beyond the distinction of self, but remain as the decisions of your own truth. Inside each door is the reality of an environment you cannot escape, unless you not only conquer your fear, but understand what truth insists you must.

Fear is a horrible thing, causing decisions to be made that are not consistent with your own truth/ but are given to be the reality of “something else” forcing you to make changes that you accept. Even so, in the spiritual world; fear will drive you even deeper into self/ and that will enclose your world as a prison.

So we look to the variables of fear and love to identify what we can do in preparation for ourselves; to enter what will become the essence of our eternity. The three distinctions of fear/  and by its essence the love your courage brings to life, are:

  1. The exchange of understanding (I am valued/ a miracle), which lets truth decide what can or cannot be done: for fear (I am lost/ discarded as worthless).  Is a primary decision which allows your life to be stolen/ because you are valued, a miracle given life “by GOD” through HIS nature. Remain so, regardless of the threat.
  2. the refusal to balance (truth must decide not me)/ in exchange for want or pride (I won’t care/ life is a game). Limits and controls the values of your heart, thereby making you as vulnerable as your decision to want: instead of accepting the limits and boundaries that truth will become in your life.
  3. to avoid the reality of soul: which is to accept that a miracle of life means “there is a CREATOR here”! Failing to respect that fact/ refusing to search for that LIFE BEYOND OUR OWN:  which does clearly live on the inside with you, when accepted. Is a decision not to live as best we can, through our love.

When inspecting these variables, the critical question is:  WILL YOU, fear death/ or LOVE  GOD? While there is no distinction for the reality of losing a human life in time; it is what it is. The question of fear is more distinctly a question of order, discipline, balance, and respect/ simply in the opposite concepts and context of love. It is a directional statement, that will be made by your own life, once time is over for you.

Practice begins with “nightmares, dreams, and realities of this existence”.  Nightmares are the conceptual awareness of what can go wrong for me;  something I know influences my life, can take me on journeys into which I DON’T want to go. Choosing love allows the orderly dissection of any such nightmare, to determine its truth by the disciplines we have put into place to balance our own lives with evidence. Choosing hate brings you to fear/ a reality that must be dealt with by building the disciplines in your life which give you a choice. Dreams are where want will take you, if allowed to be directed by your own definitions of thought. They translate what is true within you, and give you that feedback so as to identify who you are, “to you”. Making it possible to see yourself, and then change yourself, to something more correct in the allowances of law. Reality is the relationship we share with all of life on earth, everything that influences or determines our direction. An absolute crucial development, as this determines the final direction:  you will choose in eternity.

So the question of death is limited, to the decisions which form your direction/ the truth will is stable enough to survive its own reality/ and the love which enables a home to be built, of your own accord, that gives to life your own willingness to survive.

These things don’t require your knowledge or acceptance or belief or religion/ truth will decide for you; simple as that!

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