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The reality of things

Of the many foundations in behavior amongst life on this earth is: which ever herd is bigger, will rule the day. The constant of that is obvious:  when resources become scarce, somebody has to go! Therefore whosoever has the better weapons, and the most bodies that will fight:  gets to control who shall go. The same is true for humanity: different skin types/ facial recognition features/ size/ repetitive conditioning/ and so on are used to determine who belongs to which group; and who belongs to our group or herd. The reason for separating into groups is again obvious:  when resources begin to dwindle/ particularly when it becomes obvious there is NOT enough for us all. “somebody has to go”/ and those who are not part of our group begin to be identified. Because the simple fact is:  do you want to live with your family, or allow someone else own this property to live with their family/ and THROW YOU out. When we must make a choice, the failure to choose for family will always have consequences. The same is true for tiny groups as well. There is only so much time any individual has to spare/ and if they use it all on you:  THEN the rest of us lose from the time we will spend with that individual, or they with us. So little groups, throw out or exclude individuals based upon the fact: there just isn’t enough resource (time separating us) here for you too. We want what we want!

So long as the resources are plentiful, including space;  there is room for all. Because each has what they want. There will still be fighting among the few, because herd animals always try for dominance; when the opportunities seem easy. As in “you are” too weak, to stop me!

Regardless, the future for all life on earth is:  without resources, there will be war! The endless plundering of this earth and all its life/ constant destruction of environment/ the ravage of raping climate/ the war against life in the oceans/ and the endless delusions of men constantly battling to prove superiority, pride, and power will all prove:  weapons of mass destruction are NOT you’re saviors. What a pitiful expression of delusion and stupidity; but then you are a herd/ and herds all follow leaders.

The opportunity for life to follow women instead of men appears to be useless as well. Having pushed my dad into “opening the door to his delusions”/ he gave control over family business to my two sisters when he died; mom allowed it; I didn’t care.  Nonetheless, with the women in charge, what is obvious and continues to be unabated is:  women do choose exactly like men in every conceivable way. They interfere like men, making decisions they do not own. They refuse to accept truth must decide, just like men. They believe in their wants, just like men; OR much more simply “they are men, in ninety nine percent of their decisions” with a different body style. Which is why men continue to believe “they are almost, just like me”. Unfortunately that won’t keep this earth alive, which means even surrendering the leadership to women as:  AT LEAST they are different.  Won’t work either! Because want and pride, is the graveyard for nearly all human life. Can’t escape it! The battle to remove want, by adding truth, is over. The war to establish the cost of making life a game (pride) has ended. The realities of what you continue to do, regardless of the evidence that proves:  you are CRUCIFYING THIS PLANET AND ITS LIFE, including a reality of loss so intense, that is coming: it will be described as HELL. You won’t escape it; extinction comes next. But alas, you are too damn smart to recognize reality; you want what you want/ and there ain’t nothing in this world so damn important as what you do or do not want. Not even exterminating this world; cause that cannot happen so long as you don’t want it/ right! Right. After all fools follow fools/ and failure is just another word for war!

We then turn to the last probability left for this earth:  YOU MUST CHOOSE ONLY TRUTH, BY THE DESCRIPTIONS OF ITS LAW; to lead.  I give you about a one in one million chance, that this reality will come true.  We will call it hope, but of course that would require at least a few to have some honesty, coupled with some sense.  Regardless life or death for this earth is now your battle to save/ it is not mine, as I gave you my own lifetime already.  “best wishes”/ even though you have no brain. “the university stole it”;  alas too bad!

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Jim Osterbur

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