“Every man” says, when confronted with change: “I DON’T WANT, what I DON’T WANT”. Just change this a tiny bit, to keep it going/ and leave me alone; I don’t want what I don’t want/ PERIOD, end of story. Damnit to hell, leave me alone. And if you continue, there answer is war/ or run and hide.

       Such is the truth of our reality, and women are little better; but their answer is not war, but a demand to talk instead. A consequence of differences, that will make the true difference: between whether this world can survive its need for change.

       We add to that the clear and certain reality: women, are in fact the balance point of men. Just like men are a balancing point for women. More clearly BOTH are needed for peace to erupt, and realities to be turned into harmony for all. JUSTICE decides the future, just as much as change. Because in a very crowded world, the need for true justice, and realistic fair play;  is insurmountable.

       We add to that the clear and certain reality:  It is women, who will decide the reality of birth control, as their body creates human life on earth. Unfortunately men have very little to do with birth control;  as in the example “with sperm clinics” one man can become a multitude of babies”/ even if a million men are incapable. It just won’t work, and a vasectomy removes the chemicals of sex; which means the men stop having sex, and that DOES affect the women as well. Don’t use that method, it helps no one.

       We add to that the need for a clear and different method of constructing society itself/ because this is the best men did do; and that means they cannot conceive of anything that is different. DIFFERENT then requires a new description of leadership, and that does mean women. BUT NOT as men do things, which is to pick a leader. Rather as women combined into the creation of new laws and new ways for society to vote upon as a different democracy arising would be. Simple as that; whosoever makes the law/ RULES society. When that law is enforced, particularly as constitutional decree.

There are four elements to human life on earth:  access/ love/ hate/ and desire.  Access and desire are fundamentals of life like survival/ love OR hate, is a functioning choice based upon you’re desire. Survival itself is not an element of life/ because death is not a functioning choice, once you are gone.

Access is the only true social development in human values. Access is gained or denied due to human decisions that most often are determined by greed/ selfishness/ lust/ pride/ want/ power;  or similar delusions of purpose. Thereby access, to the things we need or desire for our lives to be happy and at peace is a decision that we make/ or we allow others to make for us. The net result is, whatever your society and your future society is going to be. All that is wrong, has built American society over the last few decades/ as is consistent with the true threats of extinction coming from EVERYWHERE, the universities have led us too. Does not every politician and leader of any kind have a “college degree”? indeed they do, which means the indoctrination of this cult called university knows has been extremely powerful in controlling society, and its choice to become extinct. Nothing is more certain of that, than gambling the entire planet, and all its life:  on igniting a nuclear fire “just like the sun”.  Based upon the conclusion “not enough gravity here/ so it will just extinguish itself”.  What bigger fool could they be? And yet the world itself lets them continue trying to ignite ATOMS ON FIRE!

Nonetheless, life is not dead until the day when the point of no return has pasted/ and I will continue to hope, that day is not yet quite past. So we continue with the demand for change this or we die.

Society as a human mass of people trying to live together:  REQUIRES access for all its people. Because that enforces equality! Or, no you can’t own it all/ because we have rights too! Access means:  I HAVE A LEGAL ENFORCEABLE RIGHT TO BE HERE, TO PARTICIPATE WITH YOU, TO HAVE MY LIFE PROTECTED JUST LIKE YOURS, AND TO BUILD FOR MYSELF AS REALITY, RESOURCE, PREPARATIONS, AND FREEDOM WILL ALLOW.  Access to a courtroom that is fair and justice for all; is essential to that task. As are the foundations of an education based in reality, and what will make society a better place for everyone including all life on earth. As are access to medical treatments, that benefit all of society/ not just a few; at the price we the people can realistically and honorably pay. As are the essence of every form of social endeavor that grants to each one a basic freedom of choice;  such as roads owned by society/ utilities, and specifically the transmission of those utilities; owned by society/ and so on.

The election process which forms the basis of democracy:  cannot be for electing names! The election process must be for deciding what our laws shall be in clear justifiable terms. Those laws DO look like these examples:  the ten commandments; the  Virginia bill of rights;  the constitution and its amendments; the declaration of independence. Or more simply EVERYTHING you are going to vote upon SHALL in fact be similar to these documents/ or it shall not be done.  Because the little things, can be decided in an open courtroom, with public view permanently demanding access for everything. The judge/ lawyer/ etc shall then be judged by the public (after the fact):  and measured for whether they stay or are punished; per trial.  NO  supporting justice and fair play, life first, or democracy sustained:  means the people who failed shall be punished themselves. We hire investigators:  NOT lawmakers to rob us, betray us, or fail us. To insure our laws are in fact being obeyed, with a particular emphasis on the powerful, medicine, and the courts.

DESIRE is the individual critical exchange of what has value to you/ as opposed to its cost. This is the basis of “heart”; and whether the individual will choose for life, and the possibilities of its love/ or sink into hate, as is consistent with I DON’T care. An individual freedom allows for love or hate, it is your right to choose. BUT that choice identifies the society we will be living in, because of your choice. Therefore the ability to identify YOU as an individual demanding to hate/ or the others as humanity in society determined to live within peace and for harmony:  examines the right to remove hate from ourselves. That includes you as a hater. Like predator and prey, they do not live together in close proximity. Although the essence of being human, is determined by desire/ the reality of human is conceived by the courage to live the choices you have made.

It is fair to assert, “you will live elsewhere”/ just like it is fair to imprison those correctly prosecuted, for true crime. The battleground of where, is determined by the numbers. Hate is an envelope, that sends you to destruction.

Love is an environment that expands beyond yourself, to include every value of life, and its living; so that all may  participate in their own freedom of heart: and experience the truth of what love can be.


We express love in very similar ways; kindness, gentleness, hope, sharing, caring, discipline & responsibilities, respect, values, a balanced lifestyle, orderly expectations that remember the cost and the impacts to each life. Religions want love, because people want what they want; even if they won’t pay the price. Like a politician, “you don’t stay in business” unless you give the people what they want.

The value of love is complex, accordingly it shapes and reshapes our lives as we provide the incentives to care, and the ability to change. The reality of what we are willing to do, can literally exceed our expectations, when the truth of what we have done; is shaped by love. An example of that is:  searching for an answer to assist in keeping this world alive/ by asking the spiritual truth of women to reply. A more common answer to that is;  women want men to change, and be what they want “their man” to be/ while they offer little change within themselves for what “man desires in woman”.  While it is fair to expect relationships to shape the future/ it is not fair to manipulate, control, condemn, or disrespect the reality of “the person I chose to be”. My life, equals my choice; even if you want something a bit different.

It is the living that represents a relationship. Love is the destiny we search for within ourselves, by a journey which offers friendship as our contribution to your destiny as well. The value of body is evident, the reality of accepting disciplines, as created by orderly choices, with a balanced result; is simple and plainly appropriate. Even if that is not your choice! My life equals my choice, will always be true: for both sides of the line that divides all but true love. True love needs no choice, as reality has become “two is the same as one; shared equally” through care.

Value explains, the definite answer that is what do men desire in a woman, exists as:  man desires the expressions of freedom that change my world, and add in what I lack/ through the differences found in woman.

Value explains, the definite answer that is what do women desire in a man, exists as:  woman demands the securities of knowing, “I won’t die, or be surrendered to the things I cannot stand” because you chose to fail me. Or more simply:  I need to know, that respect for my life is inherent and proven true, by the things that you do.

Value explains:  that the reality of body is, “without an attraction” to begin the process of understanding who you are/ there is no real connection. Consequently, from the beginning it is necessary to accept:  the opposite sex must be attracted first. Or a beginning is very hard to achieve/ unless you work continually together; and in that scenario, expectations beyond friendship will suffer.

Value explains:  the process of understanding if we can or cannot live together, expecting a lifetime; as is marriage/ requires, that we learn to acknowledge MORE than sex is necessary. While sex will buy you time in most cases/ it will not create a treasury of knowledge, that is the essence of making a wise decision that you can live with in the future. Sex is a bandaid excuse, for we have nothing left to say. Consequently the ability to create a moment by any and all means is essential, to gathering the information that will become “we, as one”.

Want is a terrible thing/ as is pride. Want determines what your future will be, without the excuses for failure:  simply remember want is the basis of every lie, and you will begin to understand.  Pride is the demand life is a game; as then will be your relationship. Just remember every game has a winner and a loser; your relationship will be no different. Pride always wants to be “the greatest”/ thereby it is common, that they will attempt to destroy, disrespect, or discard something or someone to prove “I am better”. Power decides:  there is no room for respect.  Jealousy believes, “I cannot compete/ so I won’t give anyone the chance to take my trophy away”. Use is a purpose not to care. While abuse is the existence of hatred, even when excuses are made. Hatred cannot be healed, it will refuse/ do not try. Instead remember this:  love and hate are opposites, they never live together by choice, unless hate is intending to abuse, use, or even kill. Liars live to kill your opportunity to choose for yourself. They will be proven to be “NOT friend”.

In school, the reality is kids try to be like each other; so they are not left out. Being yourself, is not appreciated  because the purpose is “a herd”.  Young adults try to mimic each other, for the same cause; to participate and be accepted. It will not work, because you cannot be someone you are not; and it will only entangle you/ if you try. “I am adult”;  simply put, requires you to find a solution for survival. Some fail, some lie to themselves, some steal “cause you didn’t give me my share”, some care and do their best, some prey on the others and fail themselves along with society, some worship money and will use or abuse all those they can. Some will worship GOD, and that has numerous consequences of its own; both good and bad.  Because it is NOT a simple thing!

Parenting is simple:  be yourself and teach your child what he or she needs to know, so they can be their own sustainable life. Remember every life is equal/ every life has a right to be free/ justice is not one side fits all!

Death remembers the fact:  unless some die, there is no balance, and the world itself will suffer. As is the facts of this day. Because we are too many people to let this earth survive/ unless we choose very carefully. A reality that is not being done. So do live for today, search for the love that will become tomorrow, and accept that the value of your life: is determined by your own decisions.  Even eternally!

TRUTH determines everything that can or cannot be eternal: simple as that!  Consequently, that will be true of you as well. Alternatives to that are EXTREMELY LIMITED, and do not exist without a certain degree of purity. One such reality is me: the consequence is, “like I have been fighting a one hundred year (non-violent) war, and male never won “a single battle”. As is true of every truth, “there is no going back”. . I opened the door to the dedicated environment, which belongs only to female. The consequences are beyond what you would believe. The complexity of that decision, are hard to comprehend. Even so, purity demands change; and I have no say. So beware:  the price of every decision can be high. DON’T judge/ DO forgive when someone honestly repents, and proves it to be so. REMEMBER we all have a right “to be free”/ so long as your decision does not greatly impact other lives, particularly human. That fact means:  you can’t play god/ only the law that is fair to all,  should decide. Even if you make a decision that is wrong/ although it cannot be erased, it can be covered up by the things you do to repair what has been done. As best you realistically can:  that is a choice, not a command.

Take care of your body, you “only get one”. Build your body when you are young, and you will use it healthy for the rest of your life:  an excellent choice. Don’t fear/ but DON’T be stupid. Step outside the boundaries of self, and participate as best you can!  The lesson of old age is:  “your body may not heal/ even little things, can have big consequences; choose carefully, and don’t burn bridges unless you must.

Just so its clear; there is not, nor has there ever been a homosexual moment or purpose of whatever in my life/ and that remains completely true. Nor has there ever been a moment wherein I wished or conceived of “being female”/ never happened. Women remain “sexy and attractive”. The conceptions that make these statement seem less clear; are developments in the spiritual dimension/ but with impacts here in time. Its complicated. But it was still worth the price:  life or death of our world cannot be dependent upon being “male or female”/ or like me, somewhere in the middle. Spirit means truth, the purity of that truth determines the relationships you may share. So the fundamental involved is:  the heart decides what love means to each one. Without love, there is no purpose for eternity. But even so, if you won’t survive/ then neither truth or love will matter. To enter the spiritual world “momentarily, so to speak”;  requires the purity of a decision that does not include fear. What you fear will destroy you, therefore you must identify what is important/ you must understand your choice is your own/ you must accept the price of what you ask.

Nothing is more educational about that, than my first experience in the spiritual world. Demanding truth I was about to turn away from a possibility that appeared, when it said to me:  “your implanted false teeth” are not what GOD had made.  Which caused me great concern:  because the question, “IS THE BODY, mine, or  GOD’S temple in me”? had not been answered. Not knowing what was true, I decided to take them out “to be safe”. Which was a sacrifice, and that is not conceived by truth/ but by fear:  WRONG.  The correct answer is:  each owns their own body, in its entirety, and you may do with it as you please; it is yours, and that is what freedom means. But make no mistake we are responsible for our own decisions that affect someone else’s body; that is not your freedom to decide. Life is not a game/ the consequences are real. Every decision that you make, is something you will live with for the rest of your life; and we all make poor decisions at times. So move beyond that, and begin again:  because in the end, that is “the best we can do”..

I became entrapped by the spiritual world of woman, because nothing in the world of men could save this earth. History proves what men will do, and it repeats every single time: as men are prepared for what the other men will do/ and they use whatever means they want to insure nobody takes nothing “from me”. Men leading further will NOT be sustainable; it is that simple. Consequently want, a reality that should never choose for you or me/ led me to spiritual women: just to ask what  would you do?  Their lives on earth too! Not a game/ not a plan: just a question, and I NEVER intended to go inside their world. I thought perhaps “just stand at the door and ask”/ didn’t work out! Simple as that. even so, the combination of “male and female” has truly been exactly what I needed to finish this work; and present options, to keep you from going insane. Don’t fear/ do, understand, examine reality, and let truth decide what must or must not be done:  for life on this planet to survive.  It ain’t no game; extinction looms!  As for me, I remain grateful to the spiritual world of female; although the price for that help is way beyond what I expected. Don’t know how it all ends, not for you or me. Your ending is your choice. My altered reality cannot realistically even be guessed at/ although it has been pointed out to me:  you get to be a “woman’s, woman”. Nothing about that honestly sounds “good”. Particularly not since, there is a great amount of animosity to “what men did and did not do to women” here on earth.  ITS COMPLICATED, not a game!

Since the constant of human indifference to knowledge is ridicule; I will add, it is the essence of our reality as male and female to believe that we are “not so different”. The illusion is created by the fundamental called reflection as in mirror or looking glass if you prefer. Within that reflection everything that comes back to us is either male or female. But when looking at the opposite sex, we do see, “not extremely different than me”/ because we share a similar living, experiences, and expressions. Beyond what is similar however, is the truth of what we do not share in terms of living, experiences, and expressions; and they are many. Therefore the assertion of same or similar lacks the distinctions of clarity, or more simply the intensity of details; as in an illusion. So then we see ourselves in the reflection of an opposite sex/ but not clearly, or with certainty. When the relationship called similar is discarded, and the expression or experience as revealed by the others is constant:  it is possible to “enter the looking glass”; and learn more. It is however, simply impossible to escape that “no man’s land”; because to give up the reflection of yourself/ is to enter an arena where you no longer exist. Bound by neither boundary of experience or expression, the living becomes different. The quest is simple:  WHAT is life? But the reality is complex; as living no longer resides distinctly, within the definable limits that control either side of the same looking glass used by all others. I would recommend it to no one! At the boundary line of sex, which is fundamental clarity within a moment: where love resides. The pleasure is not sexual by chemistry, as is the want of hormones etc. The pleasure of life itself is love, and love determines the result of what we can or cannot be together. Love is, where freedom resides to construct “our home (I/ you, belong)” as we design life as one. Life itself then pictures a destiny for us, rather than a reflection of “me”.

Discipline says:  that pride hardens the heart; because it makes life a game of winners and losers. A reality people choose rather than live. Want measures life, therefore it is about trophies and whatever you assume makes you “more” than, at least some of the rest. Want is an abyss, as there is always “something else to want”.  These two decisions/ these realities, cause an endless amount of grief in humanity. To live is more than a game. To love cannot be measured except by joy!

The elemental evidence of life is; that nothing is truly greater in the life of an individual human being, than love/ or the lack of it. That foundation proves to be the essence of our time. Those who surrender life to hate, search for power to prove they are “the successful ones: wherever fear can be found in you”. Those who love, give to life its meaning; and limit themselves to the search beyond self, that begins and ends with hope.

The distance between love and hate is beyond comprehension; which is why these opposites cannot live together/ one is death to the other. THAT is the reality of necessity.

So, let us define heart, as the passion between love and life/ or hate and death. Without death there is no end to the fears that burn into hate, and leave the living, desolate and without life. With love, the endless blessing of a life worth living, conceived by a passion worth the price of its creation; becomes a participant in truth, as the identity called you.

What is joy becomes the essence of life as love. Because life with love elevates every passion into a desire that knows no true boundary: the purpose is beyond hope, which means the desire lives within that love as the elemental truth of life itself.

Love is the seed of happiness, which makes living the blossom of our own identity in that love. Love searches heart, because it is bound to the relationships which make this possible. Love means:  soul has found another life!

It is the essence of our time, that love is illusive; want overrides humanity/ pride seeks to destroy truth “we don’t have to care”/ possessions are the trophy for those who are lost, and drowning in their own wants or pride; “I am like god, compared to you”. Money proves a winner, so it is thrown away just to prove I can; building a debt load that threatens all peace.

Reality proves, even the most loving among us may find themselves alone; because temptations and distractions, have driven a wedge between the living. Love is easy in the beginning:  life, and it’s living; is less so. The core essence of time, will prove to every life:  GOD is the only true dependable love in your life, and will be in your death (the departure from time).  Given that reality, as is the evidence of truth established by “the creation of a body, THE MIRACLE called you”:  destiny points to the critical relationship called soul (everything I could be “with GOD” ).

Understanding elevates our lives, by granting truth to be distinguished. Truth ascends from an understanding into respect for CREATION itself/ and therefrom OUR CREATOR. A reality that is without doubt true! The greatest fool ever born, “chooses to let university be their god”. To let stupidity and ignorance and disgrace decide or destroy: what is so obviously engineered, designed, architecturally perfect, and fundamentally beyond our grasp, because thought beyond what is human DID THIS.  Stating miracles are just evolution, is even beyond a fool; and consists of the sewage of a whore (nothing matters but money) instead. Find your brain back, or lose a world!


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