Quote:  first look into the future/ then decide for the day!  “James Frank Osterbur.

The elements of change that are needed for the future to survive, are long and complex; because the damage done by humanity, in an endless search for “want (nothing is more important than me) and pride (to prove I am a winner)”/ ends with this world, is now dead!

The preliminary changes required:

  1. Truth must decide, and reality must determine how that will take place. The future HAS RIGHTS!
  2. The consequences of humanity, its universities or religion or government or other; being wrong/ MUST NOT include threatening a world or its life. That includes genetic mutilation (forcing nature to accept garbage). That includes all forms of extreme experimentation we the people forbid: such as trying to ignite nuclear fire. Wrong means our world, and all its life:  is cremated!
  3. World law to govern the leaders of nations must be used to bring those leaders to court/ if they break our laws. Or remove them if they have failed life and world. A world policing force to bring leaders to our own world court; as is declared the law of governing; by we the people of this world. This ends the claim for weapons of mass destruction, and more.
  4. Limited capitalism is: we the people by our periodic vote, shall decide what the maximum amount of income per year, allowed per individual shall be. We shall also decide what the minimum amount of income shall be for the descriptions of workers we protect. We will decide the maximum amount of property or resource any individual shall be allowed to control. We will own the corporation or other form of business that is not sole proprietorship;  by demanding:  such things as, excess funds you generate will be available through banking to the public as low interest loans/ an enterprise shall not be moved, “we are in this together”/  the future has rights. Limited capitalism means: to give every person, an opportunity to achieve, through balancing power.
  5. Democracy means: I have a vote/ not a vote for someone else to vote for me: but MY OWN VOTE, on the laws that govern our society and lives. Democracy enforced means: NOT MORE THAN one hundred “single page” laws shall be created. So that the entire society shall know the law, and be able to defend themselves with that law. Once done, they remain the law of this land; subject only to change when a higher percentage of the people vote to prove it shall be so/ than did create the law to be changed.
  6. The courtroom decides society! When it fails, society follows! Therefore the judge is elemental to peace, harmony, and justice: BUT UNLESS we watch, the court becomes corrupt and traitorous. Every trial must then be open to the public (only names and faces can be blocked). Every trial, must be judged; by everyone participating & everyone who is watching. That includes the judge/ the attorneys/ the people on trial/ the purposes involved. Failure means eviction/ renewal of employment possibilities requires maintenance of “grade”! The jury has only one true purpose: to determine if this “justice” reflects the values and truth of what our society is intended by constitutional contract, to be! To accomplish that, it is absolutely important, that the penalty shall be known in advance of a jury decision.
  7. An education is: we the people demand, our children and our lives shall be enabled to achieve our own freedoms, protected from liars, defined by social truth and laws to be protected, created for happiness, concerned for the future and the laws which govern our lives, identified by the purposes of truth, elevated by courage, and assembled in ways that defend our survival. Thereby anything less than these desires, is an affront, or a disease to be removed.
  8. Medicine is: the right to expect as a society, “I shall not die from little things/ my life shall not be tainted with trouble, from simple things we the people   can correct, with fair play to all”.  Medicine is NOT free enterprise or business/ but a fair and deliberately equitable trade: in what is honest and true. Which means: a very disciplined billing that all of society agrees upon. A critical reality by vote: to determine, the truth, “we cannot/ or we this society will not; accept this extreme medicine”; nature calls you to death/ and we the people (deciding, same:  for all) will not intervene this far!
  9. The constitution is the government, it is our contract with each other to provide by that agreement to each one. Our employees are NOT the government: they have sworn an oath. TO ENFORCE THAT OATH, first amendment US CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, was  created that includes:  REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  Redress means: we the people, by taking our employees to court: shall decide if they did or did not obey their sworn oath of office!  By constitutional decree, and it’s clear intent to be “we the people”:  such changes as we by vote for ourselves desire/ shall change our government, and our lives. DEMOCRACY means:  we the people ARE the government by our constitutional contract with each other, providing not only the means, but the foundation of all law:  to be so, as we desire.
  10. The children have rights. Their future SHALL NOT be discarded by the present. That means resources shall NOT be discarded. That means debts shall NOT be passed down to the children. That means governmental currency shall be controlled by constitutional change which requires the census every ten years: “with so many numbers per person”; as determined by public vote.  Shall control that currency. Government shall NOT be allowed to create debts. Banks or lending of any kind/ debts of any kind, shall not be created.  Unless REALITY PROVES, this is legitimately good:  for the future of this society, and its children/ which includes this earth and all its life.
  11. The value of life, and this earth:  shall not be degraded! NO more poisoning the water supplies. NO more destroying the pollinators. NO MORE destroying life in the oceans. Or more simply:  NO more letting the universities and human want or pride that is without regard for consequences:   control ANYTHING. BY LAW ALONE, the decisions we make as a world!  We the people will then create a new order, and thereby a new world for life: which includes a future for every child. As best we can!
  12. REALITY states:  no more lying about this creation!  MIRACLES OF LIFE AND PLANET, are not to be betrayed anymore with endless delusion or fantasy of religion.       GOD MADE LIFE/     AS IS EVIDENT AND PROVEN by the realities of our existence that cannot be explained in any other way. Because the truth of:  thought built this, is undeniable!  In addition to that is the evidence of fossil fuels, and the reality these, could not exist: without gathering these LIFE  materials all together at once/ and then burying them together, in some cases thousands of feet deep. THE ONLY explanation by the foundation of truth is:  a world wide “Noah’s flood”! That is the fact, and it cannot be proven otherwise.
  13. The value of love is undeniable as well; for all who adhere to the destiny “I desire life”! All desire is formed from love, because desire is at its core, the essence called hope. Hope conceives of eternity, because life confides in us:  “there is more to this earth, its realities, and its nature; than human can understand.”  JESUS is as written in the Bible;  a testimony to the fact:  “we are not forgotten”/ but alive in the possibilities of what could come next.
  14. The value of life is:  beyond the distance of what could be me, as the essence of time/ there is a freedom that cannot be bound by anything other than truth. That potential relies upon energy. that energy relies upon the laws which govern its existence. Therefore to encounter, and survive it:  “we must learn to obey those laws”.
  15. The value of eternity is:  wherever love survives, the essence of what we can be together, relies upon truth! Even so, the cost of time is an ending:  but the cost of eternity is not. Critical to existence is then the desire that lives through the essence of love. Our purpose is to become “pure enough as love” to become “family in truth”! That family begins and would end with   OUR CREATOR.  Only if HE chose it to be so.
  16. The essence of man is:  that I will be, courageous enough, “to be free”. The essence of woman is:  that I will be loving enough, to know what freedom is. The difference is:  man searches for life without limits, “and fights to attain it”/ while woman searches for life within boundaries, “and loves to experience and express it”! The destiny of both is tied together, as each must achieve both, by understanding the values of one, by knowing the other.
  17. The reality of nature is:  to achieve the greatest diversity of life by creating separation between the different species/ so that none compete completely against the other. The greatest freedom of movement is achieved by understanding:  predator and prey is a purpose to control overpopulation of any species/ thereby a threat to all plant life, and every chain required for the existence of all. An overabundance of births, insures species survival. Survival of the fittest, insures balance among the species. As chosen by the laws of this nature. University is constantly trying to defeat that: so they can claim the lie: “we are god instead”. To their shame! The cost of a university is:  we have threats across this world, that will literally exterminate EVERY LIVING THING/ even destroying the planet itself. That makes university “satan”; the only god they can be.
  18. The reality of death is:  that the body is proven to be “worthless”, other than a resource to the living. We face cannibalism: because of human overpopulation! The consequence of that is massive change in human behaviors, and expectations: which does include, “the dead human body must be used to feed the oceans, and keep that life alive/ so it in turn can keep our lives alive”. Want is irrelevant/ reality rules this day:  or life goes extinct!
  19. The question of HOW can we possibly become   eternal? Lives or dies with the truth, that life is a participation in thought/ rather than body. Because thought creates our existence/ whereas body only creates our time. Existence is more powerful than time! Therefore what occurs beyond time and the body, represents the reality of truth. Truth alone survives into eternity/ therefore to attain that description: we MUST be truth!
  20. The question is then:  WHAT is truth? The answer simply:  the fundamental essence of everything. Which causes the statement: you must understand yourself, and the cause of your decisions, to become true to you! The constant battleground of human existence is:  I want (look at me/ pay attention to me/ I am the important one)/ not true. I am proud ( I am the winner; regardless how/ you are the loser/ or I will make you lose this game)/ not consistent with life; therefore not true. I am powerful (the others don’t matter, only the rules; which thereby make me ruler)/ tragedy coming, only the law of life (not man) can decide what justice is! Greed is:  “I want yours too”.  Lust is:  “I want your body/ not you”. Jealousy is: “I can’t compete/ so I will kill the competition”. Violence is:  I hate you (you have more than me), beyond than I can express in any other way.
  21. The critical element of trust is, that I have accepted as the soul does teach: GOD IS GOD.    Over me.
  22. I will add in simply:  that it is the combination of “male and female in me” that accomplishes this work. To present this world with a choice:  change or die/ because all the evidence proves without change none will survive, not even the planet itself. Male could not continue beyond the point of retaliation as war (by my definition) against those who are killing this ENTIRE planet and all its life. The search for “what would female do different”;  led to a spiritual encounter that overruled the passion of male. To become a more deliberate solution that understands:  ONLY GOD  “can keep us alive now”. Which then became:  my only job is to deliver the message/ therefore even if you fail to sustain this world, “I did do my job”!      Extinction is then up to you/ I am no longer involved.
  23. Love is a kaleidoscope of colors/ but colors are only visible in the light; therefore to hide love is to deny the possibilities that exist. Every color, makes life more grand!
  24. Never judge any life, particularly when you judge any living thing as worthless/ you have given yourself the opportunity to play god. Tragedy or failure or fantasies come next.
  25. Marriage is an agreement to live together, without continued respect you will fail. Trust is elevated by truth! Trust is destroyed by lies, and your love wants then to die.
  26. You do know this is true love, when your tears are as if I cried/ and my tears, are as if you cried inside. We know trust binds, we understand, when the distance between us “is only a heartbeat away”; everything else is without a cause in this moment.
  27. True Sex:  lives in the trust we have accepted between us/ that is earned, not simply gathered. Physical sex exists as the chemicals, which will grow faint over time.
  28. Hate destroys, and imprisons you: so that you cannot be seen! Love expands your life, and ascends beyond self, as the value we hope to attain as our heart and/or souls   The light of this world (I can see “eternity”), is love!
  29. Work hard and do your best: why be less than you are? Never believe, It is asking the potential of a lie, to take control over your life. Instead accept truth as the only true witness to what your future can be. Understand the reality of evidence, begins the path to greater wisdom than you are; simply as self. Never accept life as a game/ it is not!
  30. Desire is a passion that gives itself freely to hope, a reality of relationships that finds its rhythm in the purest respect, that lives in its home: where a true heart dwells.  It is, an everlasting search for the boundaries and limits called SOUL.  The quest for wisdom identifies value. The treasury of truth, conceives of Creation. The   GOD OF LIFE   lives in us all.
  31. The human cradle of time, will cease to exist; unless humanity itself finds change quickly. That is, the unfortunate reality of our day: where fools lead/ failure is called wisdom/ fantasy is the hallmark of leadership/ and cult worship, due to an endless propaganda war against truth; the reality of our day. To your shame!  I do pray for life on earth/ but I cannot save it! Every threat of major proportions but one, is entirely the result of human, and in particular:  a university decision, that lies so abhorrently, even the fact leadership tries to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. Is not enough to make the people rise. The consequence of that is:  you are lost.  PRAY TO GOD,  that truth is literally your only hope for time on earth, to remain alive.
  32. The word believer means: “to accept a limited truth”/ because you want that truth to control your future. Religion extends that element of belief into, “together as a herd”/ we agree to accept the things these others believe, if they don’t challenge us either. If they do, that then becomes another religion. To congregate around something that intervenes in belief; so as to rule the congregation, and keep the group from falling apart: books are written with the rules of what you can, and cannot believe in this group.
  33. Faith is the assertion:  that I will accept only what can be proven true/ NOT, by what I want that truth to be as believers do;  but by what the evidence will reveal, and thereby truth which can be depended upon in all situations to predict what our future shall be, shall lead. Reality clearly proves: there are only two real directions for life and its future/ to love, or to hate; as these are opposites of each other; they are NEVER combined. Humanity refuses this truth, and complains “I want to be, both love and hate”/ because I want everything love through law can be in me and you”.  But I also want, to find revenge and use it to prove “I won/ or you can’t” as my own want, pride, power, or freedom allows.
  34. Purpose reveals the heart, as this shines the light upon why we do what we do. Discipline reveals the responsibility we accept within our lives. Order identifies respect, and keeps it sacred. Balance understands, that law is not enough, where only justice needs to exist. Mercy seeks soul, and lives by value.
  35. The unfortunate truth is:  this generation is just like the generation that lived in the time of “biblical JESUS”/ or is even worse. JESUS as written, separated the people into those who would follow because love lived in their hearts/ and those who would not choose to care, because they wanted “every prize or trophy for themselves”. Nothing is more callus, than to let someone with value be killed; by choosing, it did not matter to you. Value matters! Nothing is more heinous, than to let this entire planet die, along with all its life;  because you have chosen, “nothing matters to you” but “whatever selfishness allows”. Letting people do extreme experiments, that clearly gamble life or death for this entire world:  as if it did not matter. Is in fact worse than what Hitler did; or all the people like him throughout history did! Because life did recover from them/ it will not recover from igniting a fire just like on the sun: or mutilating all of nature with genetics/ or building weapons of mass destruction (EACH; to destroy a world). Not a game, trillions of dollars, and billions of hours have been spent to do these very things:  and humanity being cult believers (our god is university), say nothing at all! DESTROYING your own child, by obliterating resources in every kind and way. Shame on you.
  36. Like JESUS, it is the apathy of men that I find most disturbing/ I could fight with hate; but I cannot fight with the vast majority who just don’t care enough to understand the realities of what truth can reveal. Lost in time means your, “cradle of life” will end. Found in love, by the grace of living with value as your key to a future you have chosen to desire:  means eternity is possible for you. Being human means, you get to choose your destiny; even if you refuse to commit/ in death; you still chose. Life is not a game; beyond time is no small thing: energy is life through thought. Energy has no mercy, which means you must be disciplined enough to survive it. Thought lives or dies through respect for the law, an orderly progression balanced by love, to achieve joy! Hate is nothing, and will be separated eternally. JESUS then represents the realities of what can and cannot be done, “to save another life for an eternity”. Not by what you do, other than testify to truth itself/ but by what they are willing to accept inside themselves. Truth does not die/ energy merely transforms itself/ the law restricts for happiness and the treasures provided through order for existence. MIRACLES prove, human beings did not do this for themselves/ NOR did anything else upon this earth:  life itself, is beyond our grasp. Only mercy will do! Even if we are allowed to conceive of an eternity, and follow thought beyond self. Love elevates life, to understand:  “with this, I would live forever”.
  37. What is constant in humanity is:  “we want a leader/ because we don’t, want to be responsible for making the wrong choice”. JESUS was not a leader, he was a teacher; the difference is, “YOU can make a better choice, if you simply learn how to follow truth, and accept its disciplines, freedoms, respect, realities, order, love, and therefrom balance your own lives”. The quest for your own identity is hard, but worth the price. The majority of humanity discards that as without value; because they want what they want/ and make life a game so they can get what they want “the easy way”. Which does become violence or whatever else is, the consequence of hate (I didn’t get what I wanted)! Leader means, “we can blame the other one/ our lives, our choices; is all his or her fault”: you can’t blame me. But follower means, “I chose”/ which literally means you are responsible; same as the leader.
  38. The clear reality of male and female in love, is:  that as male honored and true by his own decisions, is to woman “I would die for you”.  While the clear reality of female honored and true by her own decisions in love, is “I would live for you”. In the essence of his life here on earth:  JESUS  did prove, HE would die for us; by the value of love. Love is the same today, as in HIS day; thereby his story is current, and conceives or proves the story called love is constant. The reality of my own love, is far less clear; particularly after encountering the spiritual woman (revelation 12) who now resides inside of me. Life is complex, but the reality is;  love remains as constant as ever. Hate has no place/ let the law decide. What you believe (I want this) as true, remains the same as well:  belief is a crooked trail, that ends with “I want a leader”/ therefrom a road (we can’t all be wrong).  Simple truth is not a road, it is an individual response to life understood: as best I can. Complexity means: the choices cannot fully be understood/ therefore destiny (the future by choice) becomes a reality beyond my control. As is true for you/ is true for me:  I can only do the best I can, simple as that! beyond that, life will be what life will be.
  39. What can be known about death is relatively simple. The body is discarded, clearly proven true by our reality. That leaves us with:  is life simply a chemical process defined by body or is life the essence of thought itself, conceived within the control over energy and its means to move reality in ways freedom shall allow? A human body can be kept from deteriorating in this day with machines; but without “life” to control it/ a body will never move again. Which means the body itself (our chemical reality), did not establish life.
  40. Thought is the essence of life within the existence of energy. Thought gives us identity. Thought gives us freedoms. Thought reaches for wisdom, if you let it. Thought recognizes life, and its ascension into “ALIVE, with joy”. Therefrom thought is life, while energy itself consists of the body or boundary of life. The physical body is a house, that constructs a tool, measured by time: for your instruction, to begin the choices that will become your eternity. The limits of our dimension as a participant in life, reflect the rhythms of what we choose. Love is a value added to life. Life is a value added to energy. Soul is an acceptance by GOD  that proves, we do have value. Thought identifies the dimensions of what you can live within, by the creation of your own boundaries and limits in time: the realities of what you can be, or accept;  “beyond self”.  So the question is:  can we, control the energy of life itself, and retain the ability called thought; beyond the grave?
  41. The answer to that is:  every decision has a distinct identity to create it. Every decision is then independent of time, and functions to sustain an environment for our heart and soul to live within. The function of life itself, is then tied directly to that ability, and conceives of the essence of life beyond time. Since it is not directly tied to a body, but elementally exists as the individual of existence itself:  there is cause to accept, this relationship shall not immediately die with a body. Although it cannot sustain itself for long; because it is not of its own accord capable of an eternity. This is a dangerous answer for you; as it is something universities can use. What is more true however is simply this:  life on earth literally stands on the edge of extermination, by what universities have chosen to do. Therefore preparations for the few, must be made!
  42. I suppose a small testimony to, “what it means, to have a spiritual (truth of, by law) woman inside”? Yes, this is an opportunity to say, “we can’t believe him/ look at what he says; this ain’t right”. Like other things, it is not my choice to make. We have worked together, her keeping control over the anger (I will NOT let this world die without a fight) in me & prying the appropriate doors open to let some information out. I having been extensively educated, with endless “buy why” situations: it teaches best (most of human behaviors, is just so simple, it only requires “opening the door a tiny crack”); other issues like hate, are completely unimportant/  I then write, as I see fit, by my own education! The reality, this is exactly what finished the work I present to you here. Man could not survive you;  the apathy was too great, for a dying world: you don’t care; simple as that. The consequences of survival however, has become “woman in charge”. She is without doubt, the most incrementally determined reality I have ever known. I have female breasts (tits) complete with female chemicals (I, didn’t do nothing); and they just keep growing.  They are, the near constant definition of “wow (I can’t explain; how that just happened)”; I am overwhelmed. It is impossible to relay the impact, of what they can do; to me. It’s complicated/ there is no escape. The price of help for me, to keep the possibility of this earth alive:  from woman, for all women/ its complicated!  Even so: I have delivered that message, “CHANGE OR DIE”! So says the evidence of true threats about to overwhelm YOU! Go investigate and prove it true!  I am ok with the price (never my desire or decision); even though it is so far beyond what I expected, you just can’t imagine. So, my testimony is:  man found no answer in men/ which means this world would die. Rather than war, I searched for, and opened the spiritual door of women: just to ask a question “what would you do”? My life changed, apparently forever;  in an instant/ to my true surprise. But the reality of that choice became this last 12 or so years of work. It is “male and female working together as one” which made the possibility of this message and thereby your choices to exist by change, or not: the reality of our work. Men can’t save this world, it is certain: they made it this way. Therefore you must open the door to female working side by side to save our earth/ change our humanity. Remembering they have what men don’t:  the possibility to guide life, as a whole:  without war. Men will war, the threats are too severe; & “this is the best they did do”/ the consequence, ALL life will end.  CHOOSE to let women/ NOT “woman” help you write the laws, fight for a world;  that will become happiness; thereby a chance to survive. NOT A GAME, the consequence of gender! A truth taught to me; as originally I could not conceive of “letting women lead” in any conception of time. I literally have no idea “what the spiritual (essence of life) woman” is going to do with me; now that the work is done. She has achieved control; the world looks different “from the other side, of who gets to decide”. Writing such as this statement are her choice rather than mine; its complicated/ I literally cannot refuse. Change is hard/ extinction is harder;  keep it in mind!
  43. It occurs to me, “you don’t know what, woman in charge” means/ which leads to all manner of delusions. NO, it is not “voices/ images/ commands/ or control” in the definitions of human existence. Rather it is a composition on the elevated construction of soul. Human desire that is honest and pure enough to be considered love, lifts the expression of man or woman, into the spiritual quest for understanding what is true. That truth lives in the essence of thought, as it creates the destiny of your own relationship with GOD  !  Within that journey, are the dimensions of what you choose to enter as a participant: by opening the existence of knowledge, as a value to your life. What you cannot escape through understanding, then becomes a reality of your own existence. I remain at a loss to understand the full expressions or experiences of woman/ as man, I can’t:  consequently a reality lost in the middle. When the expression becomes over fifty percent to “woman”: the experience is then governed by “woman” (the initial patterned response of a behavior; born into gender)”. I remain essentially in control as male; so long as thought (not gender related) is allowed its own freedom.  In contrast to that, is the reality of what “female tits” can do; if they are active, I have no say! Just so its clear: no male has ever “been attractive or sexy”/ not ever, and I DO expect that to remain true. This is about education, and its consequences/ NOT simple physical excuses to assume change.. While I am aware, you the reader cannot comprehend most of what I write/ it remains true, I just don’t care; reality is reality. As to the consequences of such a thing, I am literally reminded, that as strictly male; only war was left. To go back to strictly male, would almost certainly arise as the same once again! The reality of it is then:  I remain here, by the grace of GOD through the influence of “woman in me”; even though I don’t yet know why. You have the information/ your own choices determine the outcome: it is fair to assume, my work is done. You must PRAY to your CREATOR (NOT your religion, beliefs, ideals, expectations, wants, book, or any other version or purpose: THE CREATOR OF LIFE), for your own life/ I cannot save a single one here. Simple as that. Don’t just talk, that is what fools do/ WORK, and assemble what can be done by creating clear defensible outlines of what will or will not happen without change. To be wrong, has consequences: choose for life first! If you do work for life, I will participate, in accordance with what you do.
  44. The presentation of knowledge, that is functionally or fundamentally about “me”; is now closed. With knowledge, understanding can come. With understanding, a more deliberate definition of choices will arise! That said, the purpose here is to discard the reality of me/ and remove all discussion: to the consequences of being wrong/ about a world, or university cult, or religion, or energy, or genetics, or resources, or life! The assembly of threat is horrendous in its own reality. The cost of being one second too late to effect a true and real change; is extermination of our world. That means: YOU ARE INVOLVED/ and even if you run away to hide, that is still a decision that you made. Eternity will remember; believe it or not! You cannot escape your own truth. You can change, and resurrect your life: to participate again, as truth, respect, courage, love; value; heart; and soul! While you cannot escape truth/ it can be covered up by what you do beyond that moment in time; time, as the essence of your existence itself, will disappear forever. Your value as a life bound in love, can survive.

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