In the catastrophe that is a university mind, one of the most prevalent sayings is, that this planet and its sun is at least a billion years old. It is clearly defined by those who believe in evolution and ancient dating methods/ their assertion is “all things have been the same” throughout that time period. A reality of expectation that does not coincide with any form of truth. The sun gives off energy/ that means it uses or burns energy to do that.  Even if you disregard the reality of how much bigger the sun must have been to burn a billion years ago; you can’t disregard the fact energy does come from somewhere. They have no clue, as their entire theory rests upon the delusion: “there must be a fantasy element/ with a fantasy environment/ creating a fantasy energy, that cannot be used up”. A supernova disagrees, and it is realistically certain these do exist. In addition reality proves energy is being expended from the sun/ and no conceivable energy is being introduced to the sun to make up for that usage. Therefore it is a nuclear fire, as we know this is in fact realistically plausible by known facts/ as is solar gravity, established by the fire itself.

The sun WAS larger in the past; that is certain; because the fuel source had to be there, for the sun to be what it is today. If it was on fire a billion years ago/ then our sun was at least twice its size of today:  because you can’t expend energy without having a fuel source. Twice the size destroys all forms of radiation dating. A planet without an atmosphere amplifies the radiation impact from a sun that size. We know our planet was impacted by something roughly the size of the moon; and it became a very different place. But an impact of that size, which distributed dust and released gases throughout what would become our atmosphere; rearranged the planet entirely, by creating places for an ocean. Which came to be, as the impacting meteor ground its way into the center core of what was to be, this planet. That energy was the heat source for combining hydrogen with oxygen into water; as well as igniting the core with a fission based molten core. All of those things impact the reality of dating methods.

In addition, the reality of Noah’s biblical flood is absolutely proven by the fossil fuel record. Reality states, that in order for there to be fossil fuels organic (living materials) had to be gathered into bunches, and buried all at one time in any specific place; so as to be crushed into fossil fuels. That cannot happen by any known method except a flood. What the fossil fuel record clearly shows was “there was a lot of life” that lost its place on this planet/ buried in some places thousands of feet deep. That is not by any form of “dust movement”. And does destroy the claim of “university era’s” found in the dirt. While some areas over time do get covered with dirt and dust where plant life did not rule the planet/ the fossil record does prove beyond a doubt:  as with fracking, that what was buried first, and became gas for today; was numerous life on the bottom of what was an ocean: hundreds of feet deep. It could not have been found there, under any other circumstance. The sedimentary layering that is found throughout this earth is further evidence of a flood; as that is a proven effect of moving water with sediment. As to the fact a tiny bit of land life remained alive in that flood, is functionally dealt with in my video called “fun with Noah”.

There is no Neanderthal man, etc:  just like machines, some of the parts that work in one machine can be found in other machines; such as a motor/ steel/ wiring and so on. Which means simply some of the biological factors which keep us alive also keep other living biological organisms alive too; do they NOT have organs/ skin/ eyes/ and so forth. No possible cause exists for every living organism has to be absolutely unique:  we all use a heart, we all need bones, we all have a brain; etc! Although a brain;  would be hard to prove in a university driven education system/ where they actually accept evolution is more than another religion and its worshipers. The witch doctors, had more going for them;  “but alas, truth be damned” is a constant in men. Or more simply “we want what we want/ to hell, with anything else”. Let your gods at the university prove me wrong with facts instead of religion. They HIDE instead.

While I could literally care less about what they think for themselves. The reality of using delusion and fantasy to destroy a world and mutilate all its nature is quite clearly a very different truth!



The rampant, or rabid delusions of university knows are horrendous. Their religion (believe what we want is true), has done more in a few decades to destroy a world/ than in all of the preceding history combined. HEY, “were they not gods”/ proving they could do whatever they wanted; regardless of the consequences?  Indeed it is so, so let’s review:  terrorism, with a clear purpose of igniting a nuclear fire here on earth just like the sun (burns the bond, releasing the energy in an atom). Isn’t that great, a fire with flames a million miles high;  not to worry though, they say “not enough gravity here so it will just extinguish itself”. What could go wrong with that?

Endless mutilation of genetic nature, the very instructions that align and create the order of a living body of life; just tossed in the trash. When explaining “what are you going to do, when nature cannot be fixed”?  answer:  in a billion years or so, evolution will just build something else/ probably greater; so there’s nothing to worry about!  Sound good to you, it better/ because nature destroyed is the end of life on this world; yours too!

Nobody has to die, “we can save them all”; by doing a pennies worth of work/ and then charging a billion dollars because “we went to college”. Where by all accounts of the vast majority (apart from debt)/ “those were the best years of my life”. And why wouldn’t they be:  lots of sexually available people/ freedoms/ be as stupid as you like/ etc. Just memorize and mimic whatever the book says/ or we throw you out of this game. Alas the problem is:  with one hundred million or so more mouths to feed every year/ that equals more than another BILLION POUNDS of food every three years “for one pound of food per day, per person more”. Oh well, what could that mean?  Hum, its very hard to see a consequence:  or is it/ answer the damn question!

No water to drink of course, as pollutants everywhere and intentional destruction of water throughout the world; with endless threats, that will soon erupt into the most violent wars possible. Because without water, you have only three days, and then it is too late. Alas no place else to run; because they don’t have any water to spare either. No problem though, just run to your genetic engineers; fall down and worship them so they can ruin even more; as they promise you the world without a single tear. Why they just have to reengineer life without water;  no problem, they have lots of garbage to mutilate and horrendously crucify life. After all, “its just a game”/ don’t take it so hard; going to eat the children anyway, so what the hell, RIGHT!

Weapons of mass destruction, along with the absolute refusal to accept world law governing leaders;  what could go wrong with that? Not to worry the crush of people starving and thirsting to death, the curse of human garbage, and resource loss/ the vile disgust of counterfeiting money, causing humanity to never again trust anything but their gun;  why no consequences there, for sure! Now ain’t that right. Its just a damn fool, that suggests surrendering those weapons; or denying the universities their fantasy of playing god; “their religion has rights too”. Ain’t that so?

Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera!  But then you don’t care, right? This is all just too much damn trouble to be concerned with; so leave me alone; now ain’t that so?

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Jim Osterbur

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