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IF we were to escape, all the massive threats that arrogance, disrespect, stupidity, fantasy, failure, foolishness, whoring, cowardice, and everything else the university knows religion did bring! THEN we would in fact have to deal with ourselves, as a reality of too many people, living in a too crowded world, with too few resources to make them all happy or content. It is that simple/ which brings us to the main event of “university knows”: as is “we surrender”.

LIFE is not worth the fight to them, because it means all the bragging and elemental disrespect, all the drizzle of people playing games with life and each other, all the tragedy of those who want no more than to fight without a cause: must be dealt with.  That is no small thing.

Unlike the realities of our past, a too crowded world, cannot be evaded or warred against: we can only confront ourselves, and become either a world given to peace/ or a world controlled by war, bloodshed, cannibalism, and hate. One or the other, by their choices: the universities are first out of the gate for war. As is by their own choice, as intellectuals: they war with words (change them, let none defend themselves), traps (tempt them into debt slavery with no way out), manipulation (guide them through media created fears), propagation of foolishness (let none question the university as god), playing god (we must prove to be god, by “creating mutilating nature into something we create/ bringing the sun to this earth/ etc), tyranny (let us counterfeit all their money for ourselves, and LAUGH at our slaves),  curse by all means possible (you will never escape) and so forth.  Soon it will be too late to change: life and planet will tolerate you no more.


THE CHOICE to build a world that can live in peace, begins with the accumulated reality of threats, that have been revealed: so as to remove all fantasy, and predict a true and real ending to this existence; because the evidence will accept no other conclusion from any man, woman, or child. THAT FACT, THEN MEANS CHANGE IS OUR ONLY HOPE, FOR EVERY LIFE ON EARTH.  Once we have agreed upon that, the rest is merely adjusting to the consequence of our decision. A decision that is real: which means, humanity itself, as is “one and all”;  must commit to a different world, in order to survive. Every assertion of a game, is then removed:  life OR death is our only true choice.

And all the human world screams:  NO, I DON’T WANT THIS! And yet here we are, surrounded by endless threats, which will literally exterminate us from this world/ destroy this planet/ assassinate every child/ wreck and ruin all of nature/ and reduce us all, to an insanity none will survive. While the biggest contributor to this outcome of human decision is those who led us here. The reality of human nature, and in particular the world of men who lead life on earth:  IS THAT YOU FOLLOWED, and even worshiped the universities which did bring us all to this point of no return. So one and all:  you will end your tantrums, and accept the reality of your choices as true, valid, and without cause for tears where peace must lead, and truth must decide. Or we all die; every single one. Nothing is more certain of that than trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun a trillion dollar machine for that purpose, which cannot be stopped unless you organize yourselves and make it so. Ignition is a dead world, by turning this earth into the same fire as is on the sun:  a million mile long flame!  Just one of the many contributions playing god has brought.

SO, IF YOU ARE READY TO LIVE, instead of demanding you want whatever you want, and cannot be made to do anything for life! Then we begin as a reality of workers, which must put this world back together again. Humanity has destroyed greatly/ humanity will return nature, planet, and life back to when the reality of balance in a disciplined orderly world ruled over us all. It is not a choice, you need everything nature can provide to survive. The list is long.

Let’s assume you do that very thing, as best you can: and a “ray of hope” arises; so that life might just yet survive! That gives us the advantage to make choices for ourselves, rather than simply obeying the realities required, for what your destruction did do. As is always the case, blaming the others will not help. BUT removing those who hate, and will never surrender to peace, justice, and harmony: is required. We cannot let them destroy our work anymore/ so we will remove them to “someplace else”. Where they can live together as one mob, coiled in constant aggression, like “human snakes” do. Leave them no weapons, nor means of transport: they are on their own. Keep them that way, and be done: war builds nothing.


Once that is done, the reality of building a peaceful world, that can live in harmony begins. The first element is justice, because without fair play and equal freedoms for all, you won’t survive. World law/ supervision of the courts, by judging its participants as a society/ limiting laws to what we decide by our own public vote/ limited capitalism to insure maximum equality in possessions according to work done. A bill of rights between policing and the public/ another between soldier and commander and society/ investigators instead of politicians/ and a media owned and operated by all those who have a story to tell, established with, and entirely by public ownership of these means to communicate. NO private medical healthcare business allowed; it is a utility.  Begins that journey.

We then turn to the realities of a world that must be divided into what can and cannot be shared as “yours/ mine/ and ours”.  And the masses all say, “NOT a cold day in HELL” will I give up what I want! But alas, reality is not a game, and there is no solution for our survival unless humanity is held to account for all the numbers of people who now exist. You demanded to play god, and in that demand you chose to “create the numbers that are here”. You created your war machines, along with weapons of mass destruction so extreme; NO ONE gets a chance to survive once they are released; and they will be released, because your numbers continue to increase by over a billion more mouths to feed every decade. YOU have no choice/ UNLESS you accept “being god on earth now” MAKES YOU DECIDE:  who gets to live or die/ and who gets to have something or nothing on this earth. It is not a game; 8 billion and growing will make you cannibals/ will cause many to thirst to death/ will be war with billions involved. “you already have the guns”.

We then begin, by removing those to the “land of hate” who will not comply with reality and its need. When that is done: the rest must identify what they will or will not accept as their own solutions for a future life to be lived by all humanity, as is needed to maintain peace. When that is done, the future can be predicted; which gives you another countdown of days before your future literally runs out. Because in the end, this is in fact a very finite planet/ and we are, “an endless population of people”; who all believe they are entitled to one hundred years of living. In those days, it is the women who must take the lead, as is true: the constant of men throughout all of history is;  when faced with a problem they can’t resolve, or just don’t want too;  is, “GO TO WAR/ KILL/ STEAL/ RAVAGE THE EARTH/ ETC”.    That will not keep you alive anymore. But make no mistake, it is a two way street, and you need the men to accept their future with you; or all will die. BE FAIR! Be plain! Be truthful! And be wise.

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Jim Osterbur

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