THE FOUNDATION OF A NEW, AS IN BETTER DEMOCRACY; is determined by who makes the law. When we the people make our own laws, as one vote per citizen on the laws which will rule over our lives, our world, and our freedoms/ we gain control. A vote for someone to vote for me;  as is today, is merely asking for corruption to occur.

In recognition of that fact, the following scenario MUST be recognized as necessary:  to attain an understanding that can be passed along to each member of a voting society. We must be able to adequately design and create a set of words that will define and defend our decision to make the laws, and thereby rule over ourselves. Without understanding, we have no attainable rights. Because a right signifies the resolution, to accept the price of defending:  what I know to be true.

To accomplish that purpose and its desire for “maximum democracy, as we the people”: the value of our words/ the true distinction of our purpose/ the desire for justifiable limits and boundaries that are consistent with honorable rights/ the removal of rules, that make tyranny possible/ and the control over our own money, nation, military, and world must be possible. Therefore to begin the journey that describes what we can do, and what we can be together as one nation or even one world.

That Relies upon identifying the following construction; as a possibility which we can isolate into a law: a value to all/  that then serves us all with truth.

 NEWS IS: the critical truth, that as a society, sharing lives within this world, there are still things we need to learn, do, cherish, fight for, or decide for ourselves. The reality of our truth, does not entitle us to be complacent. Endless talking is worthless, just like endless laws have no value to society: they are strictly for the righteous, who then rule over us: instead of live with us as equals. Searching for solutions among ourselves, is equal to being free. NEWS is NOT:  “entertainment”/ nor is it descriptions of anyone’s sex life, that is not criminal. NEWS, helps us create peace, happiness, hope, courage, disciplines, order, values for all, justice, harmony, opportunities for love, respect, defense through understanding, survival, and a balanced view of what is real, functional, and true to life itself. Little of that is found in “the news” of this day.

Constitutional law is the foundation of all law, and it has no superiors; other than a true vote among ourselves. Constitutional law as is:  first amendment redress of grievances, IS THE LAW!  Which gives the people themselves;  a legal right to bring their employees into a courtroom; and thereby demand an accounting of WHAT did you do/ or have you been doing with our lives, our law, our future, our children, our nation, or our world? We are the judge/ that is the promise of democracy! The oath of office is the balance point to decide if: they did do/ or did not do, as they swore to us all, that they would do. A courtroom for redress:  “judges the judge” by constitutional demands. A courtroom for redress:  “judges the politician” by constitutional purposes and desires.

For a nation to establish control over itself: there must be questions answered in an orderly, disciplined, and balanced method.     QUESTIONS PRESENTED, for public discussion, are simple and plain: they ARE then SEPARATED INTO CATEGORIES:  you must choose a category to proceed. They begin as:  constitution, creating law, policing, threats, resource loss or use, science, nature, food, water, environment, oceans, forests and eco systems, pollinators and diversity, extinction, democracy and vote, society, free press, healthcare and drugs, business, industry, population explosion, global warming, education, relationships, dating, mental health, bible and religion.

When we create the law, we know the law. When the law is simple and plain for all to see/ then we can and will defend ourselves, our nation, and our world: because we need no further interpretation. We own the right! So the first limit is:  no law or rule shall be more than “one page long”. The first boundary is:  no decisions of liberty, justice, freedom, or life for the sake of law/ shall exceed “one hundred laws” long. Because for the people to know them, they must be able to memorize them: as is a reality to be taught in every school.


  1. The critical reality of deterring a shooter, from his or her goal of killing or damaging lives in an enclosed or open scenario; such as a school. Requires an orderly examination of the facts to be defined.
  2. WHAT do you need society to know? “identify”.
  3. WHAT do you believe will resolve this problem “details”? WHY?
  4. WHAT, are the fundamentals in “reality” as to consequences for society or world?
  5. WHAT is “The cost of being WRONG”/ the failure to act or recognize?
  6. HOW, must we “resolve to fix” this problem?

This is an example of “threat”, and it does apply to more than one category, however the most serious reality of description at this time, is threat; therefore it goes here.

IDENTIFY:  the problem, threat, or other.

  1. Reality has proven by its own truth, that there are those in society who will kill others “just to be noticed/ or prove how angry they are: to demand you judged me worthless, so I judge you, dead”.

AGREE                                     DISAGREE

2. It is too easy, to attack by surprise those who are unaware and unprepared to defend themselves; particularly in situations where they should not need to feel threatened.

AGREE                                  DISAGREE

  1. IT IS: THE EASE of All weapons to inflict damage, that should be modified. In terms of guns: It is the bullets available that inflict the damage.

AGREE                                 DISAGREE

  1. Making someone an example through cruelty, does NOT deter crime/ it merely reinforces “NO justice” for me, or us.

AGREE                             DISAGREE

  1. Mental health is the problem, rather than a gun. The functional issue is: loneliness, ridicule, disrespect, humiliation, worthless, abandoned, insane (trapped, without options), or just plain hate must be recognized and resolved.

AGREE                                 DISAGREE

DETAILS:  the foundations of a choice:   upon which “society, people, or world” must accept the duty to be involved?

  1. Ten minutes of your time, a video; establishes some of  the ways and means to confront and confuse a shooter, in most common indoor public situations.

AGREE                            DISAGREE

  1. Providing “smoke cover” in large area outdoor gatherings; so as to disguise and hide any person being targeted; exists as the first means of defense. Movable partitions/ shields, for the same purpose, should exist. All policing whereby a gun could be raised: should be required to have a shield to carry/ thereby limiting the fear of being killed yourself.

AGREE                           DISAGREE

  1. Allowing only non-lethal bullets to be sold/ UNLESS you pass a public designed set of tests; which is agreed upon; each location will monitor for themselves. Placing registration ID, within the “bullet” so as to identify the buyer. Locked containers for lethal bullets, made available for those who believe it is necessary for national defense. BUT, If you open it/ you must testify as to why in court. If it is registered to you: you must bring that with you AS PROOF it was not opened, to buy anything considered lethal. To buy nonlethal bullets, you must stand in front of that bullet and understand what It is you are preparing to do to someone else.

AGREE                            DISAGREE

  1. One way mirrors, window blinds (which can be made of Kevlar); will keep the majority from being targeted by someone outside; until broken/ which is a warning.

AGREE                            DISAGREE

  1. Roll down Kevlar curtains that automatically release from the ceiling, when shots are fired/ separate and defend the rest.

AGREE                            DISAGREE

  1. A student bill of rights, signed by all students/ which stipulate what we can and will do for each other. If not by a generous spirit/ then by payments to be made, among the students. Therefrom none are left out.

AGREE                            DISAGREE

  1. The removal of bullies, and serious disruptive influences; so as to make the school a friendly place. The decision made by the students themselves and staff; in their own descriptions of what society should be and do for each other. Those removed go to separate military schools; where discipline and order are consistent with justified.

AGREE                           DISAGREE

ELEMENTS, of behavior are dictated by environment. That means: the value of what you did or did not;  choose to do, is determined by those who are affected. The reality of your choice however is not. Your individual choice, is your truth, and you are responsible for that decision!

Shooting, In the elementary school; to shoot and kill is to hurt the ones who you love, and who love you, the most. That purpose is clearly revenge/ or just plain hate.

Shooting, in the high school; identifies the reality of pride/ the consequence of “I was not chosen”, by those I wanted to be friends with, companions too, leader over, or whatever the initiating fundamental was. People in high school try to adjust their behaviors to match the others; thereby opening themselves up for humiliation in the process. Because if it doesn’t work, those groups will ridicule and malign. Disrespect IS the most common ingredient in the disease that becomes “chosen insanity” (I don’t want out, of this trap; I want, to find revenge). The result of course is no longer a fantasy, and the cost was never included when defining their decision. Fantasy is like that.

The reality of “clique behavior” especially prevalent in all school environments:  is we don’t have room for everybody here with us. Because the reality is:  there is only a very finite amount of time for anyone. So I want to spend it, with those I appreciate the most/ and who do honestly appreciate me. To add more people in MEANS:  literally “less time” for me, or you! So the reality of a clique is to group a few together, who can or will become friends: because they did spend enough time and effort to be friends together,  to make that so. It is not simply “we don’t like you”. It is more simply, we just don’t have the time/ we just don’t have the capacity to do or give more, than to this little group. People are crude, just like most pretty girls become crude:  because too many wanting the same thing, DOES in fact become very annoying/ and they just want it to stop. Students sort in elementary school/ students shop in high school: doesn’t mean they don’t like you too, it’s just: “you don’t fit my wants at this moment in time”. Pride forms the backdrop, that becomes the desire to create;  “casualties: somebody has to lose”/ or I can’t win. Pride, is a terrible thing; a curse in many ways.

Even so, the reality of being polite/ choosing to share a little more with everyone/ granting respect, because we are equals as life/ sharing or caring through a moment of living is not too much to ask. Being forgiving instead of revenge/ encouraging instead of ridicule/ champion friendship instead of winning/ being fair, just as you would expect to be treated/ being honest, as a society that brings us peace through harmony would become. Are all methods of improvement.

The reality of a decision to be violent:  exists in judgment. Unless you call another life “WORTHLESS TO ME”/ you will not be that violent with them. However when you judge them as worthless, the next step is garbage, and the next step is to decide NOTHING I DO to them matters, because nobody cares. This is the base element of what happens in most other situations, such as a gay bar, and so on! Which leads to a wide variety of the base realities in hate that can be found. So demanding RESPECT from all and for all: THROUGHOUT A SCHOOL, as a reality of society; does eliminate most all trouble ahead. The simple truth of race is:  “leave my women alone; my men alone”/ and things between the races will go much better.

        The reality OF a shooter such as happened at Las Vegas;  is much less controllable/ as all indications are, this was deeper than any singular event would let arise. When hate takes over, and deceit rises to the point of being hidden from normal view. The consequence of these things indicate that a spiritual void has been established. These things are found in loneliness, which establishes a need to travel beyond self. This is a search for something beyond this physical life in time; beyond what humanity itself can provide. If you are determined, and consistent, with a true desire: reality will allow you in, as it dictates. Once inside the spiritual world, the possibilities of being destroyed by your own want or pride are extensive and real. Open a door into hate, and it will take over your life. A fools’ decision! If you are allowed to return to time, because you understand, (thereby didn’t get swallowed in fear, as is psychologically drowning)/ you will have lost your right to be the same as you were. Changed and potentially controlled.

The spiritual world DOES provide a great experience within truth, but only purity as is consistent to the purposes and desires of love can survive it, with life. Even then, it is easy to “choose a wrong door”; if you let want interfere. Want is the beginning of every lie. Which means, even if your path is true, the opportunity “to consider” different methods, as is afforded by want:  to the destiny you do desire;  will arise. Want can be, a tragic thing/ changing your own destiny for an eternity. Even so, the desire that is your truth cannot be undone. The consequence of that is, “we make mistakes”. The reality however is simply this, sometimes the only path forward, is where you don’t desire to go. Life is a complex composition of the truths you did distinguish for yourself/ the reality of need, and the forces some decisions required that you would make. The end result is “you”/ both environmentally (I didn’t have a choice), and as you deliberately chose for your own free will truth. In contrast to that, is a desire that simply cannot be accomplished as you are:  GOD  “can change that”, even if you can’t/ although it is exceedingly rare. The value of every heartbeat, is more than simply body or mind.

Every part of the spiritual world, is to distinguish what is absolutely true, about you. Once you have done that/ survived that; a new dimension appears.


REALITY seeks to understand the social truths involved:  this description recognizes that whenever people are being killed without a true or significant cause, that is a consequence which needs to be resolved. The value of an individual life is high, but the truth, that “all life (not just you)” must be protected first: is without doubt nor question”.

The critical question is NOT what we cannot do, but strictly limited to what can we do for ourselves. Therefrom the elemental task is to acknowledge the vast majority of these intentional mass murders: is in fact a mental failure that arises from a lack of responsibility or respect for each other.  The reality of schools must be inclusive, fair, disciplined, orderly, respectful, equal, and ultimately responsible to society itself/ rather than just me. IT IS A CHOICE. The reality of media, advertising and other, which teaches humanity to be fearful, liar, cheater, thief, deceitful, COMPLETELY DISRESPECTFUL, manipulative, judgmental, tyrannical, rapist, and a wide ranging expression of other elements in fanatical behaviors; must also be addressed.

YOUR COMMENT OR DISCUSSION;  agree or disagree.

The primary consequence of violent video games: is to form a disassociation between reality and its price. Or more specifically fantasies are now considered: something attainable, which is corruption of life itself. Thereby a conspiracy defined by fools.

 YOUR COMMENT OR DISCUSSION;  agree or disagree.

The constant, which is now “separate and divide”; from incessant electronic device usage. Destroys the elements of friendship, by reducing other human beings to “less valuable” than their toys. Their toys consume the time, that would otherwise go to recognizing friendship or value. The cost of being distracted, is isolation without the device/ therefore the device becomes addictive. Since no machine exists within the realm of “being my friend, as is evidenced through time spent, and life shared with an actual life.” The experience of a living relationship CANNOT be experienced or expressed, through an electronic device. life can however be degraded to the point of ridicule and the disease of disrespect.

YOUR COMMENT OR DISCUSSION  agree or disagree.

No value comes from “concealed carry of weapons”; it just makes people easier to target, violate, and murder;  as would be consistent with statistics. Predators do NOT give you the opportunity to “get out your gun”/ they surprise attack, usually from behind: so as not to give you a chance to harm them. Which means they get your gun, NOT you. The only opportunity for justice to be served with a gun is to come upon a crime being committed: and assuming this would be easy to interrupt with a gun/ as do police.  It is NOT. As to the public: you should bear in mind, that not every situation has a uniformed police officer involved/ BUT some do. Therefore if you kill an assumed attacker, who turns out to be an undercover cop: THINGS will go bad for you. THE LIST is long regarding what a gun can’t do. What a gun can do is kill:  or make someone angry enough to kill you. Limiting bullets, presents an opportunity for less severe realities to be found.

YOUR COMMENT OR DISCUSSION  agree or disagree.

THE COST OF BEING WRONG:  why it is important to refine our knowledge/ investigate the evidence/ isolate and identify what can be understood/ construct a course of action that is based entirely upon what reality does reveal, and truth can acknowledge as wise. NO theory (it could be this), beliefs (I want this to be true), fantasy (if only life were as I want it to be), delusion (nothing matters but me), or intentional failure (let’s do it, even though we know it is wrong: mob means more) allowed! WE MUST KNOW, as best we can, the reality of what we do, prior to doing that very thing. Or we must wait, by constructing a value (an anchor) that will protect us, until we do know better.

The destruction of society begins with the elemental descent that is going on in America today. The horror of “university knows” (the science of being a fool. The reality of never being accountable to life or world or GOD; as is consistent with their continually, making traps for the purpose of enslaving the rest. Forces decisions that will end in insanity. Insanity produces hate, and hate produces violence. The school shootings are merely the first indications of what is truly WRONG in this America; and undoubtable the world. You don’t care, and you refuse to share honestly!  The cost of religion (we want/ we believe/ we rule)”; is directly affected by its close association with a university degree.

WHAT IS WRONG; can be identified clearly and without doubt as:  fantasy (we can play god)/ delusion (we are gods)/ theory (nothing matters but us)/ tragedy (no going back, no second chances)/ whoring (only the money matters)/ terrorism (let’s gamble life or death for EVERYTHING ON EARTH)/ betrayal (without a bribe and counterfeiting, America fails)/ rape (your LIFE, doesn’t matter)/ ruin (no second chances)/ disrespect (without a diploma, you know nothing)/ destruction (we hold the keys)/ and even Satanism (a curse upon all life) are all being used to direct and control the reality of our lives: by those who lead us into chaos (order, discipline, and balance are dead), extinction (there is no future), HELL (you win, no more interference: go ahead play god), and the extermination of our world (death is not enough). The list of threats is very long. The reality of divide and conquer, as is the constant of “communication as a disease”; propagates disaster. The mutilation of nature, brings Armageddon (chaos in nature). The entrapment formed by counterfeiting our money; civil war. The degradation of planet, resource, ocean, water, food/ and everything we need to survive: by  “university leadership playing, gods” is death. Weapons of mass destruction, are savior to no life. Overpopulation as is the evidence of coming doom; clearly cannot sustain life on earth.  EVEN the gambling of our entire planet based upon the theory that “the university can play with the same fire on the sun”/ reeks of SATAN (destroyer of a world).  Their claim to fame:  we don’t need to worry,  Because there isn’t enough gravity here to sustain the fire (one million mile long flames);  “so it will just go poof” and fly off into outer space. There are NO other plans, for what happens when this (FIRE, here on earth: which burns atoms for fuel) doesn’t extinguish itself!

Only a religious cult (we won’t question our gods), can be responsible for this level of attack; AN ENTIRE PLANET LOST. Nothing else can or could be so foolish, “SO IT IS the great abomination of biblical Daniel 12”. Only those so elementally destroyed mentally: are able to discard total annihilation, as something we cannot, or will not question. So say the courts/ politicians/ religions/ organizations/ media in all forms/ universities/ public; and who knows how many more. As a cult, worshiping satan:  destroyer of a world! YOU ARE still responsible for what your cult does, as YOU make that possible/ and literally do, refuse reality and/or its truth! There is nothing more deliberate: than to build realities, and choose a fate that is nothing less than the extermination event for our entire planet; as has and is being done. There is nothing more deliberate: than to intentionally destroy the sanctity of nature itself, by annihilating genetic disciplines, order, balance, and MUCH more; as is being done. There is nothing more deliberate: than to insure extinction of life, by destroying every possibility of survival; as is being done. There is nothing more foolish, blind, and deaf: than a humanity that insists “the price of fixing everything wrong” is just too high/ and we WON’T pay. Until of course that it is too late to change the fate you chose. And as every generation before you:  the human race will blame  “GOD”/  when in fact, these are simply the results of what you chose, or failed to properly choose!

If you want the world to remain sane/ THEN YOU MUST reduce all these threats and more, to a NON-EXTINCTION event. By adding TRUTH REQUIRES:  LIFE and EARTH, MUST COME FIRST, for our whole world!  No more university theories, no more university cult, no more university foolishness or fantasy, or blind university following, or deliberately assassinating the children: “because this is too hard to fix”. Simple as that, find courage and do what needs to be done/ regardless of your fears! Or go extinct.

YOUR COMMENT OR DISCUSSION  agree or disagree.

The RESOLUTION of the facts:  our decision must then be?

  1. To organize as best we can, for the purposes of understanding with knowledge, the basic relationships that truth will provide. Where society itself is involved, this is functionally designed as intended to be within a public courtroom for law.
  2. To utilize democracy as best we can, for the purposes of understanding with knowledge, the basic relationships that our freedom to “decide for ourselves” does justify. In America this is functionally designed through constitutional law as “first amendment redress of grievances”.
  3. To justify the law as: within our liberty to design and protect life, nation, and world. To identify and create, the values we hold dear as one nation “under GOD  “.  Making the changes we demand for ourselves, by legal constitutional rights.
  4. To identify, and therefrom change by our own vote; the realities which we can control. Or construct and conceive of, the threats under which we “CANNOT allow these others to be WRONG”.
  5. To communicate the news of our need (life cannot go on as this), our reality of society (this affects us all), our definitions of “oversized threat or consequence” (we need your help), our purpose for the future (the children need you/ life itself requires your assistance), where justice meets fair play, and recognizes we are equal: this is our world (not just yours or mine).
  6. To investigate and examine the facts; as is consistent with only the truth can decide for us/ NOT want or pride or power. This eliminates the demand, “it will affect me”/ by understanding, truth then protects us all!
  7. To commit our lives, to the values we know to be true. To commit our courage, to values and realities that are in fact “beyond self”. To commit with diligence and discipline through order; to balance everything we do, within the command: LIFE and THIS PLANET must come first. Regardless of the change that must be made; when we work together within respect, our lives shall be lived in both peace and harmony. A place where love is born. A reality that can survive, because we removed human want, pride, and power. Limited capitalism goes a long way to establishing a new democracy of the people.

summary elements are: 

Pride intervenes, as the means to measure every single life: thereby removing reality, by assuming life is just a game. Want isolates the realities of life, into who has more: therefrom, the existence “of me”, is measured and then expressed by want. Power combines both want and pride into the “treasury” of what I can do to you: thereby establishing three basic truths, “I can make you fear/ I can cause you pain/ & I can lie, thereby altering your decision, to lead you into ridicule, abuse, use, or worse.

  The elemental summary of what we can do to limit the damage done by a “shooter” is:  to provide easier access for the mental balance of men or women by adding someone from the opposite sex to their lives. In schools, that is as simple as you create it to be. In weapons, we can add defensive measures for ourselves; because once a shooter has made his decision/ what we can do, depends entirely upon the options we have placed within that situation. It is not a game. People to monitor primary locations within, or outside a school in particular:  can today be done remotely, by people granted access for that specific thing, simply on a phone or other. People to intervene in a school or other setting:  MUST do so remotely, which is easily done today/ from a safe room, so the correct measures can be taken quickly. Policing that is dedicated to encountering a potential deadly situation, must be required to carry their own shields. So fear does not overtake them, and neither they, nor any other people get needlessly shot. Fear is a terrible thing, and can never be trusted with a weapon! The coward always “sees a gun, etc/ a threat in even the slightest movement”! To countermand that fear: While shields are very old school technology, IF it stops a bullet/ that is no different than stopping an arrow: the result is you are safe/ I am, SAFE. Which is the purpose, granting a far superior response in any dangerous situation!

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