I, James Frank Osterbur;  am the sole author, originator, and owner of the works you have chosen to view. Granted in that statement is the assertion of something worth consideration by you, has been given for your own elevation of truth within; or in contrast to that, the assertion most common by people which is either fear, I want to hide, OR:  “I know everything I need to know” about everything/ and will only listen to:  tell me how I can get rich, or proud/ EASY!

       IF YOU find something of value, “we can talk through the written word/ because you can listen, to more than just pride or want”.

IF YOU fall into the latter category:  the realities depicted here and throughout the twelve web sites and two books created;  has no value to you other than to ridicule me or prove disrespect to be used or abused, for the purposes of a mob. IF there is any value in expanding hate;  at all directed toward me, in your mind.

In the first value called from love, there is life to be respected for, and by, us all.

In the second value called hate, there is only a person to be used or abused for your own desires and purposes to gain superiority and lead the others in violence.

Love and hate are opposites, they do not share the same experience!


We then begin with reality, as is the truth of current leadership. The constant of men is, to create a single leader so as to all move in the same direction as an army which understands: it is better to be on the winning side/ than the losing side.  Unfortunately for life on earth, leaders now control weapons of mass destruction/ and the end of our world, can then be decided by a single man:  even if he changes his mind/ it will be too late. So the power corrupts them into believing they are gods; and the ending to our planet is already determined/ because not one of them can play god other than “devil”. Only world law can relieve this threat; and leaders of men want their weapons of pride and power, more than they want life to survive. Leaving us all with only one solution:  to assert DEMOCRACY must rule. Or more simply WE THE PEOPLE, have a legal right, and fully own this nation: and can decide for ourselves, if world law shall determine our future. Thereby leading the world in that direction!

The simplified truth of leadership is:  kill the leader, and the rest shall simply fall apart/ because they lose their direction. A reality of extensive historical proof. Which makes having a leader, far less superior to choosing the direction we the people have decided; must more sustainable. As we then all create the direction we did choose.

The value of that choose as we the people, is then the truth of what humanity can do, to resurrect itself from endless threats that will each one, make us extinct: if we do not.

The critical reality of a choice, as created by we the people:  has two distinct flaws. Humanity fails, because of mass hypnosis, the decision that we know EVERYTHING, we need to know/ therefore we will NOT listen.  The second is want:  as in “I know what I want, I want what I want/ I don’t want what I don’t want: and I want MORE of what I want, than you can even imagine. SO JUST GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!”

Each isolates and hides the reality of selfishness “on the back side of truth”/ or removes it entirely with stories, theories, and fantasies:  so that what is true cannot be conceived of or considered in the decision the masses shall make. The cause of human failure across this globe and throughout history, is then selfishness; and it has never been worse; because bribery, and corruption has never been greater.



       Throughout this work, the reality of leadership has been placed upon “university knows”; as the creator of leaders; throughout society, our leaders come with a diploma. Consequently, the reality of where we are lead by our leaders; is ultimately through their education and acceptance that the university knows. People fail to question, because the endless garbage dump of words as created by university; has made it possible to confuse and destroy the question. While media does everything it can to propagate “only the university knows”. And the universities steal every detail they can find, claiming it for themselves; so as to finish the process of tyranny through control and manipulation.

THE REALITY IS THEN;  this must change, and a return to truth, the respect for life, the value of democracy, the hope that is communication, and literally everything the universities have sought to destroy “thereby making themselves the important ones”:   decides what can or cannot be done for our world.

Human existence is simple:  want directs the decision/ pride confronts everyone with a game/ power concedes to violence, or it loses the game. While the few who literally respect life itself, simply try to avoid those who don’t, with religion or whatever it takes; to carve out “enough silence” to be alive.

UNFORTUNATELY, our reality as a world has changed! With endless population increases, university disgrace, horrific leadership decisions, and a dying planet:  we either rise to respect LIFE FOR THIS PLANET COMES FIRST.  Or we ALL die!  Not a single one left; doesn’t matter what you do!  Nothing is more plain regarding that truth than the intent to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. With lie after lie/ but with a trillion dollar machine, nearly completed; “all but a certainty”!  no, you can’t escape “million mile long pillars of fire”; as is clearly seen on the sun itself. NO, nothing can extinguish the truth: that the sun burns the bond in atoms to release its energy. In a very similar reality to the chemical fires we see here, as does burn the molecular bond between atoms for its energy release.  Just like tnt/ versus the atomic bomb; so is that fire; and it cannot be stopped:  the sun BURNS ATOMS.


The reality of threats, as is long and true  has literally shaped and defined my world, my nearly entire, lifetime on earth. A dying planet, which includes the extinction of all life comes first/ THEN, I at least believed, I would get my life back. Alas, it will not be so. BUT the price is worth the reality, and I have done the best I could do; given the reality of my own environment with you.

As to the value of my contribution:  that is determined by you, not me. The reality is truth, as constructed by a the evidence presented:  NOT me. As to evidence itself:  you proved decades ago, that it truly did not matter to you/ you want what you want, and that is all! So my presentation is limited to;  THIS IS A THREAT TO YOU/ TO OUR WORLD OF LIFE.  Your presentation to the world of humanity requires the value you create, for the message:  I too, am concerned we must NOT let this continue/ we must NOT let “scientists” gamble with our world, our nature, our existence, nor every child”.  If you refuse, the threats extend into oblivion/ and every biblical prophecy of horror comes true; as can now be determined through the evidence.


If you believe “he should be perfect”; before I believe anything he says!  I remind you very simply:  I am not looking for your approval, or to be your leader!  I AM DELIBERATELY TELLING YOU OF THREATS, that you can investigate, prove by the evidence, examine by the consequence of being WRONG, and determine through your own brain:   THIS NEEDS OUR ATTENTION.  Because we can’t go back!  As for me, I am not your savior; which means, I am irrelevant to the outcome of what you do, or do not do: ONLY THE EVIDENCE IS.

Just so it’s clear, “I am not perfect”; simple as that. As to why me, as a delivery person of this message, to you:  I strongly suspect, nobody else wanted the job. Reality functionally proves this is so; or you would have joined me in my fight to protect our world, your sanity, by the removal or at least identification of extreme threats. A world facing EXTINCTION; is worth a lifetime/ even if you don’t wish to pay the price; it is not a choice. NO GOING BACK;   is what extinction means.

Just so its clear, I don’t accept your morality (we all get to judge by these rules)/ I don’t accept your ethics (I can judge you, by these rules)/ and I don’t accept want, pride, or power in my life; because they are corrupting by their very descriptions. What I do search for is truth. What I do respect and admire is HONEST and true love. Respect precipitates throughout life, which is the essence of friendship that can be counted upon; few are able. Love is a search for life. Life is a search for our creator. Soul is a spiritual quest in truth, to identify and create the invitation “come home”. A value that acknowledges, ONLY   GOD  can make that invitation, to you or me.      I HAVE done my job. Your lives are not in my hands (holding or hiding the evidence you must realize is true); I did do, what I could do.


Just so it’s clear: the university knows (we can play god) religion, as is so prevalent in this nation, and world; is utterly disrespected as a general consideration. Because of what they have been doing. The realities are horrific, and those have been outlined as the need arose. Summarized, it is as simple as this:

  1. To use extreme experimentation as the universities do: is to defy the boundaries of our earth defenses; as gave rise to life on this planet: is a war against life and planet. A reality of SATAN on earth. Satan means; destroyers of a world.
  2. To discard the truth about every living thing, and in particular your own human body, as is the reality of what the universities do. Lying/ cheating/ stealing/ and complete betrayal to nature itself, is utterly “satanic, by its purpose”. The value of a human body is beyond compare: a miracle of technology, a composition of artistic value no human could conceive of, a reality of thought, freedom, engineering, and honest love for the end result by its creator; that nothing on earth can achieve on its own. Thrown away by those who declare “some damn fantasy” did it all. Where only thought could achieve any of it exists as the evidence we are NOT alone, in this universe.
  3. To create a war against our survival, against all life and environment. To discard the future, and declare “we will take it all”/ let the children DIE! Is a failure beyond what I can, or will endure; without a true fight for life itself. The exact opposite of what a university led disease of fools in charge; does do.
  4. If that ain’t enough, you need to find your brain! STOP being a cult, and find truth.Media, your leaders, your courts, and your organizations: don’t appreciate being told, they failed life with their fantasies and bribes. Nor do they wish to pay their debts, and accept the price of keeping the children alive or even this whole earth. So they gamble:  we can “live good”; and won’t die, until this becomes someone else’s problem.  So EVERYONE needs to LIE! WHICH does literally mean:  “lets assassinate every child, along with the whole earth/ because after all, it won’t matter to us, when we are dead”.  They will be proven wrong in eternity;  but that won’t change what cannot be reversed: that they did do first. Humanity demands to be free, to do anything they want/ this is the price; and failure is eminent. Because that, is what the majority chose, by letting university lead!The conceptual question is:  how can I be so sure, the future is dead? The critical answer is: are you willing to let this earth become extinct/ or allow it to be turned into a sun: WHEN YOUR SCIENTISTS are simply proven WRONG? There is no going back/ there is no “let’s do that over, or even never again”. Once ignition occurs, life or death exists for this entire planet. And your scientists know it is true!People then ask:  WHY should we trust anything you say? The critical answer is:  that I only present evidence to you of realities your university, politicians, courts, and media cover up. Because they BELIEVE IN THE UNIVERSITY, and assume, “those people can’t be so wrong as this”! the critical truth is: it absolutely does not matter what people think (no matter who it is)/ what decides the future is determined by what is true! What is true, beyond and above any measurement or understanding of proof is: WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG/ or the entire planet dies, all of nature dies, all life forever goes extinct!  NOW I ask you:   are you willing to let a tiny few intellectuals, make that gamble with your life, YOUR CHILD, OR EVEN this entire world?  Because they are doing just that. Because once you know for certain “we are all going to die, a horrific death”/ reality will prove, YOU CHOSE TO BE EXTINCT! NO going back, death takes all.I don’t have a university diploma. I do, have an independent mind, which can understand the gravity of being wrong for life on earth!  I ask you:  WHICH is more important?As an element of conceptual thinking, I have created two books; to construct a venue for you to decide if my thinking is consistent with reality or conceptual & elemental recognition. 12 web sites to prove by “editing a newspaper in effect”/ this work is not simple or plain: but stands in recognition of a reality you, the masses;  and all your leaders chose to neglect. The electronic  book version is currently free/ the paperback “$6 & $10”. Even though what or who I am is absolutely irrelevant to the consequence of threats, as are extermination events;  humanity did choose to make. I refuse to let me be your scapegoat.  Only truth matters, only the reality our earth is in jeopardy of extinction: by the evidence. Reality proves, with over forty years to back that up; it is also necessary to establish for you: THAT THESE THREATS of extinction for all life:  ARE decisions made by HUMANITY, in its quest to remove  GOD  from this world. As is a fundamental proven purpose of universities worldwide. Those facts, and “religious lore” which does declare an ending to this world by human decision: will prove,   GOD IS NOT  coming to your rescue, these are choices you made!  UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOURSELVES FOR LIFE FIRST, and by RESPECT accept   GOD IS   GOD  !In the Jewish and Christian religion, the bible declares a countdown of days in Daniel 12: to our extinction.  NO EASY WAY OUT!  That religious prophecy hinges on “the great abomination”. Reality will prove:  no greater abomination could exist< than to threaten our entire planet, every life, every future life, and even the solar system itself: as is the reality of trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. Fusion does not exist: their claim “hydrogen is making helium”. Our reality, the sun produces extremely little helium: simple as that! the countdown started with the first experiment that could have ignited that fire April 1, 2012.  By my count, and the biblical numbers:  HELL begins July 9,2019.  Our world ends around march of 2021 (unimportant, don’t remember exact date). In a single instant of ignition: life or death for our entire living world will be decided! The odds are not less, than one billion to one: we ALL die!

    The university delusion/ fantasy/ and deceit as is constant in the fairy tales and leadership of “university knows”:   must end. The reality of truth decides, MUST exist.  Every form of life and environment proves a miracle/ every miracle  PROVES GOD,   not man or accident;  CREATED THIS WORLD AND LIFE, THROUGH THOUGHT. No other real possibility exists!  JESUS is the example of a guarantee, that we are not simply created and forgotten!  You can’t hide or run away from a “million mile flame” as is on the sun, HERE on this earth. You can’t find your salvation in the cult worship of university knows; as they are the primary cause all these threats which can exterminate all life on earth DO EXIST.

           There is literally one way forward:  FIND RESPECT FOR LIFE, PLANET, AND GOD!  Pay the price, & Stop your descent into HELL (humanity went insane), the APOCALYPSE (war with every weapon you have, or die; we are thirsting to death), and ARMAGEDDON (nature is in chaos, NOTHING remains the same; order, discipline, balance, even life itself has been RUINED FOREVER)!  That is the reality of human decision, in following “university knows” leadership.

           As to me personally, for decades “I did this my way”/ and failed. That led to encountering “the spiritual world of female”; because there are no solutions for this in men. Men built it this way, and like asking the universities to fix the threats they created: they can’t or won’t do it/ this is what they wanted! To play god. Regardless, I have changed to understand, “my way” can’t fix the problems we face as a world either:  because you don’t care enough, to understand this is not a game. The reality is then, even though I prepare for doing what I deem best/ I literally do wait for the spirit inside of me, to accept my decision. Reality continues to wait, as nothing is more distinctive than the fact:  only  GOD  can do what needs to be done. Truth declares that as, “hundreds of millions” of individuals MUST participate. A reality I cannot accomplish: therefore a message, I did do, the job given to me!

           While you may find this errant, given the reality of threat that is evident; the consequence of hell, extinction, or whatever you describe it as. I tell you true:  without   GOD  , there will be NO mercy for this world. Without the spirit of women inside of me, I would have died years ago; and failed to finish this work. It’s complicated, but true. The value of spiritual female inside is a different perspective, a balanced state of existence; rather than war! I DO, pray for this world, so should you;  remembering every prayer is in fact, “simply a request”.

           It does need to be noted: that life is not less than our own choice, and every spiritual reality that exists; comes from the definitions that are created when as an individual, we enter the spiritual world. They ARE NOT “the norm” for humanity in any conceivable way. Your life is your own/ your decisions are your own/ your body is your own/ your future is determined by your choice, and reality. What   GOD   does or does not do for life in this world, is entirely up to HIM.  Your prayer is NOT, a shopping cart for whatever you want, that is DISRESPECTFUL;  try to remember that! My life, has been altered by spiritual realities unknown, to all but a very tiny few. That is not anything more than simply my reality. A consequence of the job, that was given to me; an education required for the work. A reality that cares not, what you do, or do not “believe” about me; I am irrelevant to your outcome. YOU will decide IF YOU CARE ENOUGH, to save this world! You will decide, if you let those people finish destroying life and planet with their experiments. I already made my decision.



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