last supper


The last supper;  a reference, to the Christian relationship between what can be given in aid of those who will find their lives too,  have changed.

The reality simplified is:  the value of someone who has changed us/ is then measured against the reality of those who will not be changed. The fundamental relationship is:  where love exists, everything about this world expands to the purposes life will bring. Whereas where hate, greed, selfishness and all the rest will fight that kind of change/ in the darkness, behind closed doors; plans will be made to destroy all that love will or did do. The end result is:  whatever humanity will decide for itself.

In that same venue of reality and its relationships to our lives; we face an elemental change/ that unlike the values created by JESUS, to “cause an enlightenment, or seed of love” for this world. The reality we face is death for our world, and all its existence; even the planet itself/ because that, is literally what our leaders with a university diploma did choose. The list of threat is long the reality of what those threats actually mean, cannot be mistaken. They do represent extermination of life. Nothing about that is more clear, than building machines to ignite the same fire here on earth as is on the sun. The universities call it fusion, which they claim is combining hydrogen into helium: BUT the sun produces no helium in any quantity, which means THEY LIE INTENTIONALLY. Because the known reality is: the sun burns the bond which holds an atom together/ thereby releasing that energy. A known fact/ rather than an illusion based upon fantasy and delusions. Their claim we will just take the hydrogen away as a fuel source. But since reality proves atoms are the fuel source: the earth simply becomes a sun. That release of energy, the fact something holds that nuclear energy in place as an individual atom: also establishes solar gravity. That dark energy/ mass; which holds the potential energy released by an atomic bomb; is greater than the outward potential, which aids and creates the gravity we find here on earth, and in all mass. The universities claim is:  we are safe, because “not enough gravity here”/ so the fire will just extinguish itself; and yet they don’t have a clue as to what gravity is!

Unlike the reality of JESUS, which provided time to assemble a new way according to what people chose for themselves throughout the decades, centuries, unto today. Our reality is: we are faced with one crisis after another “staring us in the face”; even though the consequences have not yet overtaken our lives/ as is the point of no return. We can clearly see, without any deception being involved: that without true change our future, the life of every child, and every living thing cannot be in doubt. We will soon face our own extinction/ their (child/ life) world is assassinated, by those who command leadership in this day; and all the people who follow or fail to accept reality itself. The universities discarded life and planet saying in decades past, “it’s too hard to save/ lets take everything we can get”. And that is what they did do, when president Reagan gave control over the currency to “university knows”. They counterfeited it/ and then spent like a drunken fool! That is what they did do, when the religious teaching of university knows; took over our lives and the schooling of every child. Like all religious schooling:  “no thinking allowed”/ just memorize, accept, and mimic or we throw you out. As is consistent with media:  a fantasy in every box/ a delusion in every conversation/ a failure to accept what is true/ and a reality governed by fools, who hide the truth as if it were death itself. So they can play god.

The obvious reality of university teaching is simple and plain:  they destroyed the future in every conceivable way, because they did not want to pay the price, to keep our world alive. They wanted to play/ they refused to work for life, discarding it into the trash, corrupting it, mutilating nature and planet along with everything life needs. How is that not hate took charge, over this earth? Much like the apparent realities of society: described in writings of JESUS, at the time of his life.

The human demand is:  “give me what I want/ I want it now: DON’T tell me nothing I don’t want, because I don’t want that. JUST give me what I want, DON’T teach me nothing! Make me rich.” I strongly suspect that has not changed much throughout all of history. The consequence is:  humanity cannot change, because it is enveloped in a constant battle to gain a trophy. Which they discard as soon as no one else is looking.

The demand of life is:  learn what you need to know, so that wise choices can be made without tears or slavery. Identify Creation itself, so that you too may search for both heart & soul;  and thereby find eternity.

The demand of this day is:  stop being insane, restrict those who cannot, separate hate from love so there will be peace, fight for your planet, RESPECT NATURE AND GOD YOUR CREATOR;   or go extinct, because you just did not care enough, to keep this whole world alive.

You face a certain future:  death by horror and hell. As that is what all the evidence predicts/ and truth itself, never lies. The biblical prediction from the countdown of days in Daniel 12;  puts “hell begins” on July 9, 2019. That countdown begins with the great abomination [no greater abomination can exist, other than risking the entire planet, all its life, and even changing the solar system itself; as is ignition of the same fire here as is on the sun. “it rose” on April 12, 2012; the first experiment, by the first machine capable of igniting that fire here on earth] Another fact, that is not likely to be wrong; as is considered along with all the other evidence: most likely true. Prophecy exists as a prediction without change; because this is what men have always chosen, enlarged to become the consequence of what that means. Change in humanity that is not “as men have always chosen” becomes a different path/ thereby a different future, assuming you have not already past the point of no return. As is true of death;  no going back.

The foundation of a different path is:  let women try. NOT because they are better, they are not. but because they are different, and different means a future unlike this one. Since extermination is the reality of consequence as chosen by men and their universities:  women cannot do worse/ doesn’t matter what they choose, they can’t do worse than extinction of a world called life! Unfortunately women are currently trying to be men, to make their changes. It won’t work! Women must be women to affect and create change: that means they must all work together, as one elemental force for change. RATHER THAN what men do, which is to create one elemental leader, who then makes all the decisions of impact. More simply, instead of follow the leader/ we the people must make the leaders obey our will instead. That is done with law, and its enforcement; which will never survive, unless you truly do rule over the courts, by constitutional mandate and acceptance of that purpose which then controls every decision for life and nation.

Chaos cannot be averted by assembling the “best the universities” did do/ as they are the elemental creators of every threat we face (at least they take the credit). By what men let them, and followed them, and even paid and feared them to do. YOU MUST THINK for yourselves, abandoning what you have been taught; to consider the consequences of what you choose (BEYOND YOURSELVES), before you choose it. YOU must be fair, and just, and functionally disciplined for peace and love to save this world. This is more than a choice, it is “life, choosing to be alive”. Or you will die.

The values, the methods, the understanding, the knowledge, and the ways which will assist you in your struggle are all prepared. The message:  change or die as a world, has been delivered. The evidence of your truth is within your hands; and it can and will be understood, IF YOU simply choose to do the work, and accept life now has a price/ which you may not refuse to pay any longer.

That is the summary of my work, and these sites which I have provided. The last being  The choice is currently yours/ but it will end; unless you find a true cause to care! It should be understood, that my work is not intended to be at a greater accuracy than roughly 90% correct; you aren’t worth the effort, to make it better. So if some rise to say “he is wrong”/ simply accept “he AIN’T perfect”; and remember what you are fighting for: an entire planet of life!  That certainly doesn’t include me, more than an individual life; “don’t protect me”/ I don’t need it, reality is reality. What matters is: the consequence of being wrong, and the analysis of what the means to the future, by determining what is truth. Protect yourselves from extinction/ fight for life on earth.  This ain’t no game.

As it was in JESUS day, and throughout all of history: those who are in power DON’T WANT NO DAMN CHANGE, and will align themselves against it with a vengeance. That fact has kept me from “talking to you over the decades”/ because it emanates from the least to the most powerful:  we want what we want, and we don’t want you messing in our games. The difference in this day is:  even though the masses, which include the powerful;  don’t understand their entire world is at the edge of extinction/ IT IS. Life is not a game, the sooner humanity learns that, the better off you will be.

  The summary of your work, and your life is: “what did you do, for life, as your RESPECT to all of Creation;  as your contribution to our planet, to our living earth”? DID YOU do “anything”/ or just let this world die? ANSWER the question.

        While it is clear, that I failed at what I did do, throughout the decades. This work is not about me, but the consequences of what threatens life on earth. What is true for me, is true for you:  it is not that I failed, that summarizes my fight for life on earth. Rather that I did do, “the best” I could do, within the environment and realities, given to me, for my participation in this work. None do better, than the best you can personally do; even if it fails!  Throughout the decades, choices made are simply choices made. As to searching within the spiritual truth of female for an answer:  that, comes with a reality of unintended consequences; within  complicated overlays to my own personal existence; NOT yours. It need not concern you, although it could be interpreted as revelation 12 “coming to life”! Which ultimately means: the first eleven chapters of revelation “all, or only, about men”/ has been discarded, and the second sequence of events “women are here too”;  prophesied as the rest of revelation, has begun. A good sign to you: if you are to become, honest and true to life on earth. Even so, time is running out. Hope for you remains small.

       The summary of differences between male and female is:  men follow their leader because, when they can’t get what they want by honest means/ they do understand, we CAN take what we want, by war. Then a tiny few cause a war: and the rest are given the ultimatum, “either our side/ or their side”; CHOOSE!

What is female, by elements gleaned from history is:  they have not been in a position of power as women to control. That left them with the need to “war with words” rather than deeds. A consequence of arising as women through the law, rather than with a weapon of violence. While none would contend they are perfect to any degree; the value of simply NOT choosing war with violence, is absolutely necessary to our survival as a planet. “kill a billion people”/ and that number will simply rise again in less than a decade. WE MUST CHOOSE OUR FUTURE, AND ACCEPT OUR CHOICE FOR REAL, with your heart;  or we have no future, and horror will come.

I suppose it is only fair or necessary to give you some idea of what I mean by “complicated overlays”. The reality is simple in its concept: I AM required to journey in ways that teach me what it is functionally or at least in part fundamentally the life of a woman. More distinctly, aspects of my life have been turned upside down, so to speak; forcing me to recognize what women have to deal with by their relationship with men. Even though I complain “its not my job”/ that has been proven untrue. The reality is:  life looks different, from the other side of the line that separates male from female living. Life “feels different”, when considering the reality of changes my body and mind, has been forced to endure: “without my permission”. The reality of what is fair, what is justice, and what is necessary has also changed; because truth itself has a different view. Doesn’t mean women are better/ but they are truly different, a fact that should never be dismissed! These are not simple lessons, as I can be forced to comply. The most common method is “like being struck by lightning” (no you can’t/ or yes you will); believe it or not, makes no difference to me. These are the facts, and I am instructed to relay them. The end result of it is simple:  a female influence removed the considerations for war with you over killing this earth. BALANCING the reality of what needs to be done, with the endless patience that understands “like women must”/ there is absolutely no violence I could take, that will change anything for life. The consequence of that is continuously, “keep teaching” it is the only way. The result of that is:  if you live or die as a world/ I did do the best I could, without violence; as a man would have done. But that includes a demand for attention in ways, woman would not have accomplished as well. So our union has accomplished its goal: to give this Creation of life and planet, one last chance to change and accept life must come first. To discard the tragedy of “university knows, cult worship”; and remove the disease that is clearly established by the diploma:  “life itself/ this world” has no place in their heart; unless it’s their own. By their decision: life and planet, has been thrown away, “like the trash”/ and those who follow, endlessly worshiping them as gods; will get their reward. Take account of your world, the reality of letting university fantasy and deceit rule; and understand the consequences of what being WRONG, has in store for your future. In other words, THINK for yourself.

As for me, the unfortunate reality is:  I am utterly captured by a female spirit/ even though I live as a man; was a man; NEVER considered or desired anything but to be a man (still don’t). I am a man today, but with a spiritual female inside: THAT IS COMPLICATED!  Added in;  Now have tits that can only be described as female; and while I “love them on a woman”/ they are NOT beautiful here; NOT a choice. These are unintended consequences, and I cannot “get out”; unless the spiritual woman inside lets me go. I have learned little about women, “she keeps that door closed”. Apparently, never going to happen! I don’t know why, or why me. It’s complicated!  Nonetheless, my only true desire in this life in time, has been to establish at least one opportunity for this world to survive: by establishing a message that is, “if you won’t change your ways, the evidence convicts your world, of exterminating itself; by the hands of men, through their universities”; as is evident and plain, by truth. That is basically, “all I have ever done”; because nothing is more important than life or death of this world; except my own eternity! In reality, the spiritual woman inside, DID in fact make that outcome possible!

In contrast; This is the best men did do, and no amount of words or actions will keep them from continuing on (I searched everywhere, before turning to “woman”; just to ask, “what would you do”). History proves, this reality as it is today; is their accumulated choice as men in charge.  TO SURVIVE, YOU MUST CHANGE; which means, You must let women try to lead. Women MUST let the law lead them, too:  life for this whole planet, comes first. We the people MUST choose the law, that will then save our lives, our planet, and their future; as if we cared. As if we chose to literally accept our responsibility to create justice, peace, harmony, and hope for our world.  It is your decision, because only the heart itself can make these changes: that cannot be, a decision by anyone for any cause, other than your own life and world,  cherished through your own respect.             The reality of it, becomes your future, our fate or destiny/ because this is not a game. Life or death for this world is the choice!  Failure to make that decision FOR LIFE/ will become death by horrors unleashed: AS your universities did put into place for that very purpose by human design.

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