The development of human existence in society, is determined by three primary, separate influences. They are:  (1) growth as a body and mind, which then measures existence from a strictly “self” reality.  (2) The elements of what I am willing to believe, as society itself has dictated and drilled into me as valued and worth the price of my belief. (3) The ascension of life rather than self, which then removes belief to accept only truth can decide what living should be, or life will desire.  Few individuals attain the last reality of existence, whereas society, the herd of man;  “lives and breathes” by the first two.

The critical interpretation of what has value defines and creates, the essence of all three!

So we ask:  WHAT has value to self? WHAT does want do to destroy or build society and the individual? And WHAT will be the critical definition of life itself, as a distinction beyond simply self?

We begin with the definition of value: what makes life worth living? The answer to that is not as varied as most would believe. A healthy body and mind make life worth living/ until you realize the realities of loneliness. THEN, the realities of what makes life worth living, if I am only me? Development of that intent, will then measure the available inputs of life and planet that surround us, and participate with us; to give each one its own gradient of influence on me. That functionally becomes: driven from a middle ground perspective, some are graded as “I want this, or I need this”/ while the others are graded as “I DON’T want this, or this is worthless to me”. Those in the middle are simply ignored. The value of a sexual organ then becomes a participant; as time goes on. The critical question is: are you worth more than the chemicals I can produce with a sex organ/ OR, are you not? That answer, then drives the relationship which becomes your reality with the chemicals involved. Judging all things as a relationship to your own personal chemical drive.

In scenario (1), the value of a living thing that has been measured for sexuality: is now available for judgment. As in I worship this measure of perfection, in the opposite sex and won’t harm it! OR, I value this level of imperfection as less than I care about; and as a consequence the human being attached becomes abused, used, or discarded as worthless to me. In that judgment, all forms of tragic sexual behaviors are found. The reality of failure as is an educational system which does not teach the reality of judgment to its students: magnifies the problem. One such problem is the pedophile: this child is worthless (less than valued) to me; my toy, my chemicals are more; I WANT them, more than you/ this child shall be my slave; proving I am MASTER here/ this child can be manipulated and controlled by my own devious ways; proving I am SMART. While the possibility exists, that reality can push back on each of these decisions by teaching the truth:  ONCE you have betrayed a child, that child then becomes a witness to your decision; and can be the cause of your prison! Once that is realized, the child that was abused is then threatened severely, and caused them to hide;   completely changing their lives in many cases. Once that threat to the traitor is realized, or their threat is not considered completely successful:  many children are killed, because they hold the key you can’t face. Once that reality is known: the heart dies, and all that is left is a reality of failure.  MOST of this can be destroyed prior to the initiating offense (truth and consequences): IF YOU REMIND THEM, that using a child in a criminal manner that is sexual or other/ makes them a witness to your own incarceration. IF YOU PROVE that to be true, and it lasts as long as the child lives. Then the majority will recognize: the consequences here, are not worth the chemicals worshiped by betrayal; and they won’t do it. Like so many things that are measured and judged: one tiny little incident, one single very selfish decision;  leads to a lifetime of consequences/ which cannot be simply dismissed.

Sex is NOT the problem in humanity, nor is it the solution for loneliness: it is simply, a value which aids and creates between the opposite sexes; which allows for a wide variety of pursuits throughout the consequences of time. It is a blessing for all who value its truth. It becomes a curse, for all who assume selfishness, thereby chemicals are enough. As to sexuality itself: the reality is “Clear visible proof” that you are NOT, the same sex as me;  makes you sexy. Added to that, is your own relationship to “design perfection”; as is consistent with “the best” a human body can be:  does in fact lift that sexuality. Reality however proves “while you may view a body/ you must live with the person”. But that does not control what binds us together as lifelong friends: which is to trust each other beyond and above the limits that cause people to judge each other. Sexy makes you visible, to the opposite sex. But like all things physical, you can’t buy an honest lifetime of value, with this. Those who pursue, want a trophy or chemical release. Those who respect honestly, and with manners to all; are looking for friendship first. Marriage is based upon “a moment” when one or both believe: I can live within the values, and realities, of you. Marriage for sex, rarely ends well; the chemicals become less intoxicating.

We then shift to society, to understand three things:  I WANT what I want/ I DON’T want, what I don’t want/ and I WANT what I believe to be true!  I want what I want is selfishness revealed. I don’t want what I don’t want; is the level of insanity and revenge, capable by you. I want what I believe: is the measure of a mob. Thereby it constructs the basis of human society, as the creation of a herd mentality. More distinctly, loneliness pushes all toward the construction of “play with me/ spend time with me/ be my purpose or desire in life”. To defeat loneliness, it is required that you accept the limits and boundaries of what a physical life can be. MOST do not, and intend to make themselves more desirable by accepting “the values of the majority/ or the values of our group”; to conceive of, and participate in;  being a part of the herd. This is the operating mechanism in middle schools; therefore the easiest place to see the fundamentals. We then ask:  WHAT IS BELIEF? The answer is: that belief structures a value around what we all can and do basically, agree upon. Since that is not a reality easily done, three separate environments are created to accommodate the need. The political machine (we agree this is what we want)/  the money machine (this is what we will fight for)/ and the religious machine (we want a better life, we WANT HOPE, to attain what we will not get here in this time; or more simply WE WANT MORE). Which is the actual agreement in nearly all herd activities “we want MORE”! Herd means:  to group together, as tightly as possible;  for protection from the predators. Thereby as herds do:  when being led by a single individual, we can crush those who get in our way, and believe they will kill us instead. This however requires: that ALL the individuals in a herd shall do, act, and think in the very same way; whenever a threat is visible. That is required to march, or run, in unison! The mob arises here in humanity as well. As is WE MUST accept the same direction as our leaders/ or we die! Therefore the mob is created, when the herd can accept “the very same thing” as their own decision to participate. It need not be anything of importance; because “we are the same here”; is the deciding factor. What happens then is determined by the leader, and the herd simply crushes whosoever is in the way. The herd believes it is made of individuals; but an individual makes up his or her own mind based upon reality, and by its truth. Conceiving not only of the moment, but of the future as well. That is not what a herd does. A herd relies upon its leader, to make the decision/ because the most important part of a herd is NOT to be discarded by the group; so the leader cannot be questioned to any degree. The cult is created by a herd animals who simply wants never to question a leader again; so as to avoid all conflict/ and  never be discarded by the group again. A human animal exists to participate in a herd, as herd animals do.

A human being exists to participate within an individual recognition of life beyond the limits of self or a herd; where life becomes the passage, and alive becomes the truth of what soul can bring. Do you see the difference? The reality is a participation in thought: The value of a participation beyond loneliness, where the critical truth of our existence becomes real. The essence of   eternity  , then offers an alternative to the herd. That is an individual path/ NOT a religious road. Religion has its value, as an offering of discipline and experiences among those who have tried to live as you “begin to believe” possible. The critical question becomes “price”: what are you willing to desire most? Being a religious zealot means: your desire is to lead the herd. Being a spiritual element of life among the living, means the best we can do or be, is to be true to life itself (not existence): on the inside, where heart and soul reside! The difference between life and existence is:  a relationship with GOD/ as opposed to time on this earth. It is your job to live in time. It is your right of freedom, to expand beyond self, and accept truth can become eternal. Even so, to desire a life defined by eternity; you must desire a value worth the living. That can only be at its core, a relationship with love; nothing else can last the test of time.


We then turn to the “rabid dog” effect of manipulation, control, temptations, ridicule, mass media propagation, and the evolving (formed from lies) realities of a university diploma on society in general.

The rabid dog effect is:  that the herd does not accept this “little creature, which has no real visible weapon to harm” is in fact dangerous, and to be avoided. They don’t understand the reality of “rabies”/ and the consequences of infection. Which does sum up the truth about university knows, cult religion; as is we don’t need to question anything/ they are “so smart”, as to be gods compared to those.

To be manipulated is, to accept direction from those who appear to be leaders for the herd/ but are in fact tempters for the enemy. To tempt means: to offer something the herd wants/ even though the reality is complete fantasy, or teeters on delusion and outright lies. To lie means:  I want what I want/ regardless of what that does to you, or anyone else. Therefrom we get control:  I will take what I want, because I can. The ridicule of counterfeiting national currency (inflation by hiding the truth with media propagation of asset creation; that does not exist in truth). The result being: the rise of terrorism, and the effects of treason to control the demise of an entire nation and world, through the decision “we can be gods”. We just need to LIE/ and trap the herd in its own maze! By media attack, those few individuals who are left to question anything; are dismissed, by judging them worthless. Therefrom the question raised, never needs to be known!


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